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$c0260400_ i 1,0,6,0,0,7,9,5 Peete ene] waa i Fives ONO Eves ONG] E ER AI ROR A ART ROHNER, SEE EON TEOOE ae “Browder, Timothy Hampton Xsou |W|M N " " lg. 71 | 210 | Bro | Bu = = ae] ae aa E | 9m Fwy 905 Conway sc_| 29526 3 Kanecanrern De WeO oman anor ereaaR OVS eo Se oan G aes Cine me [ase Osiris [aes Scee _Oveaaae_Tolneon [eae Parr ree wc fees aa ee ew] tacos [veo fom [ae [mer | [ormne | Browder, Timothy Hampton w|M N| pmmmeg | 71_[210)8R0) BLU Slomne [Se won ca TTT Elem oe = ae rar ae Bloomer [gg Hwy 905 Convray isc_| 29526 BP — faaeroatr oncom veo Box D [eenemerecee Cm roo TENE RET ‘BaeTacar ae lesmee wists so mc 0 We mre 0 18,2010 4:12:00 PM. ‘On this date this agency received the report of a self inflicted gunshot victim at the above listed address. Thc ealler advised the E911 operator his father had gone out back and shot himselfin the heed. On arrival I found che son in the doorway of the house at Syl Hory 905 end he pointed to behind the adjacent house were his father was located. On going tothe ear of the mobile home, I found a WM, supine, arms outstretched and with «black in color shotgun between his legs. The subject had massive facial trauma. I confirmed the absence of life and directed edtional responding unis to secare the Iocation and intite a crime scene log. Additionally I had one medic from CFR come to rear ofthe house to confirm my findings. Noted spproximately $ feet from the left foct wes an expended shotgun shell and also noted was another shell under his right leg. Nefghbors were questioned as to what they may have hheard or obscrved in the arca‘bis aftemoon and statements were obtained. The watch commender wes notified and in tum CSI end CID were notified and responded to the ineident location. Deputy Coroner Hendricks responded to the incident as well, Initial 911 reports from the son stated the subject may have strangled a "Karen" subject. All avempss to identify a location for this potential victim were unsuccessful, All statements and logs turned into DET Williams and CSI Deal. NARRATIVE —_ oe == as ee eee cae ee one: eae oon Fe eet Roan LOSER imams — .Sea nana _TDaee Somer Sees ee Gee Soe [PS 2 oa oo : = 2 NOCETEATON Ore mw 1,0,0,0,0,7,9,5 SHE CDE Foor foronre] mene ire [Eso Jeves Bno|aves ane oa faves avoloves ano ice Bs ToT NEHER ST pre ste al ee || vase lg SE | sa ees a Browder, Tinotby Hampton xeov [Ww] x : : B71 | 20 | sro | ace Ho 7 aa saa 5 | am Hwy 905 Conway sc | 29526 Sere re eo a eonraneaeee Se Sao ae ae Pe Saas [lene [Brow moh Hampton v "i [atopprol st Goes poten wre RTE [Emm isanese a aa Broce ora Fi Seni 908 Cooney (Be an ee | loeamos [ous te wal we re fexvwwees 0 uisn010 4:12:00 PMs “The investigation into the death of the below listed victim has determined his death to be the result ofan act of suicide ‘which was brought about by a self-inflicted gunshot tothe head. Investigative efforts havz also revealed that prior to taking his own life, the below listed victim had also caused the death of another reference to the HCPD case # 10000853. Although cases 10000795 and 10000853 do not share a common incident location, they were found to be directly related in continuing series of events. Case # 10000795 is exceptionally cleared es the offender and vietim are ‘one in the same and is deceased. NARRATIVE rae ae ress aey = —_ = ES Smee 2| oe oo oe tee Borwen OP Diners emnoen 1B ccamnunccm (eee lee ge eee : = = er 2 emorer Mies ce AGENCY I.D. INCIDENT REPORT eee Setze0%00 1 0,0,0,0,8,5,3 NeDET TEE Fowrusven Fonceomeney] pemuarrer [RUS] Teare™ ves ovo[eves ano eee Det cwolorer ove eiar : Des onoloves ovo eee wee | HR aa = mm ‘Willams, Keren xeou [Wir N A : | Son = Sa ao aa Ea Mains Lars sc | _ 29509 2 aero ee Saaremaa Ow ST ee ie oe SE Gee SS = Se en ee a be Pe fe a 2 == = Blown Bo [amaaeo pumencom Ore vo Cow O [wmcmmnmorocreane owe «oD Samo ore ENO ORRET Laem [ows 190 ae rw rman (On dates and times above R/O arrived on scene and talked with officer Miller ofthe Loris Police, She stated that ste had talked with victims son and also got a written statement. Officer Miller advised that son stated thet he dropped his mom. off a their residence at approximately 2 pm and his mom said she was going to take a nap, be also stated that his ‘mothers boytriend was there atthe residence and a green mini van was inthe driveway, Viims son stated that he ‘went to his girlffiends house and came back home around 9:00 Pm and when he went into hs residence and into his ‘mothers bedroom he noticed his mother on the flocr deceased. R/O went into residence and into edge of bedroom and ‘observed victim lying on the floar beside the bed. R/O left bedroom area, The Crime Scene was secured and and a crime scene log was completed. Det. Williams arrived on secne and case was sumed over to im. ‘This incident occurred in the jurisdiction ofthe Loris Police Department. Chief Vaught, Loris Police Dept, requested the assistance of the Horry Counly Police Dept in conducting the investigation in this ease, ‘NARRATIVE : Paar eae 2 coe =a aR ete SERS RETO PSE Oe 0 ose Bocas Bsccmnneone —== ea {comes _ summoner saateeere : fea — =a [eae 2. amate owe mre