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Astron Group

IDS 001

Subject Heat Affected Zone (HAZ)

Reference AWS - Welding Hand Book

Heat Affected Zone The portion of base metal that has not been melted during welding,
but whose mechanical properties or micro structure have been altered
by the heat of welding.

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3 3

Region 1 Near to weld interface. Region 2 Austenised, but temp. is too low for grain growth

The grains are coarsened. Less hardenability

Rapid austenite growth (near to melting point) Forms little martensite

Large grain size increases hardenability

Readily transform to Martensite on cooling Region 3 Partially Austenised.

Austenite grains are fine

Region 4 No austenitic transformation

Ferrite grains are tempered

Width of HAZ is directly proportional to Heat Input

Hardness of HAZ proportional to Carbon Content

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