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By Leon Miklai

Disclaimer: By reading this book, you agree to the following: you understand that
information contained in this eBook is an opinion; it should be used for personal
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personal advice.

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Sexual performance anxiety affects millions of men. Almost every man, in his life,
experiences at least some form of it, ranging from mild to strong. That's why for
every man, his anxiety affects his sexual performance differently. Whatever your
situation may be, the information you are about to learn will enrich your
relationships and sex life.

It is extremely important that you read this eBook starting from the beginning,
because we start from the basics, from how the male and female inner worlds
operate and how men and women communicate with each other. Each
subsequent chapter will be based on the previous chapters.

It took me many years to learn the information that you are about to read here. I
didn't understand why, at this point in our history, millions of physically healthy
men suffer from sexual performance anxiety. Why do they have to consume pills
to be able to perform one of their most basic functions, having sex with women? I
wrote little notes from information i could find here and there, analyzed it, and
little by little, the whole picture came together and finally started to make sense.

It's all about laws of nature. Even such things as our emotions, work based on
the laws of nature. The problem is that our society started breaking these laws
and instead making its own laws. The relationship we began to have with the
opposite sex started to be absolutely unnatural, and we now have all these
performance anxiety problems.

It concerns not only men, but women as well, because more and more women
are not satisfied by their sex lives, even though they may have absolutely normal
sexual intercourse with their partners.
However, I wrote this book not for women, but for men. The point of this book is
to understand the problem at its source, to understand how things should work
according to nature, and reprogram ourselves back from what we have become
to align ourselves with nature. It's not as complicated as it may sound. It's like the
laws of physics. I came up with a simple formula that you can use to make
yourself feel confident in bed and out of bed, to make yourself feel like a man in
your own eyes and in the eyes of the women. Always! And it is going to be easy,
because it's natural.

If you have any questions or comments about this material, please email me
at leonmiklai@gmail.com

An Animal And Human Inside Us

Each individual consists of two parts, or we can say two levels.

The first, the lower level, is our "animal" part. It's driven by our hormones. It is
basically desires that all animals have: desires for food and sex.

Second level is our "human" or emotional part. All our human drives are social
and related to the people around us. On our human level, we see ourselves in
relation to other people, including the opposite sex. Based on our emotions, we
either accept them or reject them.

One important note is that these two levels are not independent of each other.
Our emotional part has the power to suppress our animal drives or to increase
them. The fact that we have both "animal' and "human" inside of us is what’s
messing things up. If we were animals (thank god we are not, but if we were), we
would be driven just by the instincts and wouldn't have any problems with the
opposite sex. Nature would dictate everything.

Because we are humans, we have to connect with the opposite sex first on an
emotional level, and then on the physical level. Or, let me say it another way.
In order to be able to have sex with someone, first we have to connect with that
person on a human level and connect in the right way.

Sometimes a woman can see a handsome man; he likes her a lot, but he is a
little shy. She thinks he is a great and handsome guy but she just can't sleep with
him. She sees a handsome possible partner with her eyes, but it doesn't reflect in
her emotions. She doesn't see a man in him, emotionally. And emotions, most of
the time, dominate the animal inside us. So he does not turn her on sexually as

On the other hand, she can date a guy who is not that good looking, but who
attracts her emotionally and turns her on sexually.

This applies to guys as well.

An average guy, who is usually dating average-looking woman, gets the attention
of a really beautiful woman most men would love to have. Her physical beauty
stuns him BUT she does not turn him on sexually. He is compelled by her
attention. In his emotions, he just doesn't feel her as a sexual partner. But an
average girl totally attracts him sexually, although she is not nearly as beautiful.

I say this simply to point out that our human level dominates our animal level.
But the question still remains: what stops us from connecting with a person who
is attractive physically on the human level? In other words, why can’t a woman
get turned on by a shy, but handsome guy, or why does an average guy keep a
beautiful woman at a distance?

What Really Turns Us On?

