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Term Definition

Ablation Removal of tissue to destroy its function

Abortion Unnatural expulsion from the uterus at 20 weeks or less

Abortus Product of abortion

Abruptio Placenta abruption is the premature detachment of the placenta

Acquired Infection with the HIV virus

Adnexa Parts accessory to an organ or structure

Adnexal Pertaining to accessory structures; for example, structures alongside the


Agonist Agent combines with receptors to initiate drug actions

Amenorrhea Absence or abnormal cessation of menstrual flow

Amniocentesis Removal of amniotic fluid for diagnostic purposes

Amnion Membrane around the fetus that contains amniotic fluid

Amniotic Pertaining to the amnion

Anastomosis (s) A surgically made union between two tubular structures

Anastomoses (pl)

Antevert Tilted forward

Antrum A closed cavity

Apnea Absence of spontaneous respiration

Apoptosis Programmed normal cell death

Areola Circular reddish area surrounding the nipple

Areolar (adj)

Autolysis Destruction of cells by enzymes within the cells

Blastocyst First two weeks of the developing embryo

Breech Buttocks-first first presentation of fetus at delivery

Candida A yeastlike fungus

Candidiasis Infection with the yeastlike fungus, Candida

Cervical Pertaining to the cervix (Note: This term also means pertaining to the
neck region.)

Cervix Lower part of the uterus

Cesarean Section Extraction of the fetus through an incision in the abdomen and uterine

Chancre Primary lesion of syphilis

Chancroid Infectious, painful, ulcerative STD not related to syphilis.

Chlamydia An STD caused by infection with Chlamydia, a type of bacteria

Chorion The fetal membrane that forms the placenta

Chorionic Pertaining to the chorion

Clitoris Erectile organ of the vulva

Coitus Sexual intercourse

Corpus Albicans An atrophied corpus luteum

Corpus Luteum Yellow structure at the site of a ruptured ovarian follicle

Colostrum The first breast secretion at the end of pregnancy

Colpopexy Surgical fixation of the vagina

Conception Fertilization of the egg by sperm to form a zygote

Condom A sheath or cover for the penis or vagina to prevent conception and

Conization Surgical excision of a cone-shaped piece of tissue

Contraception Prevention of pregnancy

Contraceptive An agent that prevents contraception

Crowning During childbirth, when the maximum diameter of the baby’s head
comes through the vulval ring
Curettage Scraping the interior of a cavity

Cystocele Hernia of the bladder into the vagina

Diaphragm A ring and dome-shaped material inserted in the vagina to prevent


Dilation Stretching or enlarging an opening

Dizygotic Twins from two separate zygotes

Dysfunctional Difficulty in performing

Dysmenorrhea Painful and difficult menstruation

Dyspareunia Pain during sexual intercourse

Dysplasia Abnormal tissue formation

Dysplastic (adj)

Eclampsia Convulsion in a patient with preeclampsia

Ectopic Out of place, not in a normal position

Effacement Thinning of the cervix in relation to labor

Embryo Developing organism form conception until the end of the second

Embryonic Pertaining to the embryo

Endometrial Pertaining to the inner lining of the uterus

Endometriosis Endometrial tissue outside the uterus

Endometrium Inner lining of the uterus

Episiotomy Surgical incision of the vulva

Estrogen Generic term for hormones that stimulate female secondary sex

Fallopian tubes Uterine tubes connected to the fundus of the uterus

Fertilization Union of a male sperm and a female egg

Fertilize Penetration of the oocyte by sperm

Fetal Pertaining to the fetus

Fetus Human organism from the end of the eight week after conception to

Fibroadenoma Benign tumor containing much fibrous tissue

Fibrocystic Disease Benign breat disease with multiple tiny lumps

Fibroid Uterine tumor resembling fibrous tissue

Fibromyoma Benign neoplasm derived from smooth muscle containing fibrous tissue

Fimbria A fringelike structure on the surface of a cell or a microorganism

Fimbriae (pl)

Follicle Spherical mass of cells containing a cavity or a small cul-de-sac, such as

a hair follicle

Follicular Pertaining to a follicle

Forceps Extraction Assisted delivery of the baby by an instrument that grasps the head of
the baby

Fornices (pl.)

