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Tuesday 14 May, 2019 Serving Ballan and district since 1872 Phone 5368 1966 Vol 13 No 19

Principal’s principles
By Kate Taylor

Bacchus Marsh Grammar is likely to move out of Moorabool if a

proposal by Maddingley Brown Coal to start dumping putrescible waste
at its tip goes through.
“Yes, the school will be seriously considering whether its current
location is a viable location for a school - the bottom line is, Moorabool
can have a big tip or a big school but it can’t have both,” Principal of
Bacchus Marsh Grammar Andrew Neal told the Moorabool News.
“For us it’s not an angry thing, it’s a really simple thing - the two land
uses don’t co-exist.”
Mr Neal pointed out the school has already been closely co-existing
with the tip – but that changing the tip to include putrescible waste
could spell the end for the campus.
“If there is an expansion of the nature of the facility then it’s probably a
step too far for the school. It’s as simple as that.
“Of our total enrolment, about 700 students come out of Moorabool –
but the other 1,800 of those students come from the western suburbs
of Melbourne and if we are forced to relocate, there is a certain logic to
move out of Moorabool.”
The ramifications would be huge – Bacchus Marsh Grammar is the fifth-
largest independent school in the state, it’s the largest in the Western
suburbs and the largest from Maribyrnong to the border, with 2,500
“Being such a large school has economic advantages for Bacchus Marsh
and generates activity in and around the community; if we were forced
into relocating, it would have a significant impact,” Mr Neal explained.
“For a whole lot of historical and aesthetic reasons we would like to
remain in Moorabool because one of the features we have is that with
the parents, they like students to be educated in a rural environment - a
putrescible waste dump next door is not really conducive to that,” he
The school would, unsurprisingly, be likely to have difficulty attracting
students if it is located next to a putrescible waste dump.
“When I arrived as Principal 21-years ago there was one file on the desk
- and that file related to the land use at the back of the school, the tip. We
don’t particularly like the situation now, but the putrescible waste dump
that Maddingley Brown Coal is proposing is a step too far and this is the
straw that breaks the camel’s back.
“Imagine that you’re a parent from Altona and you’re driving in to
potentially put your child into Bacchus Marsh Grammar and you come
up the southern entrance of the town and you have a putrescible waste
dump component. Ask yourself, would you put your child into that
school? That’s the question that people have to understand.”
Measures have already been put in place – three classes of Grade Six,
about 90 students, are now operating at the new Woodlea campus
instead of Maddingley.
“That’s because of the uncertain situation we find ourselves in. The
capital investment that would have gone into having those students in
Moorabool now goes into having them in Melton Shire and that’s just
because of the uncertainty. If it actually goes ahead then it’s going to be
a lot more drastic.”
A submission on behalf of the school has already been made to council
on Maddingley Brown Coal’s permit amendment application process.
“We are very determined to try to find a solution that works for
everyone, we’re not saying that it’s our way or no way, but what we are
Principal Andrew Neal has concerns if the amended permit is approved for putrescible waste at the Maddingley Brown Coal site. saying is we can’t live with a putrescible waste dump basically on our
Photo - BMG doorstep.”

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Community objects to
plan for waste
By Kate Taylor East Ward Councillor To- meeting had only gone for
nia Dudzik and CEO Derek one hour and they did not
Opposition appears to be Madden attended the meet- News understand why it was fin-
Email - news@themooraboolnews.com.au The Moorabool News – 19 February, 2019 Page 3

growing against a proposal ing, along with planning ishing up.

by Maddingley Brown Coal
to bring rubbish into Moora-
bool and dump it in its exist-
staff, General Manager
Satwinder Sandhu with a Potential for putrid Mayor Tatchell then took
the microphone, explaining
presentation on the process that council and councillors
ing tip.
MBC has applied to Moora-
bool Shire Council to amend
by Bronwyn Southee (Coor-
dinator Statutory Planning).
smells from mine are hamstrung by legislation
around the process.
All stressed that no decision ‘We don’t make the rules,
By Helen Tatchell

its existing permit so that A notice of an application to amend a planning permit has been lodged with council, and
on the proposed amendment residents in the area are not happy.
but we don’t break them ei-
it can dump putrescible Maddingley Brown Coal Pty Ltd (MBC) has submitted the application to ‘Amend the
has been made by council Wording’ of Condition 11 and 21 on their permit, to enable putrescible waste to be accepted
ther,” Cr Tatchell said.
rubbish such as household at the site.

yet. Currently the permit allows for Use and Development of the Land for a Landfill, Production
Submissions from the com-
waste at its tip as part of of Soil and Soil Products (including Composting) and Works Associated with those Uses;

“Is this a done deal? No, it’s munity can now be made
Materials and Recycling (Metals and Construction and Demolition Waste) at 11 Tilleys Road

commercial arrangements. in Maddingley.

not,” one planning officer directly to council.

At the Ordinary Meeting of Council on 6 February, resident Mr Gerard Miller asked

Already, 424 objections have

councillors to consider a greater distance than the 500-metre radius distribution of notices to
residents, which he believes is “inadequate.”
told the meeting. “There’s Current submissions raise
been lodged – however that
“There are neighbours who live closer than me, and they don’t have a notice. Can the
notices be sent to at least a one-kilometre radius, or even two-kilometres, as this proposed
a whole lot of stuff that amendment application will have a great effect on everyone in the area.
questions and concerns
number is set to grow after “The Grammar school didn’t even know about it, and they are on the door step of the mine,”

people were encouraged to goes into making the final Mr Miller said.
around the impact on pub-
Council officers agreed to an extended mail out distance to one-kilometre.

send questions and submis- determination.” Another resident Bob Levy took to social media to inform residents of the proposed
amendment and possible impact on the saleability of homes and land.
lic health, the environment,
sions in writing to council, at Questions from the floor in- “The changes concern a larger area than the mail out reached.
“I feel very confident in saying there will be a number of days each year where a greater than
amenity, the close proximity
a meeting held last week. cluded whether a fire such as 2.5km distance will be impacted by odours and dust,” Mr Levy said.
However, Hemla Reddy - on behalf of MBC - said in a letter (26 Oct 2018) to a Council officer
to residences, schools and
About 150 locals gathered that at the Hazlewood mine that the amendment application submitted to Council requires no further engineering for the
acceptance of municipal/putrescible waste.
gateways into the town.
at the public forum where could be prevented, com- Part of the Maddingley Brown Coal rubbish site. Photo – Helen Tatchell
“The EPA-approved design for Cell 6, (EPA approval dated 22 March 2018), currently
under construction, achieves the criteria of a Landfill BPEM (Best Practice Environmental All submitter’s will be no-
ments around the current tified two weeks before a
Management Publication 788.3) Type 2 Landfill containment system, allowed to accept
Mayor Paul Tatchell stressed municipal/putrescible waste,” the letter read.

EPA guidelines not being report prepared by planning

Objections to the application were due to expire on Tuesday 19 February, but due to the extra
that the meeting was about mail out advising further landowners of the application, the expiry date for objections will
now be Tuesday 5 March 2019.
gathering information on enough, whether there is a it is,” a planning officer officers - and containing a
a right to apply,” Mr Sandhu aged by the EPA,” he told the
Council officers will then prepare a report on the amendment application with a
recommendation to grant or refuse the amendment at a future council meeting.
the permit amendment ap- sunset clause to the permit recommendation on wheth-
Member for Melton Stephen McGhie told the Moorabool News he is aware of the application
told the meeting. to amend the planning permit. meeting, to which much of
plication process and not and how often the permit er or not to approve the per-

High Tea
“I have contacted the Minister for Planning Richard Wynne for more information, and am
The crowd was unhappy It was when the questions
An afternoon with just waiting for a return response,” he said. the audience laughed.
about answering specific can be amended without re-
quiring a fresh permit which when told that any rubbish on odour began that frustra- ELVIS Council officers then tried
mit amendment - is due to go
before a council meeting
questions about the tip.
would come with increased being brought into the tipWEDNESDAY tion27started to boil over. to end the meeting and
The amendment has two MARCH BALLARAT LINE
Once a decision has been
scrutiny and requirements. would be regulated by EPA “We can’t go into too much sought to instead meet with

parts – to allow the dumping

Coaches replace made, either way, the matter
Traditional 3 tiered trays
$55 filled with sandwiches, sweets & scones

SUNDAY TO andTHURSDAYnot con- detail about the merit of the attendees one-on-one to as-
Endless tea & coffee

“As an applicant they have could be taken to VCAT or

per person

of putrescible waste and also

some evening trains
Door prize giveaways

to allow the tip to operate a right to apply – whether or trolled by council.

For bookings call 03 5367 2031 proposal,” Mr Sandhu said. sist them with their submis- during the process, the Plan-
365 days per year to ensure not it gets approved is an- “You can like it or not, but “There is existing opera- sions, however the crowd on the Ballarat line ning Minister is able to call it
commercial consistency. other matter, but they have that’s the reality of what tional odour whichSunday is man- began to complain that the
24 February to Tuesday 26 February
in for a decision.

Interested in your local climate?

We’re completing maintenance on
the Ballarat line. Coaches are Allow
replacing some evening trains for the an extra

entire journey while works take place.
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The issue of climate change has been BOM’s Manager of Climate Services in developing the Climate Adaptation information visit vline.com.au,
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about the changing climate closer to to improve our preparedness and and actions to adapt to some of the
home? response. risks of climate change in the future.”
Community members are invited on Ballarat Environment Network’s Anyone with an interest in the local
‘A Climate Journey’, a series of public Sherie Draper will also present the ‘One climate is encouraged to come along to
forums, highlighting the past, present Planet Living’ approach and explain
lient: Cross Roads Trading the event.
and future of the changing climate in how individuals can make a difference.
ate: 20/12/17
“We hope by attending the forums
theUp Central
No.: 3 Highlands region. Tim Hudspith, DELWP Community
people find out more about how our
‘A Climate Journey’ is part of the and Partnerships Program Manager,
climate is changing, particularly in
‘Supporting our Regions to Adapt’ said DELWP is committed to
their local area,” said Mr Hudspith.
initiative, a three-year program helping regional communities and
providing practical support for organisations work together to adapt The first forum will be held at the
communities to prepare for the to the impacts of climate change under Mercure Ballarat on Tuesday 14 May
challenges of a changing climate. Victoria’s Climate Change Adaptation 2019 at 6.30pm.
Focussed on the past, it will Plan. Details about this series of
be presented by the Bureau of “As well as sharing knowledge about forums, A Climate Journey, and
Meteorology (BOM) and will give our changing climate, the forums will upcoming events can be found at:
insight into changes in rainfall and provide an opportunity for people to AC l i m a t e J o u r n e y S e r i e s DE LW P.
average temperatures in our region. find out how they can soon be involved eventbrite.com

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Confine or curfew cats? - survey

By Meg Kennedy

Moorabool Shire Council are seeking

the community’s opinion on whether
cats could be under a curfew in the

The survey is currently featured on
the council’s website and encourages
residents to provide their thoughts
on whether domestic cats in the Shire
should be confined or see a curfew.

damage duo
Questions in the survey include
whether the resident has ever seen, or
experienced problems caused by cats
roaming, and if the resident agrees “Yes, there should be a curfew. I’m a
with the statement “Council should cat owner and I keep my cat in but I’m By Caitlin Bewley
introduce a version of cat curfew.” tired of neighbour’s cats wandering (2nd Yr Swinburne Uni)
The survey makes up part DJ BOOTS
of on decks from 12-6pm and causing issues at all times of the
Moorabool Council Domestic A man who described himself and former partner
day and night.”
Animal Management Plan, which Free BBQ from 2:30pm
as “damaged goods” appeared in the Bacchus Marsh
identifies the potential issues caused - Lynn Defoe Magistrate’s court on Friday 10 May after breaching an
LUS intervention order between the two.
by catsDrink
allowed Specials
to roam within• the
Huge Giveaways • Fun & Games As an owner of 3 registered moggies The accused, who the Moorabool News has chosen not to
community, including killing and
that spend 97% of their time inside, identify in order to protect the victim, was served a final
damaging native wildlife, and adding
and definitely at night, they are intervention order on his former partner November 2 of last
to the proliferation of unowned feral
often disturbed by neighbours’ cats year.
cats in the area.
Photo MSC roaming freely late at night … I’d be It was alleged the accused told his former partner that the
According to a 2017 study, feral cats intervention order was no longer, before arranging to meet
consumed an estimated 272 million Moorabool News there is currently very happy to see a curfew.”
with her.
birds nationwide and in July 2018, the no determined start date if a curfew - Kerryn De Luca Prosecutor Senior Constable Lisa Schoemaker told the court
Victorian Government announced were to come into effect, as the the accused contacted his former partner via text message on
it would declare feral cats as a pest council is waiting until community “Not the domestics that are the
January 28 of this year to ask her to take him to Geelong, to
animal. consultation is completed. issue, look at the ferals.” which she eventually agreed.
If the cat curfew was to come into The survey is currently open for - Janine Campbell Schoemaker said that upon the accused entering the vehicle,
effect, cat owners would have to completion and can be found at a verbal argument occurred, and the victim refused to go
ensure their pets were not allowed to https://www.moorabool.vic.gov.au/ “People let them roam freely at night through with taking him to Geelong.
roam off their property. The curfew consultations/moorabool-shire-cat- which I thought was prohibited “I thought she would be civil,” the accused told the court.
could be in place day and night or management-potential-cat-curfew. because of the danger to other “We’re both damaged goods and we had a drug habit
Purchase a Corona
only during the night time period. wildlife.” together.”
Bucket to go into the draw More information can be sought by
A spokesperson from Moorabool contacting Moorabool Shire Council - Manny Clements Magistrate Raleigh convicted and fined the accused $500,
Shire Council confirmed to the on 5366 7100. telling him he needs to “stay away from her [the victim]”.
for patron dressed in the best Aussie attire.

