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Republic of the Philippines

Department of Education
Region V (Bicol)

Pursuant to Deped Order no 42 s. 2017 reiterated that quality learning is

dependent upon quality teaching, the Department of Education- Naga City Division,
Araling Panlipunan and Social Sciences Area spearheaded the APS Summit 2018 with
the theme Equiping the Araling Panlipunan and Social Sciences Teachers with Current
Trends and Updates on Governance, Currency and taxation through the initiative and
leadership of Mr. Jarme Taumatorgo, the Education Program Supervisor for Araling
Panlipunan in Naga City and also with the support of all Araling Panlipunan and Social
Sciences coordinators from elementary and secondary schools. It was held at Villa
Rosita Hotel Concepcion Pequena, Naga City on December 6-7, 2018.
The first day of the seminar was memorable. Everyone was actively participating.
The signing of attendance started at 7:30 am and the program started at 8:00 am with
the singing of National Anthem and Invocation led by Ms. Lyn Andes, CNHS Social
Sciences Coordinator. It was followed by an inspirational message by Mr. Randy
Bacares, Social Sciences over all coordinator. Mr. Jarme Taumatorgo, the Education
Program Supervisor for Araling Panlipunan, presented the overview of the two day
After the opening program, Ms. Gemma Grecia, Alyansa ng guro sa AP Vice
President introduced the first guest speaker, Ms. Lyn Z. Padillo, Curriculum
Implementation Division Chief .She was full of enthusiasm to discuss her topic on the
Self-Mastery as Leadership Foundation. The teacher was very eager to listen during her
discussion. They performed an activity called QUEST: Quick Enneagram Sorting Test
and How resilient are you. The result of this test shows the Prime Personality type of a
In the afternoon, before the training finally started Mr. Arnel B. Arojado, the
master of ceremony invited the participants to an energetic warm up and everyone
vibrantly participated. The second guest speaker was Atty. Angel R. Ojastro III, a
consultant, Philippine Senate, introduced by Ms. Marilyn Azana, the AP over-all
Coordinator JHS. He discussed a very comprehensive topic about Independence and
Interdependence of the Three Branches of the Philippine Government. He says that the
framers of the constitution purposely divide the government into three branches. Each
branch is separate from the others. The three branches are legislative branch, executive
branch and judicial branch. The legislative branch is authorized to make laws, amend,
and revoke them through the power vested in the Philippine Congress. The institution is
divided into Senate and House of Representative, while the executive branch carries out
laws and judicial branch evaluate the law. He also discussed the Historical Perspective
of the Government from pre-spanish, Spanish period and revolutionary era, its history
from balangay, katipunan government to present. After his lecture the participants
were given time for queries and clarifications. Lastly he leaved a message saying
“According to studies if you are not respected in the workplace it affects and lessen
your productivity.
Soon after, Ms. Mercedes Coronel, AP teacher introduce the next speaker, Ms.
Florinda Joson, a Bank Officer II of Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas Naga City. She
discussed the “History of the Philippine Currency”. She also discussed the new
generation of Philippine money, its design and its features. She highlighted the security
features of each bill to avoid counterfeit money scam. Her talk was very interesting and
informative. In fact the participants was actively listening and participating. After she
finished her discussion, the participants were given a chance to raise their questions and
doubts regarding the topic. The day ended successfully.
In the second day, the session begins with zumba dance craze and everyone was
enthusiastic. At exactly 8:45 am, the session began with the introduction of the speaker
by Ms Rebecca Casida, an AP teacher. Ms. Marie Antoinette Azanes, a revenue officer of
the Bureau of Internal Revenue, shared information about the new Tax Reform for
Acceleration and Inclusion (TRAIN )Act, officially cited as Republic Act No. 10963. She
said that it is the initial package of Comprehensive Tax Reform Program (CTRP) which
was signed into law by President Rodrigo Duterte on December 19, 2017. She
highlighted that this reform includes packages that make changes in taxation
concerning the personal income tax, estate tax, donor’s tax, value added tax,
documentary stamp and the excise tax of petroleum products, automobiles, cosmetic
procedures, coal, mining and tobacco. She also said that the said reform aims to raise
additional revenues to fund the government’s infrastructure program BUILD BUILD
BUILD. After her talked, an ample amount of time was allotted for queries and
The highlight of the day was the demonstration teaching of the chosen
Secondary and elementary teachers utilizing computer aided IMs. The Junior High
School and Senior High school were joined together in room 201 and the elementary
teachers were remained in the main hall. The three panel of observer for secondary was
Ms. Baby Ruby Laurente, Principal of Leon Q. Mercado High School, Ms. Marilyn Azana,
Araling Panlipunan over-all coordinator, and Mr. Randy P. Bacares, Social Sciences over-
all coordinator. While the panel observer for elementary was Mr. Jarme Taumatorgo,
Education Program Supervisor of Araling Panlipunan. After each demo teaching,
demonstration critiquing was done. It was the moment of discovering strengths and
weaknesses in the delivery of the lesson.
The last part of the program was the distribution of certificates to the
participants, Demo Teachers, and event Committees to commemorate their hardship in
attending the seminar. Then closing remarks was done by Mr. Jarme Taumatorgo,
Education Program Supervisor for Araling Panlipunan. In general, the two day summit
has been fruitful and productive.
Republic of the Philippines
Department of Education
Region V (Bicol)

APS 2018

Prepared by

Araling Panlipunan Coordinator, LQMHS


Araling Panlipunan Coordinator, DRHS


Araling Panlipunan Coordinator in Secondary


Over-all Social Sciences Coordinator

Recommending Approval

Education Program Supervisor, Araling Panlipunan



School Division Superintendent