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Global Filipino Dr. Ed Gamboa: In Defense of Filipino Expatriates — p. 2
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Advocacy Rudy Liporada: On Activist Awardee Joanna Carino — p. 11
May 31 - June 6, 2019

CA 91910

Duterte greenlights public auction of P700M worth of Imelda jewelry

Travel Advisory: Visiting the Destiny

Phone call
Philippines? Protect yourself
and your family against
measles (tigdas) IMELDA'S JEWELS. Former First
Harrison Bolter, Dr.Ceferina epidemic of measles (TIGDAS) Lady and now Ilocos Norte Representa-
Ruiz and Dr. Ofelia Dirige, going on, not only in the United tive Imelda inside the court at the Sandi-
San Duego County Health & States such as Los Angeles, ganbayan on November 16, 2018. Photo
by Darren Langit/Rappler
Human Service Agency California and other parts of the
country. There is also an epidemic
by Simeon G. Silverio, Jr.
Publisher & Editor The Presidential Commission
Are you planning to go to the of this disease in the Philippines. The San Diego Asian Journal on Good Government secures
Philippines for vacation or “balik- These are shocking statistics.
The Original and First Asian Journal in America Malacañang's approval to auc-
bayan” to visit your relatives, do According to the International
some business or participate in a Federation of Red Cross and tion off Imelda Marcos' Hawaii
medical mission to volunteer your Red Crescent Societies, from Collection
services or assist in whatever January 1 to 27 April 2019, there
capacity? You have to very care- have been 33,559 cases with 466 Pia Ranada, Rappler.com | MA-
ful nowadays because there is an ( Continued on page 4 ) NILA, Philippines – President
Rodrigo Duterte has given the
go signal for the government to
14 million votes for an Aquino auction off P704.8-million worth

in time of Duterte still a feat,

of jewelry of former first lady
Imelda Marcos.

says Senator Paolo Benigno

Presidential Spokesman Sal-
vador Panelo told reporters in
a brief interview in Tokyo on
Aquino IV honors the voters people who voted for an Aquino Chapter 2 of “Destiny, Part III – Dante and Apple” Thursday, May 30, that the Chief
and campaign volunteers 'who during the time of Duterte).
Executive made the decision on

took a risk' by supporting an That's something," Aquino said
Wednesday night.
opposition candidate like him in a Rappler Talk interview on t was past midnight when the wedding party in front of Mimi’s house ended. "Sabi ni Presidente kagabi na
Wednesday, May 22. Before leaving, the guests from the neighborhood took it upon themselves to gusto niya na makinabang ang
Camille Elemia, Rappler.com | He said in Filipino that these clean the mess. The chairs and tables on the street were removed and placed taumbayan doon sa mga jewelries
MANILA, 5/22/2019 – Despite voters represent "people who took
losing his reelection bid, op- a risk in voting for me."
on the vacant lot besides Mimi’s house. All the garbage and debris left on the street so tinanong ko siya, 'Are you go-
position Senator Paolo Benigno Aquino added: "I have to honor were put in the trash cans. When they were done cleaning , it looked like nothing ing to give your go signal to sell?'
had happened as everything returned to normal. The newlyweds, together with 'Yes,'" said Panelo.
Aquino IV considered the 14 that, I have to thank the cam-
Mimi’s family and several guests, gathered in Don Miguel’s living room for the (The President said last night
million votes he got in the 2019 paigners, those who worked here,
that he wants citizens to benefit
elections as an achievement. who voted for me. Kasi ginawa opening of the gifts. Freddie, Mimi’s nephew from her deceased brother Peter, from the jewelry. So I asked him,
“May 14 million na taong bu- nila 'yung alternatibo, iba nang listed the gifts so that appropriate thank you cards could be sent. It was dawn when 'Are you going to give the go
moto sa isang Aquino sa panahon ( Continued on page 6 )
( Continued on page 14 ) signal to sell?' 'Yes.')
ng Duterte (There are 14 million
Asked when Duterte will issue

Amazon asks court to press Bishops urge public outcry vs May 13 polls,
an order on the matter, Panelo
said, "It depends on him but he

Filipino to pay $26K for ‘click demand drastic reforms

agrees with it."
In September 2018, the Presi-
farming’ Carla Gomez, Inquirer.net | BA-
COLOD CITY, 5/22/2019 — San
for an impartial investigation on
the questionable conduct of the
Tampering of results
dential Commission on Good
Government asked the Office of
INQUIRER.net | SEATTLE– service for financial gain and to the President to approve its plan
Carlos Bishop Gerardo Alminaza elections or the country would not The three bishops cited over- to sell one of 3 jewelry collec-
Amazon Digital Services asked the detriment of KDP authors,”
called on the public to express be able to find closure with the whelming accusations of tam- tions owned by graft convict
the U.S. District Court of the violating the Kindle Store and
their outcry against the recently questions on integrity and cred- pering in the 2019 elections and Marcos, currently Ilocos Norte
Western District of Washington Amazon terms of use, Amazon’s
held elections and demand drastic ibility of the election results. manipulation of results. 2dn District representative.
to confirm an arbitration award petition to the court states. Rubio
reforms to ensure the conduct of “No amount of name-calling The bishops said to this day
against Nilmer Rubio, a Filipino allegedly proposed to authors that
fair polls in the future. and threats from the part of those Comelec has yet to respond The so-called Hawaii Collection
man who the company alleges he could artificially inflate their
The bishop issued the call fol- silencing protests can repress the satisfactorily to the different ir- is estimated to be worth P704.8
abused the Kindle platform to page reads in return for a share
lowing the proclamation of the call for transparency,” they said regularities. million.
increase reviews and royalties on of their additional profits — as
new senators on Wednesday. in a joint statement. For one, they said, 961 of 85,000 Back in August 2017, Duterte
a number of ebooks. a kickback,” according to Legal
Alminaza, along with Auxil- They also called on the people Vote Counting Machines (VCMs) had said an emissary of the
In 2017, Amazon filed claims Newsline.
Amazon Digital sued Nilmer Rubio iary Bishop of Manila Broderick to document and report cases and reportedly experienced “issues” Marcos family had reached out
against Rubio accusing him of
for gaming the Kindle platform for Pabillo and Novaliches Bishop experiences of election-related in the early afternoon of May 21,
trying to “manipulate and abuse
( Continued on page 7 ) Antonio Tobias, recently called anomalies, stressing the need for ( Continued on page 6 ) ( Continued on page 6 )
the Kindle Direct Publishing
the truth to prevail.