Men and women are completely different on both emotional and physical levels.
We are completely different in our souls, if you wish. We are completely different
in the way we enjoy relationships with the opposite sex, in the way we treat a
partner and in the way we want to be treated by a partner, and obviously in the
things that turns us on sexually.
As we discussed in the previous chapter, our emotions towards the opposite sex
define our sexual attraction to them, and physical appearance doesn't play a
definitive role here. So what does play a role? What really turns us on by Nature?

The answer for a man is, "It's not what we See in a woman, it's more how
we Look at her and how it makes us Feel."

We men want to feel that a woman belongs to us. That's what really turns us on.
We are not talking about what society says, we are talking about what nature
says. A man wants to feel that a woman and her body belong to him.
And he enjoys the feeling of having them. For this reason, a man has to look at a
woman as if she is below him. Not at his level, certainly not above him, but below
him. You cannot possess someone who is above you, you cannot possess
someone who is just like you, only someone who is below you. (It may sound
as derogatory towards woman that she is below a man. Below doesn't mean she
is less valuable, it's just the opposite, we will talk about it later)

Now, a woman is turned on sexually when she feels that she belongs to her man,
when she feels that her body belongs to him. And she wants to see a man above
her, not at her level and certainly not below her. A woman won't be satisfied until
she meets a man who can give her the feeling that she belongs to him!

If the explanations above are something you didn't expect to hear, well then it
means that modern society and culture have completely twisted our views on
each other.

Now, let’s look at the example in the previous chapter, why a woman isn't
attracted to a shy but handsome guy: because a shy guy cannot give her the
feeling that she belongs to him. Can she do something about it? No.
Why does an average guy back away from a beautiful woman every man would
love to have? Because he perceives her to be way above him. Can he do
something about it? Yes. He has to change the way he sees her, which we will

Why do you think the nature designed it that way? One has to be above the
other: a man wants to possess a woman, a woman wants to be possessed by a
man. Why can't they just be equal? The answer is because they have different
functions. A man's function is to fulfill a woman's desires on all levels: sexual,
emotional, material. A man is giving, a woman is receiving. Even during sex, a
man is giving his semen to a woman. His enjoyment is in giving; a woman's
enjoyment is in receiving.

Now, understanding the functions of each gender, how else can we place them in
relation to each other so they could naturally connect? In Nature, all requests
come from below, and all fulfillments come from above. That's why a man has to
see a woman below him in order to be able to give to her, and a woman has to
see a man above her so she could receive from him.


Now ideally, this is how it should work. But our society, as we know, is twisted.
Men are raised mostly by women, so they take up behavior qualities of women.
Plus, add pop culture, movies, and music all of which give a person different
wrong behavior examples. After all, a person is a product of a society. I don't
want to get deeper in that; we all understand it.

Now, on the outside, men are men. But judging by their qualities, men have
become more like women. Men have a desire to be liked; a purely female quality
can show up in a man either as shyness or as a macho-like behavior. Two
opposite behaviors have the same source: "I want to be liked by women."

Now, you can say that men have always wanted to impress women. It's nothing
new; it’s happened all throughout history. You are right, but the intentions were
different. It used to be, "I have all these possessions, I will take care of you, be
mine,” and now, it is mostly, "I have all these possessions, do you like me? Do
you value me?"

Yes, we still want to show a woman our success, but not because we want to
have her as well. Rather, we want to show it to her because we need her
approval. We need her stamp on us that says "yes, you have some value in my
eyes." And a lot of times, when a man gets her into bed, it's not because he
wants her... but because it is the highest way for him to see his worthiness in her
eyes. You may think that this situations applies to millionaires who try to get
some model into bed to prove something to themselves, and you are just a
regular guy who is seeing regular woman, but unfortunately it applies to all men.
We men of the 21st century don't even comprehend what a real man should be

So, in our internal attitudes towards women, we have become like them. Our
natural desire to have her and to give to her is being replaced by the desire to
impress her, to receive her attention, to be liked, to be valued. Now, we are the
partner who wants to receive. But haven’t we discussed previously that it is a
woman's quality?

Yes, we men unfortunately have changed, but what does it do to women? If we

want to receive from them, it means... that we have placed them in the position of
a man. We change not only our role as a man, we change her role as a woman
as well.

