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The Seven

Commandments of
The Seven Commandments of Heritage
Directions: You will create the seven commandments of Heritage High
School. Think back to Old Major’s speech and what points he made to appeal
to the other animals of the farm. Then, reflect on the goals of their seven
commandments. What was their purpose in creating these seven
commandments on Animal Farm? For all questions, I’d like to see a strong,
well-written, well developed 3-4 sentence response - these responses should
utilize strong writing and showcase knowledge of grammar that we have
The Seven Commandments of Heritage
What points were made by Old Major in his speech that appealed to
the other animals and caused them to take action?
Old major had told the animals on how hard they worked for their products such as eggs, milk, calf etc and got nothing in
return expect for hatred. He explained that the chickens lay so many eggs but not one has a baby chick inside. He stated
that the cows had worked hard to give birth to calves and they just get taken away. He stated that man cant produce the
things they do therefore they should be treated with respect.

What is the purpose of the seven commandments created on Animal

To give the animals a set of simple guidelines to follow in order to go against man. The seven commandments created a
sense of structure in animalism. It gave the animals an idea on how they should treat one another during animalism and
how they should treat man. It showed that the animals were friends with only animals and not humans.
The Seven Commandments of Heritage
Now that you have answered and reflected on the purpose behind
their seven commandments you will create seven commandments
for Heritage. Remember,

How will you appeal to others at Heritage to support your

The commandments will be simple and not that hard to follow. It will ensure safety and equalness between all. The seven
commandments will create equal opportunitys to learm.

What is the purpose/goal of creating these commandments?

To ensure safety throughout the school and enviorment. It will create a postive envoriment for students to learn and grow.
It would make sure all students were happy and each had a place in the school.
The Seven Commandments of Heritage
Below list your seven commandments (they cannot be current
school rules/procedures)
1. Dress code will not discriminate genders but it shall be fit for all
2. Don't steal others work, it's just plain rude
3. If your having a sucky day don't take it out on teachers and go do something to get it off of your mind.
4. Be honest if someone asks you something. Honesty is the best policy
5. Don’t cheat on tests, some teachers work really hard in order to quiz you on your knowledge and that ruins the
entire point
6. Don't drink and learn or do drugs and learn or bring weapons and learn
7. Don't be rude to others even if they were rude to you, it causes commotion and if it really bothers you go to a
counselor's office. And again if your having a bad day, take a walk!!
The Seven Commandments of Heritage
Which of your commandments do you think would be most
beneficial to Heritage overall? The dress code commandment. It is a great idea to add a dress code
that is fit for all body types and genders and wont have girls wearing pants in the summer. Or shorts that touch their
kneecap. Students should be allowed to wear what they please as long as it's not a bathing suit or slutty stuff.

What commandment do you feel would receive the most pushback

from the rest of the student population? Probably the no drugs and learning because a lot
of students do that and it's bad. But I mean who wants to smell smoke when you go in the halls, its gross! Im sure some
would still do it but it may stop a bit for students. Students may disagree with the no cheating thing because some just rely
on cheating in order to get a good grade. If that stopped then maybe they would get better grades.

How do you plan to maintain these commandments and ensure they

are being followed by everyone? I would make sure students are aware of what things are right
and wrong. I would maybe once and awhile have admins come into classrooms while teachers are teaching to monitor
everything is okay. I would make sure the school itself is full of positive energy in order to ensure that everyone is ok and
not stressed out. I would make sure students are not too pressured in work in order to reduce the amounts of arguments
between students or the students and teachers.