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Not available with seniors meal purchase.
See staff for details

59 Grant Street, Bacchus Marsh

Phone: 03 5367 2031 stoneysclub.com.au
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Abbey Lambrick Abby Mossop Alistair McBride Breanna Lampkin Chantal Bala Shannon McGowan

Awards for youth Achievements and community contributions of local young people Community Contribution & Volunteering (12-18 years)
were celebrated on Tuesday 30 April at the 2019 Moorabool Youth Winners: Alistair McBride & Abbey Lambrick
Awards. Community contribution (19-25 years) Winner: Shannon McGowan
The program recognises the significant contributions young people Arts (12-18 years) Winner: Abby Mossop & Chantal Bala
make to the Moorabool Shire and are open to all young people ages
12-25 years, who live, work go to school or have other significant Arts/Volunteering (19-25 years) Winner: Jacinta Guirguis
connections to the shire. The awards specifically recognise young Sports (12-18 years) Winner: Tahlia Mort
people that have: Contributing to improving outcomes for young people with a
- made a significant contribution to the Moorabool community disability in the community (12-18 years)
- achieved something significant in an area of interest (sports, the Winner: Keely Johnson
arts, etc) Young Achiever Award Winner: Jorja Arnold
- volunteered service to their community Mayor’s Award Winner: Chantal Bala
- overcome significant adversity.
Moorabool Mayor Cr Paul Tatchell said, “the most important people
here tonight, is you.”
“This year we received an outstanding amount of nominations and
the assessment panel had a difficult task in proposing a winner of
each category,” he said.
The assessment panel consisted of community members, a
Councillor and Council staff:
Paul Tatchell (MSC Mayor), Ralph Fletcher (Lions Club Bacchus
Marsh), Dr Merilyn Annells (Rotary Club Bacchus Marsh), Sharon
McArthur (MSC Manager Child, Youth & Family Services) and
Linda Mackenzie (MSC Youth Development Officer).
Categories included – Arts Award, Community Contribution and
Volunteering, Sports and Mayors Award.
Youth Art Competition Winners
Encouragement Award: Chole Meyer
Honourable Mention: Hayley Buck, Emily Kirwan (absent)
Winners: Robyn Murphy, Breanna Lampkin

Illana Potaris Jacinta Guirguis Jorja Arnold Keeley Johnson Robyn Murphy Tahlia Mort
Page 6 The Moorabool News – 14 May, 2019 Email - news@themooraboolnews.com.au

Merrimu Reservoir. Photo: Helen Tatchell

Target 155 still applies

Western Water is reminding customers of rain recently, the forecast over the coming The low rainfall is reflected in Merrimu Mr Holt said Western Water data shows that
the importance of conserving water despite months predicts below average rainfall Reservoir, located near Bacchus Marsh, during the past month customers used on
recent rainfall. “It’s important for our customers to continue which is only 26.4 per cent of its full capacity. average 220 litres per person per day, 65 litres
The future water supply is secure and monitoring their water usage,” he said. Merrimu Reservoir is the traditional water more than the voluntary 155 litre target.
sufficient, despite the low reservoir levels, The Target 155 campaign is a voluntary source for residents in Bacchus Marsh
“Western Water recommends saving water
to meet residents’ needs, but customers are water conservation program designed to and Melton, but water can be sourced or
by turning off the tap while brushing teeth,
reminded that permanent water saving rules encourage residents to restrict their water supplemented by the Melbourne water
and Target 155 still apply. usage to 155 litres per person per day. system when necessary. using a pool cover, or using grey water in the
Graham Holt, General Manager, Customer, According to data from the Bureau of Currently, residents in Bacchus Marsh garden,” he said.
Community Relations and Operations said Meteorology, rainfall for the last few months are receiving water supplied by Merrimu For further ways to save water, visit the
while there has been some much-needed was “very much below average”. Reservoir. Western Water website.

Letters to the Editor

WRITING LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Each letter must be accompanied
with the writer’s full name, address and phone number (name and suburb for publication
only) and be limited to 300 words. Letters to be received via fax, post or email (preferred
option). The Editor has the right to limit the amount of words in each letter received and
published letters are at the discretion of the Editor.
Email: news@themooraboolnews.com.au You may also Post messages on the Moorabool News Facebook page.

Dear Editor, Dear Editor,

As election day nears the noise and bleating rises from all sides on all issues. But there is one I am a community-based member of the Ballan District and Community Health Care facility
question no one has asked yet, what sort of country do we want? and the services it provides.
Do we want a fair and caring society? We were told there would be a community meeting in December 2018 providing update for
We are a rich country yet there are thousands of homeless people and children who live in members on where the facility is at. It is now May and we have still not been provided with
poverty. There is growing income inequality and our children are being locked out of the any updates. As paying members we deserve better.
housing market. We are squandering the future of our children and grandchildren. Leigh McDowall
Yet all we hear are protests and squeals from individuals and groups focused on their own Bacchus Marsh
interests. Be it negative gearing, franking credits, capital gains and so on it just seems to be
about their comfort, their wealth, their wellbeing.
What about the common good? Or has that gone out of fashion, like manners.
We have an economy now, not a society. Our country is fractured into selfish interest groups.
There are too many snouts in the trough and no one wants to make way for another. 
We used to pride ourselves on our egalitarianism but have become a less egalitarian society
than 50-years ago. We didn’t have much then, but it was a much fairer place.
The sad thing is that this country has more than enough for our needs. But not for our greed.
Alison Prout Dear Editor,
Bacchus Marsh I would like to congratulate the Moorabool
Shire Council for repairing a guard railing on
a bridge.
Despite taking just on 13-weeks to do so, after
countless phone calls, emails and photographs
from myself to hurry up the process, it is been
repaired, luckily without incident.
The bridge is located in a dip on the Ballan/Mt
Dear Editor, Egerton road, and is a magnet for accidents with
I was one of the several hundred people who attended the meeting on Tuesday night 6 May cars hitting the steel safety railing.
to hear of Council’s process regarding the application from Maddingley Brown Coal, to alter My concern, even though it is now repaired,
their permit conditions to allow them to extend their days of use and to bring in “putrescible” was from a safety perspective. With the
waste. Definition of putrescible - liable to decay; subject to putrefaction. increased heavy vehicle road traffic on the
Several interesting points came to light. Ballan/Mt Egerton road throughout the
There have been over 400 objections received by Council. Windfarm construction, the bridge which is on
The smell and dust and traffic congestion that is happening under the current Permit is a 35-degree bend, having a guard rail missing
seriously affecting people’s lives. for such a length of time is just waiting for an
As there are at least two entities that oversee this site, (Council and the EPA) it appears that it incident to occur.
is a struggle to make sure all conditions are being monitored – thus the current level of smell, During the 13-weeks council did, finally,
dust and traffic so it begs the question as to how this “putrescible” waste can be securely reduce the speed limit to 40km/h, put orange
monitored. plastic bollards to alert drivers of the missing guard rail, but only after constant persistence.
Another piece of information that came out after a question from the floor re the time length Just over three-months to repair a safety guard rail has many questions to be asked, firstly
of MBCs current permit – it appears that there is no time limit on their Permit, so they can and foremost, “Why did it take so long”?
keep digging and burying their waste forever if required. Dave Nickels
People have been complaining long and hard over the noxious smells that are making their Mt Egerton
lives miserable. Dust and traffic congestion are increasing and causing safety and health
Where is the waste coming from and why is Moorabool Shire the dumping point for this
waste? What are we burying in our soil with the contingent threat to our water? Castle glamping needs wee bit of improvement (MN 7 May 2019)
Remember the Hazelwood and just recently the Cooloroo fires – is that what we can expect The article stated the local water authority as Western Water. This is incorrect, the local
water authority for this permit application is Central Highlands Water.
in the future? Fire suppression will be a major issue as this site increases in size and scope.
The Moorabool News apologises for any inconvenience caused to Western Water.
Mrs Jan Lowe
- Editor (Helen Tatchell)
Email - news@themooraboolnews.com.au  The Moorabool News – 14 May, 2019 Page 7


03 5338 8123




Authorised by Catherine King MP, ALP, 5 Lydiard St Nth, Ballarat 3350.



Page 8 The Moorabool News – 14 May, 2019 Email - news@themooraboolnews.com.au

Dining in Style
Advertising Feature

92 Main Street Gordon

Saturday 25th May Alexander’s Gordon Hotel
TOF Live ’Band
FATHERS DAY Brian and Sharon Alexander
SUNDAY 6TH onwards
SEPTEMBER 1:00—4:00 pm invite you to come down

OPEN 6 DAYS PH: Sunday Lunch Roasts

No entry charge—Excellent pub meals and enjoy the ambience
2 Courses, $20 of the hotel.
Tuesday: Parma and Pasta - $18 Bookings 5368 9203 ( E ssential )
Local Slab draw Sunday 16th June Meals are available for
Pizzas: Wed to Sat 6–8pm, Open Mic 2 pm onwards lunch: Wednesdays, Thurs-
Sunday 12 noon–8pm days, Fridays, Saturdays
Thursday: Discounted Friday 21st June and Sundays from 12 noon
adult meals from $20-$25, Social Club Event – 2pm.
discounted Pizza, kids meals $8 Ballarat Trots Monday and Tuesdays we
Friday: Happy Hour 5-7pm, $3.50 3 course meal, $40 members, open from 4pm. Dinner is available from 6-8pm every night.
pots, Bar Nibbles and Meat Raffle $45 non members
From June and during the cold Winter months dinner will be
Courtesy Bus Available
Wed, Fri, Sat & Sunday available from 5.30pm.
Full Dinner Menu Available
Every Wednesday 7 pm Our Bar and Lounge Menus are updated regularly. Special
Live Music: (Most Sundays) Ukulele Club time requests can be negotiated if required.
1–4pm, Phone or Check our
The Social Club organises many great events in the hotel as
facebook page. Every Friday well as away trips, such as race days and lots more. Members
General Store, Large Beer Garden Chase the Cash
and Non Members can participate in Social Club Events.
Open: Monday Closed Members Draw
Tuesday to Saturday 10am–1am Includes Meat Raffle NEW to our business are 5 Guest rooms available for Bed and
Sunday 10am–11pm Drawn 8 pm Breakfast stays. Book in for a night or two and enjoy Gordon’s
attractions, such as the Antique Store, Hat Shop, Fly Fishing
3 Greendale-Myrniong Rd and pleasant bush walks around the area.
Greendale 92 Main Street, Gordon
92 Main Street, Gordon
Phone 5368 1355 5368 9203
Bookings 5368 9203


Opening hours:
Lunch Mon to Fri 12 to 2pm Thursday to Saturday:
Saturday 12 to 3pm 12 noon to late
MONDAY Dinner Mon to Thur 6 to 8pm Sunday: 12 noon to 4pm
Bookings advised to avoid disappointment.
$14 Pastas Friday and Saturday 6 to 9pm
Sunday 12 noon to 8pm
TUESDAY Monday Lunch/Dinner •
$15 PaRMAS $12 Burgers
Tuesday Lunch/Dinner
Locals’ Menu
(where everyone is a local)
WEDNESDAY $12 Parmas Available for lunch and dinner
every Thursday
$10 OFF ALL STEAKS Wednesday Lunch/Dinner 2 Courses $32
3 Courses $37
$12 Pies
3 Courses + wine of the week $42
THURSDAY Thursday Lunch/Dinner Visit our facebook page for details
$12 BURGERS $14 Steaks
about this week’s Locals Menu

Friday Lunch/Dinner
$12 Fish & Chips

TANK BEER 139 Main St, Bacchus Marsh 17 Main Street, Myrniong
The Plough @7173
Ph: 5368 Myrniong
COURTHOUSE HOTEL 116 Main St, Bacchus Marsh
Ph 5367 2016 17 Main St, Myrniong
(03) 5368 7173
P (03) 5367 2086 www.courthousehotelbm.com.au
flanagansborderinn@gmail.com  The Plough Bistro Myrniong
Email - news@themooraboolnews.com.au  The Moorabool News – 14 May, 2019 Page 9

The Federal Election

(May 18)
Your candidates for the seat of Ballarat
Four known candidates were asked what their Party promises specifically for Moorabool are to date. Responses were:

now needs to be expanded. childhood education to free TAFE and

Once the expansion is complete, the University, a fully funded NDIS and
school hopes to open up its facilities to support for small businesses as just
groups such as a Men’s Shed. a few examples.  We have a plan to
- $13,119 - Mt Egerton Primary School address climate change by ending our
- for an undercover outdoor learning reliance on fossil fuels and making an
area. orderly transition to a new jobs rich
clean economy. We will also pursue
- $18,000 – Balliang Primary School –
strengthened environmental laws
for sheltered seating.
to ensure the enhancement and
protection of the Moorabool Shire’s
natural resources and biodiversity. 

Catherine King (LABOR)

- $1.4m for the Bacchus Marsh Photo: Helen Tatchell

Not the brightest

Racecourse Recreation Reserve sports
- $50,000 – Myrniong Primary School

spark in the wet

shade structure
- $25,000 – Gordon Primary School
The STEM shed at Gordon PS was set
up by the local community. This project
By Meg Kennedy
is to expand and fit out the shed to cater
for the rapid growth of the school. Karen McAloon (GREENS)
It was the last kind of car wash a driver was expecting
This project will entail: As the Greens are not currently a last Friday morning, after finding themselves floating in
- Increasing working space (shed bays) party of government, we are unable floodwater at Ballan.
- Building purpose benches to make specific commitments The driver was caught in the notoriously deep underpass
Response did not meet print deadline
regarding Moorabool Shire. The at the corner of Stead and Walsh streets at Ballan, near the
- Further storage and necessary safety (No specific promises for Moorabool)
Greens will support whichever train station at around 8:30am on Friday, 10 May, following a
party forms government to ensure downpour in Ballan the night before.
- Flooring & lighting
they deliver on their pre-election Bill Robson of Bacchus Marsh SES warned Moorabool
- STEM equipment promises and deliver funding for residents to not drive through flood waters, even when its
The Shed is known as ‘Beachys Shed’, services and infrastructure that deemed to be safe.
having begun almost five years ago benefit low to middle income people “It only takes 15cm for some cars to start floating,” said Mr
when then-teacher Les Beacham living in Moorabool Shire.  Moorabool Robson.
(recently deceased) brought his 6 x 4 Shire is growing rapidly and like many Bacchus Marsh SES attended seven callouts during last
trailer to the school, teaching numerous growing communities in this electorate Friday’s downpour across Bacchus Marsh and Ballan, with
students to build projects from fishing affordable housing, secure jobs with flooding at Old Melbourne road in Ballan, Bacchus Marsh
rods to trailers for their bikes. wages that reflect the cost of living and caravan park, and trees down at various locations throughout
The program was popular amongst well-funded education, health and the Shire.
the community and staff and has welfare services are a priority for “Don’t be complacent…prepare your properties for winter,”
since expanded to include a STEM voters. Frequent and reliable public said Mr Robson. “Branches only need a little bit of rain to
teaching specialist, woodwork teaching transport around and outside the Shire become heavy and snap,”
specialist and a gardening program. are also important. The Greens have Ballan was estimated to have received more than 60mm of
The rapid growth in the school’s fully costed plans to support increased Timothy Vo (LIBERAL) rain on Thursday evening and Friday, with Bacchus Marsh
student population means that the shed funding for services ranging from early Did not respond receiving an estimated 55mm on both days.

Moorabool Shire Council

The next Ordinary Meeting of Council will be held on Wednesday 5 June 2019, at The next Section 86 Development Assessment Committee Meeting will be held on
6.00pm, in the Council Chambers, 15 Stead St, Ballan. Wednesday 15 May 2019, at 6.30pm, in the Council Chambers, 15 Stead St, Ballan.
Members of the public are welcome to attend. Members of the public are welcome to attend.


Notice is hereby given that a Special Meeting of the Moorabool Shire Council will Council invites applications for the existing vacancies:
be held in the Council Chambers, Ballan tomorrow, Wednesday 15 May 2019 Library Officer – Casual. Applications close on Friday 17 May 2019
commencing at 6.00pm.
Community Support Workers – casual (2 positions).
The business to be conducted at the meeting is as follows: Applications close on Friday 24 May 2019
1. Consideration of the Proposed 2019/20 Annual Budget. All details available from the website: www.moorabool.vic.gov.au
2. Draft 2017-2021 Council Plan (2019 Revision).
3. Victorian Government Country Football Netball Program 2019-2020.
4. Any other business admitted by the unanimous resolution of Council.
The Special Meeting of Council will be open to the public and members
of the public are most welcome to attend.

