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Subject : English

Date : 8 March 2010

Time : 10.30 am – 11.00 am

Class : 2 Bestari

No of students : 30 pupils

Student’s level : mix ability

Focused skill : Speaking

Integrated skills : Listening and reading

Curriculum specification:

1.6.1 Listen to and enjoy children’s songs and rhymes

2.1.4 Chant rhymes and sing songs pronouncing words clearly.

3.6.1 Read and recognize words in word chains and other word games

4.6.1 Spell seen words

General objective : Pupils should be able to read the words with /e/ and /o/ sound

Specific objective : By the end of the lesson pupils should be able to:

1. Listen to and enjoy the rhyme, rhythm and sound of poetry, jazz chants and songs.

2. Speak clearly by pronouncing words accurately

Educational Emphases

CCTS : Identifying

Grammar : sound system and currency used in other country

Vocabulary : Pence, red, hen, web, bed, pen

Teaching aids : LCD and laptop (powerpoint presentation), video

Moral values : cooperation

Previous knowledge : Pupils have learnt about simple words


Set induction Different terms 1. Teacher show the table of types of money of • To set the mood and
(± 5 minutes ) for money for different countries mentally prepare pupils
different country 2. Pupils recognize the Malaysian coin or money for the lesson
• Get pupils’ attention and
interest before starts the

Step 1: Powerpoint 1. Teacher get the pupils to sit in 4 groups • Powerpoint

Pre Presentation 2. Teacher introduces the /o/ sound to pupils by presentation
“let’s learn (Pronunciation of reading the word ‘pocket’ and ‘four’ from the rhyme. • Words
sounds” different words) 3. Teacher gives other examples which have /o/ Words with /o/ sound:
(±10min) sound and ask all the pupils to say it correctly. a) Bone
4. Teacher proceeds with next sound that is /e/ b) Mole
5. Teacher gets the pupils to read the sound. c) Nose
6. Teacher gives other examples which have /a/ d) Robe
sound. e) Box
7. Pupils are required to read all the words in groups
and see which group reads correctly and the best. Words with /a/ sound:
a) Pence
b) hen
c) red
d) peck
e) web

Step 2: Pronunciation 1. Pupils are arranged in a circle. Words:

While 2. The “Sing a Song of Six Pence” will be played • Dot
“Music while pupils pass the coin around. • Pot
Coin” 3. The song will be stopped for a while. • Frog
(±10 min) 4. The pupil who was holding the coin will have to
• Doll
read a word which has the /e/ or /o/ sound.
• Mop
• Sock
• Jet
• Wet
• Bed
• Set
*Teacher can probe the pupil to identify the sound to know • pet
their understanding.

Closure: Moral values 1. Teacher gets the pupils to sing the song again. • Whole class activity
(±5min) 2. Teacher asks what they have learnt today and
gives a few examples.
3. A worksheet will be given for the pupils to