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American Colonial Period

 Treaty of paris
 Spain surrendered the Philippines
To the united states(1899-1913)
 Sedition Law
 Banned the writing, printing and publication

Medium for political Protest

 Tanikalang Ginto/Golden Chain

-Juan abad, 1902
 Hindi ako patay / I am not dead
-Juan matapang Cruz, 1903
 Kahapon, ngayon at bukas / yesterday, today and tomorrow
-Aurelio tolentino, 1903

 Drama Simbolico
- One act play that represent deep and profounding aming for freedom.
 A modern Filipina
- First English play
- Lino castillejo & jesus araullo
 Vau de vile/ bodabil
- Originated from france
 City Beautiful Movement
- Introduced in 1893 at Chicago world war
- Neoclassic structure
 The peninsulares
- Fabian dela rosa & Rafael enriquez
- Spanish born residents director of the Philippines.
 Fernando Amorsolo ( National Artist)
- Known for his romantic paintings
 Fabian dela rosa
- Planting rice (1921)
- El kundiman (1930)
 Victorio edades
-the builders (1928)
 Napoleon abueva
 Kalibapi (kapisanan sa paglilingkod ng bagong pilipinas)
-parugganan & Francisco
 Asia for Asians
 Amorsolo’s paintings
Harvest scene(1942)
Rice planting(1942)
 Genre paintings
Most widely
 Context
-settings, conditions, circumstances affecting production or reception or audience response to
an reception or audience response to an artwork

Set of background information that enable us to formulate meanings about works of art and
note context affects forms.

a. Artist’s Background
 Age, gender, culture, economic consitions, social environment and disposition affect art

 Julie Iluch
- Cutting onions always makes me cry

b. Nature
 Source of inspiration and a wells[ring of materials for art production.

c. Everyday of life
- Not only its aesthetics but also its functionality and its value to the community.

d. Society, Politics & economy, and history

- We discern that throughout its history

 Appropriation
-transforming existing materials through the juxtaposition of elements taken from one context
and placing in another to present alternative meanings.

e. Mode of reception
-where and how art is encountered.

 GAMABA (gawad sa manlilikha ng bayan)

*teofilo Garcia
- 2012 awardee
- makes hats out of upo or gourd or tabungaw
(tabungaw hats)
- Manlilikha ng bayan
(one who creates for the country)
- 12 awardees in 2012 including him
- Republic act no. 7355
- Ncaa
- National commission for culture and the arts
- National artist awardee

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