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An area in your country has been selected to be part of a social experiment: the creation
of a new nation. You have been chosen to design it.

Answer the following questions to describe your plan.

Discuss the following questions:

Hello my name is Jonathan Valdez and I was chosen by the president of the
confederation of united countries to create the perfect nation

That is why I have decided to create a social experiment in which a part of this country
will be locked in a dome (yes just as happened in a chapter of the Simpsons). In that
dome will be located the new nation with new government policies.

For this, I have chosen the city of Cucuta. Our army has control of the city and with
advanced technology; we have already placed the dome over the city.

The video that you are watching is welcome to this new system. Listen carefully to the
instructions on how to live and behave so that you can have a healthy coexistence.

Which political system will the country have?

Communism is the political system that you will have as a new nation.

You will consider the following rules: Prizes will be given to those who accept sterilization
because it is necessary to control the growth of the population and have avoided
discomfort when living in their homes. Each pair of people must beget a child only when
marrying, people will have presented their "family plan", in which they commit themselves
to the State to have only one descendant, and in return, they will have obtained facilities
in the rent of a house or guarantees of schooling for their son. Men are forbidden to
marry before the age of 22 and women before age 20 because at this age they will not
have developed their thoughts and will not know exactly what they want for their lives.

Explain why that system and not any other.

I chose communism because it is a matter of balancing society, as it seemed to me that
this ideology worked for a long time in China and Russia. I recognize that China and
Russia are nowadays powerful because they had an excellent political base. The other
political ideologies seem absurd to me. Democracy in many countries has caused war.

What benefits will the country have for the elderly?

The benefits that the country will have for the elderly are as follows: They will be
respected by the whole community and will be seen as heroes of the country because
they gave all their knowledge and dedication to this new generation. A generation of
change, of respect, of peace.

What industries will your country try to develop?

It will develop the Mining and Crude Oil Industry, Production of Iron, Steel, Copper and
Aluminum, Paper and Cellulose Industry, Glass Manufacturing, Plastic Synthesis, Also
suitable people will be chosen in charge of agriculture and all the scientific part that will
be required for the advancement of our society.

Will you give an allowance for unemployed people?

There will be no subsidy for unemployed people. They will be placed in a temporary job
according to their abilities. This work will have no remuneration, but the state will be
responsible for food and social security while the unemployed get access to a new job.

What kind of immigration policy will there be?

Our nation will only accept immigrants whose intention is tourism and the purchase of our

What policies will you implement in regards to education and health?

Education will be free from 6 years to 13 years. After the age of 13, the student will have
presented an attitude test to give him a scholarship percentage to continue his studies.
Those who do not pass the exam will have been placed in a primary economy sector
where they will have taken advantage of their free time and will have acquired a
knowledge and learned that the more students study, the better job opportunities. The
Social Security will be free for workers. However, not for their families, they must pay half
the cost of medical care the government will only provide free medical services to the
unemployed who are in a state of extreme urgency.

What will have happened after three years of having implemented those policies?

After three years of having implemented my policies, the nation will have been a
prosperous nation, pioneer in a healthy coexistence system with zero theft rates. There
will have been total security in the nation because everything will have been balanced.
The crime rate will have drastically declined because the people without money will have
had access to high quality education.
In addition, will have reached the required levels of competence required in the labor
market, as they will be provided with the tools needed to use the time correctly free. We
will be a pollution free country and we will have more trees planted since we will have
people dedicated to the primary sector of agriculture