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Together, We Can Make 21st Century Skill
Things Happen.
The term "21st-century skills" is generally used to
Through learning the 21 st century skills, we can refer to certain core competencies such as
spread the awareness for proper education. You are collaboration, digital literacy, critical thinking, and
always welcome to join us and be one of our problem-solving that advocates believe schools
volunteers and let’s work together. need to teach to help students thrive in today's

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9200 Iligan City, Philippines Seal of Excellence
For more inquiries, you may contact us at MINDANAO STATE UNIVERSITY – ILIGAN
+63 (063) 492 1173, or send us an email at INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY
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21st Century Skills

Themes of 21 st century skills

Global Awareness, Financial, Economic, Business and
Entrepreneurial Literacy, Civic Literacy, Health
Literacy, Environmental Literacy

Different 21 st Century Skills

Learning and Innovation Skills

 Creativity, Innovation, Critical Thinking,

Problem Solving, Communication, Spreading Awareness for
Collaboration 21st Century Skills.
Information, Media and Technology Skills Through educational books, we can spread the
awareness for 21st Century Skills. About millions
 Information Literacy, Media Literacy, ICT
of children in the world are still waiting for book
donations and assistance.
Life and Career Skills

 Initiative, Self-Direction, Social and Cross-

Cultural Skills

Essential 21 st Century Skills to Learn As Future Teachers Empower Your Thoughts

They not only provide a framework for successful learning in
Flexibility and Adaptability are very important skills Young generation has the power to change the way
the classroom, but ensure students can thrive in a world where
for it enables the person to adapt to varied roles they project about the world. Through education, it
change is constant and learning never stops. And they are also
and responsibilities. This also makes the person is a capability to understand about the importance
tremendously important for our nation’s well-being. Our
working effectively in a climate of ambiguity and of education for the next generation. This campaign
business community demands a workforce with these skills to
changing priorities can be last up to the future.
ensure our competitiveness in a global economy. And at a time
when our civic life feels strained, we want our learners to enter
the world with an understanding of what it takes to be a good
citizen—one who can be civically engaged, critically thinking,
digitally literate, globally aware, and an effective