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On educators
focus on educators is an award-winning publication of the Pittsburg Education Association/CTA/NEA www.peateachers.org

California Teachers Association

Statement of Mission
The California Teachers Association exists to protect and promote the well-being of its members; to improve the conditions of
teaching and learning; to advance the cause of free, universal, and quality public education; to ensure that the human dignity and civil
rights of all children and youth are protected; and to secure a more just, equitable, and democratic society.
I also have our CTA staff, One thing I’d like to leave here in
MAY 2019 Rosemary Louissaint, some this message for all of you is to
fabulous friends, colleagues, encourage you to be involved.
family members, and PEA I’ve been where you are and
members to thank for their continue to be there! I’ve been
constant inspiration and overwhelmed by work, life, and
encouragement as well. obligations that require me to
stretch myself in a million ways.
It has been my honor to be of We need all of you! It has been
service to the members of PEA. I documented that a union gains
Volume XXVII, Number 9 know there have been people who more for their members when
shared with me some of the worse folks are together in the thick of it.
news of their professional lives as
President’s Message well as the best. I’ve tried to be Thank you all for all you do for
there for both when needed. There the students of Pittsburg and PEA!
Dear PEA Members, seems to be some message people You may not know just how much
start to believe that the union is you are appreciated on a daily
This will be my final message in one person (president). The myth basis or how you have influenced
the Focus as president of Pittsburg starts to extend to it’s really the others. You may not know how
Education Association. I’m happy officers and reps. Well, let’s your dedication has affected the
with the fact that you have a great demystify this notion right here people you work with, both
leader stepping in to take my and now. The union is every one students and colleagues. You may
place. There have been many of us standing together in not realize that your strength does
influences I’ve had over the years solidarity advocating for students, inspire and encourage those
that encouraged me to grow and advocating for our profession and around you. Know today it all
take on new roles in PEA as well public education, upholding the matters! Your journey is one part
as CTA. Sarah Cullar, Chris contract, and making sure our of a whole to change the world.
Coan, Dawn Cova, Terri Jackson rights are protected. At the center Thank you for being a change
(CTA Board Member), Eric Heins will always be students and what maker.
(CTA President), are all people is best for students. After all, we
that saw things in me that go way are all educators and our focus is In Solidarity,
beyond what I imagined for students.
myself. This isn’t a definitive list. Tammy Carr
PEA Leadership 2018-2019 Rep. Council Meeting Calendar (Tuesdays)
President May 14
Tammy Carr
PEA Office School Board Meeting Calendar
Elementary Vice President May 8 & 22
Michell Redfoot June 12 & 26
Willow Cove July 24
Secondary Vice President
Nyssa Ton Are You Getting Your PEA Information?
Black Diamond Having our Site Reps collect your input, attend the monthly Rep
Secretary meeting and then report back to you is vital in the
Nicole Glassel communication chain of our Association.
Los Medanos
Roll call at last April 16th Rep Council Meeting:
Shelly Bascomb Adult Ed. – present MLK Jr. – present
North Campus
Black Diamond – present North Campus – absent

Committee Chairs: Foothill – present Parkside – present

Grievance Committee Heights – present PHS - present
Jill Wery – Pittsburg High Highlands – absent Rancho Medanos – present
Chris Coan – Willow Cove
Hillview - present Stoneman – absent
Negotiations Team
Los Medanos – present Willow Cove – present
Andrea McKinney – Chair – Black Diamond
Chris Coan – Willow Cove
Marina Vista – present

Jeff Greco – Rancho Medanos

Alicia Puzak – Pittsburg High
Melonie Sauceda-Flemming - Hillview/MLK
Political Action Chair - vacant
Elections Chair
Sharie Chmura - Parkside
Human Rights Chair
Andrea McKinney – Black Diamond
Women’s Issues Chair
Alicia Puzak – Pittsburg High Great teachers are the people who make
Organizing Chair a lasting impact on our lives. Whether
Laura Silva - Parkside
they’re teaching from a textbook or
CTA State Council Representative
Mark Maselli – Hillview
sharing some of life’s most important
LGBTQ Chair lessons, those who make it their mission
Marissa Young-Padilla - Parkside to educate deserve recognition and
Special Education Chairs
Michell Redfoot – Willow Cove
Melonie Sauceda-Flemming – Hillview/MLK
Technical Editor
Susan Harrison – PEA Office Administrator
Focus on Educators is a publication of the
Pittsburg Education Association CTA/NEA
159 East 4th Street, Pittsburg, CA 94565 Phone: (925) 432-0199
email: info@peateachers.org
website: www.peateachers.org
“We Honor Ours” most Adult Ed teachers as union members, regular member
meetings on site, a Site Rep to accompany members to
The WHO Awards Luncheon at meetings with Administration, Professional Development Day
the Hilton Oakland Airport on April 13, 2019 developed by teachers, master’s stipend pay, pay scale
equalization, (the start of) prep time, a working water fountain
by Elza Hess, and the ability to have our contract items open for negotiation
PEA Adult Ed Representative in the first place — including the current “ask” for health
The actual WHO award is an attractive (and heavy) owl
sculpture and a very nice certificate. I thank all of my fellow
teachers at PEA, at Adult Ed, and our PEA leaders for the
encouragement of the award!