Moorabool Shire Council: PO Box 18, Ballan VIC 3342 Telephone: 03 5366 7100 Facsimile: 03 5368 1757 CEO: Derek Madden
Email: info@moorabool.vic.gov.au Web: www.moorabool.vic.gov.au Facebook: Moorabool Shire Council Twitter: @mooraboolshire
Page 10 The Moorabool News – 14 May, 2019 Email - news@themooraboolnews.com.au

Further details on cats and dogs available for adoption can be viewed on
Lost and Found councils ‘Moorabool Pet Adoption’ page on Facebook.
For more information contact Council Customer Service on 5366 7100.

Pug X Tan &

Tabby & Ginger, Black Torti, Black Torti, Husky Red & Beagle Lemon White, 10 year
Tabby & White, 6 month old Grey Tabby, Black & White, 1 year old 2 month old Tabby, 7 month White, 4 year and White, old desexed
Adult desexed desexed Female 4 year old Adult desexed desexed Female desexed Female old desexed old desexed 1 year old Female
Female  “Izzy” “Mango” desexed female Female “Betty” “Beatrice” “Delilah” male “Harrold” male “Andre” desexed Female “Georgie”
Available for Available for “Mia” Available Available for Available for Available for Available for Available for “Millie” Available Available for
adoption adoption for adoption adoption adoption adoption adoption adoption for adoption adoption

The What’s On section is for non-profit community organisations. All free events submitted will be considered for FREE publication at the
Editors discretion. Advertising of AGMs in this section will only appear if a paid public notice also appears in the classifieds section, as per
the constitution of Business & Consumer Affairs for incorporated groups.

Lal Lal Moorabool Photographic Group Inc Bacchus Marsh Baptist Church
ADULT EDUCATION Meeting 3rd Wednesday each month, 7pm. Soldiers Memorial Sundays, 10:30am, Worship Service and Children’s Program.
Ballan & District Community House Hall, Lal Lal. Enquiries 5341 7535. Phone 5367 6550 for more details.
For class enrolment information, venue hire and costs; please Rose-Carers of Maddingley Park Our Lady Help of Christians Korobeit
call 5368 1934 or email info@bchvic.org.au Working bees every 3rd Sunday of each month. All welcome. Mass every Saturday 6.30pm.
Darley Neighbourhood House & Learning Centre Enquiries - 0400 052 857. B3 Community
Short courses and classes. 33-35 Jonathan Drive, Darley. BM & Ballan Playgroup Family friendly, informal church with a difference.
District Photography Club - Meetings 2nd & 4th Wednesday Every Tuesday of school Term. St John’s Anglican Church Every 2nd & 4th Sunday 4.30pm at The Pavilion Room,
of month, 7.30pm. Enquiries welcome. Phone 5367 4390. Hall - 9:30-11:30am. Enquiries - 0409 681 138 Anna or 0421 Darley Civic Centre, 182 Halletts Way, Darley.
The Laurels – Bacchus Marsh Community College 905 558 Tamsin.  Holy Trinity Anglican Church - Bacchus Marsh
Courses and classes. 229 Main Street, Bacchus Marsh. Ballan Anglers Inc Service Times - Bacchus Marsh - Every Sunday 9am and
Enquiries & enrolments - 5367 1061. Meeting second Wednesday every month. Senior Citizens 1st Sunday 10.30am, 3rd & 4th Sunday 11am, Balliang - 2nd
U3A Bacchus Marsh Room, Steiglitz Street, Ballan, 7.30pm. More anglers and Sunday 11am, 4th Sunday 9am, Myrniong - 1st and 3rd
families needed and welcome – 0400 003 936. Sunday 11am. Enquiries 5367 5362. 
Active seniors social learning, for daily activities contact
Bacchus Marsh CWA Day Branch Church of the Living God
5367 5341 or visit our website - www.u3abacchus.org.au
Meets 2nd Thursday of each month at 10am at the Darley Christian youth ministry and bible teaching. 2nd Sunday
Hub, Wittick Street, Darley. Enquiries: 5368 7273. of every month, 5pm. Open to all ages. At 14 Darcy St,
MEETINGS Bacchus Marsh Family Drug Support Group Maddingley. Enq – 0408 260 727.
BacchChat @ Lerderderg Library For Family Members who have a loved one affected by drugs. Golden Harvest Christian Fellowship
1st Saturday of the Month, 10am-12 noon. Various topics of Enquiries - 1300 660 068. Non-denominational - Prayer every Sunday 10am, Men’s
interest presented. Enquiries – 5366 7100 or www.moorabool. Alanon Support Group - for families of alcoholics KYB Monday evenings 6pm (0429 681 566.) Ladies KYB
vic.gov.au/libraries Meets at 10.30am on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of each month Wednesday 1pm (5367 6834).
at the Uniting Church Hall, Gisborne Road, Bacchus Marsh. Bacchus Marsh Life Church
CWA - The Marshians Night Branch Bacchus Marsh
Enq - 0421 222 717. Meeting 10am every Sunday at the Bacchus Marsh RSL, 203
Meet first Tuesday of month - The Hub, Wittick St, Darley,
Footscray Poultry Club (at Bacchus Marsh) Main Street. Enquiries Pastor Merv - 0412 290 036.
7pm.  Enquiries - Gay Hooper 0413 350 012.
Meetings held 2nd Sunday of month, 2pm. Poultry Pavilion. St Bernard’s Bacchus Marsh Catholic Church
Ballan & District CWA
Racecourse Rec. Reserve, Balliang-Bacchus Marsh Rd, Mass Times – Saturday- 5pm; Sunday – 8.30am & 10am.
Branch meetings – 2nd Thursday each month. RSL Hall, Bacchus Marsh Uniting Church Parish
Bacchus Marsh. All welcome – Kerry 9741 9705.
Inglis St, Ballan, 7.30pm. All welcome - enquiries to 0407 992 Services - St Andrew’s 9.30am every Sunday. Pentland Hills
767 or email ballandistrictcwa@gmail.com 2pm 1st Sunday of month. Enquiries - 5367 2543 (office).
Ballan District Vintage Machinery & Vehicle Club MARKETS
Meetings - second Monday each month, 8pm. Tom Mullane Ballan Lions Club Market
Pavilion, Ballan Racecourse Reserve. Enquiries – Brian 5368
2255 or Ray 5368 1177.
Next market – Saturday 1 June 2019.
First Saturday each month - Inglis St, Ballan – 9am-1pm.
Moorabool Mission Recovery Group Enquiries – Kristie 0406 426 460.
Struggling with addiction; Pain from the past; family member Darley Market YOUR NETWORKING CALENDAR
out of control? Meeting weekly - Wednesday, 12.30pm – Jean Saturday 18th May, 8am - 1pm. 1st & 3rd Saturday each MAY 2019
Oomes Room, Lerderderg Library, Bacchus Marsh. Enq- month at Darley Park Football Reserve. Enquiries – 0488 345
Pastor Merv Patton – 0412 290 036. 145 (Alan). ◆ Video advertising 101 - Tuesday 14 May,
The Pottery Group 9.30-11.00am - James Young Room, Lerderderg
Tuesday and Saturday 1pm-3pm, at the Public Park Hall CHURCH Library, 215 Main St, Bacchus Marsh
(next to Tennis Courts), Stanley St, Gordon. All welcome. Bacchus Marsh Christian Church ◆ Moorabool Business Breakfast -
Enquiries to Maureen 0447173031. Sunday Services 10am with kids program. 222 Main St, Friday 24 May, 7.30–9.30am
Bacchus Marsh Playgroup Bacchus Marsh. Enquiries 9028 2622.
(Behind St Andrew’s Church) Cnr Gisborne Rd & Lerderderg
St Anne’s Winery, 64 Garrards Lane, Myrniong
St John’s Anglican Church Ballan
Street, Bacchus Marsh. Monday-Friday 9am, 11am, 1pm & 58 Simpson St, Ballan - Service - 10:30 every Sunday. Enq - JUNE 2019
3pm. Enquiries – Cindy 0433 651 066. Rev’d Glen Wesley - 5368 2730. ONCE A MONTH
◆ Coffee Connect – Friday 7 June, 7.30-8.30am, TBC

Bacchus Marsh & District Garden Club St Malachy’s Catholic Church Enjoy aBlackwood
free coffee, share ideas, A range of topics to help you An evening of B2B networking and One minute to introduce and
Meeting 2nd Tuesday of each month, 7.30pm at The Laurels, Easter Monday Service at 10am.chat to other business owners and enhance your business Ever thought
◆services about
an industry starting
presentation held your ownyour
summarise business?
business – you
Council officers. and knowledge. across Moorabool Shire. don’t know who you will meet!
229 Main St, Bacchus Marsh. Guest Speakers. Supper after Ballan Uniting Church Tuesday 11 June, 11.00am–12.30pm
each meeting. All Welcome. Enquiries - Wendy 5367 4170. (St Paul’s) - Services 11.15am every Sunday. FEBRUARY 2019 Ballan Neighbourhood House Centre,
APRIL 2019 76 Steiglitz St
Coffee Connect
JULY 2019 Friday 5 April, 7.30-8.30am
Coffee Connect
 Friday 1 February, 7.30-8.30am register here register here

Cafe Chino on the Avenue, 208 Main St, Bacchus Marsh Jolly Miller Café, 136 Main St, Bacchus Marsh
◆ Coffee Connect – Friday
Turn your 5 July,
customer service 7.30-8.30am,
excellence TBC
into dollars in the bank
Small Business Victoria workshop
 register here
Business planning essentials: How to build a road map to success  Tuesday 9 April, 5.30-7.30pm
register here

Thursday 7 February, 10.00am-12.00pm All sessions free to attend (unless otherwise stated)
James Young Room, Lerderderg Library, 215 Main St, Bacchus Marsh
Supper Room, Bacchus Marsh Public Hall, 207 Main St, Bacchus Marsh
Each session requires individualMAY 2019 registration.
Small Business Bus visit register here
Myrniong Primary School  Thursday 7 February, 10.00am-4.00pm Sign up to Council’s Business
Coffee Connect ENews to receive
 Friday 3 May, 7.30-8.30am, Venue TBC information
OPEN MORNING Outside the Lerderderg Library, 215 Main St, Bacchus Marsh business@moorabool.vic.gov.au
Speed Networking
For 2020 Foundation and New Enrolments
MARCH 2019  Wednesday 8 May, 6.00-7.30pm, Venue TBC

Coffee Connect register here
Tuesday 21st May  Friday 1 March, 7.30-8.30am  Business Training
Tuesday 14 May, 9.00-11.00am, Venue TBC
9–10am Zest Licensed Café, 1/130 Inglis St, Ballan
Moorabool Business Network Evening
10am–11am  ASBAS Digital Solutions Program workshop series 
13 Muddy Lane, Myrniong Ph: 5368 7232 James Young Room, Lerderderg Library, 215 Main St, Bacchus Marsh
JUNE 2019
Thursday 30 May, 6.00-9.00pm, Venue TBC
Email - news@themooraboolnews.com.au  The Moorabool News – 14 May, 2019 Page 11

Geelong going gangbusters

The four most expensive unit markets in Regional
Victoria are all located in the Geelong/ Bellarine
Peninsula/Surf Coast area according to the latest
data from the Real Estate Institute of Victoria
The REIV’s data for the first quarter of 2019, which
is based on actual sales results, saw Geelong take
out the mantle of the most expensive unit market
for the first time. Geelong’s median unit price is
now sitting at $682,000 which is a whopping 49.9
per cent annual increase and 6.6 per cent quarterly
GIL KING increase.
CEO, REIV Considering that Toorak’s unit median is sitting
at $685,000 at 31 March 2019, this is quite a
remarkable result for Geelong and is yet another
indicator that the property market in the region is but fell 3.2 per cent in the first quarter of 2019 to Morwell’s unit median increased 9.0 per cent in
going gangbusters. $610,000. Gisborne rounded out the top five for the first quarter of 2019 to $163,500 followed by
Ocean Grove is sitting in second place for highest unit median at more than $100,000 less Ararat at $171,500, having decreased 9.7 per cent
Regional Victoria’s most exclusive unit market than the fourth-place holder. Gisborne’s median is during the quarter. Fourth on the cheapest unit list
with a median of $666,250, following a 4.8 per cent sitting at $502,000, having soared 9.8 per cent in
was Newborough at $175,000, Benalla at $205,000,
reduction in the first quarter, then it was Barwon the past year.
Bairnsdale at $210,000, Traralgon at $214,000 and
Heads, which also reported a reduction in the At the other end of the scale, most of Regional
median unit price (of 1.5 per cent) and now has a Sale not far behind at $215,000.
Victoria’s bargain unit markets can be found
unit median of $660,000. in Gippsland. The most affordable unit median You can research the median unit price in your
Torquay’s median unit price increased 8.5 per was in Moe at $145,000 – unchanged on both the area on the REIV website, at https://reiv.com.au/
cent during the 12 months to 31 March 2019, quarterly and annual comparison. market-insights

Accelerating success.
Reach more people - better results faster



EOI closing Friday 31 May at 4pm
229 SmithS
229 SMithS Road,

Patrick Curran
0427 500 581
Andrew Lewis
122 ha* Great capital Two dwellings Strategic Confirmed
growth & ample location future 0418 508 908
potential shedding Employment Mark Burgio
Zone Patrick
0423 388Curran
500 581
colliers.com.au/210591 *Approx.
Andrew Lewis
0433 196 452
122 ha* Great capital Two dwellings Strategic Confirmed 0418 508 908
growth & ample location future
potential shedding Employment
Mark Burgio
0423 388 981
Trent Hobart
Page 12 The Moorabool News – 14 May, 2019 Email - news@themooraboolnews.com.au


Sat 18th May Sat 18th May
3.00-3.30pm 10.15-10.45am
Photo ID required Photo ID required

4 2 2 3 2 3
Eynesbury 10 Jamieson Court Bed Bath Car
Darley 2/10 Fredrick Street Bed Bath Car

A Captivating and Unique Home Private Sale Well Built 3 Bedroom Unit – 232m2 Land Private Sale
Alfresco entertaining and spacious family $780,000 - $820,000 Tucked away in a quiet street is this well built $370,000 - $390,000
living, this award winning home delivers in Office 2/137 Main Street, 3 bedroom low maintenance unit. Ideal for Office 2/137 Main Street,
one impressive package. In a quiet court in Bacchus Marsh 5367 8128 the first home buyer, investor or downsizer. Bacchus Marsh 5367 8128
the family-oriented Eynesbury Estate opposite Contact Located close to shops, schools, public Contact
parklands and wooded forest at rear makes Len Smith 0418 343 754 transport and freeway entrance to Melbourne Len Smith 0418 343 754
this quality home the perfect choice. Kelvin Gaffiero 0481 991 828 & Ballarat. Kelvin Gaffiero 0481 991 828

n de ct
U tra
Sat 18th May
Photo ID required

3 2 2 4 1 1
Darley 6 Iredell Court Bed Bath Car
Maddingley 34 Labilliere Street Bed Bath Car