圀䔀 氀攀渀搀 礀漀甀 䴀伀刀䔀℀

㔀 瀀洀
Page 2 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com May 31 - June 6, 2019

In defense of Filipino expatriates

E. Gamboa

hen Filipino ex-
patriates express
shock and dismay
at the state of affairs in the
Philippines, they are often
dismissed. When they point
to the insanity of President
Duterte’s barbaric drug war,
the unjustified summary
executions of thousands
and the consequent plight
of over 100,000 widows
and orphans, their voices
are drowned in ad hominem
arguments, to wit:
A demonstration in New York against China’s incursions in the West Philippine
Don’t interfere with our politics. Sea/South China Sea: Filipino expatriates are often criticized for expressing their
views about Philippine issues. INQUIRER FILE
You are out of touch with the
reality of what’s going on in the
Philippines. professionals, skilled workers, ates.
16 million voters elected a Presi- or artists taking positions out-
side their home country, either 1) State-sanctioned killings are a
dent who knows what’s best for moral, not a political matter. The ob-
the country. independently or sent abroad by
jection against EJKs is ethical, rather
Mind your own business. Keep their employers . . .the term ‘ex- than political. No one questions the
your mouth shut. patriate’ is also used for retirees need to solve the drug problem nor
By your absence from the coun- and others who have chosen to the government’s aim to protect its
try, you have forfeited the right to live outside their native country. citizens and ensure peace, order, and
express your views. Historically, it has also referred to security. The objection against EJK
Instead of criticizing our govern- exiles.” is that the methods (e.g., Opera-
tion Tokhang) used by the Duterte
ment, come home instead and administration violate basic human
help improve the country. Expatriates include immigrants,
migrant workers and refugees who rights guaranteed by article 3 of
You keep complaining as if you seek better and safer havens abroad, the 1987 Philippine Constitution.
have a better solution. as well as missionaries who volun- These are the same rights guaranteed
Who are these Filipino expats tarily serve in other countries. In by international tenets such as the
who should be barred from Phil- 2013, the United Nations estimated Universal Declaration of Human
ippine politics? that 3.2 per cent of people lived Rights ratified by the United Nations
outside their native country. In the General Assembly on December 10,
Philippines, around 10 million out of 1948.
Wikipedia defines expatriate (or
expat) — the word comes from a total of 105 million or about 10%
of Filipinos live and work abroad. 2) The Neanderthal charge that
the Latin ex and patria (“out of expats are ignorant and clueless as
the fatherland”) — as “a per- Should 10 million Filipinos keep to what goes on in the Philippines is
son temporarily or permanently their lips zipped about the wrong antiquated. These arguments do not
residing in a country other than turn their native land has taken? hold water in the age of Facebook,

619 931-0170
their native country. In common Instagram, Twitter, 24-hour news
usage, the term often refers to Let’s review the case for expatri- ( Continued on page 7 )

Tasty Food : Definitely the best Korean

BBQ place I’ve been to in San Diego.
Hottest Place: Great Korean BBQ
Lunch: $15.99 restaurant/ bar in the Westfield Mission Valley Mall. There are a
variety of seating arrangements to choose from; tables, outdoor
Weekend Lunch: $22.99 patio and bar seating options.
Full Dinner: $26.99 Fabulous Mood :This Korean BBQ restaurant is located in an area
Thursday-Friday, buy 3 get 1 where you would least expect it–inside the Westfield Mission Val-
free. ley Mall next to Buffalo Wild Wings.
Beautiful Interior : Time to eat ….. if you want to experience some-
Free jumbo shrimp thing good and Great food come to 365 F. The ambience it’s amaz-
Hours: (Valid March 31, dinner only) ing and it’s a great place to enjoy a new korean experience.
Lunch:- The Best Korean Restaurant in San Diego356 BBQ & We are a
11:45 am - 2:45 pm unique and sumptuous dining experience nestled in the heart of
1640 Camino Del Rio N., downtown San Diego. At 356 BBQ and Bar you’ll be in for a treat
Sun-Thur Ste. 206, when you taste our famous Korean BBQ made with prime meat cuts. 356 BBQ & BAR is a Ko-
(5:45 pm - 9 pm San Diego, CA 92108 rean barbecue restaurant that serves a range of food and beverage items. The restaurants menu
includes Angus prime steaks, beef , chicken, pork, shrimp and noodle soup.
Fri-Sat (619) 295-9774
(5:45 pm - 9:30 pm 1640 Camino Del Rio N., FSU12, SD CA 92108, Tel. 1-619.260.0356 - 356bbq,com
May 31 - June 6, 2019 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com Page 3