PEA is proud to honor Elza Hess

as our 2019 WHO Awardee!

I was very honored to receive this year’s WHO Award, not

only from our Pittsburg PEA, but also as representing our
Pittsburg Adult Education Center.
“What is WHO?”, asks the first information page on the
awards program. Answer:
“WHO is a way of thanking our chapter members who have
made outstanding contributions to our association. WHO is a
way of inspiring members to accept leadership roles by
providing recognition for service. WHO is a way of
encouraging members to continue to serve.”
My two invited guests, husband Paul Hess and co-Site Rep
Jean MacDonald — along with our PEA President Tammy
Carr, enjoyed the delicious salmon lunch while we listened to
inspiring speakers. There were many! One speech which
especially stayed with me was by State WHO award recipient
Angela Normand of neighboring Brentwood. Angela is a ***********************************************
former Marine who talked about her favorite war movie,
“Lone Survivor”, with Mark Wahlberg. In the movie, the $500 in Scholarships
captain says to his wounded men — who have been shot, awarded to children of
“We’re all shot, bro’, but can you fight?” It made me think of
our struggle for teachers’ rights at Adult Ed in Pittsburg, PEA members!
where we have felt even more than shot. We have felt
perhaps rather more like the zombies in another movie, the
“Undead”! The question for us — who had been given up for
vanquished, hopeless and lifeless — often seemed to be, PEA Scholarship Winners!
“Can you fight even though you’re….. dead?” Well, by
Providence, support from Rep Council, and hard work with Alyssa Ballardo
our PEA colleagues, some life was breathed into our dead,
(parent – Donna Ballardo)
bleached bones. Adult Ed is now on Pittsburg’s map of the
living, and growing stronger with each victory and
reinforcement of each tie to the other PUSD schools. Who Makena Bohannon
would have thought a few years ago that we would now have (parent – Darlynne Fu)
2019 Equity & Human Rights Conference Heights Elementary Educators
By Andrea McKinney-Webster getting their student advocacy on for
PEA Human Rights Chair PEA Power Day – May 8!

Each year CTA holds a conference that showcases

educator’s tireless work to ensure the self-respect and civil
rights of students in California. This year’s Equity and
Human Rights Conference held in San Jose, CA continue to
provide professional training for educators regarding equity,
diversity, and social justice that impact student’s success.
The “Dialogue about Race” training session lead by Reena
Doyle and Gail Watts allowed educators to sit down and talk
about their individual experiences based on their own racial Los Medanos Elementary Educators
identity. This process provided educators’ opportunities to getting it done on May 8 for
share their own social experience narratives that shape their PEA Power Day!
social views based on race. The discussion groups’
comments were then used to explain the impact of
socialization for students of color. The trainers Doyle and
Watts expanded the talks to provide skills for educators to
continue conversations on race back in their communities.

Open dialogue regarding the impact of race on today’s

student benefits students, educators, and communities.
CTA’s conference sessions continue to open and increase
pathways to affirm and restore the inherent belief that all
students deserve quality and equitable access to education.
PEA Supports New Haven Teachers
Association in their Journey ***********************************************
for a Fair Contract!
California Day of the Teacher
PEA Celebration at La Piñata
May 8, 2019
California’s Day of the Teacher has its roots in the community and is patterned after the celebration of the
traditional “El Dia del Maestro,” which is observed in Mexico and Latin American countries. Our California’s Day
of the Teacher arose out of legislation co-sponsored by CTA and the Association of Mexican American
Educators in 1982.
California Day of the Teacher (cont.)
May 2019
5 First of Ramadan begins at sundown
7 PEA Executive Board – PEA Office – 159 East 4th St. – 3:45 PM
8 Day of the Teacher – La Piñata – 95 Bliss Ave. – 3:30-5:30 PM
8 PUSD School Board Meeting – 2000 Railroad Ave. – 6:30 PM
12 Mother’s Day
14 PEA Rep Council – PEA Office – 159 East 4th St. – 3:45 PM
22 PUSD School Board Meeting – 2000 Railroad Ave. – 6:30 PM
27 Memorial Day

June 2019

4 Last Day of Instruction

5 Last Day of Work
12 PUSD School Board Meeting – 2000 Railroad Ave. – 6:30 PM
16 Father’s Day
26 PUSD School Board Meeting – 2000 Railroad Ave. – 6:30 PM

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