Quality Home, Spacious Living - 760m2 Land Private Sale Fresh & Bright Period Home Close to the Action Private Sale
Luxurious and spacious north facing home is $740,000 - $760,000 Fresh and bright 4 bedroom home with $500,000 - $530,000
situated in the prestigious Grantleigh Estate. Office 2/137 Main Street, gorgeous character detail and quality Office 2/137 Main Street,
Exceptional proportions with high end finishes Bacchus Marsh 5367 8128 updates throughout. Private and peaceful Bacchus Marsh 5367 8128
Contact just moments to all town amenities, 651sqm Contact
and a substantial single level floor plan that is
Len Smith 0418 343 754 parcel of land enhanced by a cherished north Len Smith 0418 343 754
flawlessly crafted for the modern families. Kelvin Gaffiero 0481 991 828 facing rear aspect. Kelvin Gaffiero 0481 991 828

n de ct
U tra
Sat 18th May
Photo ID required

4 2 1 3 1 1
Bacchus Marsh 75 Lerderderg Street Bed Bath Car
Bacchus Marsh 2 Pike Place Bed Bath Car

4 Bedroom Home on Lerderderg Street Private Sale Home on 974m2 Large Block Private Sale
664m2 Land $649,000 - $659,000 This warm and inviting residence is situated in $430,000 - $449,000
This beautiful north facing home is located Office 2/137 Main Street, Office 2/137 Main Street,
a perfect position, in a quiet street less than 5
in one of the best streets of Bacchus Marsh. Bacchus Marsh 5367 8128 Bacchus Marsh 5367 8128
min drive from the Bacchus Marsh Township Contact
Walking distance to local parks, schools, cafes,
Len Smith 0418 343 754 and moments from local schools and freeway Len Smith 0418 343 754
Village Shopping Centre and town centre.
Kelvin Gaffiero 0481 991 828 entrance to Melbourne and Ballarat. Kelvin Gaffiero 0481 991 828

Sat 18th May
Photo ID required

3 1 2 1 1 1
Bacchus Marsh 81 Gisborne Road Bed Bath Car Bacchus Marsh 3/96 Gisborne Road Bed Bath Car

Renovate, Detonate or Develop Private Sale Retirement Living Private Sale

This older style weatherboard home is Forthcoming Auction This 1 bedroom unit is part of the Gisborne $149,000
located right in the heart of Bacchus Marsh. Office 2/137 Main Street, Road retirement living complex that is so Office 2/137 Main Street,
Opportunity here to renovate or detonate Bacchus Marsh 5367 8128 Bacchus Marsh 5367 8128
handy & convenient to all of Bacchus Marsh’s
Contact Contact
or make an excellent multi unit development amenities. Offering security, comfort and
Len Smith 0418 343 754 Len Smith 0418 343 754
site. Land size is 1100 sqm. Kelvin Gaffiero 0481 991 828 privacy. Kelvin Gaffiero 0481 991 828
Email - news@themooraboolnews.com.au  The Moorabool News – 14 May, 2019 Page 13

Arbee Real Estate

FOR SALE 11 Seton Way, Bacchus Marsh FOR SALE 27 Grantleigh Drive, Bacchus Marsh
4 2 2 4 3 4

Spacious Family Living Glorious Grantleigh

Twin doors off the entry lead into the generous Master Bedroom, with Stunning, quality built home, right in the heart of the Grantleigh Estate, on
substantial WIR & well appointed ens with a 1200mm wide shower. 3 an 800sqm corner block. Four generous bedrooms, master with modern
further bedrooms with BIR’s are positioned at the rear of the house. Large ENS & WIR, remaining 3 oversized bedrooms have BIRs. Beautiful open
entertainer’s kitchen, with quality European stainless steel appliances & plan kitchen meals, family area leading out to the undercover 40sqm
fixtures. Kitchen overlooking the large light-filled dining/living area, study (approx.) alfresco area. A second living area & double garage, as well as a
& large alfresco. 9x6mtr garage (with shower/toilet & basin).
INSPECT By appointment INSPECT By appointment
FOR SALE $510,000-$530,000 FOR SALE $690,000-$720,000
CONTACT Steve Creese 0475 888 101 CONTACT Steve Creese 0475 888 101
WEB arbeerealestate.com.au WEB arbeerealestate.com.au

FOR SALE 7 Davies Street, Bacchus Marsh FOR SALE 27 Moore Street, Bacchus Marsh
3 1 1 4 2 2

What An Opportunity Big Block, Even Bigger Views!

Step inside and experience the quality and neatness of this 3 bedroom, This family home on a fantastic 1325m2 block of land has to be
1 bathroom home. The bright & spacious loungeroom with split system inspected to be appreciated. This 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom home with 2
a/c is adjoining the meals & kitchen area. The kitchen with ample great living areas & a timber kitchen has panoramic views over our
cupboard & bench space comes with a gas cooktop & rangehood & WIP. township & beyond. Ducted heating & cooling, double length carport
The master bedroom has WIR & split system a/c & bedrooms 2 & 3 are with remote flows into the large covered outdoor entertaining area.
generous in size. Single garage, garden shed & landscaped gardens. Drive through to backyard and rear laneway access to your block.
INSPECT By appointment INSPECT By appointment
FOR SALE $360,000 - $380,000 FOR SALE $660,000 - $680,000
CONTACT Daryl Gould 0409 233 157 CONTACT Daryl Gould 0409 233 157
WEB arbeerealestate.com.au WEB arbeerealestate.com.au

FOR SALE 32 Cairns Drive, Bacchus Marsh FOR SALE 2 Carlogie Place, Bacchus Marsh
3 2 2 4 2 2

Family Home, Fabulous Location Family Home, Fabulous Views!

Well presented 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home located in the Elms This 4 bedroom 2 bathroom home caters for the whole family. There is
Estate will suit the discerning buyer. Good living space with ducted a large formal lounge, spacious kitchen with adjoining dining and
heating and cooling throughout. Right across the back of the house is access to covered outdoor entertaining area. The master bed has walk
your decked outdoor entertaining area, and behind the double carport thru robe to the ensuite, bedrooms 2 and 3 have BIRs and bed 4 has
with auto doors you have two large colorbond sheds providing ideal space for a wardrobe and desk. There is also a separate toilet and
storage space or ample room for the handyperson or hobbyist. family bathroom. Ducted heating and air conditioning.
INSPECT By appointment INSPECT By appointment
FOR SALE $560,000 FOR SALE $510,000 - $530,000
CONTACT Daryl Gould 0409 233 157 CONTACT Daryl Gould 0409 233 157
WEB arbeerealestate.com.au WEB arbeerealestate.com.au

FOR SALE 15 Shea Street, Bacchus Marsh FOR SALE 22a Higgins Court, Bacchus Marsh
3 1 1 3 2 2

Perfect Place To Start Near New, Great Location

Whether you’re a first home buyer or looking to add to your investment Approx. 4-year-old, 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home on 521sqm block only
portfolio you can’t go past this well maintained 3 bedroom residence. 2.8km from Main St & 1.2kms from freeway. Bright, open plan, kitchen,
Complete with all the necessities for comfortable family living. Located meals, living area with SS appliances, glass splashback & dishwasher.
within walking distance of shops, schools and Bacchus Marsh CBD. Master bedroom with WIR & ENS, remaining 2 bedrooms have double
Features include polished hardwood floors, ducted heating & cooling, BIRs. Central family bathroom, separate laundry & double garage. Ducted
carport with drive through access to a large backyard on a 722m² block. heating & ducted evap. cooling will keep you comfortable all year round.
INSPECT By appointment INSPECT By appointment
FOR SALE $380,000-$399,000 FOR SALE $380,000-$390,000
CONTACT Peter Leonard 0429 671 990 CONTACT Steve Creese 0475 888 101
WEB arbeerealestate.com.au WEB arbeerealestate.com.au

FOR SALE 1/1 McCrae Street, Bacchus Marsh FOR SALE 7 Pratia Close, Bacchus Marsh
3 1 1 3 2 2

A Home To Be Proud Of Comfortable Family Living

An immaculate home of 3 generous bedrooms, the master with walk The hard work has been done on this beautifully presented family home

through robe & remaining 2 with BIRs. 2 living areas with a formal on a low maintenance 392sqm block in the popular Stonehill Estate. Enjoy
lounge at the front & the kitchen & meals area with adjoining living the peace & quiet of a small court, while still being close to everything.
area adjacent to the alfresco outdoor entertaining. The kitchen comes Generous master bedroom with WIR & ENS, remaining 2 bedrooms are
with quality appliances including 900mm SS gas stove & rangehood oversized with BIRs. Bright, open plan kitchen meals, living area with
& an island bench with double sink & dishwasher. stone benchtops, 900mm SS freestanding oven/hotplates.
INSPECT By appointment INSPECT By appointment
FOR SALE $497,500 FOR SALE $440,000-$460,000
CONTACT Daryl Gould 0409 233 157 CONTACT Steve Creese 0475 888 101
WEB arbeerealestate.com.au WEB arbeerealestate.com.au

Ian McDonald Steve Creese Daryl Gould Peter Leonard Denise Sniegowski
5367 2333 0475 888 101 0409 233 157 0429 671 990 0456 044 024

140 Main Street, Bacchus Marsh 5367 2333
Trade & Business
Page 14 The Moorabool News – 14 May, 2019 Email - news@themooraboolnews.com.au



• Heavy Duty VHF - FM - AM Antennas

BUSINESS DIRECTORY • Digital Ready Antennas

• Digital Set Top Boxes
• Amplifiers

5368 1966 • TV & VCR Tuning

• Extra Points
• All Work Guaranteed 7 Days
• Pensioner Discount Mob: 0417 711 712 Ph: 5367 5857


Complete Maintenance Services FRIGWORKS 

■ Automotive service and repair
■ Vehicle hoist install, maintenance & repair AIRCONDITIONING
■ Mobile Service available & COMMERCIAL
■ Batteries ■ Tyres ■ 4x4 specialist REFRIGERATION
■ Material handling repairs & maintenance
AFTER HOURS 24/7 SERVICING Engineering Sales Service
& REPAIRS (by appointment) • Automatic Gates and Doors. & I n s t a l l a t i o n s PIC 109528
Call Simon 0419 750 753 • Security Bars and Grills • CCTV Authorised by The Australian Refrigeration Council AU 34822

COURTESY CAR AVAILABLE • All Security needs • On-site welding

Located in Wallace
0411 649 321 
11 Kennedy Place, Maddingley
Phone 0418 379 265 53686363 
strongfitengineering@gmail.com Email: inquiries@frigworks.com.au


Modern day maintenance for your home, farm or rural property
♦ Kitchen and bathroom renovations
is now ♦ Home and building maintenance
♦ Verandahs and decking

♦ Horse and animal shelters Builders Business meetings
♦ Retaining walls and fence maintenance Licence
go to
♦ Excavator and skid steer services Accredited Funerals
♦ Need something done? JUST ASK! Home cooked packaged meals
themooraboolnews.com.au www.countrykitchen.com.au
Call Steve: 5360 8394 Mobile: 0499 102 139 www.bascotrading.com.au Ph 0417 829 675


Your local team of Electricians

◆ COMMERCIAL • Split systems
is now
Servicing the Moorabool Area for over 30 years ◆ INDUSTRIAL • New Installations
• Renovations online
2 Osborne Street, Bacchus Marsh • Pat Testing
go to
Ph: 5368 2001 CALL CHRIS TABB • 24 Hour Emergency Service
E: flowsmartelectrical@hotmail.com
Mob 0419 397 393 W: www.flowsmartelec.com.au themooraboolnews.com.au
www.keemin.com.au REC 5096 ballaneeelectrical@bigpond.com M: 0433 348 403


• Farm Fencing
• Post and Rail
Peter Fry • Driveways
• Block clearing

Fencing Pty Ltd Transport & Earthmoving

• Trenching
• Landscaping

Farm Fencing
• Drainge
• Post holes • Dams • General earth moving
• Site cuts • Contaminated waste removal
Call Steve 0499 102 139 Phone: 5367 1909 Mobile: 0419 112 862 JK Winter Transport & Earthmoving
info@bascotrading.com.au Adam: 0428 519 855 Phone 0438 851 108


Door Services Victoria Shugg Gardening

*Repairs and New Doors
*Remotes and Motors Services
*All Types of Servicing • Lawns Mowed
Bobcat & Small Tipper *24 hrs 7 Days
• Gardens Maintained
• Rubbish Removed
Site Clean Up *Eftpos Available • Instant Turf Laid
& General Earthworks Your Local Wedding Specialist Call Andrew 0417 385 483 • Landscaping
Weekend Work Call Melinda 0418 103 533 or email bacchusblooms@gmail.com www.doorservicesvic.com.au • Fully Insured
Ph Steve 0439 476 966 *Free delivery to all local venues* andrew@doorservicesvic.com.au Matt 0422 115 615
Trade & Business
Email - news@themooraboolnews.com.au  The Moorabool News – 14 May, 2019 Page 15


