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1. What were the best and worst parts of senior project/senior seminar?
The best part(s) about my senior project was being able to decently speak a new language
and the simple fact that I got to widen my cultural lens a bit more. The worst part(s) of
my project was when I came across grammar. Grammar and the accents included in
French are crazy difficult. Personally, I did not think there were any horrible parts about
Senior Seminar. I liked the layout of the whole class and found it very useful in the end.
​2. List three things you now know after completing your Senior project.
~ ​I learned how to speak French
~ I learned how to be organized and stay on track
~ I learned that independent study with a foreign language is very difficult
​3. What problems did you encounter, and how did you handle these problems?
I had many small problems throughout my project that were from learning grammar.
However, those were easily fixable by some studying. One larger issue I came across
during this project was when I stopped doing French for a while. During my fourth month
of French, I started to get very unmotivated to do any French work when I got home from
school and work. As you can probably tell, this was a bad idea. It got me very behind in
my French and I forgot almost everything I studied. To fix this problem I talked to my
mentor about it and her and I decided it would be best for me to start all over to relearn
most of it.
4. What aspect of the Senior Project/ Senior Seminar stretched you the most? How did
you feel about and react to these situations?
Like I mentioned before Senior Seminar was a pretty relaxed and well thought out class so I
never really felt stretched or stressed out about anything. However, the thing I felt stretched
about/stressed about is when I stopped doing French for a while, forgot almost everything,
and then had to relearn it. This made me upset at myself for being dumb and procrastinating
and made me scared thinking I would not be able to relearn it.

5. ​How has the Senior Project/Senior Seminar changed you (skills, attitudes, work
habits, capabilities, confidence, poise, presentation, etc.)?
Senior Seminar has made me a more organized person by having all of these things due at
certain times. It has also made me more confident in my public speaking. I do not have a
huge issue with public speaking, it just gave me more reinforcement on it. My Senior
Project has helped me become more culturally observant/ understanding by learning more
of French culture. It also made me more organized because it is so important to stay
consistent with learning a new language.
​6. What would you do differently if you had to do the whole Senior Project/Senior
Seminar process again?
I would definitely still do the project I did now. I am a firm believer in that knowing 2+
languages improve how one sees the world. I think it is SO important to see life through
someone else's eyes. Unfortunately, we as humans can not do that so by learning a
language you learn about their native language and culture which helps us sympathize.
The only thing I would do differently is to start a lot earlier and then find a bunch of
worksheets to print off and work on.
7. What advice do you have for next year’s seniors?
I would tell next year's seniors to know what they want to do early and GET TO IT! The
earlier you start, the better. Personally, I never felt rushed in senior sem. But I know a lot
of kids were stressed out about the paper so just do your work and get it done on time so
you do not need to stress. I would also suggest doing something you love, you will be
spending at least 15 hours on this project so you want to make sure it will be something
useful to you and fun for you.
​8. Has this experience influenced your future plans?
I have always wanted to major/ minor in a foreign language because I have always
wanted to live in Europe. It definitely has influenced my future since I am going into
culinary school and almost every cooking word is French originated. I also plan on
working as a Chef in France someday so this will definitely come in hand.
​9. What grade would you give yourself for your Senior Project and what justification do
you have for that grade?

I think I would give myself an A on my senior project. I saw that because I

definitely worked hard during this whole process. I made sure everything was
turned in on time, and read things over multiple times, did a lot of extra work, and
overall just tried my hardest on this project. Granted I messed up a bit by stopped
the lesson for a while but I hopped back on it to relearn it and I think that shows my
commitment and passion for this project.