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Chardonnay Curtis

Mrs. Mua

Public Health Honors 4


Freshman to Senior

When I started high school I didn’t know what to expect. I started off as a very shy girl

who didn’t to talk to people and who didn’t have confidence in myself. All I knew was that I

wanted strive to be the best, and that’s what I did. That’s when my life changed; I became a

basketball player for the Merced High girls basketball team. Playing Freshman, Junior Varsity

and Varsity ball gave me confidence in everything I did, said and wore. During my time in

basketball God alsp blessed me with a sisterhood that I never knew I needed. Little did I know

back then those same girls would still be my sisters today. I’ve changed in so many ways since

my freshman year that I never knew were possible. I was open to new things, experiences and

adventures. I started joining clubs and spending a lot of my time helping special need kids and

volunteering in the community.

Some of my struggles throughout high school were time management, studying, math,

chemistry and staying focused.

Over the course of my high school career I have been in 6 clubs and became president in

three (Yearbook Club president, Glee Club president and Choir Club president), I played tennis,

basketball and track and learned how to manage a basketball team and most importantly I was a

3,0 and above student all four years. I also found amazing friends who mean the world to me and

teachers and coaches how will forever have an impact in my life. During my junior year I got

ones of the biggest blessing to my life; my niece Athalaya, she means so much to me because

she’s what I had been praying for my whole life. During my senior year my siblings and niece

moved from our home state to California and I got my driver license.

Currently I stand at a 3.1 student who managed sports, schoolwork, family, friends,and

challenging classes including Chemistry, Medical Technologies and Public Health Honors

English. I am soon to be graduated and starting college in the fall of 2019 then planning on

transferring to Michigan State University or Grand Canyon University.

I am very satisfied with my attendance, tardies. However at this moment I am not

satisfied with one of my grades but in all other classes and and very happy with my grade.i think

this tells me as a person that I am competitive, outgoing and a changed person. I think this also

tells me that I could or should have done something different to fix the grade I’m not happy with.

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