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Advisory Desk / Codes and Standards

the box was in one position, ie no individual specimen breaking

with the web horizontal, thus sav- under less that 15 ft lb, were fully
ing a part turn. met. The other mechanical tests
Additionally, the edges of the bot- were conducted in accordance
tom flanges were bevelled in line with BS.709.
with the web to avoid a shadow All inside fillet welds on tension
line on the bridge. flanges were tested for cracks
using K-07 Magnaflux simplified
Non-destructive testing crack detector with Ardrox No
All plates were ultrasonically 800-2 black magnetic particle in-
tested in the works and shop spection, kerosene based.
butt welds in both top and bot-
tom flanges were subject to 100 Tests for welding procedures
per cent radiographic testing. In All welders were required to pass
addition, coupon plates were pro- the appropriate tests specified in
vided for further testing of these BS.2645 according to the degree
butt welds, the tests being: one of skill necessitated by the proce-
tensile, one normal bend, one re- dures, manual, semi-automatic, or
verse bend for each flange, with automatic, on which they were to
three charpy ‘V’-notch tests for the be employed.
tension flange. The latter were
carried out, with the notch in the The Irwell Valley Bridge was
weld metal vertical to the plate designed by Lancashire County
surface at -15°C and the require- Council and the contract was
ments for NDII steel to BS.2762 placed by the MoT North Western
in this respect, ie average value of Road Construction Unit (Director,
20 ft lb for three specimens with Mr James Drake, CBE).

AD 424:
Shear stud length
SCI has been advised that shear studs. AD 380 also indicates that long have actual lengths “out of the beam design generally assumes a
studs which are shorter than usual studs of diameter d = 19 mm and a box” which differ from manufacturer certain level of slip between the
have been placed on the market in nominal length of 100 mm may be to manufacturer. It is understood steel and concrete so the studs
the UK, and this AD warns against deemed to satisfy the requirement that the shorter studs referred to in must be ductile, regardless of the
using them unless the length has that a stud extends at least 2d the opening paragraph are 90 mm fact that failure is normally in the
been reflected in the design, and above the height of the decking, before welding, so are likely to be concrete (at least for the grades
unless the studs meet the necessary when that height is 60 mm. UK less than 85 mm LAW when welded of materials typically found in
material specification. practice in composite construction through decking. Clearly they buildings). Annex B of BS EN 1994-1
AD 380 indicates that a stud that for buildings generally involves should not simply be substituted for describes the stud test arrangement
starts with a manufactured length the use of through deck welded nominal 100 mm studs unless the to demonstrate ductility.
of 105 mm would typically have shear studs. Tests have shown that design is verified with the shorter
a length after welding (LAW) of through deck welded studs of 100 length.
100 mm when welded directly to mm nominal length, with 60 mm All shear studs should conform Contact: Eleftherios
a beam flange and 95 mm when decking, perform satisfactorily. to EN ISO 13918, as noted in the Aggelopoulos
welded through decking. The studs A complication is that studs National Structural Steelwork Tel: 01344 636525
are identified as nominally 100 mm identified as nominally 100 mm Specification (NSSS). Composite Email: advisory@steel-sci.com

New and revised codes & standards

From BSI Updates October 2018


Non-destructive testing of welds. Round steel short link chains for BS EN ISO 19232-1:2013 BS EN ISO 15626:2013
Time-of-flight diffraction technique lifting purposes. Medium tolerance Non-destructive testing. Non-destructive testing of welds.
(TOFD). Acceptance levels sling chains. Grade 4, stainless steel Image quality of radiographs. Time-of-flight diffraction technique
Supersedes BS EN ISO 15626:2013 No current standard is superseded Determination of the image quality (TOFD). Acceptance levels
value using wire-type image quality Superseded by BS EN ISO 15626:2018
indicators PD CEN ISO/TR 20173:2009
BS ISO 14346:2013 Welding. Grouping systems for
PD CEN ISO/TR 20173:2018
Static design procedure for materials. American materials
Welding. Grouping systems for
welded hollow-section joints. Superseded by PD CEN ISO/TR
materials. American materials.
Recommendations 20173:2018
Supersedes PD CEN ISO/TR 20173:2009

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