California Communities
Covered California announces Grants to Community-Based Organizations across
California in preparation for 2020 and beyond
“We are partnering with expe- flect California’s diversity and the financial help and quality cover- “Health coverage is something expand Covered California’s reach
rienced and trusted agencies, will target populations that age that is available through Covered that needs to be sold, particularly to throughout the state,” said Terri Con-
which represent the diversity of are hard to reach, uninsured California,” said Covered California young and healthy individuals who vey, director of Covered California’s
Executive Director Peter V. Lee. are not familiar with insurance,” Individual and Small Business Out-
our state, to make sure every and eligible for financial help “Our plans for marketing and our Lee said. “Getting confidential and reach and Sales Division. “For many
person knows about the finan- through Covered California. continued commitment to support- local one-on-one help from trusted people, there is nothing better than
cial help and quality cover- Approximately 89 percent ing these local organizations, as well sources is particularly important for being able to sit down with someone
age that is available through of Californians live within a as the over 10,000 local insurance the communities we target with these in your community who can explain
Covered California.” 15-minute drive of these com- agents, are particularly important as Navigator grants: Latino, African- your options and help you make the
munity-based organizations. we look ahead to the enrollment year American, Asian and Pacific-Islander best choice.”
“Getting confidential and for 2020 and beyond when California and LGBTQ.”
SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Cov- will likely be charting a new path to A list of Navigator organizations
local one-on-one help from expand coverage for many Califor- The 105 organizations will have and the amounts Covered California
trusted sources is particularly ered California announced Friday nians.” a total of 556 enrollment locations intends to award is available online
important for the communities that it intends to partner with across California, meaning that 89 at https://hbex.coveredca.com/navi-
we target with these Navigator 105 community-based organiza- The organizations will receive percent of people in the state will gator-program/PDFs/2019-20-Fund-
grants: Latino, African-Ameri- tions to educate consumers about annual grants through Covered live within a 15-minute drive of a ing-Allocations-(May-2019).pdf.
can, Asian and Pacific-Islander their health care options, offer California’s Navigator program. Navigator.
in-person enrollment and renewal The investment is part of Covered The Navigator program and Cov- to reduce premium costs. Consum-
and LGBTQ.” California’s proposed $111 million In addition to Covered California’s ered California’s marketing efforts ers can then compare health insur-
assistance and provide ongoing
marketing, outreach and sales budget Navigator program, the agency are funded by revenue generated ance plans and choose the plan that
“For many people, there support on how to get the best for next year. Covered California’s also works with more than 15,000 by Covered California. Navigators works best for their health needs and
is nothing better than being value from their health plan. aggressive outreach campaign helped Certified Insurance Agents and other receive no state or federal support. budget. Depending on their income,
able to sit down with someone The Navigator grants announced it achieve one of the best take-up representatives throughout the state. Organizations were selected through some consumers may qualify for
in your community who can are part of Covered California’s rates in the country, which in turn Enrolling in person is important to a competitive grant application the low-cost or no-cost Medi-Cal
explain your options and help ongoing commitment to support meant that enrollees in California many people, as seen during the last process. program.
robust marketing and outreach, were about 20 percent healthier on open-enrollment period when nearly
you make the best choice.” average than the enrollment of the 70 percent of people signed up for About Covered California Covered California is an indepen-
including working with trusted or-
ganizations throughout the state to 38 states that rely on the federal coverage with the assistance of a dent part of the state government
Community-based organiza- government to promote enrollment. Certified Insurance Agent, Certified Covered California is the state’s whose job is to make the health
tions and clinics will receive help hard-to-reach people under- The healthier population enrolling Enrollment Counselors, Plan-Based health insurance marketplace, insurance marketplace work for Cali-
a total of $6.3 million in grant stand this new era of health care. means that premiums in California Enroller, county eligibility worker where Californians can find afford- fornia’s consumers. It is overseen
funding to help people enroll in “We are partnering with experi- are 20 percent lower than they would or Covered California service center able, high-quality insurance from by a five-member board appointed
quality health care coverage. enced and trusted agencies, which have been if the states enrollment representative. top insurance companies. Covered by the governor and the Legislature.
looked more like much of the rest of California is the only place where For more information about Cov-
represent the diversity of our state, to the nation. “Working with these organiza- individuals who qualify can get ered California, please visit www.
The 105 organizations re- make sure every person knows about tions is a tremendous opportunity to financial assistance on a sliding scale CoveredCA.com.

