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9 795¥ear 0d iniaravidWorianat 22IWeEKS"Gastafioflis brought to the emergency department at alSialifal HOSpitalby hier ilstiand Hecalise/ot inte uring the pastweek The patient woke up this morning with a copious amolint of vaginal bleeding/and severe pelvic pain. She has noticadino fetal mover st 24 hours, Her puise is\20/min, and blood pressures 90160 mm Hgl Her obstetrician is a woman whose practice is 2 hours away. The patient is dres nd explains that she is a conservative Musiim. She does not want to be: examined by/almala physician. However, the onlyiphysician aVailablelin the em fparimentisaman. Which ofthe following is the most appropriate action by the physician? ) ASK the patientifshe Would allow the examination ifher husband is present at all times ) Have a female nurse examine the patient and report her findings to the physician A © tartescor DStartaspr?SVC=R008195-fo4b-478c-9F91-382383520ded . is brought to the emergency department because of She is currently rece ler pulse is, ical exe 0 abnormalities. Laboratory studies show: serum —= 98 mm Hg \ drug from which of the following classes is the most likely cause of the findings in this patient? ) CCRS receptor antagonist ) HIV fusion inhibitor ) LIV protease inhibitor ) Integrase inhibitor ) Nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor © @ e ars Score Report Labvutues—_ Calolator Holp Pa ae) ry tartescor ) Helicobacter pylo associated gas lymphoma ) Hepatitis B virus-induced hepatocellular carcinoma ) Hormone induced endemetnal carcinoma | Utraviolet ightsinduced stan melanoma ¢ ra)