Now, we see that our society has come to a point where it has completely
reversed the position of the two genders in relation to each other. No wonder
divorce rates are at a record high. No wonder we cannot satisfy each other both
emotionally and sexually.

So what happens here is that a man’s animal level wants to have sex with a
woman. Remember, a man's function is giving. But on the human, emotional
level, he now wants to receive from a woman, maybe in the form that he wants to
be liked, or is afraid to be disliked or embarrassed.

On a physical level he wants a woman, but on an emotional level he doesn't; he

is concentrated totally on himself. But in order to get a strong erection, his
emotions have to go in line with his animal desires, not against them. As we
learned before, our emotional level dominates our animal level.

A man cannot (or its very hard for him to) get an erection when having sex with a
woman who he perceives is above him, because you can’t give anything to
someone who is above you, you can only receive from them.
This creates internal conflict in a man, and he gets what we call "sexual
performance anxiety." What does he do in that case? He tries to deal with it
himself as best as he can; he goes to see a doctor to get some Erectile
Dysfunction pills (we’ve all heard the names), or goes to see a shrink.

Doctors And Psychologists Just Don’t Get It!

So, after experiencing sexual anxiety and not being able to be at his best with a
woman, a man goes to a doctor, for whom the situation is so common it is not
surprising at all. He advises his patient that he should just relax, but who wants to
rely on "just relax"? And the man chooses to rely on Erectile Dysfunction pills

I think the pills benefit a lot of men. They came to the market at the right time,
and what would people do without them. But after reading all the previous
chapters, can you answer: what do the pills help with?

Lets break it down by levels:

Human level – A man has an anxiety: he is in the receiving mode, not the giving
mode. If he is in the receiving mode, he perceives a woman to be above him,
which is opposite to what nature has designed.

Animal level – His hormones play a role, he wants to have sex, but the human
level suppresses this desire.

Pills – He compensates for the pressure on the animal level by the human level
by getting an artificial erection. He gets a boost of confidence, the pressure of the
human level has decreased, and he goes through with the intercourse

What is the problem here?

1) A person can develop psychological reliance on the pills, believing that he
cannot have an erection without them or can't have as strong of an erection
without them.

2) The pills affect the symptom, not the source of the problem; because the
problem is not inside him, the problem is between him and a woman. And he will
keep asking himself the question: why does he, a healthy man, have to take pills
to have sex with a woman?

Similar problems exist with psychotherapy, meditation, hypnosis, mindfulness

techniques and others. They all concentrate on a person. They do help to some
degree; they tell your human level not to pressure your animal level too much,
that's what they do. But is that a solution? They don't help you to start seeing a
woman like a man should see a woman. That is the problem.

Now, there is a lot of research to make a "Viagra-type” pill for women. There are
a lot of woman who can't get satisfied in bed. As I said, a woman has to feel that
she belongs to her man. No pill will give her such a feeling. It may help her
relieve some tensions on a hormonal/animal level, but it will not satisfy her on a
human level.

The Reason for an Anxiety

Now, here is where I think doctors are wrong when dealing with many types of
anxieties. They think the person has an anxiety and they need to treat the
person. And they treat him as an individual, without taking into account the
relationship he has with the people around him, and that I think, is a fundamental

When dealing with a man's emotions, even his physical conditions, but especially
his emotions, we have to look at him as we look at an organ in a body. We have
to look at how well he is integrated with the rest of the body.

In the previous chapters, I said that in order to have sex, two people have to
connect on the human level first and connect in the right way. I said that not to
confuse you. In fact, a man and a woman are connected on the human level the
very first second they meet. We are connected by default. Nature created us as
one on the human level; we are just not recognizing it. Only on the animal level
are we separate. So when you are looking at a woman in front of you, in reality,
you are looking at yourself.

I know this may sound very strange to you. And it took me a long time and a lot
of research to come to this realization, but I have no doubts that this is true. And
after reading the following chapters, I believe you will come to this realization as

When a mother feeds a child and he is happy, it makes her happy. It gives her
joy, because she feels a child as part of her. Not just a second part of her, but a
more significant part of her. It's like she lives inside of him, and when he is
happy, it makes her happy, because she feels him as herself.