County Responds to Flu Outbreak at Migrant Shelter

New Migrants Screened at County Shelter 102 Number of New Migrants Sent to Hospital ER, with Influenza-like Illness New Cases of Influenza-like Illness 2
New Cases of Influenza-like Illness 12 0 Total Cases of Influenza-like Illness Since May 19, 2019 31
Total Cases of Influenza-like Illness Since May 19, 2019 47 Current Number Currently Quarantined at Hotels 14 (5 families) Number of New Migrants Sent to Hospital ER, with Influenza-like Illness
Number of New Migrants Sent to Hospital ER, with Influenza-like Illness May 26, 2019-Update 1
0 Current Number Currently Quarantined at Hotels 27 (13 families)
Current Number Currently Quarantined at Hotels 15 (14 families) New Migrants Screened at County Shelter 31 May 24, 2019 Update
May 27, 2019-Update New Cases of Influenza-like Illness 1
New Migrants Screened at County Shelter 65 Total Cases of Influenza-like Illness Since May 19, 2019 32 New Migrants Screened at County Shelter 47
New Cases of Influenza-like Illness 3 Number of New Migrants Sent to Hospital ER, with Influenza-like Illness New Cases of Influenza-like Illness 13
Total Cases of Influenza-like Illness Since May 19, 2019 35 0 Total Cases of Influenza-like Illness Since May 19, 2019 29
Current Number Currently Quarantined at Hotels 24 (10 families) Number of New Migrants Sent to Hospital ER, with Influenza-like Illness
May 25, 2019 Update 0
ASIAN JOURNAL Current Number Currently Quarantined at Hotels 24 (12 families)
The original and first Asian Journal in America, New Migrants Screened at County Shelter 34 May 23, 2019 Update
it is the leading Filipino American newspaper San Diego County Public Health An outbreak in a single setting is occur in other group homes/congre- ter operators will continue screenings
in San Diego, California officials are responding to an defined as at least one individual gate living facilities, such as deten- and the isolation and treatment of
influenza outbreak among asylum diagnosed with influenza and another tion facilities or overnight camps. anyone who is symptomatic. It can
coming down with a flu-like illness San Diego County has experienced take up to four days after exposure
Simeon G. Silverio, Jr. seekers recently flown to San
within 72 hours. Outbreaks are usu- 27 outbreaks this flu season. for flu signs to appear. The County
Publisher & Editor Diego from Texas by the U.S. ally seen in skilled nursing or other As asylum seekers continue to ar- will provide updates on this outbreak
Department of Homeland Secu- long-term care facilities, but also can rive from Texas and California, shel- until it concludes.
Genevieve Tagudin Silverio rity Immigration and Customs
Associate Publisher & Managing Editor
“We have identified individu-
Miles Beauchamp, Ph.D. als with flu symptoms and are
Associate Editor providing appropriate treatment,”
said Dr. Dean Sidelinger, M.D.,
Writers: Zena Sultana-Babao; Ofelia Dirige, Ph.D.; Dinggol M.P.H., County deputy public
Araneta Divinagracia; Virginia Ferrer; Msgr. Fernando G. Guti- health officer, adding that 16 asy-
errez; Rudy Liporada; Marjon L. Saulon; and Marjorie Villareal lum seekers have been reported
with influenza-like illness.
Tran. Contributors: Ernie Delfin; Dr. Ed Gamboa; Atty. Rogelio
Karagdag; and Bill Labestre, MBA. “Those who are ill are being
isolated, along with members
In Pursuit of Excellence: of their families. Our staff, in
Eugenio “Ego” Osin, 1946-1994 conjunction with those of Jewish
Joe Cabrera, 1924 - 1996 Family Services and others, are
Soledad Bautista, 1917 - 2009 following established procedures
to ensure these individuals and
Dr. Rizalino “Riz” Oades, 1935 - 2009 their families are well before they
leave San Diego for other destina-
The Asian Journal is a legally adjudicated newspaper tions,” Sidelinger said
of General Circulation in the State of California. It is au-
thorized to print official legal notices of all types including Asylum seekers, primarily fami-
Liens, Fictitious Names, Change of Name, Abandonment, lies, began arriving in San Diego
Estate Sales, Auctions, Public Offerings, Court Ordered County in October 2018 and from
publishing, etc. Texas on May 19. To date, more VA
The Asian Journal is also available in digital form.
than 14,000 individuals who are Vendo
legally in the country have been r
Visit our website at www.asianjournalusa.com screened.
A multi-award winning newspaper, the Asian Journal
is published weekly every Friday and distributed all over “We are taking all the appropri-
San Diego County. Advertising deadline is every Wednes- ate steps that we can to contain this
outbreak at this facility and to protect
day at 5 p.m. prior to the publication date. For advertising the public’s health in San Diego,”
and subscription information, call (619) 474-0588 or send said County Board of Supervisors
an email message to asianjournal@aol.com. The Asian Chairwoman Dianne Jacob.
Journal is not responsible for unsolicited manuscripts and
In January, the County Board of Su-
phtographs but welcomes submissions. Entire content is pervisors authorized using a closed
copyrighted material by Asian Journal. Materials in this downtown courthouse as a tempo-
publication may not be reproduced without specific per- rary shelter. It was refurbished and
mission from the Asian Journal publisher. opened in March.

Office address:
“Our early efforts to create a safe
and professionally-staffed shelter for Office Hours
550 East 8th Street, Suite 6
National City, CA 91950
legal migrant families has protected
the greater San Diego region,” said Tues to Thu: 9-1 & 2-6
Tel. (619) 474-0588
Email: asianjournal@aol.com
County Supervisor Nathan Fletcher.
“Our rigorous screening process and Sat 9-3
attentive medical staff is what has
Website: www.asianjournalusa.com allowed us to quickly identify this
issue and take steps to address it.” Emergency Visits Welcome
Page 4 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com May 31 - June 6, 2019