Fornix Arch-shaped, blind-ended part of the vagina behind and around the

Fundus Part farthest from the opening of a hollow organ

Galactorrhea Abnormal flow of milk from the breasts

Gestation From conception to birth

Gonadotropin Hormone capable of promoting gonad function

Gonorrhea Specific contagious sexually transmitted infection

Granulosa Cell Cell lining the ovarian follicle

Gravida A pregnant woman

Gravidarum Relating to pregnant women

Gynecologist Specialist in gynecology

Gynecology Medical specialty of disease of the female

Gynecomastia Enlargement of the breast

Herpes Simplex Virus Manifests with painful, watery blisters on the skin and mucous

Human Immunodeficiency Etiologic agent of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome

Virus (HIV)

Human Papilloma Virus Causes warts on the skin and genitalia and can increase the risk for
cervical cancer

Hymen Thin membrane partly occluding the vaginal orifice

Hyperemesis Excessive vomiting

Hysterectomy Surgical removal of the uterus

Hysterosalapingogram Radiograph of uterus and uterine tubes after injection of contrast


Hysteroscopy Visual inspection of the uterine cavity using an endoscope

Implantation Attachment of a fertilized egg to the endometrium

Infertile (adj)

Infertility Failure to conceive

Infundibula (pl)

Infundibulum Funnel-shaped structure

Inseminate (verb)

Insemination Introduction of semen into the vagina

Intrauterine Inside the uterine cavity

In Vitro Fertilization Process of combining sperm and egg in a laboratory dish and placing the
resulting embryos inside the uterus

Involute (verb)

Involution Decreases in size

Isthmus Part connecting two larger parts; in this case, the uterus to uterine tube

Kernicterus Bilirubin staining of basal nuclei of the brain

Labia (pl)

Labium Fold of the vulva

Labor Process of expulsion of the fetus

Lactate (verb)

Lactation Production of milk

Lactiferous Pertaining to or yielding milk

Lanugo Fine, soft hair on the fatal body

Leiomyoma Benign neoplasm derived from smooth muscle

Ligation Using a tie to close a tube

Ligature Thread or wire tied around a tuba; structure to close it

Lipectomy Surgical removal of adipose tissue

Lochia Vaginal discharge following childbirth

Lumpec tomy Removal of a lesion with preservation of surrounding tissue

Luteal Pertaining to a corpus luteum

Lutein Yellow pigment

Luteum Corpus luteum is the yellow (lutein) body formed after an ovarian
follicle nuptures

Majora (pl)

Majus Bigger or greater; for example, labia majora

Mammary Relating to the lactating breast

Mastalgia Pain in the breast

Mastectomy Surgical excision of the breast

Mastitis Inflammation of the breast

Meconium The first bowel movement of the newborn

Menarche First menstrual period

Menopausal (adj)

Menopause Permanent ending of menstrual periods

Menorrhagia Excessive menstrual bleeding

Metrorrhagia Irregular uterine bleeding between menses

Menses Monthly uterine bleeding

Menstrual (adj)

Menstruate The act of menstruation

Menstruation Sign of menses

Minora (pl)

Minus Smaller or lesser; for example, labia minora

Molluscum Contagiosum STD caused by a virus

Monozygotic Twins from a single zygote

Mons Pubis Fleshy pad with pubic hair, overlying the pubic bone

Morula Ball of cells formed from divisions of a zygote

Multipara Woman who has given birth to two or more children

Myoma Benign tumor of muscle

Myomectomy Surgical removal of a myoma (fibroid)

Myometrium Muscle wall of the uterus

Neonatal (adj) Pertaining to the newborn infant

Neonate A newborn infant

Nipple Projection form the breast into which the lactiferous ducts open

Nuchal Cord Loops of umbilical cord around the fatal neck

Obstetrician Medical specialist in obstetrics

Obstetrics (OB) Medical specialty for the care of woman during pregnancy and the
postpartum period

Oligohydramnios Too little amniotic fluid

Opportunistic Infection An infection that causes disease when the immune system is
compromised for other reasons

Orifice Any opening or aperture

Os Opening into a canal; for example, the cervix

Ova (pl)

