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Site Visit REPORT

Multan Electric Power Company
132kv Grid station, Multan
MEPCO 132 kv Grid Station,
Location Near Rashidabad Chowk,

Group leader Maaz Alam Khan

Hasrat Ali(120), Hayat

Group members Khan(132), Zeeshan
Soomro(2k16_113), Sahib
Noor(121), Shoukat
Hussain(103), Maaz Alam

Date 19/03/2019
Executive summary

This report is based on the distribution of electricity throughout the

city, Also it includes how the power is managed after its production,
furthermore the report feature a brief information about the
transformers, feeders, isolators, bus bars, and ground wiring for
Yesterday me and my group members visited the Multan electric power
supply company 132kv grid station, we were guided by the official of grid
station, he was a very experience campaigner, first he asked different
questions about power system from our group, not surprisingly we were
unable to answer his questions but he was a humble guy and told us the
answers, after initial interview he started telling us about the grid stations
that why grid stations are made? Why we have 132 kv or 200kv grid stations?

Furthermore, He told us that in the early 1980s, the grid system in our Pakistan
was of very low capacity such as 86kv or 32kv but after 1980s the NTDC(National
Transmission Dispatch Company ) upgraded the system and made the 132kv grid
station in the whole country by this enhancement the power distribution got
increased and also cause the deduction in power loses. In multan the government
of pakistan installed the 132kv, 200kv, 500kv grid stations.
Main Body Of Report:
When all the initials are done, the official had now figured out that how much
we are capable of to understand and learn about the grid station, then he start
telling about the procedure of “ how we ground the wires”? then our group
learned about the transformers, isolaters and their work and usage, which are
as follow:

Bus Bars :
In our visit the first thing we saw was The Bus Bar, which is the important
component of the grid station it is connected with the Transformer, the bus bar is
not permanently ground . We learned that bus bars are also used to connect high
voltage equipment at electrical switch yards, and low voltage equipment in battery
banks. Bus bars are usually made of aluminum or copper and they are able to
conduct electricity to transmit power from the source of electric power to the load.
At that time the isolaters were active and it was dangerous to touch it or even
get near it, but the official told us that The isolators are the permanent earth
ground, they were present before the bus bars, basically An isolator is a
mechanical switching device that, in the open position, allows for isolation of
the input or output devices .

The transformers are very big in size basically the transformers are used to step
up or step down the voltages .The step down transformer is used to convert the
high voltages into the required out put voltages .
After visiting the outdoor machinery we went to the controlroom where a complete information
was given to us about the working of Grid station, and the transformers .

We sum up the following about the Distribution of electricity from the grid .

We learned that the grid has 4 power supply lines In those lines two are used as the
incoming lines, the two incoming lines are named as the BSR-1 &BSR2, the third line
BSR-3 is the neutral line and BSR-4 is the outgoing line .
The BSR-1 is going to the 200kv transmission line and then move to the 500kv
station,The 500kv station give supply to the BSR-4 LINE .
The transformers which are used in grid is step down, they transmit the electricity to
the whole Multan city and also control the other grid, the grid’s main line is connected
with the central control system of the MEPCO , all of these lines are connected in a
closed loop ,thus is the place where 220volts are being generated and from that the power
is supplied to houses, universities, ofiices.
Our visit to grid station was very lucrative, we learned about the
transformation of electricity from feeders to commercial and residential
areas. We also get to see the working of isolaters and their role in tackling
the thunderstorm, At last we also learned about over loading and
managing of over loading.