Mark’s Handyman
• All types of Fencing
Home Maintenance
and Lawns
~~~~ SERVICES ~~~~ Domestic, Rural, Industrial •Lawns cut & maintained
Tradie of the Year Finalist 2017 Indoor and outdoor painting
Complete Home Maintenance • Retaining Walls •Gardens Maintained
General Garden & House Maintenance including plaster repairs, • Carpentry • Painting • Concrete, rock, timber edging •Tree Trimming
• Rubbish Removal • Gutter Cleaning Pruning of all fruit trees and roses, • Watertank installation •Hedge Trimming
• Instant Lawn • Landscaping • Paving Weed Spraying & Trees Trimmed,
• Verandahs & decking
• Tiling • Plastering • Gravel or Brick Paving •Rubbish Removal
• Small tree trimming & removal Planting, Repotting, New Mulch,
• Painting “WE DO IT ALL” Pressure Washing of Concrete, • Bathroom renovations • Stormwater piping & pits •Home Maintenance
Brad: 0427 725 192 25% off all work • Driveways, Footpaths •No Job too Small
Mobile: 0458 831 657 Daniel 0417 417 760
fixit.wedoitall@gmail.com FRANK 0427 184 808 Ph: 5368 2339 5–9pm



WRECKERS Master Painter & Decorator

• Wallpaper • Minor Plastering Repairs
New and used parts for • General Domestic & Commercial Painting BCD40106
• Graffiti Removal • New Homes
most makes and models. • Wallpapering, Faux & Specialised finishes
• Restoration & Repainting of rint Centre
Residential Properties print • copy • scan • design
Vehicles wanted - • Complete Handyman & property maintenance service • Decking Specialists
Free pickup. • Plastering & General building repairs
• Free Quotes 15 Haddon Drive, Ballan
Ph: (03) 5368 2888
Contact Neil Harty Ph: 5367 1776 jcfarley@iinet.net.au Phone: 5368 1966
Mob: 0418 312 288 Email: neilharty1@gmail.com E: news@themooraboolnews.com.au




SERVICES Specialising in Waste Water Treatment Systems Mark Reddish • Renovations • Bathroom • Kitchens
Servicing Ballarat, • General Plumbing • General Carpentry • Pergolas • Decks
0418 343 547
Bacchus Marsh, Ballan • Pump sales and service
• General Plumbing • Roofing • Retaining Walls • Tiling • Painting • Plaster
and Daylesford • Hot water sales and installation
• New Homes & Alterations • Bobcat & Tipper Hire • Programmed property maintenance
Come visit us at our retail shop
PH: 0427 502 760 • Dishwasher Installations
E: lucky.phil066@bigpond.com
155 Inglis Street BALLAN • Maintenance Big or small jobs - Guaranteed and Insured
W: www.leeteplumbingservices.com
Phone: 03 5368 1036 • Surrounding Areas Ray 0419 544 332
Email: info@ballanplumbing.com.au Reg. 24148
reg 20152 www.ballanplumbing.com.au Email: ballananddistrictplumbing@gmail.com shorcane@gmail.com PO Box 250 Bacchus Marsh VIC 3340



The Bacch Shed Self Storage
Cleaning Ivers
(Rear of SuperCheap Auto) Service Liquid
• Brand new • Alarmed and secure • Grease Traps Waste -VACC Accredited -All work guaranteed
WE’RE LOCAL • Septic Tanks
-Courtesy Car available by appointment
- Repairer for all insurance companies
PH 0418 145 316 • Various sizes • Commercial and Domestic - Low Bake Oven for Factory Finish
• Triple Interceptors - Car-o-liner chassis straightener
• Central • Access 24/7 • Industrial Waste - Dustless sanding - Spot welder
Ph 0477 440 551 - 24hr secured, monitored premises
Hayden Ivers
MELTON, BACCHUS MARSH Ph: (03) 5368 2888
210 Main St, BACCHUS MARSH Mob: 0419 400 025
Ph: (03) 5367 3016 26 HADDON DRIVE BALLAN 3342


MEMORIALS 25kg bag
STONEMASONS • Floor and Wall
is now
& All District Cemeteries • Household Town Planning Applications for
Lucerne Chaff $27
• Commercial
online Headstones & Monuments • Subdivisions
Combo $22 • Rural Dwellings
All Memorial Works
Phone orders –
• No job too small • Commercial Development
go to
Ph 5335 8074 Fax 5336 2669
814 Latrobe St Ballarat, 3350 0429 017 802 (Laurie) • FREE measure & quote James Robson 0432 983 945
Also Stone Benchtops
(at Ballan Farmers Market Call Stuart on Robert Eskdale 0407 507 651
- Saturday 8 June)
info@wilsonmemorials.com.au 0400 642 727 robert@edqtownplanning.com.au


Tiger Natural Spring Water
Spring Water Tanks,
REMOVAL For Swimming Pools, Pools,
Household Tanks,
Won’t be beaten on price Tree Trimming & Felling
All work GUARANTEED Stump Removal
Mulching Service Roadworks Hire Gardens,
Free Quotation & Same Day Service
Fully Insured Call Gary McTigue Everything!
Phone Allan Fenwick
Jack – 0409 289 700 0447 000 740 0419 008 027 0437 96 00 34
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Classified ad bookings close 12PM Friday.
Bookings on (03) 5368 1966 or by email —
Email must include full contact details or
advertisement cannot be placed.
HJORTH – Leigh Anthony
Dianne Sargent
Passed away peacefully on May 10, 2019
• 3 and a half tonne/ Dry
Sadly missed Driver Included
Ready to burn

But not forgotten Aged 79 years. • Pick up to all Melbourne

Loving Father of David (dec), Sharyn and Joanne (dec). and Country ALL AREAS
Love Rodney, Kylie, • Garage Cleaning/Rubbish
Loving Pop of Morgan, Damon and Jackson. Chimney Sweep
Mark, Elysha, Removal/Clean Properties
Loved and remembered always.
Nicholas and Chloe • Truck Holds 30 to 40
small bales
Call: 0409 928 207 5368 9066
The Funeral Service for the late Mr Leigh Anthony Angels Oriental Massage
JOHNSON – Robyn Leanne Hjorth will be held at Michael Crawford Funerals Chapel,
Passed away peacefully on May 8, 2019 226 Main Street, Bacchus Marsh on Monday (May 20, Imagineto publish – Designa
1. Obligation
after a long battle with cancer. 2019) commencing at 10.30am. Following the Service having a
Aged 57 years. 5. Publication of notices about the C
Dearly beloved wife of Ian for 33 wonderful years.
the Funeral will leave the Chapel for the Maddingley
Cemetery, Bacchus Marsh.
massage Piano Lessons
Loving and devoted mum of Sarah and Tahni. in Bali
(1) Each publisher piano
must& publish
keyboard a n
beginner guitar
A smile for everyone. 12 Grantcontrols
Street, and on each website
double bass
A warm heart. Bacchus Marsh (Gordon)
0437 The content and Tim
format of the n
Cared for so many,
725 990 Nelson
You will be missed. Council.
The notice
www.angelspa.com.au 0450is904
to be
to the editor or the home page o
Executive Director NOTICE
of the Counc
Get fit and earn

Notice of AGM
The Funeral Service to Celebrate the Life of Mrs Robyn
Leanne Johnson will be held at the Bacchus Marsh Public Hall, $$$ Annual General Meeting
of the
207 Main Street, Bacchus Marsh on Friday (May 17, 2019) at WALKERS Bacchus Marsh
2. Form and content determined b
11.00am. Following the Service the Funeral will leave for the
Maddingley Cemetery, Bacchus Marsh.
WANTED Cricket Club
All Welcome. To deliver Wednesday 22nd May
catalogues [Name
in: 7.30 pm
of publication]at is
thebound by th
Ballan the Standards may have been brea
1114 Doveton St. Nth, Bacchus Marsh
Call Sueemail (info@presscouncil.org.au)
Cricket Club Rooms o
Ballarat http://www.presscouncil.org.au.
0419 383 067 All Welcome.

The Moorabool News

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rg.au) or by phone
BABY Jolly Jumper $40 - 0455 480 CAR filters (3) to suit Fiat Decato DRYER Tumble Clothes dryer, LOUNGE 3 seater brown, suit SOFA 2 seater VGC $100 – 5367
([02] 92611930). For
196 3L from 12-16 model $100 lot – $30 - 0434 997 292 shed or shelter FREE - 0419 554 8351
further information
BABY Porta-chair. Attaches to 0413 000 289 DUMBELL SET, Active & Co, 842 STOVE/OVEN Vintage 1950 State
see ‘Metters’ enamel Some rust. $100
table $30 - 0455 480 196 CHILDS stroller GC $10. Ph: 5367 20kg, as new, in carry case, $50 - OVEN Convection Homemaker,
BABY Avent electric bottle 8933 5367 4375 used once, as new, $25 – 5369 2286 - 0401 934 000
g.au. SAUCEPANS New in box
steriliser $50 - 0455 480 196 CHILD PRAM, Double seater, DUTCH OVEN New in box POTTERY Stoneware Wine
Childcare, good working order, Decanter with tap 5 Litre EC, $50 Tuffsteel 5 piece SS with glass lids
BBQ Sunbeam kettle king electric Arcosteel 24cm with lid 18/10 SS
ONO 0418 519 025 $80 ono - 5367 5663
VGC $50 – 5367 4375 waterproof cover, FREE Ph 0418 $50 ono - 5367 5663
310 992 POWER INVERTER, 150 watt SAUCEPANS New in box
BED, single, Queen Anne, DVDS Charmed season 1 & 2 $25 Homemaker 6 piece 18/10 SS with
bedhead foot and spring base, COUCHES, 2 x 3 seaters, light continuous, EC, $30 Ph 0418 318
lot - 0409 173 769 lids $50 ono - 5367 5663 SUIT
VGC $80, Ph 0412 869 304 grey floral, excellent condition, 164
ENCYCLOPAEDIA, Newnes CASE Monsac floral tapestry, 2
BICYCLE jackets (2 x mens, sml) FREE Ph 0403 868 552 PUNCHING BAG, GC, Sport-ince. wheels, EC, $50 - 0418 519 025
Pictorial Knowledge, Full Set, GC.
$12 each. Ph: 5367 8933 COUCHES (2) 3 seater couches, $20 PH: 0409236437 TV CABINET with glass doors 710
$30 PH: 0409236437
BIRD CAGE large 1mx 60cm GC Navy blue, velvet $100 lot - 5348 PVC PIPE, stormwater 90mm, 2x6 mm x 450 mm $60 - 0418 127 040
$35 – 0407 148 184 6725 HEATER, outdoor, table top, with metre, 2x4 metre, $40 Ph 0418 318 VACUUM Cleaner, Homemaker,
gas bottle, EC, $100 Ph 0418 318 164
BLANKET, Onkaparinga, double DESK computer, black / grey 2000 watt, Bagless, VGC, $60 –
164 0455 632 593
bed, pure wool check, $20 Ph 0412 shelves, 1 drawer $20 – 0402 929 RECORDS, vinyl LP and 45s,
869 304 664 HOME BREW KIT, everything various classical and popular WALKING FOOT for sewing
BOOK - The Ultimate Greyhound DOOR Amber glass insert, Front included, $50 ONO Ph 5367 3750 music, $20 Ph 0459 290 034 machine, EC $20 - 0412 869 304
by M. Sullivan. As New. $20 - 0415 entrance with matching glass side JACKET Men’s size leather jacket SOCCER table, brand new $100 – WHATNOT, Timber, four tier, EC,
562 593 panel, $40 - 0418 519 025 $40 – 0420 820 117 5368 6643 $40 - 0412 869 304
Email - news@themooraboolnews.com.au  The Moorabool News – 14 May, 2019 Page 17

Ballarat Football League

Results - Round 4
BFL Ladder
Team % PTS
Seniors Seniors
East Point 11.14 (80) def Sebastopol 7.7 (49) 1   East Point..................192.89   16      
Bacchus Marsh Netball Association
Melton 12.15 (87) def Darley 9.3 (57) 2   Redan........................148.80   16      
Results - Monday 6 May 3   Darley........................154.62   12      
Redan 13.15 (93) def Lake Wendouree 9.14 (68) 4   Melton.......................134.33   12      
JUNIORS Sunbury 16.17 (113) def North Ballarat City 11.5 (71) 5   Sunbury......................102.03   8       

Section 4 6   Sebastopol ..................88.21   8       
Reserves 7   North Ballarat City.......87.34   8       
Devils Mini 1 lost Skittles 2 Bacchus Marsh 11.13 (79) def Ballarat 10.11 (71) 8   Lake Wendouree......... 69.19   8       
Zooplers 11 def Pink Panthers 3 East Point 11.12 (78) def Sebastopol 12.4 (76) 9   Melton South................44.64   4       
Little Stars 5 drew Fast & Furious 5 10  Bacchus Marsh...........71.84   0       
Melton 10.4 (64) def Darley 7.13 (55) 11  Ballarat........................61.46   0        Seniors
Section 3 Lake Wendouree 4.17 (41) def Redan 4.8 (32) Reserves Team % PTS
Super Stars 5 lost Firebirds 8 1   Sunbury....................540.24   16      
Sunbury 13.14 (92) def North Ballarat City 3.6 (24) Seniors
Lightning 4 lost Hotshots Jnr 6 2   East Point..................230.20   16      
U19s 3   Lake Wendouree...... 115.79   12       1   Waubra......................245.02   24      
Hunters 29 def Magic Moments 3
Ballarat 14.10 (94) def Bacchus Marsh 8.5 (53) 4   Melton........................90.57   12       2   Hepburn.................... 177.31   20      
Section 2 5   Darley........................... 93.12   8        3   Newlyn......................149.39   16      
East Point 14.17 (101) def Sebastopol 0.0 (0)
Astrids 18 lost Sapphires 19 6   Ballarat.........................89.01   8        4   Beaufort.................... 147.60   16      
Diamonds 19 def Comets 10 Melton 9.9 (63) def Darley 5.4 (34) 7   North Ballarat City....... 66.14   8       
8   Bacchus Marsh............76.43   4        5   Learmonth.................100.56   16      
The Suns 9 def Thunderstruck 5 Redan 8.4 (52) def Lake Wendouree 7.3 (45)
9   Sebastopol...................66.94   4        6   Gordon...................... 122.16   12      
Section 1 North Ballarat City 12.6 (78) def Sunbury 4.2 (26) 10  Redan.......................... 41.83   4        7   R’wood/C’hap........... 113.05   12      
Vamps 9 lost Fireworks 39 11  Melton South...............39.33   4        8   Skipton...................... 104.15   12      
Eagles 5 lost Sparks 35 Leading Goalkickers U19s
1   North Ballarat City....434.33   16       9   Buninyong..................95.70   12      
Sparkles 16 def Zodiacs 13 DARLEY 2   Melton.......................402.22   16       10  Creswick................... 76.47   12      
BM Stars 12 lost Aces 20 9 - M. HANSON 3   Redan........................175.00   16       11  Bungaree................... 74.71   12      
Seniors - Wednesday Night 4   Ballarat......................164.77   12       12  Daylesford...................88.21   8       
7 - C. YOUNG 5   East Point....................166.88   8       
Devils Snr 35 def Eureka 31 6 - J. CADMAN (1), B. GRAHAM (1) 6   Darley..........................138.42   8        13  Springbank..................84.58   8       
Hotshots 18 lost Strikes 41 5 - N. GRAHAM (1) 7   Sunbury......................105.66   8        14  Ballan..........................66.51   8       
Clovers 40 def Eynesbury Ladies 26 8   Lake Wendouree........ 111.83   4        15  Clunes.........................65.26   4       
BACCHUS MARSH 9   Melton South................19.47   4        16  Dunnstown..................66.87   0       
Jayes 38 def Shooters 21 10  Sebastopol.................. 11.96   4       
7 - A. WILLITTS (5), J. OWEN (2) 17  C’ham/Linton...............49.91   0       
Squad Teams 11  Bacchus Marsh...........19.06   0       
6 - B. GRIFFITHS (3)
VUSC Yellow  5 def BM Firetails 4 U/17 Seniors
4 - H. COULTON (1), T. SHEA (2), J. DeWINTER (4) 1   Darley........................133.54   16       Reserves 
Jaguars Black 17 def BM Firetails 14 3 - D. BURTON 2   Ballarat Swans..........309.56   12       1   Springbank................172.04   20      
3   Redan.......................... 110.75   8        2   Buninyong.................170.67   20      
4   Mount Clear................. 97.06   8       
3   Skipton......................134.60   20      
Ballarat Football/Netball League
Ballarat Football/Netball League 5   North Ballarat...............96.43   8       
6   Bacchus Marsh............67.88   8        4   R’wood/C’hap...........210.88   16      
Senior Results
Results – Round
– Round 4 4 7   Lake Wendouree.........92.59   4        5   Creswick...................165.35   16      
Club A B C D 19&U E