Man and woman are supposed to work in a similar way. He should feel as if he
lives inside her, and then when he fulfills any of her desires, sexual, material and
others, that should give him joy, because she is an extension of him.

And when it comes to sex, it's never about you. It's always about her, because
she is the one who gets fulfilled; she is a major part of your being. Now, why do
we get performance anxiety, then? Performance anxiety is a feeling of rejection
of others as your integral part. Sexual performance anxiety is a form of
hatred! Anxiety is like a pain in the body: it shows that something is not working
well; it shows that you are doing something wrong. You are ignoring your other
half, you are not doing what you are supposed to do. Instead of appreciating and
fulfilling her, you are rejecting her. You worry about yourself, instead of worrying
about her. You are not doing what you are programmed by nature to do. You
hate her, instead of loving her.

I feel that many will argue with this statement. Many men will say that they truly
care about their women, but they still have performance anxiety. Those men lack
What Is Confidence?

We are talking about the confidence of a man when he interacts with a woman.
When you talk to a woman and are enjoying yourself, expressing your intentions
to her, just being yourself, you are confident. You are giving her your energy; she
feels comfortable with you. But what does confidence really mean? It means you
are accepting her as part of you, and you both enjoy it.

When you talk to a woman and are feeling shy, constantly checking how you may
look in her eyes, then you lack confidence. You are not only giving her no
energy, you are trying to get it from her, by expecting to be liked by her. But it
really means that you are rejecting her as part of you, and as a result, you both
suffer. You are not only rejecting her as a woman, you are placing her in the
position of a man.

A shy man doesn’t even see a woman; he is totally inside himself. He may say
he likes a woman, but in reality he likes the attention that she gives him. He
cannot see a woman. He lives inside himself and his desire to be liked or not to
be embarrassed. If he gets her attention, he is happy; if he doesn't, he is sad. He
cannot emanate energy. A shy man, in his relation to a woman, is the same as a
woman is in relation to a confident man, because the shy man wants to receive
like a woman does. These are just like laws of physics.

Now, a woman also can't see a man. She can only feel what he gives her,
whatever shape or form it might take and on all levels. He cares about her, she
feels it inside her; he has sex with her, she feels it inside her. That’s her nature:
she is the receiving party, she connects to a man by receiving from him.

Now, why do you think women like "bad boys" and don't like "nice guys"?
Because, in reality, "bad boys " are better to women than "nice guys". In reality,
"bad boys" love women, "nice guys" hate them. She can connect to a bad boy,
but she can't to a nice guy. Women can't explain it, but they can feel it! Bad boys
don't expect anything from women; they are confident, and that's why women
can receive from them. "Nice guys" always expect some reaction from women,
always want something from them, and always want to be liked by them, thus
placing themselves in the role of woman, and placing the woman in the role of
So, confidence is not needed as much for you as it is for her. She needs your
confidence so she can connect with you, bond with you. Otherwise she just can't
do it by nature.

Now, during sex we want confidence, and we want to avoid all the "what ifs" and
negative self talk. We will discuss this in the next chapter.

How To Break The "What If Cycle?"

This is what most men have a problem with: doubts and worries, negative self
talk, and thinking what if it’s not gonna work again?

But, after reading this eBook, do you even have the right to doubt yourself and go
into negative self talk, knowing that it’s gonna harm the woman you are with? Do
you have the right to blame yourself, knowing that she is a part of you, and
whatever you are doing to yourself, you are doing to her as well?

Do you have the right to even think about past failures? Don’t you understand
that it’s not about you at all, and it was never about you? And nature, through
your anxieties, was showing you that. It’s not about you; it’s mostly about the her
and the unity between the two of you.

Now, you have a choice.

Your anxieties and other forms of harming her are on one side, and enjoying
and fulfilling her is on the other. You are in the middle with the right to
choose. This ability to choose is what separates us from animals. Because
animals do everything as they were programmed. We can choose. Why do we
even need the right to choose? So we can appreciate what we get!

We can really appreciate something we get only in contrast with its opposite.

