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“Scouting is a Merger of All Nations in Republic of Indonesia”

Assalamu'alaikum wr.wb
Salam Pramuka !
Salam Pramuka !

Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen? hopefully, you are in good and healthy
All praises to Allah SWT who gives a lot of opportunities for us of all to take a part in
this scouting event. What a beautiful moment is it! So we can attend and gather to
commemorate “Scouting is a merger of all nations in Republic of Indonesia”. In other
words, it is an organization for showing our loves to our country.
Ladies and Gentlemen?
Scouting is not a familiar word for us anymore. There’s someone like to say that
Scouting is just scout movement, then, others say that Scouting is just for developing our
mental, physical and spiritual. Yeah? We know that all those opinions are right, don’t you?
However, the most important thing of Scouting is a movement that aims to support young
people in their physical, mental and spiritual development. Furthermore, it has an
important role to construct our societies with a strong focus on the outdoors and survival
skills. Or we may say that scouting is the way to centralize our nations in Republic of
Indonesia by supporting both of the movement or development.
Ladies and Gentlement!
Why Scouting is known as a Merger of our nations? Do you know about it? Well, it
can be stated that Scouting is good for human character building. It means that Scouting is
able to take a part in creating human which has accountability to face the problems of
country needs. Further more, Scout Movement should be developed in the level of young
generations in order to have a good behaviour and character to express devotions and
supports for our country.
Well, I am as young generation. I am happy to take a part in it as written in “Dasa Dharma”
or we may say “Scout Law”
1. Believe in God the Almighty
2. Preserve nature and love each other
3. Be an affable and knightly pratriot
4. Be obedient and collegial
5. Help others with compliance and resilience
6. Be dilligent, skilled and cheerful
7. Be provident and simple
8. Exercises discipline, be brave and faithful
9. Be accountable and trutworthy
10. Have purity in mind, word and act
Do you know what has been written in it? It means that Scouting has good values to
express through our lifes. What an important are they? So, it’s ver clear that scouting can
merger all various kinds of culture, ethnicity, race and religion. And moreover, it covers all
our nations or Republic Indonesia.
Ladies and Gentlemen
I think that’s all for my speech to deliver, if any mistakes of my words in your own
deep hearts, please forgive me! Hopefully, May Scouting always keeps in your hearts.
Salam Pramuka !
Salam Pramuka !

Wassalamualaikum wr. wb