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School Buenavista NHS Grade Level 11

Media and
Teacher Learning Area Information
Daily Lesson Log Literacy (MIL)
Grades 1 to 12 Teaching Dates
March 26, 2019 Quarter 4 t h
and Time

The learner demonstrates understanding of different resources of media and

A. Content Standards
information, their design principle and elements, and selection criteria.
The learner produces a living museum or electronic portfolio or any other creative
B. Performance Standards forms of multimedia showcasing their / his/her understanding, insights, and
perceptions of the different resources of media and information.
The learners
C. Learning Competencies /
1. Describes the different dimensions of people media.
Objectives / LC Codes
a. People as Media and People in Media
b. Formats and Types
c. Dimensions of People Media
A. References
1. Teacher’s Guide pages Media and Information Literacy, pp. 9 – 13
• Pictures/Slides
2. Learner’s Materials pages • Power Point Presentations
• Meta Strips and manila paper
3. Textbook pages
- Multimedia resources
- internet
- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NFf_kMY3AHU
4. Additional Materials from
- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QxVZYiJKl1Y
Learning Resource (LR)
- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KG-hJjp8r58
- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eYXQ_HCDves
- http://uprisingmovements.com/blog/people-as-media--the-real-power-behind-social-
B. Other Learning Resources

A. Reviewing previous
lesson or presenting the How would you express your feelings towards someone you love or you like?
new lesson
The teacher will flash different TV, print, radio, and social media personalities through
a multimedia presentation.

TV Personalities:
1.) Noli de Castro
2.) Kris Aquino
3.) Karen Davila
4.) Piolo Pascual
5.) Taylor Swift
B. Establishing a purpose
for the lesson Radio Personalities:
1.) Papa Jack
2.) DJ Cha-cha
3.) Mark Logan

Social Media personalities/YouTubers/Vloggers:

1.) Mikey Bustos
2.) Say Artillero
3.) Lloyd Cadena
4.) Maine Mendoza
The teacher will then let the students watch these videos:

A.) a Ted Talk of Karylle Yuson, a famous TV personality.

C. Presenting B.) Karen da Vila interviewing a Leni Robredo
examples/instances of the C.) Ann Curtis being interview by Boy Abunda
new lesson
Given some guide questions, the students will choose a partner and answer the guide
questions after watching the video clips.

The teacher will ask the following questions to the students about the activity.
1.) What have you learned from the videos shown?
D. Discussing new concepts 2.) What are the sources of information you know?
and practicing new skills #1 3.) Where do you get sources of information?
4.) How important are people as sources of information?
5.) What are the positive and negative effects of media on an individual or society?
6.) How did you come up with your answers?
The class will do an activity entitled, “ Paint Me A Picture”. They will be divided into
five groups. Each of the group will choose a facilitator/leader.

The mechanics of the game is that each group will pick out a paper with a scenario
that they will do. Once they have received the paper, they will be given 3 minutes to
brainstorm on how to do it.

The scenarios are as follows:

1.) A leader or a president is giving a speech.
2.) A group of students are talking in the canteen.
E. Discussing new concepts 3.) A meeting of teachers
and practicing new skills #2 4.) A person is posting an information in the internet.
5.) A reporter is asking something from a witness.

After brainstorming, the group will present it to the class without any sound. Once
the teacher says freeze, the group who was presenting will pause. The teacher will
then ask the class what they have observed or presented. This will be done until the
last group is finished.
After such activity, there will a group assessment and discussion on what has been
shown by each group. The class will discuss and assess each scenarios that were
given. The students can give out their inputs.
F. Developing Mastery 1. SHS Teacher 6. Radio Commentator
(Leads to Formative
Assessment 3) 2. Independent Blogger 7. YouTubers
3. Print Journalist 8. News Reporter
4. Your Classmate 9. Facebook User
5. Movie Director 10. College Professor
The teacher will show some pictures with different scenarios about the effects of
G. Finding practical
media on the individual and society. In a dyad, the students will determine if they
applications of concepts and
skills in daily living are positive or negative.

H. Making generalization and

abstractions about the

I. Evaluating Learning

J. Additional Activities for

application or remediation

Objectives has
Attained: ____________
Not attained due to _________________________

A. No. of learners who earned

80% on the formative ___ of Learners who earned 80% above

B. No. of learners who require

___ of Learners who require additional activities for remediation
activities for remediation

C. Did the remedial lessons ___ Yes ___No

work? No. of learners who have
caught up with the lesson ___ of Learners who caught up the lesson

D. No. of learners who

___ of Learners who continue to require remediation
continue to require remediation

Techniques and Strategies used:

___ Repitition
___ Math Games
___ Manipulative Tools
___ Pair Work
___ Explicit Teaching
___ Group Collaboration
E. Which of my teaching ___ Peer Tutoring
strategies worked well? Why ___ Differentiated Instruction
did this work? ___ Discovery Method
___ Lecture Method

___ Complete Ims
___ Availability of Materials
___ Students’ eagerness to learn
___ Group member’s collaboration/cooperation in doing their tasks
___ Audio Visual Presentation of the Lesson

F. What difficulties did I ___ Bullying among students

encounter which my principal or ___ Students behavior/attitude
supervisor can help me solve? ___ Unavailable Technology Equipment (AVR/LCD/ Computer)
___ Computer/Internet Lab
Planned Innovations:
G. What innovation of ___ Contextualized/Localized and Indigenized IM’s
localized materials did I ___ Localized Videos
use/discover which I wish to ___ Making big books from views of the locality
share with other teachers? ___ Recycling of plastics to be used as Instructional Materials



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