For example, people who were born in rich families can’t really taste their
progress in business compared to those who started from nothing and became
millionaires. A person who went from zero to a million dollars feels
more satisfaction from his achievement than a person who went from one billion
to two billion. In fact, those who were born rich often even envy those who made
money from nothing.

Women who take their time before they agree to have sex with us actually do us
a favor. If all women would agree to have sex on the first date, we would
stop appreciating them. And sex would become just a pure physiological action,
like going to the bathroom. We wouldn't have any emotional feelings while having

So, having some fears of not getting something or not being able to achieve it is
not such a bad thing. It gives us a desire to achieve it. It gives us the possibility to
be proud of it when we achieve it. It gives us a necessary contrast.

Now you have the choice to enjoy your woman, enjoy having sex with her, in
spite of any fears that you may or may not have at the moment. Have a great sex
and then be PROUD of it. If not for those fears, you wouldn't have the opportunity
to be proud of it, proud that you chose to enjoy it in spite of all fears.

Additionally, when enjoying sex becomes your habit, you will miss those fears a
little. Because those fears, and enjoying sex despite them, gives you
the necessary edge, the special feeling of satisfaction.

Now, we understand that a man has to perceive a woman below him, and he has
to chose unity with her despite any fears. But the question is, how? How do we
get the power to do that? The answer is by using what I call "Two Contradicting

Two Contradicting Rules

Now that we understand the functions of each gender and how they should
interact in the right way, we have to change ourselves according to that, meaning
according to nature. There are two rules that I came up with, rules a man has to
follow to correctly interact with a woman both on the human and animal levels.
What do these rules give you? They give you confidence. They give you power
over women. You will always be a man in her eyes and your own eyes. Sex? it
will be best you have ever had.

Now, why are these rules contradicting? They are both important, but they are
opposite. At one point in time, I thought one was the most important, at another
point in time, I thought the other was. They both seemed right and very important
to me, but also seemed to be contradicting each other. Just recently, I came to
the understanding that these two rules are both important, and also that neither
of them cannot work without the other. They exist on two sides of the scale
and balance each other. I will explain why.

I will start with Rule Number Two, because that way it will be easier to explain

Rule Two: "You will feel yourself a true man only if you care about a woman
100%, no matter what!"

Does it sound like a moral lesson? It's not! Now, why do you need to care about
a woman? "Care" is a giving energy of nature. If you care about her, it places you
above her, because you are giving, and she is receiving. If you care about her, it
means you own her; she is your part. If you care about a woman, you are
enforcing the unity between you. You care about her no matter who she is or
what she does. When you care about her, you are the one who influences her,
you are emanating positive energy.

Once you start disliking her, then she is the one who has power over you; then
she will be above you. Caring about a woman gives you freedom! If you
start criticizing her, expecting something from her, wanting to be liked by her,
then you become a slave of her. "Care" gives you freedom and power over her. It
makes you the Man!

Some important things to note: if you care about her, it doesn't mean you have to
show it to her! You care about her not to prove to her that you care. You do it
because she is your other half, like a parent cares about their child no matter
what. You do it because otherwise you go against nature. You do it because you
respect the function of a man, which is giving.
Do you know what a woman is gonna do if she feels that you care about her no
matter what? She will start misbehaving towards you, insulting you, etc. Women
know how to test men. What are you gonna do in this case? Will you still care
about her? Of course not; you will start to hate her, you will become dependent
on her, and that will place you in a position below her. But you followed the rule
that was supposed to keep you above a woman, so what went wrong?

You need to follow Rule One, on the other side of the scale.

Rule One – "You will feel like a true man only if you do what you want, what's
good for you and your own enjoyment.”