Ovarian (adj) Pertaining to the ovary

Ovary One of the paired female egg-producing glands

Ovulate (verb)

Ovulation Release of an oocyte from a follicle

Ovum Egg

Oxytocin Pituitary hormone that stimulates the uterus to contract

Palpate (verb) To examine with the fingers and hands

Palpation (noun)

Pap Test Examination of cells taken from the cervix

Para Abbreviation for number of deliveries

Paraurethral Situated around the urethra

Parity Number of deliveries

Perimetrium The covering of the uterus; part of the peritoneum

Perineal (adj) Pertaining to the perineum

Perineum Area between the thighs, extending from the coccyx to the pubis

Pessary Appliance inserted into the vagina to support the uterus

Placenta Organ that allows metabolic interchange between the mother and fetus
Placental (adj)

Polycystic Composed of many cysts

Polyhydramnios Too much amniotic fluid

Polymenorrhea More than normal frequency of menses

Postcoital After sexual intercourse

Postmature Infant born after 42 weeks of gestation

Postmaturity Condition of being postmature

Postpartum After childbirth

Postpubescent After the period of puberty

Preeclampsia Hypertension, ederna, and proteinuria during pregancy

Preemie (slang) Premature baby

Pregnancy State of being pregnant

Pregnant Having conceived

Premature Occurring before the expected time; for example, an infant born before
37 weeks of gestation

Prematurity Condition of being premature

Premenstrual Pertaining to the time immediately before the menses

Prenatal Before birth

Preterm Baby delivered before 37 weeks of gestation

Previa Anything blocking the fetus during its birth; for example, an abnormally
situated placenta, placenta previa

Primigravida First pregnancy

Primipara Woman giving birth for the first time

Progesterone Hormone that prepares uterus for pregnancy

Progestin A synthetic form of progesterone

Prolactin Pituitary hormone that stimulates production of milk

Prolapse An organ slip out of its normal position

Pubarche Development of pubic and axillary hair

Puberty Process of maturing from child to young adult

Pubic (adj)

Pubis Alternative name for the pubic bone

Puerperium Six-week period after birth in which the uterus involutes

Quadrant One-quarter of a circle

Quadrantectomy Surgical excision of a quadrant of the breast

Rectocele Hernia of the rectum into the vagina

Replication Reproduction to produce an exact copy

Retroversion Tipping backward of the uterus

Retrovert Tilted backward

Ruga A fold, ridge, or crease

Rugae (pl)

Salpingitis Inflammation of the uterine tube

Skene Glands Paraurethral glands in the anterior wall of the vagina

Spirochete Spiral-shaped bacterium causing a sexually transmitted disease (syphilis)

Stereotactic A precise three-dimensional method to locate a lesion

Surfactant A protein and fat compound that creates surface tension to hold lung
alveolar walls apart

Swab Wad of cotton used to remove or apply something from/to a surface

Syphilis Sexually transmitted disease caused by a spirochete

Tampon Plug or pack in a cavity to absorb or stop bleeding

Teratogen Agent that produces fetal deformities

Teratogenesis Process involved in producing fetal deformities

Thelarche Onset of breast development

Trichomonas A parasite with a flagellum

Trichomoniasis Infection with Trichomonas vaginalis

Trimester One-third of the length of a full-term pregnancy

Umbilical Pertaining to the umbilicus or the center of the abdomen

Umbilicus Pit in the abdomen where the umbilical cord entered the fetus

Uterine (adj)

Uterus Organ in which an egg develops into a fetus

Vagina Female genital canal

Vaginitis Inflammation of the vagina

Vaginosis A disease of the vagina

Verix Caseosa Cheesy substance covering skin of the fetus

Vertex Topmost point of the vault of the skull

Vestibular (adj)

Vestibule Space at the entrance to a canal

Vestibulectomy Surgical excision of the vulva

Vulva Female external genitalia

Vulvar (adj)

Vulvodynia Chronic vulvar pain

Vulvovaginal (adj) Pertaining to the vulva and vagina

Vulvovaginitis Inflammation of the vagina and vulva

Yolk Sac Source of blood cells and future sex cells for the fetus

Zygote Cell resulting from the union of the sperm and egg