8   East Point..................... 61.01   4        6   Waubra......................125.88   16      
U/17 Reserves
Bacchus Marsh 59 33 35 40 14 26
1   North Ballarat............125.29   16       7   Clunes....................... 213.75   12      
Ballarat 53 50 31 21 61 28
East Point 46 63 45 37 48 29 2   Redan........................ 214.77   12       8   Newlyn......................130.68   12      
Ballan Brumbies Basketball Sebastopol
3   Ballarat Swans.......... 179.10   12      
4   Darley.........................96.65   12      
9   Hepburn....................126.58   12      
10  Ballan........................ 83.71   12      
Results – Week ending 12 May Darley 34 44 33 9 33 5 5   Mount Clear..............145.00   10      
Redan 26 20 25 11 49 22 6   Bacchus Marsh............36.09   4        11  Gordon....................... 146.12   8       
Under 10 Girls Lake Wendouree 62 33 27 60 25 21
7   Lake Wendouree.........58.06   2        12  Dunnstown................. 112.91   8       
Sunbury 54 56 44 36 37 21
Ballan 12 def Wildcats 0 Nth Ballarat City 45 27 17 34 36 36 8   Sebastopol...................54.23   0        13  C’ham/Linton................74.17   8       
Under 10 Boys U/15 Seniors 14  Beaufort......................61.89   8       
1   East Point..................698.18   16      
Ballan White 14 def Sovereign Knights 10 15  Daylesford...................25.94   4       
Ballan Blue 8 lost Excies Acmy Maroon 27
Ballarat JUNIOR Football League 2   Mount Clear.............. 191.43   12      
16  Bungaree....................31.83   0       
3   Bacchus Marsh.......... 69.74   12      
Under 12 Girls Results – Round 4 4   North Ballarat Junior.287.65   10       17  Learmonth...................21.80   0       
Ballan 22 def Wildcats 2 U/17 Seniors 5   Redan..........................81.11   10      
6   Lake Wendouree......... 55.17   8        Under 18s
Under 12 Boys Darley 11.8 (74) def Lake Wendouree 9.11 (65) 7   Sebastopol...................50.27   8       
Ballan White 2 lost Excies Acmy 42 Ballarat Swans 14.14 (98) def Bacchus Marsh 4.4 (28) 8   Darley...........................40.66   4        1   C’ham/Linton.............419.85   24      
Ballan Blue - Bye North Ballarat 12.11 (83) def East Point 6.8 (44) 9   Ballarat Swans.............20.20   0        2   Learmonth.................994.12   20      
U/15 Reserves 3   Springbank................238.12   20      
Under 14 Girls Mount Clear 12.11 (83) def Redan 8.6 (54) 1   North Ballarat............280.30   16      
U/17 Reserves 4   Hepburn....................429.50   16      
Ballan 10 lost Sovereign Knights 146 2   Sebastopol................ 171.08   16      
3   Bacchus Marsh...........135.00   8        5   Dunnstown................ 173.10   16      
Under 14 Boys Darley 9.14 (68) def Lake Wendouree 8.8 (56)
4   East Point....................126.62   8        6   Creswick................... 167.84   12      
Ballan White 7 lost Sovereign Knights 31 Ballarat Swans 16.10 (106) def Bacchus Marsh 3.4 (22)
5   Redan...........................79.46   8        7   Buninyong.................129.33   12      
Ballan Blue 37 def Phoenix Blue 32 Redan 12.12 (84) def Mount Clear 6.11 (47) 6   Mount Clear................105.26   4        8   Ballan.........................69.43   12      
Under 16 Girls North Ballarat 10.15 (75) def Sebastopol 10.11 (71) 7   Lake Wendouree.........54.00   4       
8   Darley............................0.00     4        9   Bungaree.....................95.98   8       
Ballan 14 def Sovereign Knights 10 U/15 Seniors 10  Gordon........................84.31   8       
9   Ballarat Swans............. 27.68   0       
Under 16 Boys Lake Wendouree 12.6 (78) def Darley 1.5 (11) U/13 Seniors 11  R’wood/C’hap.............63.94   8       
Ballan 41 def Sovereign Knights 39 Bacchus Marsh 7.5 (47) def Ballarat Swans 5.5 (35) 1   Bacchus Marsh.........432.26   16       12  Newlyn........................96.69   4       
Under 18 Boys East Point 7.9 (51) def North Ballarat 7.6 (48) 2   East Point.................. 167.35   12      
3   Ballarat Swans............166.33   8        13  Daylesford................... 37.50   4       
Ballan 29 lost Prospectors 29-35 Redan 5.9 (39) def Mount Clear 5.4 (34) 4   Darley..........................116.44   8        14  Beaufort......................34.29   4       
U/15 Reserves 5   Redan..........................116.00   8        15  Clunes......................... 23.18   0       
Ballan Golf Club Bacchus Marsh 9.5 (59) def Ballarat Swans 1.4 (10) 6   Lake Wendouree......... 76.74   8       
7   Mount Clear.................63.69   8       
16  Waubra........................13.46   0       
North Ballarat 5.4 (34) def East Point 2.6 (18) 17  Skipton.........................0.00     0       
Results - Week ending Saturday 11 May 8   North Ballarat...............59.42   8       
Redan 4.7 (31) def Mount Clear 4.3 (27) 9   Sebastopol...................29.51   4       
Wednesday Stableford U/13 Seniors U/13 Reserves Under 15s
Men’s & Ladies Competition. Bacchus Marsh 5.3 (33) def Ballarat Swans 1.2 (8) 1   Darley........................495.00   16       1   Dunnstown...............1432.08 24      
Winner - John Costello (19) 36 points, 2   Redan....................... 400.00   16       2   Learmonth................1380.65 20      
East Point 5.3 (33) def North Ballarat 1.3 (9) 3   North Ballarat............814.29   12      
R/up David Blythe (17) 35 points. 3   Beaufort................... 405.56   20      
Lake Wendouree 2.3 (15) def Darley 2.2 (14) 4   Ballarat Swans..........562.50   12      
Magpie - 14th Barry Sims. 5   Mount Clear.................45.90   8        4   Daylesford.................178.33   20      
Redan 8.5 (53) def Mount Clear 3.3 (21)
NTP - 15th John Costello. 6   Lake Wendouree.........73.57   4        5   Gordon..................... 308.33   16      
U/13 Reserves 7   East Point.....................69.34   4       
Saturday 2 Person 4BBB Stableford.  6   Ballan........................170.44   12      
Ballarat Swans 8.2 (50) def Bacchus Marsh 0.0 (0) 8   Bacchus Marsh............54.97   4       
Winners - Athol Love & Ian Godkin 44 points on c/b. 9   Ballarat Storm.............. 15.18   4        7   Buninyong.................122.63   12      
North Ballarat 8.4 (52) def East Point 1.0 (6)
Second - P. Lewis & T. Hearn (Snake Valley Golf Club 10  Sebastopol................... 5.41     0        8   Creswick................... 119.40   12      
Darley 4.7 (31) def Lake Wendouree 3.2 (20) U/11 Seniors
Members) 44 points. 9   Bungaree...................84.81   12      
Redan 10.10 (70) def Mount Clear 0.1 (1) 1   Ballarat Swans..........182.26   16      
Third - Peter Clifford & Brian Clifford 43 points on c/b. 10  Skipton......................80.48   12      
Ballarat Storm 2.2 (14) def Sebastopol 0.0 (0) 2   Bacchus Marsh......... 120.78   12      
11  Springbank.................161.28   8       
Fourth - Kev Lockman & John Muhlhan 43 points. U/11 Seniors 3   East Point.................... 132.14   8       
4   Mount Clear.................117.07   8        12  R’wood/C’hap............. 97.82   8       
NTPs - 12th Andrew Carton, 15th Anthony Moore. Ballarat Swans 3.4 (22) def Bacchus Marsh 2.5 (17) 5   Lake Wendouree........ 107.84   8        13  Hepburn...................... 41.49   8       
Magpies - 1st Frank Raffaele, 14th Brian Clifford, East Point 3.5 (23) def North Ballarat 3.4 (22) 6   Sebastopol...................73.68   8       
  14  Clunes.........................28.60   4       
18th Mark Wynne. 7   Redan...........................62.07   8       
Lake Wendouree 5.1 (31) def Darley 4.6 (30) 15  Waubra........................21.80   4       
Jack Papworth Cup Winners 8   North Ballarat..............108.75   4       
Redan 3.5 (23) def Mount Clear 2.5 (17) 9   Darley..........................100.00   4        16  C’ham/Linton...............16.92   0       
Peter & Brian Clifford def Anthony Moore & Rick Roden. Ballarat Storm 2.8 (20) def Sebastopol 1.3 (9) 10  Ballarat Storm.............55.00   4        17  Newlyn.........................4.32     0       
Page 18 The Moorabool News – 14 May, 2019 Email - news@themooraboolnews.com.au
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wins with the overall honours on the day going to the Cobras BATTERIES & ALIGNMENT
largely on the back of both senior teams claiming the spoils.
Our women’s team ventured over to Gisborne on Sunday and put
Bridgestone Service Service
Service Centre
Centre Centre
up a much better effort falling short against a good opponent on Bacchus
Bacchus Marsh
Bacchus Marsh Marsh
their home deck.
The Senior boys came into this weeks game on the wrong end of 8-10
8-10 Young Street
Street 5367
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Mon to Fri 8.00am–5.00pm Sat 8.00am–12.00pm
5367 1055 1055 Service Centre
a 0/3 start with to state the bleeding obvious was a must win game Service
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goal but from that point on it was one way traffic with our boys
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the “blue collar effort” coach Peter Davey demands saw a morale redeemable in store. Visit bridgestonetyres.com.au for full terms and conditions.
boosting 106 point win which raised not only confidence but
percentage as well which may be crucial down the track in what
appears a super tight BFNL season.
As it always is with such a thumping victory significant contributors
were plenty but a large portion of the credit must be given to our
forward group who hadn’t fired as a unit up until this week but
again showed when in full flight they are as formidable and potent
strike force as any in the competition and now the benchmark has
been set performances must match potential!
Bacchus Marsh 21-13 139 def Ballarat 4-9. 33
$ 99
EA 14 $ 99
Best: Burton, Shea, N Stuhldreier, Willits, De Winter, Phyland South Australian Small Pre-Packed Wash

The GB Forestry Cobra Ressies posted their first victory of the year
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ACCIDENT & BREAKDOWN SERVICE for coach Bunna, and on top of unveiling their 2018 premiership
flag made for an enjoyable day for players and supporters.
24 HOURS 7 DAYS A WEEK Another positive was some performances warranting selection up
30 YEARS EXPERIENCE higher and thus putting pressure on senior players to perform,
well done boys!
Bacchus Marsh 11-13 79 def Ballarat 10-11 71
Best Whittle, Whyte-Marshall, Shortis, Grima, Stone.
Coach Mark “fazz” Farrell saw his U19 charges put up their best
$ 99
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KG 8
performance of the year but ultimately falling short. But looking
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Women’s Football:
Bacchus Marsh 3-2 20 def by Gisborne 5-6 36
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Email - news@themooraboolnews.com.au  The Moorabool News – 14 May, 2019 Page 19

Cobras dine-out on Swans Deja vu about

“The win is a great relief
and a nice reward for the
boys who are trying their
“People see the goals but
they probably don’t appre-
ciate how much work he
There were mixed fortunes
on the injury front however,
as Jacob Chisari (fractured
Devils defeat
best to adapt to a new game does with his running and foot) took no part in the inside 50 were entirely on
By Todd Whelan
plan,” Davey said. tackling.” second half. Harrison King the back of Melton’s ruck
“Our focus heading in was The Cobras midfield artil- (missed - hamstring) will Darley has been handed a advantage.
to be tougher at the contest lery continued its recent run be touch and go for a return ‘wake up’ call in the after- “Our game awareness was
and to run out the quarters of dominance at centre clear- against Sunbury on May 25 math of its 30-point loss to ‘off’,” he said.
and I think we ticked both of ance and welcomed back but is more likley to return last year’s Grand Finalists
for Darley on June 8, after “Melton were able to get
those boxes.” veteran Tyson Shea to the Melton at MacPherson Park
the bye. New recruit and the ball ‘deep’ forward by
The Cobras had winners coalface. last Saturday.
key back Tom Brownbridge just chipping it around our
all over the ground. The “Daniel Burton, Nick Stuhl- The difference between the blokes that weren’t paying
drier and Shea were huge for (knee) is expected to play
new recruits, veteran club two sides mirrored their attention.
by Todd Whelan
us,” Davey said. against Sunbury.
favourites, the youth and the previous meeting in Round “Our blokes just assumed
recently promoted all played The Cobras Round 5 bill- 2 last year when the Bloods
Bacchus Marsh recorded “Nick was really able to that Melton were going to
their roles for the betterment ing at Maddingley Park defeated the Devils 86 to 56.
their first win of the sea- show us his class today, it have a shot (on goal).
of the team - it was bordering against Sunbury looms an- But it was the nature of the
son with an old fashioned was the first time this year he “It was really disappointing.
on a flashback of the Cobras other must win game for Devils most recent defeat
106-point thumping over a wasn’t given any attention.
dominance in early 2018. both clubs for many differ- that has coach Heath Scot- “We probably had two win-
struggling Ballarat at Mad- “Tyson was terrific, I loved ent reasons. While the four ners at best on the day.”
dingley Park last Saturday. Jacob DeWinter (four goals) his game - classic in and un- land concerned.
points are of the obvious Scotland said, “It was the
In a weekend of ‘déjà vu’ had faced his own level of der ‘blue collar footy’ and “We were poor,” he said.
importance, it will be former most convincing defeat I
for local footy, the Cobras scrutiny in the opening Burton just keeps going and Cobras coach Travis Hodg- “Our effort was sympto-
have been a part of in my
106-point margin (139-33) Rounds but broke the shack- going - I thought he was best son’s first meeting against matic of the Bacchus Marsh
time as Darley coach.”
would replicate their Round les with a break out game for afield today.” his old club. Hodgson will game where we deviated
his new club. Coach Davey from our game plan. On the flipside Melton
6 slaying of the Swans last Ballarat were conceding in be keen to put an end to
was rapt. “Players struggled under coach Aaron Tymms was de-
year (172-66) . More impor- most areas - games played, Sunbury’s horrendous los-
pressure to execute and as a lighted with the conviction
tantly, the relief around the “DeWinter was great,” Dav- talent and size to name ing streak away from home