You cannot care about a woman if you don't do what is good for you.
Only acting from your own intentions and enjoyment gives you the power to care
about a woman. Now, in that case, if a woman misbehaved towards you, you
would respond very strongly, because you always do what's good for you and
having her misbehaving towards you doesn't include that. So now, you can
respond to her very strongly, and show her own place, and it gives you the power
to keep caring about this woman even after this incident, meaning to stay above

As you see, you cannot use Rule number Two alone. If you do, you will lose
balance and fall, and instead of caring for her, you will start to hate her. You have
to compensate for this with Rule Number One. Rule Number One is what gives
you the underlying power that you need in order to be able to be good to

Rule Number One is essential in everything you do, especially in sex. Do what's
good for you and your enjoyment. It's your fuel and power in relationships with
women. You can only satisfy a woman in bed if you do it for your own enjoyment.
You can only get an erection if you have sex for your own enjoyment. Your
enjoyment becomes her fulfillment. If you stop enjoying what you do, she will
stop getting any fulfillment from you. If you start doubting yourself and your
performance, it means you are rejecting her. Your enjoyment gets you closer,
your doubts and anxieties separate you and reverse the male/female roles to
each other.
So what if you start using Rule One alone? You will perform great in bed and she
will like it, but after a while, you will start abusing her. You will become what
women call "jerks". Your ego will shoot up so high that you will stop appreciating
women, and you will get enjoyment in abusing them. A lot of times, you will have
sex with a woman and then dump her. But a lot of times, you will not even get to
have sex with a woman, because she will feel who you really are even before
that. Women will hate you and you fall below them again. That's why you need to
balance it with Rule Two.

Ask women what they want, and they will often say, "I want a man who knows
what he wants in life and who knows how to treat a woman." You see, they say
themselves that they want these two qualities in one man. "Knows what he
wants" means he does what he wants, for his own enjoyment, while at the same
time, he "knows how to treat a woman". They will not explain to you the logic
behind it, as we described above, but they feel that's what a man should be like.

It’s very rare for a man to possess these two qualities. But all women have at
least one man who possessed those two qualities. Who is it? Of course, it’s her
father! There is a little girl that lives in every woman, even the most beautiful and
approachable. This little girl remembers her father, who was strong, who she
feels she belongs to, and who cares about her no matter what. And that's what
unconsciously, and even consciously, they are looking for in their partners as
adults as well.

Now, why don’t most men exert these qualities towards their women these days?
The answer is that they don't feel like they should, they need to, or they have to.
We just don't see any examples of that in our society. We don't know what men
and women should be like to each other. We date as partners, as equals, and
expect to get something from each other. We feel each other as separate

Another reason is that these two lines of behavior, "do what I want" and "care
about her 100%", seem opposite to each other. They seem contradicting. But
those man who do both, those who get a woman's body and her heart at the
same time, they are good in bed and out of bed.
Now, most people who have performance anxiety are bad with Rule Number
One: they don't do what they want or act for their own enjoyment.

Always remember this:

You and her are one body. If you don't enjoy yourself, she will never enjoy the
physical relationship; in fact, she will suffer.

It seems like when you say "enjoy yourself", it sounds egotistical, as it is at the
expense of others. That’s what it seemed to me for a long time. I was confused
and didn't understand how this actually worked. In fact, it is the opposite: if you
suppress your desires, you create a void in yourself, and because we are one
system, you start sucking energy from others.

Imagine if an organ in a body stopped taking the nutrients that it needs to work.
The whole body would suffer. That’s what we do when we suppress our desires.
We have to take what we need for ourselves and enjoy it. Your enjoyment is
those nutrients that you must have.

On the other hand, that same organ accepts all the other organs as one system
and works in sync with them. That’s why caring about others is essential. If they
suffer, you will eventually suffer as well.

When it comes to sex, the only thing that you can have on your mind is enjoying
it, for the sake of both of you. If you suppress your desires by 10%, she will get
fulfilled 10% less. You have to enjoy it at 100%; not even 1% less. She wants
you to enjoy her body at 100%. If you enjoy having sex with her 100%, you are
giving her 100% of you.

If you don't enjoy it, then you create a void in yourself, and because she is a part
of you, she is expected to fulfill that void, which means you have placed yourself
in the position of a woman and her in the position of a man.

You have to do what you want, relentlessly. We can’t just change our behavior
the moment we decide to, because our behaviors are habits. We need to change
the habits. We will discuss that in a later chapter, but first, I would like to talk
about the power of intention.
The Power Of Intention

I want to talk a little about intention, because it’s very important in everything we
do, especially in sex. Our actions don't do anything unless we have the right
intentions to go with them. Doing the same actions and having different intentions
will give you completely different results.