Health & Wellness

Light, physical activity reduces Training for first-time marathon Sweet potatoes have twice the
brain aging 'reverses' aging of blood vessels fiber, twice the calcium, and
—Science Daily —Science Daily and those with longer marathon
finish times had greater reductions 1300 times more Vitamin A
Incremental physical activity,
even at light intensity, is asso-
Training for and completing a
first-time marathon "reverses"
in aortic stiffness after training.
Reductions in aortic stiffness were than white potatoes
independent of changes in blood
ciated with larger brain volume ageing of major blood ves- pressure.
and healthy brain aging. sels, according to research
presented today at EuroCMR Dr Bhuva said: "You don't have to
Considerable evidence suggests 2019, a scientific congress of be an elite athlete to gain the benefits
that engaging in regular physical the European Society of Cardi- from marathon running, in fact the
activity may prevent cognitive ology (ESC). The study found benefits appeared greatest in those
decline and dementia. Active indi- who were older and slower. By com-
that older and slower runners pleting training, and getting to the
viduals have lower metabolic and benefit the most. finish line, it is possible to rejuvenate
vascular risk factors and these risk uncover the relationship between
the cardiovascular system of first-
factors may explain their propen- physical activity and brain health." Study author Dr Anish Bhuva, a time marathon runners."
sity for healthy brain aging. How- Spartano emphasizes the need to British Heart Foundation Fellow
explore the impact of physical
ever, the specific activity levels inactivity on brain aging in different at University College London, Fitness improved and heart rate by Ivana Saragjinova, OldNatural- vegetable regulates the heartbeat, but
optimal for dementia prevention UK, said: "Novice runners who dropped after training -- both to a Cures.com also the nervous system. In addition,
race, ethnic, and socio-economic
have remained unclear. trained for six months and com- modest extent. "The minimal impact potassium helps with kidney disease,
groups. She is leading a team effort
to investigate these patterns at mul- pleted their first marathon had a on these conventional markers of Indian or sweet potatoes are not muscle mass relaxation, and reduced
The new 2018 Physical Activity- health suggests that study partici- too much at our table, but these swelling.
tiple sites all over the country. "We four-year reduction in arterial age pants trained within their personal few reasons will show you why
Guidelines for Americans sug- couldn't do this research without and a 4 mmHg drop in systolic limits," said Dr Bhuva. "Aortic
the commitment of the Framingham you should enter it in your diet A huge amount of beta-carotene
gest that some physical activity blood pressure. This is compa- stiffness and blood pressure changed
is better than none, but achieving Heart Study participants who have
rable to the effect of medication, more than fitness and heart rate." menu.
given so much to the medical com- The sweet potato is orange, and it
greater than 150 minutes of mod- and if maintained translates to This potato is massively grown is therefore clear that it contains an
munity over the years. Our research in America, Africa, Asia.
erate-to-vigorous (MV) physical also hinges on the multi-disciplinary approximately 10% lower risk of Dr Bhuva noted that participants amount of beta-carotene. In this way,
activity per week is recommended stroke over a lifetime." had been running for less than two this vegetable helps maintain vision,
team of investigators at Boston You will not make a mistake at
for substantial health benefits. hours a week before marathon strengthens immunity and contains
University and external collabora-
tors." She also acknowledges the A hallmark of normal ageing is training and their finish times were all if you replace the ordinary po- a strong antioxidant that does not
Using data from the Framingham stiffening of the blood vessels, which slower than average, which was tato with the sweet, and this will protect against cancerous diseases.
importance of funding for research
increases the risk of stroke and heart expected as it was their first race. be proved by these reasons:
Heart Study, researchers found in this area and is grateful for sup-
"The study shows that the health Controlling blood sugar
that for each additional hour spent port from the National Institute on disease even in healthy people.
Compared to their peers, lifelong gains of lifelong exercise start to ap- Source of vitamins
in light-intensity physical activity Aging, American Heart Association,
athletes have biologically younger pear after a relatively brief training Although they contain carbohy-
was equivalent to approximately and Alzheimer's Association.
blood vessels. This study investigat- programme," he said. "Training for Sweet potato is a source of vitamins drates, mild potatoes help regulate
1.1 years less brain aging. These finding appear online in ed whether training for a marathon a marathon can be a good motivator and it contains vitamin B6, a large blood glucose levels. They are rich
could modify aortic stiffness even in to keep active. Many people enjoy it amount of vitamin C and vitamin in fiber, which means they slow
JAMA Network Open.
According to the researchers, these novice runners. and continue running, which should D. With its regular consumption down the release of blood glucose
results suggest that the threshold of increase the likelihood of sustaining you prevent colds and viruses, and and help regulate sugars.
Funding for this study was pro-
the favorable association for physi- The study included 139 healthy the benefits." your organism more quickly cures The sweet potato is quite useful
vided by the following research
cal activity with brain aging may be grants: NHLBI-N01-HC25195, first-time marathon runners aged diseases. In addition, sweet potato in culinary and can be prepared in
at a lower, more achievable level of 21-69 years who were advised to Professor Sanjay Sharma, medical reduces stress and protects the body different ways. Bake it in the oven,
HHSN268201500001I; R01-
intensity or volume. follow a first-time finisher training director of the London Marathon and from toxins that may be associated grill, make mashed, you can use it
AG054076; R01-AG049607;
programme and ran an estimated an author of the study, said: "The with the onset of cancer. in soups or stews or add it to your
R01-AG047645; R01-HL131029;
"Every additional hour of light 6-13 miles (10-20 km) a week for benefits of exercise on the heart and morning shake.
R01-NS017950; American Heart As-
intensity physical activity was as- six months ahead of completing the circulation are well established, and Rich in magnesium and potas-
sociation (15GPSGC24800006 and
sociated with higher brain volumes, 2016 or 2017 London Marathon.2,3 are associated with lower cardiovas- sium Rich in vitamin A
16MCPRP30310001). Dr. Vasan
even among individuals not meeting Before they started training and cular disease and mortality. Recent
is supported in part by the Evans
current Physical Activity-Guidelines. two weeks after completing the studies have shown that exercise One of the strongest antistress About 250 thousand people die of
Medical foundation and the Jay and
These data are consistent with the marathon, participants had magnetic may retard ageing of the cardio- minerals is exactly the magnesium, serious diseases a year due to lack of
Louis Coffman Endowment, Depart-
notion that potential benefits of resonance imaging (MRI) and ultra- vascular system. Our study shows which you can find in the sweet po- vitamin A.
ment of Medicine, BUSM.
physical activity on brain aging sound scans of the heart and blood that a first-time marathon makes tato. This mineral is indispensable to Twice more, say the World Health
may accrue at a lower, more achiev- vessels, a fitness test, and measure- the cardiovascular system 'younger' our body for healthy arteries, bones, Organization, are losing sight.
Story Source:
able level of intensity or volume," ments of blood pressure and heart therefore participants will reap these heart, muscles and nerves. “One potato provides enough vita-
explained Nicole Spartano, PhD, rate. Biological age of the aorta was benefits whilst running for a good The potassium contained in this min A daily,” Lowe said.
Materials provided by Boston Uni-
research assistant professor of medi- calculated at both time points. cause."
versity School of Medicine. Note:
cine at Boston University School of Content may be edited for style and After completing the marathon,
Medicine (BUSM). aortic stiffness had reduced and the Materials provided by European
Society of Cardiology. Note: Content
"We have really only just begun to
aorta was four years younger than
before training. Older participants may be edited for style and length. Work for the San Diego’s
Top Home Care Agency!

