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05/01/2019 Teaching for Success: Self Assessment Tool

Teaching for Success: Self Assessment Tool


You’ve finished and here are your results! The diagram below shows your stage of development across nine
professional practices. The arrows show progress and move from left to right. We hope this indicates which
aspects of teaching to focus on for future professional development. We have also recommended some
specific modules that cover areas you were less confident about. You’ll find these below the results.

For detailed information on what each of the stages mean, please refer to the British Council Continuing
Professional Development Framework.

We recommend you print the results for future reference. When you take the survey again you will be able
to compare results and see how you have progressed.


Planning lessons and


Managing the lesson

Assessing learning

Knowing the subject

Managing resources

Integrating ICT

Understanding your

Promoting 21st century


Using inclusive practices

Understanding lesson planning

https://teachingenglish.english.britishcouncil.org/Student/Course/ViewCourse.aspx?CourseID=351d0ba9-dc29-4de5-bb89-42e4eb53dd43&Progr… 1/3
05/01/2019 Teaching for Success: Self Assessment Tool

Understanding speaking - maximising

Planning lessons and courses interaction
Understanding songs rhymes and chants
for primary

Engaging with motivation in the

Managing the lesson classroom
Engaging with motivational activities

Engaging with assessment for learning

Understanding assessment for learning
Assessing learning Understanding assessment for learning
for primary

Understanding grammar for primary

Understanding vocabulary teaching
Understanding speaking - maximising
Knowing the subject interaction
Engaging with writing - preparing

Engaging with learning technologies -

game-based learning
Engaging with learning technologies -
using Office software for whole-class
Managing resources Integrating syllabus design and schemes
of work
Making and using flashcards for primary
Engaging with learning technologies -
evaluating and integrating websites

Engaging with learning technologies -

developing reading skills with digital
Engaging with learning technologies -
Integrating ICT online writing for learners and teachers
Engaging with learning technologies -
video conferencing
Engaging with learning technologies -
collaborative online writing

Understanding thinking skills

Understanding learning strategies
Understanding how primary children
Understanding early literacy for primary
Engaging with SEN - gifted and talented
Engaging with SEN - autism spectrum
https://teachingenglish.english.britishcouncil.org/Student/Course/ViewCourse.aspx?CourseID=351d0ba9-dc29-4de5-bb89-42e4eb53dd43&Progr… 2/3
05/01/2019 Teaching for Success: Self Assessment Tool

Engaging with SEN - attention deficit

hyperactivity disorder
Engaging with SEN - inclusive
assessment approaches
Understanding your learners
Engaging with SEN - dyslexia
Engaging with approaches to inclusive
Engaging with SEN - social, educational
and behaviour difficulties
Engaging with SEN - multicultural
Engaging with SEN - dyspraxia
Engaging with SEN - inclusion
Engaging with SEN - visual, hearing, and
physical impairment
Engaging with SEN - speech and

Understanding 21st century skills

Engaging with learning technologies -
Promoting 21st century skills cyber well-being
Engaging with learning technologies -
digital literacies

Using inclusive practices

https://teachingenglish.english.britishcouncil.org/Student/Course/ViewCourse.aspx?CourseID=351d0ba9-dc29-4de5-bb89-42e4eb53dd43&Progr… 3/3