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A/c not cooling the cabin but air is coming out from duct.

 Check fuses, breaker & relays

 Check gas pressure with the help of manifold gauge
 Connect manifold gauge to low side (suction line) & high side
(discharge line) if gauge reading should show system pressure I e
120psi with machine (Engine) off condition. This is normal range
reading. Below 120psi show less gas or no gas in the system. Gas may
evacuate (leak).
 If reading shows 120psi than problem is laying in the electrical side
or mechanical side.

Electrical 01: Check harness, pressure switch, thermostat open &

compressor clutch coil.
Mechanical: If the above electrical are ok than proceed to manifold gauge
test, connect hoses to low /high side than start the engine make a/c switch
ON check the gauges reading. Note the reading the compare with normal
range chart.

Example 1 if gauge reading shows low side Pr below 20psi & high side
below Pr 200psi than system is under charge needs to charge gas. (Engine
ON condition)

Example 2 if reading shows low side 0psi or negative Pr & high side Pr
120psi this resultant shows system chock. Problem may occurs in
condenser, evaporator, pinch hoses & finally dryer. Most common problem
in dryers…
(Engine ON condition)

Example 3 if reading shows no movement in gauges even compressor

clutch is engaged & compressor running. This Resultant is compressor
pumping failed.

A/C low cooling the cabin (less child air coming from duct)
Directly go for manifold test. (Engine ON condition)

Connect manifold gauge to low/high side, compare the Pr reading with

normal range chart (working) & with 3 examples which given above.

Partial Cooling cabin/low cooling: High gas pressure in the system, clutch
slippery, pressure switch loss connection, dusty evaporator, a/c filter chock,
condenser dust chock or condenser fan motor, low insulation of cabin, loss
fan belt & high ambient temperature…

High Cooling: low temperature setting, thermostat short like internal &
external, low ambient temp & clutch damage…

A/C clutch not engaging: purely electrical problem go head with above
mention electrical references 01…

Normal Range chart (working chart):

Thumb rule: While compressor running low side (suction line) pressure
between 20 to 40psi, high side (discharge line) between 200psi to
350psi.Depents upon ambient temp.
Oil fill (add) capacity for parts replacement I e hoses 50ml,evaporator
90ml,condenser 70ml & dryer 30ml with out replacing compressor.

Visual inspection: Suction line & dryer out put line, should be water

Note: While replacing new compressor in existing machine remove 40% of

oil from new compressor or flash out the system (with N2O) before fitment.
Gas quantity is most important than pressure reading. In market 500Gms of
TIN (can) are available please go head with tin Gas only for purity…