Travel Advisory the vaccines required during travel

such as Kaiser Hospital. Make sure
everyone in your family has had
coming back from vacation. One
should let the doctor know where
they travelled.
about/) Now Hiring
( Continued from page 1 )
two doses of the MMR (measles, California Department of Public Exerienced Caregivers
deaths recorded by Philippines mumps, rubella) vaccine. Also C. FOR MORE INFORMATION Health Measles web page
Department of Health (DOH). remind visitors coming from the (https://www.cdph.ca.gov/Pro- for Live-In & Hourly Shifts
Most of the cases are from Metro Philippines to make sure they For more information about grams/CID/DCDC/Pages/Immuniza-
Manila, Central Luzon, Calabar- have had two doses of MMR before measles and how to protect your- tion/measles.aspx) Top Pay • Flexible Hours • Great Benefits
traveling. self, your family, friends and those
zon, Western Visayas, and Central around you, please see the following Dr. Ceferina Ruiz (MD)- San Diego
Visayas. Other regions also have • Persons who have never online resources: Majestic Lions Club. Email: cmprmd Requirements
increasing numbers of measles been vaccinated may contact their County of San Diego Health and @aol.com • 3 professional references
cases and are at risk for outbreaks doctors and arrange for two doses Human Services Agency Measles
if the epidemic is not contained. of the MMR vaccine. The two doses web page Dr. Ofelia Dirige (DrPH)- Kalu- • Proof of eligibility to work in the US
For the same period last year, should be given at least 28 days (https://www.sandiegocounty.gov/ sugan Kalakasan Ctr for Health &
there were 7,618 cases and 65 apart. content/sdc/hhsa/programs/phs/com- Wellness (619) 254-4702); odi- Call for an appointment
deaths. In the whole of 2018, munity_epidemiology/dc/Measles. rige@msn.com
• Children are recommended html) Monday - Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
there were 21,812 measles cases to receive their first dose of MMR at Thank you for helping to protect
reported with 199 deaths. 12-15 months of age. Centers for Disease Control and
Prevention About Measles web page
the health of your family, friends,
and the San Diego community!
La Jolla Apply Online!
Measles is highly contagious.
When ill persons sneeze or cough,
• If you are traveling with a 858-842-1346 HCAmatch.com
child under the age of 12 months,
the measles virus can stay in the check with your doctor about getting
environment for up to two hours one dose of MMR for children aged
and cause new infections in unvac- 6–11 months.
cinated persons. Complications
from measles are more common • Take the opportunity to talk
in children younger than 5 years to your doctor about other vaccines
old and adults 20 years and older. you or your family might need, like
Complications can include diarrhea, Tdap (whooping cough booster)
ear infection and pneumonia. Death and Varicella (chickenpox). Differ-
can occur from severe complications ent places in the Philippines require
and the risk is higher among younger different vaccines. For example, in
children and adults. Luzon, one is usually required to
have a typhoid fever vaccine and
We are asking for your help in Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B. Most
getting this message about measles Filipinos are immune from Hepatitis
and the risk of travel to and from the A but not Hepatitis B so they need
Philippines out to a wide audience. to be vaccinated with hepatitis B. In
Please share this information with some places, malaria pills/vaccine
your colleagues, families, friends are given to those traveling in Pala-
and others in your personal and wan and Mindanao. Usually pills are
professional networks. also given to prevent diarrhea that is
very common.
How can travelers protect them-
selves? • Keep copies of vaccination
records for all family members.
A. Before traveling
B. After Traveling
1. By getting measles vaccine.
Let your doctor know that you will After traveling call your doctor
be travelling and where. In some if there is there is anyone who has
hospitals there is a Travel Advisory fever and soreness (pamamantal)
that can give you instructions on within the three-week period after
May 31 - June 6, 2019 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com Page 5

