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Address: (H NO-691,SECTOR-29,FARIDABAD(HR))
jk85ymca@gmail.com, jk85ymca@ho

I aspire for a creative and challenging environment where I can exercise my engineering and interpersonal
skills, which gives an opportunity to learn new things and explore future career possibilities.

M.Tech. YMCA University of Science and Technology Faridabad, Haryana Aug 2008 – May 2010

B.Tech. YMCA University of Science and Technology Faridabad, Haryana Aug 2004 –May 2008

NASSCOM Certified course in Associate Analytics, Holistic Skills, Sec-6

Sec (Noida) April 2018 –Sep 2018


Database No SQL Database(HBase)

SQL Server, MySql, Hive, PostgreSQL, No-SQL

Big Data Technologies HDFS, Map Reduce, Hive, Pig,Scoop, Flume, Oozie, Avro, Hadoop Streaming, Impala,
Zookeeper, Apache Spark, Hue, Ambari

ETL Tool Pig,Power View for Microsoft Excel

Reporting Tools Tableau and R

Operating Systems Dos, Win/98, Win NT/2000, Windows XP

Machine Learning R: Forecast, strings, class, sqldf, dplyr, ggplot, Plotly

Python: Pandas, Numpy, Scipy, Matplotlib, Seaborn, Bokeh, Plotly

Statistics/ML Statistics: Summary statistics, Hypothesis testing, Time series analysis (ARIMA, AR,

Machine Learning: Feature Selection, Supervised learning – KNN, ANN, CNN

tree Random Forest, Naïve Bayes, unsupervised learning, K Means
Decision tree,
Simple linear Regression,, Multiple linear Regression, Logistic Regression.

 e Business Service Recommendation System using Data
An Architectural Framework for Personalized e-Business
Business, it is confronted with many problems like how to know about customer
Mining Techniques. In e-Business,
demands and to optimize the structure of the website and the way of service according to the behaviour of the
customer. It provides personalized business enterprise credit risk
personaliz service to the customers. This method in e-business
evaluation can also be performed.
 Data Aggregation and Machine Learning on Mutual Funds Data
MFBoss is an application for tracking investments done by various traders for different clients in funds. In
this project we prepared analytics engine over this data in hive and sparksql. This aggregated data was
deboardedinto Mysql which was used for data visualization through Tableau. Apart from this we applied
predictive analytics on this data to predict the future business which will be done by each trader.
 Data Analytics on Airlines data
In this project we applied supervised machine learning to classify the airlines on the basis of arrival time,
departure time, airtime, weather information, delayed arrival time, delayed departure time, and other classified
information of respective airlines. The model was prepared by applying several algorithms and testing them.
This data is used by insurance companies to set the insurance price and risk analysis.

Rawal Institute of Engineering and Technology, Faridabad, Haryana, India Aug 2010 – Dec 2017
Asst. Professor, Dept of Computer Science and Engg. Associate HOD of
CSE Deptt

 Placement coordinator in CSE Department.
 UG Project Coordinator in CSE Department
 Qualified GATE-2008
 Participation in various games at school level.

I hereby declared that the above particulars about me are true to the best of my knowledge and belief.
Date: 11/12/2018 JITENDER KUMAR