result we were forced to play of the win.
Cobra camp was palpable. ey said. three, which was enough to that sits currently at nine.
reactive footy for the most “I was happy with the way
Heading into the game 0-3, “He strained a groin in the explain the gulf between the The thought of this unenvi-
part to win the ball back our boys were able to stick to
some BFNL pundits were second quarter against Mel- two sides at the final siren. able record ending at Mad-
from turnover. the game plan,” he said.
even tipping the Swans, a ton last week and played The Cobras complete per- dingley Park would suit
motivation used by coach against our physio’s ad- formance was rounded out Hodgson just fine, against “We had 30 turnovers by “We didn’t just bomb the
vice, but you wouldn’t have by a tenacious back six that the one club he steered to the foot forward of centre and ball forward which we have
Pete Davey who would have
known by the way he moved took pride in limiting scores promised land in 2016. when you’re kicking like done in the past.
been feeling the pressure of
an 0-4 scenario if his boys and jumped - he showed against (4.9) and being ef- Can’t wait. that, you’re no chance,” Scot- “We know how well Darley
could not deliver. us all what he is capable of fective in transition off half land said. set up at the back; we were
Final score: Bacchus Marsh
today.” back. But he gave full credit to deliberate in giving our en-
But deliver they did, in 5.3 -33, 13.7 -85, 19.9 -123,
“Tom Wardell would be top Melton. tries minimal airtime to take
spades. BFNL 2018 leading goal- 21.13 - 139 defeated Ballarat
three in our B&F at the mo- “Their pressure was good away the Devils strength in
The response from the Co- kicker Aaron Willets (five 1.2 -8, 2.5 -17, 2.7 -19, 4.9 -33
ment, he’s thriving in our and they ‘out-hunted’ us for defence,” Tymms said.
bras was swift, with the task goals) looked a lot more Bacchus Marsh (Goals)
dangerous close to goal, his defensive system and looks the footy. “It was the best perfor-
made a lot easier on the back - A. Willets 5, J. DeWinter
time spent away from deep a 100-game senior player,” “The scoreboard didn’t tell mance from the club since
of some excellent ball use - a 4, B. Griffiths 3, T. Shea 2, J.
forward in recent weeks has Davey said. the full story,” Scotland said. I’ve been coach.”
feature lacking in their open- Owen, D. Phyland, J. Lalor 1,
ing three games. At games been reflective on the Co- “Timmy Hughes reads the L. Mullen, H. Coulton. “The 30-point margin felt Darley must go back to the
end it was more difficult to bras below par return on the game well, finds the right like a lot more.” drawing board and continue
Bacchus Marsh (Whelan’s
work out who wasn’t in the scoreboard (58 pt for avg). spots and makes the right The Devils, who are with- to work on their ‘buy in’ over
Best): A. Willetts, N. Stuh-
decisions with ball in hand. out a bona fide ruckman the coming fortnight before
best players than who was - “I’m sure Aaron enjoyed go- ldrier, D. Burton, J. DeWin-
were again found out on its Round 5 meeting at home
a luxury I’m sure coach Pete ing back to the (goal) square “We have really rated his ter, T. Shea, D. Phyland, T.
the weekend, this time by against North Ballarat City
Davey could get used too. today,” Davey said. start to the year.” Wardell.
Bloods second string ruck- (1-2). Process is a non-nego-

‘Yippita, Yippita’ - Kick a goal folks!

man Mark Orr who gave his tiable for the former 268 AFL
mids first use far too often gamer.
for Scotland’s liking. “We’ll rest up, relax this
“It’s something we need to weekend, but on the track
By Todd Whelan *Clubs listed from most accurate to inaccurate after four rounds it’s back to business ahead of
address,” he said.
TEAM GOALS BEHINDS % ‘North”, Scotland said.
“We’ll continue to be ex-
The Ballarat Football Darley will be aiming to ex-
1 Redan 55 42 56.7 posed against specialist
Netball League has not ruckman, and even more tend their winning streak at
2 Darley 56 49 53.3
so against the better teams home to 11.
enjoyed its best start in front
3 East Point 67 59 53.1 if we don’t do something Final score
of goal in season 2019 - to
4 Ballarat 39 35 52.7 about it.” Darley 3.0 -18, 3.1 -19, 3.3
the point where some clubs Scotland said Melton had 23 -21, 9.3 -57 lost to
are experiencing a dose of 5 Bacchus Marsh 51 54 48.5 marks (Darley 3) inside 50s Melton 2.3 -15, 6.6 -42, 8.11
the “Yips”, a term usually 6 Melton South 21 24 46.7 from their 44 entries (Darley -59, 12.15 -87
7 Sunbury 49 57 46.2 32). Darley (Goals) - J. Edwards
associated with a Golfer who
“It would fair to say of some 2, H. Inglis 1, N. Graham,
can’t sink a putt! 8 Sebastopol 26 31 45.6 of those came from centre B. Myers, J. Cadman, B.
Check out these numbers, 9 Lake Wendouree 34 43 44.1 clearance.” Graham, A. Azzopardi, J.
And the Devils coach wasn’t Bewley.
just four clubs are ahead of 10 North Ballarat City 27 38 41.5
about to concede the mid- Darley (Best) - N. Graham,
the ledger. 11 Melton 41 67 37.9 field dominance and marks J. Carrick, J. Edwards.

Bacchus Marsh Little Athletics The Centre Cross Country meet was held at Lake Nicholas Ide continued his winning form in the
Dewar, Myrniong on Saturday morning.  Athletes combined Under 9/10 1500m event.  Oliver Quick
took the opportunity to run at the same venue that continues to improve each week and will be one to
the upcoming Regional Championships will be held look out for in the coming weeks.  Kaylee McDowell
at. recorded a PB and was the first girl home.
After the heavy rain the day before, the course was A well-executed race from Sam White saw him
quite slippery underfoot requiring athletes to run take the victory in the Under 11/12 2km race while
cautiously. Mackenzie Estlick recorded another win for the girls
The Under 6 athletes completed a 500m loop, with in a personal best time of 9.15.55mins.
new athlete Imogen Borg running her fastest time to The Open Age event, athletes completed 2-loops of
be the official winner in 3.09.93 mins. a 1500m course.  Elise Cook finished the 3km/s in a
The Under 7 & 8 athletes tackled the 1km course.  time of 14.19.57mins to take the win with Danielle
Harrison Lovett, Under 7 was the standout Ide 20 seconds behind in 2nd place and Zane Rich in
performer winning in convincing form while Myah a PB time for 3rd place overall.
Estlick, Under 8 finished strongly to be declared the This week’s Cross-Country meet will be held at
Open Age Athletes at the start-line for their 3km event. Photo – submitted first girl across the finish line.   Lady Northcote Recreation Camp at Rowsley. 
Page 20 The Moorabool News – 14 May, 2019 Email - news@themooraboolnews.com.au

Be sure to ‘LIKE’ our Facebook page Darley Football Netball Club for regular updates


We had a devil of a day at McPherson Park on Saturday with the Bloods making Bacchus Marsh Golf Club
a CLEAN SWEEP on the courts AND on the oval to see us CRASH back to reality
in Round 4. Thursday Pot & Parma
Rear/134 Main St, Bacchus Marsh FOOTBALL Day Only $15
Sales and repair of... U19s: We put up a great show against a stronger Melton side and stayed with
Zero Turn Mowers, Lawnmowers, them for much of the game. Leeching our best players to the Seniors gave the
Ph: 5367 2226
Ride On Mowers, Chainsaws, Unders a tough task although we came off with heads held high for a good effort.
Brush Cutters, Petrol Pumps,
Genreators, Small Enigines Melton 1.0, 3.1, 6.7, 9.9 (63) d Darley 1.0, 2.3, 4.4, 5.4 (34)
GOALS: T. Presnell 2, M. Cousins 2, R. Tanner 1
BACCHUS MARSH BEST: M. Cousins, D. Beecham, L. Havelberg, J. Nesci, A. Tanner, D. Cadman
MOWERS Ph: 5367 6699
Reserves: In another close match that we could-have/should-have bagged,
inaccurate kicking cost us dearly.
Melton 2.1, 5.2, 8.4, 10.4 (64) d Darley 1.3, 2.7, 5.11, 7.13 (55)
GOALS: D. Granato 3, T. Presnell 1, J. Psaila 1, J. Pattison 1, K. Forde 1
BEST: J. Pattison, D. Granato, K. Forde, T. Stephenson, C. Psaila, B. Hughes
DARLEY BEARING Seniors: Despite giving the goal umpire a sore neck against the Panthers the
week before, (#TW) we hardly managed to get him to look skywards against the
SUPPLIES Bloods on Saturday. With only 3 goals for the first 3 quarters (all kicked in the first
term), Darley’s silky skills were torn to shreds by a tougher, harder, more-willing
For all your bearing & Melton. The 6-goal last term flattered the final score line and it’s back to the old
drawing board after such a promising start to the season.
hydraulic hose needs Melton 2.3, 6.6, 8.11, 12.15 (87) d Darley 3.0, 3.1, 3.3, 9.3 (57) Address:
4 Albert Street, Darley
GOALS: J Edwards 2, Andrew Azzopardi, J Bewley, J Cadman, B Graham, N
Graham, H Inglis, B Myers 1.
191 Main Street, Bacchus Marsh
Phone 5367 6766
BEST: N Graham, J Carrick, J Edwards
Phone: (03) 5367 5700
Our Under 19s played a fantastic game and had some great individual efforts -
captain Neve Perry led by example with strong second efforts. Playing like they
never left, sisters, Ashby and Brinley were a welcome inclusion in B-Grade for
the first time in 3 years. A-Grade was competitive, but missed gun shooter Mel
Freeman – out with an ankle.
19&Unders: Melton 36 d Darley 33. BEST: Kaylee Smith, Neve Perry
GOAL SCORERS: Maegan Taylor, Kaylah Blain, Chelsea Grech
E-Grade: Melton 36 d Darley 5. BEST: Kiera Morgan, Lisa Kight
We Load & Remove your rubbish for you
GOAL SCORERS: Lisa Kight, Sara Kelly
Full range ofWeRubbish
Load & Remove Removal Services
your rubbish including –
for you
D-Grade: Melton 33 d Darley 9. BEST: Jody Closter, Robyn Bewley
Commercial, Households, Recycling, Green
Full range of Rubbish Removal Services including –
Clean UpWaste,
Commercial, Households, Recycling, Green Waste, Site
GOAL SCORERS: Kristy Wright, Ebony Pigott
Site Clean Up, Bin Hire, Bobcat
Bin Hire
& Tippers available
Bobcat & Tippers available C-Grade: Melton 41 d Darley 33. BEST: Georgia Condon, Kaitlyn Govan
Call us & weCallwillus &fi
wend a waste
will find solution
a waste solution for you for you
GOAL SCORERS: Maegan Taylor, Dayna Inglis
Phone: (03) 9018 5733
Phone: 0418 879 558
Email jandl.support@jandl.co.business B-Grade: Melton 50 d Darley 44. BEST: Lauren Martin, Ashby Keep 1 South Maddingley Rd, Bacchus Marsh
Email: sales@jessandlianes.com.au GOAL SCORERS: Ruby Ancrum, Lauren Martin Phone: 5367 2089
A-Grade: Melton 45 d Darley 33. BEST: Amy Giaini, Tarni Lopes
GOAL SCORERS: Trunisha Patel, Ruby Ancrum, Lauren Martin
Completely outclassed by a superior, polished and more-experienced Centrals
side, the Devils revealed how we need your help!! Come and join the biggest
and best club in the league as a player, helper, volunteer. We need you! Goal
Umpires, water-carriers, helpers, trainers, PLAYERS!!!
Melton Centrals 2.9, 7.13, 11.14, 15.19 (109) d Darley 0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 0.0 (0)
BEST: Abbi Bolt, Ebony Keep, Natalie Wilks, Crystal Layton, Taylah Markham,
Tylah Wright.
No games this Saturday due to the Interleague matches. Our Senior Women
play Redan at Darley Park Sunday 19th May, starting 11.30am.
Thursday 16th for our Exclusive Evening with the Coach & Players. RSVP
Urgently if you CAN or CANNOT make it!
Saturday at the rooms – a great night of prizes and fun. No tickets available on
the night – contact the club now!
DARLEY COMMUNITY MARKET First Home, Upgrading or simply looking
All Earthmoving, On this Saturday 18th May for a better home loan.
civil contraction Contact Adrian Waller on 0408 677 757
to talk about all of your home loan needs.
and concrete works.
SPONSOR OF THE WEEK Email: adrian@accountableloans.com.au
No job too big or too small.
Our Platinum Sponsor makes quality panel & roller doors locally, using Aussie 66 Grant Street, Bacchus Marsh 3340
All enquiries welcome. steel. Enovee can supply & install or supply only. They provide excellent service
Phone (03) 5366 1021
Phone 0407 875 718 & repairs for your existing door including motor, brushes and guide service or
Email: mail@weareaccountable.com.au
good news around the weekend. Prepare to deal with
Email - news@themooraboolnews.com.au  Thefriction
Moorabool News – 14 May, 2019 Page 21
among relatives.
LEO—July 23-August 22
Lots of helpful people - too many for your taste, show up

Stars & Puzzles

during the weekend. Your best allies seem to be men and
women of another generation. It’s easy to misinterpret a
loved one’s sweetest remarks.
VIRGO—August 23-September 22
Luck is with you much of the week, but it also deserts
you on important occasions. Challenge is your present
keyword. Your vitality is inspiring and you can achieve a
major goal.
LIBRA—September 23-October 22
Travel is indicated, but enjoyable and successful trips
need more than the usual hours preparation. Family can
be less than cooperative until the weekend, then every-
thing is on the up and up.
★★★★★★★★ SCORPIO—October 23-November 21
Your life is a lost and found department, losing confi-
ARIES—March 21-April 20 dence, then gaining ground. You can be unsure of your-
self but also you can be shrewd and perceptive. A cher-
You are in the limelight on the weekend. In friendship, ished romantic wish may turn into reality by the weekend
follow instincts much more so than usual. On the other
hand, avoid impulse buying this week. SAGITTARIUS—November 22-December 22
TAURUS—April 21-May 22 Romancewise, there are several intriguing challenges
There’s a dip in self confidence early in the week, then facing you now - but by the end of the week you could
you find yourself meeting old responsibilities with new find that the more you try to simplify life, the more en-
determination. Thursday, Friday is for teaching, the week- tangled the situation may become. Rest is a must.
end is for learning. CAPRICORN—December 23-January 20
GEMINI—May 23-June 21 Expect to meet two quite different people after the week-
This is the week to boost your partner’s sagging confi-
end and to learn something from each one. Make caution
dence and be alert to children’s changing attitudes. It is your byword. Eliminate home hazards and most
an excellent time for presenting ideas and proposals - on importantly, guard words carefully.
the job and on the homefront. AQUARIUS—January 21-February 19
CANCER—June 22-July 22 Friendship is at up-tempo, but you can’t take it for granted
NO. 9100 A loved one seems a little to easy to please you right now. Attend to the tiniest of details. Starting on Thurs-
ACROSS DOWN now, but there’s no reason to be suspect. Friends share day, look forward to loosening the moneybelt.
1. Crafty (13) 1. Optical illusion (6) good news around the weekend. Prepare to deal with