H-1B Visa 15 Filipino slang words to help you speak
approvals like a local
declining, by Ronica Valdeavilla, TheCulture- to something negative – gigil sa galit time. You’ll commonly hear this at

despite critics’
Trip.com wherein the person feels extreme informal Filipino parties and gather-
anger towards another person or ings. When the guests have arrived

When visiting the Philippines, situation. and the food is ready, expect to hear
it’s important to learn a little bit the host say “chibugan na” (eating
of Filipino language to make the Susmariosep (soos-mar-yo-sep) time)!
by Nick Kolakowski Dice.com most of your experience. How-
ever, to really impress locals, you Susmariosep is a combination of Jowa (jo-wah) / boyfriend or
the shortened names of the Holy girlfriend
Obedience to the Lord
Critics of the H-1B program need to max out your vocabulary
have complained that the Trump Trinity – Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.
with the country’s popular slang It’s an abrupt reaction you’ll most Jowa is a Filipino slang word used
administration’s attempts at words! likely hear from Filipino adults when referring to a friend’s signifi-
reform have been minor and inef- who’ve just learned some big or cant other. A closely related slang
By Zena Sultana Babao of years before Joshua was born, was fective. But is that actually true? The Philippines has a rich vo- word is syota (sho-tah) which has a
shocking news. For example, your
one of the oldest cities in the world. cabulary, with modified words from stigma attached to it since it origi-
halo-halo shipment just melted in the
In these modern times, people It had fortified walls up to 25 feet When we look at data from U.S. languages such as English and sun – susmariosep! nates from the Filipino phrase for
are elected or appointed to leader- high and 20 feet thick. Impregnable! Spanish. The fun parts are the slang “short time,” implying the relation-
Soldiers standing guard on top of the Citizenship and Immigration
ship positions, but most of the Services (USCIS), we can see words, which are invented by locals Nyek (ni-yek) / Oops ship isn’t a serious one. When asking
time they falter or fail to act in walls could see for miles. Jericho and continue to evolve through time. if a friend is still in the dating phase
was the symbol of military power that the approval rate of H-1B To better understand the Filipino
accordance with God’s decree. While the word nyek has differ- or they’re now committed to each
and strength during those times. petitions has dipped significantly language and culture, explore the other, ask “jowa mo na?” (Is he
Some of them couldn’t care less ent variations, such as nye, nge, or
God told Joshua: “Your entire army since late 2016. (Hat tip to Quartz awesome local slang words listed already your boyfriend?)
about what God wants. Others, ngek, they all mean the same. It’s
is to walk around the city once a for putting this data in a handy here. commonly used in situations where
entrusted with important respon- day for six days, followed by seven CSV format.) you’d feel pleasantly surprised or Basta (bas-tah)
sibilities, abuse their power to priest walking ahead of the Ark (of Kilig (ki-lig) shocked – usually upon hearing
satisfy their massive egos. the Covenant), each priest carrying
a trumpet made from a ram’s horn.
In tandem with the approval rate corny jokes or cheesy one-liners. While this slang word comes from
dipping, the percentage of H-1B When you watch romantic films or Expect to hear this expression if you the Spanish interjection which
Great leaders are rare. Without On the seventh day you are to walk catch your crush staring at you, what simply means “Enough!,” it has a
applications hit with requests for deliver a bad ‘knock knock’ joke
around the city seven times, with exactly do you feel? In most cases,
ethical and effective leaders – the priests blowing their trumpets. evidence (RFEs) has crept steadi- while on your travels. different meaning in the Philippines.
leaders who are obedient to God people will describe the feeling as a The word basta (which has no direct
Then, when they give one long loud ly upwards, indicating that the kind of loved-up giddiness. But in Charot (cha-rot) / Just kidding English translation) means “just be-
– people are lost. In the Old Tes- blast, all the people are to give a Trump administration’s requests the Philippines, people refer to this cause I want to” or “don’t want to.”
tament, Joshua was an example of mighty shout and the walls of the for greater scrutiny of visas are feeling as kilig. Having no direct This is another popular slang word In some cases, the person is pointing
an ethical, effective and brilliant city will fall down; then move in being followed within USCIS: translation in English, the word that Filipinos love to inject into their out that an action is important to
military leader. But the key to his upon the city from every direction.” describes that butterfly-in-your- carry out, no matter the circumstanc-
everyday conversations. When you
success was his faith and obedi- Joshua and the people of Israel did stomach kind of excitement during a
just that … and, as the gospel song Other reports indeed seem to accidentally say something that you es. Sometimes people also use the
ence to God. When God speaks, indicate that the Trump admin- romantic encounter. don’t really mean and others think word to tell someone to go away.
about the Battle of Jericho says, “…
Joshua listens and obeys! the walls came tumbling down!” istration’s tweaks are having you’re being serious, add this word
Gigil (gi-gil) at the end of the sentence. They’ll Lodi (lo-di) / Idol
Why did the Lord God give Joshua an impact. In the most recent
Joshua was born in Egypt, probably instantly believe you are indeed
in the area named Goshen, in the
all these complicated instructions HackerRank DevSkills report, for Gigil is another Filipino word joking. In some cases, Filipinos add If you spell this Filipino slang word
for the battle? Several answers are instance, roughly a quarter of sur- which has no direct translation in in reverse, you would get the word
northeast Nile delta. Then known as the word charot to their jokes. That’s
possible: (1) God was making it un- veyed tech pros said the admin- English, but is commonly used in “idol.” In short, lodi refers to the