Imagine you go to a local bar and ask your pal the barman to make you drink. He
does it on autopilot, just like he makes drinks for everybody else; he puts it in
front of you without saying a word, turns around, and goes to serve other

Or, instead, you go to the bar, and you see the same barman; he shakes your
hand, asks how you’re doing, pours you a drink, and he does it with pleasure.
And he puts it in front of you.

In both cases, he did the same thing: he gave you your favorite drink, but your
feelings were completely different, because the barman's intentions were
different. In the first case, his mind was somewhere else; he didn't think about
you. In the second case, he was pouring a drink for his pal, and he was doing it
with pleasure. In that case, even the drink would taste different to you.

In everything we do, our intentions are more important than our actions.

A mother is feeding her one-year-old. She is smiling to him, and while he smiles
back, she puts a spoon with food into his mouth and he takes it. If she is tired
and just wants to finish feeding him, he feels it, and starts spitting food back and
crying. He feels her intentions and feels that she just wants to finish with him.

While having sex, your intentions are as important. Maybe your intention is just to
have a checkmark in your head: "sex with this woman – complete". Or maybe
your intention is to enjoy it to the fullest. In both cases, the physical movements
may look the same, but the feelings both of you have will be completely different.

I’m sure you have learned a lot of things in this eBook, but knowledge alone
doesn't do anything until you incorporate it in your habits.

In order to do this, you HAVE TO keep a journal. You can keep your journal in
your password-protected smartphone. You obviously don't want for someone
else to read it.

Change means changing your habits. We are creatures of habits, and how we
perceive women and behave with them is also a habit.

Now, after each interaction, check if you have followed the two rules in the
following manner.

1. Rule One
a) Question: How did I talk and act with a woman today?
Answer: write your answer here.

b) Question: If I was not acting 100% for my own enjoyment, how would I have
behaved in that same interaction if I had been acting in that way?
Answer: write your answer here.

Now, it is time to compare and note how you did and how you should have done.
Don't worry if there’s a huge gap between to the two.

2) Rule 2
a) Question: Did I care about her 100% while interacting with her?
Answer: write your answer here.

b) Question: If not, how would I have behaved if I had been caring about her
Answer: write your answer here.

Compare and note.

Why are we doing these comparisons? Because you can never know where you
are if you don't have a point of reference. You must be like a moving rocket,
constantly checking where you are compared to the right course.

When you imagine how you would have behaved at 100%, you are imagining
your correct course, and you can compare yourself to this course. Only then can
you really feel where you stand. Sometimes you’ll feel that you did fairly well with
women, and that you don’t have to write it down and do this kind of comparison.
Let me tell you, you may be wrong.

It’s like saying, "maybe I wasn't acting at 100%, but I was acting at 80%, so no
big deal.” It is like saying a plane is flying five degrees off course, so what’s the
big deal? The big deal is that the destination will be completely different that what
was planned.

You may not feel at the beginning; that’s why you have to check course
constantly. I would advise you to keep this journal for at least six months. Keep it
constantly; that way, you will start changing your habits quickly. You will become
a completely different person in six months in regards to your perception of
women and your sex life. And women will obviously see that change, too.


This is the first eBook that I have ever written. I’m not a writer, but I tried to
express my views as best as I could. I’m sure the insight you have gotten from
this eBook will make your personal life much richer than it was before.

I just want to repeat the main points.

The problem is in how a man perceives a woman. Your woman is a part of you;
always remember that.

Follow two rules constantly:

1) Do what you want, 100%.
2) Care about her 100% of the time.
And remember, you cannot do one without another.
- Never go into negative self talk and blame yourself; you have the option to
choose confidence and enjoying a woman (and yourself) instead.
- Whatever you do, keep the right intention.
- Knowledge is good, but changing your habits is essential, so keep the journal.

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talked about. Depending on the feedback, maybe more eBooks will follow.
(***2016 update*** New ebook has just been published. Read the details

Best of luck,
Your friend
Leon Miklai

***2016 UPDATE***
Dear readers, I just published new ebook with a new approach to the subject of
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