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Tips and Ideas for Children (5-12 years)

For Stronger Muscles & Bones

60 minutes, every day. Encourage children to:
 Skip, run, hop and jump.
 Climb or swing on monkey bars and
climbing frames.
 Play games like tug-o-war and hopscotch.
Active and Fun
 Do structured activities like dance,
gymnastics and martial arts.
 Encourage children to play
active games like obstacle
courses, tag, skipping or
throwing a ball or frisbee.
 Visit playgrounds, parks,
nature reserves, ovals or
Active at Home
 Get children involved in a  Limit time for watching TV and using
variety of different sports electronic games.
and activities.
 Store portable electronic devices out
of sight.
 Enjoy a walk with children around
your local area.
 Children can help with gardening
Active and Safe activities like digging, sweeping or
 Start slowly and build up the
amount and intensity of physical
 Protect children from the sun –
ensure children wear sun-
protective clothing, including a Active Travel
hat, and apply sunscreen
regularly.  For short trips, walk or ride
 Always supervise children safely.
appropriately when in and around  For longer trips, park the car
water. some distance away and
 Speak with your doctor or other walk with children for the
rest of the trip.
health professional if your child
has a medical condition.
Tips for Reducing Sedentary Behaviour and Screen Time

Reward the kids

with a trip to the How about walking,
park instead of TV riding, skateboarding
or computer time, or scooting safely to
and enjoy the school or other
quality time places, or helping to
together. wash the car, walk
the dog, or dig in the
Set a ‘no garden?
screen time’
rule at dinner
time and
before school.

bedrooms a
TV and Give gifts like
computer free skipping ropes,
zone. balls or kites to
encourage active

What will you do?

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