friction among relatives. PISCES—February 20-March 20
8. Dances (5) 2. Wash (5)
9. Deep-seated (7) 3. Examine (7) Distractions put you behind schedule and you may find
10. Bird (6) 4. Sin (4) LEO—July 23-August 22 that you have to cancel weekend plans. Entertainment is
11. Stone (6) 5. Big (5) Lots of helpful people - too many for your taste, show up the theme. Look forward to amusing encounters and cul-
12. Print (5) 6. Unworthy (7) during the weekend. Your best allies seem to be men and tural evenings.
14. Cinder (5) 7. Metal (6) women of another generation. It’s easy to misinterpret a
18. Applaud (6) 13. Rodent (7) loved one’s sweetest remarks. BIRTHDAY THIS WEEK
20. Garment (6) 15. Tuneful (7) You are equally famous for your judgement, your pas-
23. Plant (7) 16. Thump (6) VIRGO—August 23-September 22 sions, your energy and your good advice to others. Mean-
24. Mistrust (5) 17. Dog (6) Luck is with you much of the week, but it also deserts while, you have also achieved prominance for being un-
25. Vertical (13) 19. Course (5) you on important occasions. Challenge is your present bending, suspicious and mysterious. You are finding that
21. Normal (5) keyword. Your vitality is inspiring and you can achieve a there are an enormous amount of financial options - your
22. Repair (4) major goal. problem lies in the choosing.
CRYPTIC PUZZLE LIBRA—September 23-October 22
1. Is going to the doctor with it an awful nuisance? Travel is indicated, but enjoyable and successful trips
(4,2,3,4). 8. Clues in the form of wires (5). 9. A minor need more than the usual hours preparation. Family can

voyage - one of three (7). 10. It indicates a fall (6). 11. be less than cooperative until the weekend, then every-
Gaze at the figure entered but take in nothing (6). 12. A thing is on the up and up.
lot of people are miserly, you say (5). 14. Not this one SCORPIO—October 23-November 21
with the gold veneer? (5). 18. Understanding, shot round
to have a meal (6). 20. Is going into Iran to distribute the
fruit (6). 23. He’s instructed to get a cup full of water (7). NUMBER GAME
Your life is a lost and found department, losing confi-
dence, then gaining ground. You can be unsure of your-
24. Be economical with the water again (5). 25. A tough self but also you can be shrewd and perceptive. A cher-
time (5,8). ished romantic
turn into reality by the weekend
DOWN SAGITTARIUS—November 22-December 22
1. Finish in a foreign language (6). 2. State I had stood a
round (5). 3. Alternatively, have one sent off now (7). 4. Romancewise, there are several intriguing challenges
Carry a pole with the end sawn off (4). 5. Be, for once, facing you now - but by the end of the week you could
first (5). 6. Go further into what inflation will do (7). 7. A find that the more you try to simplify life, the more en-
little marmalade? (6). 13. Performing opera in the park, tangled the situation may become. Rest is a must.
for instance (4,3). 15. Going across by one-time pas-
sage (7). 16. Pain one gets after the operation (6). 17. CAPRICORN—December 23-January 20
In addition to capturing the former queen, now dead (6). Expect to meet two quite different people after the week-
19. The fish caught inside then set free (5). 21. Revolve end and to learn something from each one. Make caution
round a foreign country (5). 22. Be informed verbally at your byword. Eliminate home hazards and most
this juncture (4). importantly, guard words carefully.
AQUARIUS—January 21-February 19
Sp-a-in. 22, Here (hear).
15, Trans-I-t . 16, Stitch. 17, Ann-ex-e. 19, Ten-c-h. 21, Friendship is at up-tempo, but you can’t take it for granted
now. Attend to the tiniest of details. Starting on Thurs-
pole). 5, Ex-Ist. 6, Enlarge. 7, Kitten. 13, Open air (anag.).
day, look forward to loosening the moneybelt.
Across - 1, Handicap. 6, Daft. 8, Oder. 9, Strength. 10,
Down - 1, Polish. 2, I-dah-O. 3, I-nste-AD. 4, Tote (m)
Train. 11, Kismet. 13, Dagger. 15, Embody. 17, Sprain.
Harsh sentence. PISCES—February 20-March 20
19, Knave. 22, Contempt. 23, Iron. 24, Rear. 25, Tobog-
18, Tr-eat-y. 20, Ra-is-in. 23, T-rain-ee. 24, Spa-re. 25, Distractions put you behind schedule and you may find
Shower. 11, Star-V-e. 12, Horde (hoard). 14, O-the-r. that you have to cancel weekend plans. Entertainment is
Down - 2, Adder. 3, Darling. 4, Cost. 5, Parakeet. 6,
Across - 1, Pain in the neck. 8, Leads. 9, Triplet. 10, the theme. Look forward to amusing encounters and cul-
Denis. 7, Fathead. 12, Transmit. 14, Approve. 16,
CRYPTIC SOLUTIONS tural evenings.
Bunting. 18, After. 20, Viola. 21, Stab.
lop. 17, Setter. 19, Route. 21, Usual. 22, Mend. BIRTHDAY THIS WEEK
6, Ignoble. 7, Nickel. 13, Hamster. 15, Melodic. 16, Wal- You are equally famous for your judgement, your pas-
Across - 1,Chick-pea. 6, Love. 8, Ta-XI. 9, S-Ed-ating.
Down - 1, Mirage. 2, Clean. 3, Inspect. 4, Vice. 5, Large. sions, your energy and your good advice to others. Mean-
10, Stake. 11, Though(t). 13, Sponge. 15, Robe-rt. 17,
Blouse. 23, Lettuce. 24, Doubt. 25, Perpendicular. while, you have also achieved prominance for being un-
Cry off. 19, Pitch. 22, Dia-tribe. 23, Cool. 24, A-non. 25,
net. 11, Pebble. 12, Photo. 14, Ember. 18, Admire. 20, bending, suspicious and mysterious. You are finding that
Across - 1, Machiavellian. 8, Reels. 9, Chronic. 10, Gan- there are an enormous amount of financial options - your
Down - 2, He-AR-t. 3, Chic-Ken. 4, Post. 5, Auditors. 6,
QUICK SOLUTIONS problem lies in the choosing.
Lot-to. 7, Vi-negar. 12, Reaf-firm. 14, Port-I-on. 16,
Bri-och-e. 18, Of-ten. 20, C-love. 21, Tes-s.
Page 22 The Moorabool News – 14 May, 2019 Email - news@themooraboolnews.com.au

Bacchus Marsh Soccer

Results - Round 5
Under 12s Open: Bacchus Marsh Blue (1) lost Creswick (9)
Goal - William Smith (1)
Under 13s Open: Bacchus Marsh (6) def Creswick (2)
Central Highlands Netball League
Goals - Isabel Srnec (1), Aaron Ciangura (1), Cameron Central Highlands Football League Central Highlands Netball League
Gilliland (1), Alastair Taylor (3) Results– –Round
Results - Round 6 Results
Under 14s Open:
Bacchus Marsh Blue (2) drew Victoria Park (2) Seniors Club 13&U 15&U 17&U C B A
Goals - Tristan Noorman (1), David Dillon (1) Bungaree 27 20 32 30 5 42
Learmonth 11.12  (78) def Daylesford 7.10  (52)
Rokewood 4 11 10 15 5 51
Under 16 Girls: Bacchus Marsh (4) def Buninyong (1) Buninyong 11.10  (76) def Dunnstown 5.8  (38) Buninyong 9 23 22 22 40 54
Goals - Claudia Quittenden (2), Ava Farella (1), Bianca Newlyn 10.3  (63) def Beaufort 4.8  (32) Dunnstown 37 7 29 30 21 28
Woodfield (1) Carngham 39 16 12 29 19 29
Hepburn 12.11  (83) def Springbank 11.4  (70)
Senior Men Division 1: Clunes 1 12 41 31 33 19
Bacchus Marsh (0) lost Forest Rangers (2) Bungaree 10.9  (69) def R’wood/C’hap 7.9  (51) Daylesford 14 11 20 15 5 10
Skipton16.9  (105) def Creswick 9.3  (57) Learmonth 26 20 38 38 71 121
Newlyn 22 11 40 29 43 35
Waubra 20.13  (133) def Ballan 3.2  (20)
Beaufort 2 12 1 30 8 32
Clunes 9.13  (67) def C’ham/Linton 7.12  (54) Skipton 35 16 13 31 25 38
Bye - Gordon Creswick 1 39 23 44 27 32
Springbank 17 20 21 33 36 34
Hepburn 31 21 30 40 31 51
Reserves  Waubra 6 21 19 27 21 34
Daylesford 3.13  (31) def Learmonth 2.8  (20) Ballan 3 12 22 30 34 39
Bye - Gordon
Buninyong 9.5  (59) def Dunnstown 8.8  (56)
Newlyn 14.12  (96) def Beaufort 3.2  (20)
Springbank 10.8  (68) def Hepburn 2.6  (18) CHFL - Top Goal Kickers
R’wood/C’hap 9.9  (63) def Bungaree 5.0  (30)
Under 15
Skipton 7.8  (50) def Creswick 4.8  (32) Max Filmer Dunnstown............................. 42        
Waubra 21.14  (140) def Ballan 2.4  (16) Tyler Pike Gordon..................................... 22        
C’ham/Linton 10.8  (68) def Clunes 6.3  (39) Daniel Britt Dunnstown..............................14        
Bye - Gordon Tyson Young Gordon......................................11        
Levhi Givvens Dunnstown..............................11
Under 18 Joseph Gregory Springbank..............................11        
Learmonth 13.19  (97) def Daylesford 0.1  (1) Jude McGuire Dunnstown..............................11
Dunnstown 10.7  (67) def Buninyong 7.4  (46)
Under 18
Newlyn 12.18  (90) def Beaufort 3.3  (21)
Jimmy Wallesz Hepburn.................................. 28        
Hepburn 7.9  (51) def Springbank 6.6  (42)
Jack McGregor Ballan          15        
Bungaree 14.14  (98) def R’wood/C’hap 3.0  (18) Connor Parkin Springbank............................. 13        
Ballan 11.5  (71) def Waubra 4.4  (28) Jackson Kurzman Springbank....................          12        
C’ham/Linton 14.17  (101) def Clunes 1.3  (9) Noah McIntosh Bungaree................................. 12        
Bye - Gordon
Under 15 Billie Leskosek Buninyong.............................. 22        
Learmonth 9.14  (68) def Daylesford 2.2  (14) Rodney Watts Ballan........................................17
Dunnstown 14.12  (96) def Buninyong 1.0  (6) Connor Ronan Dunnstown..............................14        
Steven Nicholson Gordon......................................14        
Beaufort 15.8  (98) def Newlyn 0.0  (0)
Damon Simpkin Dunnstown............................. 13        
Springbank 25.13  (163) def Hepburn 0.0  (0)
Bungaree 8.7  (55) def R’woodC’hap 3.12  (30)
Ballan 9.5  (59) def Waubra 5.6  (36) Samuel Dunstan Hepburn.................................. 32        
Clunes 13.12  (90) def C’ham/Linton 3.4  (22) Brendan Sutcliffe Gordon..................................... 24        
Skipton 10.6  (66) def Creswick 4.0  (24) William Driscoll Springbank............................. 12        
Bye - Gordon Jack Gibbs Ballan....................................... 12        

Sell it Local for Less Sell with a photo - $20 per edition or $50 for 3 months. Simply email
your photo and details of item to news@themooraboolnews.com.au
Ph: 5368 1966
news@themooraboolnews.com.au Phone 5368 1966 All vehicles must supply registration numbers if registered and dealers to supply LMCT number.


Automatic, dual fuel, towbar,
2013 HOLDEN CALAIS 99 TRITON UTE SX auto, black, alloy wheels, CHRYSLER NEWPORT large aluminium tray, 2 tool One owner, white,
Immaculate condition, 283,000 km, engine GC, auto, Reg until July 2019, UVL832. 1973 Chrysler Newport. boxes, 80% tyre tread, new air great condition,
White 6 cylinder, air, immobiliser, cruise, CD, One owner purchased new. Partially restored, left hand cond., recent engine/trans/ well serviced,
Well serviced and garaged. tow pack. Straight, no dents. Regular service, mech. very drive. Genuine buyers only. diff replaced, fully serviced, 200K+ mostly country kms,
93,000 mostly country KMs. Great work or play ute. Unreg. sound. Ideal first car. Registered (WBN436). new rear disks and pads, 12 Reg (XDG365), RWC,
Reg. Oct 2019 (IAF6TR) Vin MMBCRK650XD020336 131,465km. $5500 ono $15,000 negotiable. months reg. (ULH188). $7,000. BacchusMarsh,
$18000 PH: 0420 740 666 $850 ono. Ph: 0422 982 274 Ph 5370 1022 or 0404 038 064 Phone 0488 782 555 $3,500 ONO Ph 0400 127 814 Phone 0418 597 226

Closing Business Sale

New plate compactor,
only 8 hours work,
warranty May 2019, $1500.
1989 VISCOUNT POP-TOP Fire prevention pump, $500.
WINDSOR WINDCHEATER Tandem wheels, Twin single
2002 Pop Top, 10 months reg, beds. Gas oven/hot plates, Hitachi metal bench saw,
MOTORISED BIKE MOTOR BIKE New tyres, New water tank, Water tank. Fridge-gas/ $200. Electric concrete
12 months old, as new, 2005 Harley-Davidson electric, electric freezer. Bottle
Gas/elec fridge, 2 single beds, vibrator, $250. Plus other

x11200c Sportster Custom, SKID STEER gas, roller sun shade includes
never used. Very Good Condition, Toyota 7 Jobsun, 4 cyl Diesel, 1 couch, microwave, Roller tools and machinery.
annex. Lots storage cupboards.
Cost $1000 to install motor. 29,000kms, Reg for 6mths new battery, runs and works sunshade, Bottle gas, Many
$1000 Ph 5368 1419
Rego (P-62568) 22 July 2019. Phone 5368 2339
(Rego IA802) well. 1200 hours on the clock. cupboards, Double wardrobe. Priced to sell $8,200
or 0416 955 138 $9,500 – Ph 0401 843 600 $4500 ono - Ph 0410 536 764 $11,500. Ph 0417 505 732. Ph 0488 009 233
between 7pm – 9pm
Email - news@themooraboolnews.com.au  The Moorabool News – 14 May, 2019 Page 23



Saturday May 18 • 10am-4pm T2019-012069

Book Now & Get your $25 Star Cash Card

Australia’s original Recreational Activity Vehicle is back – more versatile and capable than ever. The All-New Toyota RAV4 has been completely
re-designed and is equipped with all the latest technology and features. From luxurious finishes throughout, to petrol and hybrid engine
options that provide efficiency without compromise – every detail has been considered. And with a best-in-class safety package including;
Road Sign Assist and Pedestrian Detection, you’ll also have peace-of-mind. The All-New Toyota RAV4 - The Return of Recreation.

Melton Toyota
143-147 High Street, Melton
T: 03 8746 0300
LMCT 1976



FREE $22,990
(Double-Cab Pick-Up)
(Double-Cab Pick-Up)
(Single-Cab Cab-Chassis)
(Single-Cab Cab-Chassis)
(Double-Cab Pick-Up)
(Double-Cab Pick-Up)

Melton Toyota
143-147 Toyota
High Street
143-147 High Street
T 03 8746 0300
T 03 8746
LMCT 1976 0300
LMCT 1976

vehicle mass limits. Colours depicted may vary from actual colour due to display process. Visit toyota.com.au/vehiclepayload.
vehicle mass limits. Colours depicted may vary from actual colour due to display process. Visit toyota.com.au/vehiclepayload.
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Fresh Hand

13 $
17 $
22 $
99 99 99

OR $290 EA

Australian Yearling Australian Beef Flathead Fillets

Beef Rump Steak Scotch Fillet Portions Skin On

Pre Packed Family BBQ

Washed Chicken
Potatoes 2.5kg

6 1 2
$ 99 $ 99 $ 49
KG KG EA $ 16
Snow White
Mushroom Cups Imperial Mandarins
$ 2

4 $
1 $
7 $
99 99 99 99


Dusted Cream
Filled Sponges 1
$ 30
Cob Loaf 550g 1
$ 30
DON Kabana
$9 Virginian Ham
$ 7

Kirks Soft
Drinks 1.25L

$ 50
$ 17 EA
$ 14 EA
90c EA
$ EA

Western Star
Spreadable SAVE UP TO Peter’s SAVE FROM Nescafe Blend SAVE SAVE SAVE
Butter 500g
Varieties 1
$ 60 Drumsticks
24 Pack 1420
$ 43 Instant
Coffee 500g
$6 85c Sorbent Toilet
Tissue 16 Pack
$ 650

Johnnie Walker Red,

Smirnoff Red or
Jim Beam 700ml


$ 82 $ 64 $ 30

Corona Extra
24 Pack x 355ml
$ $ 22 Wild Turkey 4.8%
4 Pack x 340/375ml
$ 10


1-9 Bennett Street, specials available thursday 16th
Bacchus Marsh MAY 2019 only - while Stocks Last
Limit rights reserved. Persons under the age of 18 will not be served alcohol or tobacco. Phone: 5367 3388 WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO LIMIT PURCHASES

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