Hosea, Joshua was a slave, like his because in Filipino culture you can’t
deniably clear that the battle would ( Continued on page 7 ) everyday conversations. You’ll usu- person you idolise or look up to.
fellow Hebrews. It was Moses who be too direct or blunt.
depend upon Him, and not upon ally hear this from someone who This is a popular word with millenni-
renamed him Joshua, or Yeshua in Israel’s weapons and expertise. This
Hundreds of
Hebrew, which means “the Lord of feels overwhelmed by a situation and Chibog (chi-bog) / Food or eating als, who tend to make generous use
was why the priests who carried the thus gets the uncontrollable desire
Salvation.” time of it in Facebook posts. Whenever
Ark led the Israelites into battle, not
parents pull
The Israelites, led by Moses after to squeeze something. It may refer someone has passed board examina-
soldiers. (2) God’s method of taking to a positive feeling – for instance, tions, graduated from college, or
they were driven out of Egypt, were There are two ways to say this
the city accentuated the terror al-
kids from school
camped along the east bank of the a Filipino woman who sees a cute, slang word — read it as it is or makes any significant achievement,
ready felt in Jericho. (3) This strange chubby baby would feel a desire to you would call that person a “lodi”
Jordan River at the very edge of reverse the syllables and read it
military maneuver was a test of the pinch its cheeks out of gigil. Yet in
to protest LGBTQ
the Promised Land (also known as as bogchi (bog-chee). Either way,
Israelites’ faith and their willingness some cases, the word may also refer ( Continued on page 6 )
Canaan). Upon receiving God’s law both simply mean food or meal
to follow God completely. And (4)
at Mount Sinai, the Israelites had an
the defeat of Jericho showed that
opportunity to enter the Promised Israel’s God was not only superior to
Land. But they failed to trust and the Canaanite gods, but He was also
obey God. As a result God did not the God of All.
allow them to enter the land, but An LGBTQ-inclusive curricu-
God demanded that the Israel- lum in the Rocklin School Dis-
made them wander in the wilderness ites destroy almost everyone and
for 40 years until the disobedient trict, near Sacramento, is riling
everything in Jericho as a severe
generation had all died. judgment against the wickedness parents, resulting in 700 children
During their wilderness wander- of the Canaanites. Because of their being pulled from classes last
ings, the new generation was taught evil practices and their idolatry, the Friday.
to obey God’s laws so they might Canaanites were a stronghold of
enter the Promised Land. As the rebellion against God. The threat to The issue is new lessons that
children grew, they were often right living had to be removed. If
reminded that faith and obedience to include the accomplishments
not, it would affect all Israel like a of LGBTQ Americans, reports
God brought victory, while unbelief cancerous growth. God’s purpose in
and disobedience brought tragedy. Sacramento Fox affiliate KTXL.
all this was to keep the people’s faith
When the last of the old generation and religion uncontaminated.
Many parents say they're not
had died and the new generation Because Joshua was obedient, God opposed to the inclusive lessons
had become adults, the Israelites performed another miracle at the but to giving them to children at
prepared to cross the Jordan River battle of Gibeon. He made the sun a young age — the curriculum
and claim the long-awaited Promised stand still in the sky for an entire day would be rolled out in the second
Land. so the Israelite could wipe out their
Moses made an excellent decision grade, where students are about 7
enemies completely. Under Joshua’s or 8. Some parents said the cur-
in choosing Joshua to be the leader godly leadership, the Israelites con-
of the new generation set to enter riculum should begin in the fifth
quered the land of Canaan.
the Promised Land. Introduced as Joshua urged the Israelites to grade.
the field general of Israel’s army, he continue to follow God and worship
was the only person allowed to ac- him alone. The people had seen God At last week's school board meeting
company Moses partway up Mount deliver them from many enemies where the curriculum was narrowly
Sinai when Moses received the Ten and miraculously provide for all approved, the district's legal coun-
Commandments. their needs. Joshua’s obedience sel said it cannot change when the
Joshua was one of the only two to God served as a model for the students receive the state-approved
(Caleb was the other) among the Israelite nation, and as a result, Israel curriculum. The district did agree
twelve people to bring back an en- remained faithful to God throughout to "tweak" the program to address
couraging report after being sent in Joshua’s lifetime. some concerns by the parents, some
to the Promised Land the first time. One of my favorite quotes from of whom said their children would
He had been Moses’ constant shad- Joshua is the one he uttered as an old be confused by learning about no-
ow. His basic training was living man saying goodbye to his people table LGBTQ people.
with Moses – experiencing first-hand before his death: “But if serving The concession did not mollify all
what it meant to lead God’s people. the Lord seems undesirable to you, parents, and 700 students stayed
Because Joshua had assisted Moses then choose for yourselves this day home Friday; the entire school
for many years, he was well pre- district comprises 12,000 students.
whom you will serve, whether the
pared to take over the leadership of Meanwhile, other parents said
gods your forefathers served beyond
the nation. In the battle of Jericho, they're considering pulling their
the (Jordan) River, or the god of the
Joshua followed God’s instructions students from the district's schools
Amorites, in whose land you are liv-
to the letter, strange though they permanently.
ing. But as for me and my house-
seemed to be. School officials and local LGBTQ
hold, we will serve the Lord.”
The city of Jericho, built thousands advocates emphasize that the lessons
are not sex education.
"I know the importance of this
inclusive curriculum from both a
personal and professional perspec-
tive," Sacramento LGBT Communi-
ty Center spokeswoman and Rocklin
resident Rachel Henry told KTXL.
"There are several empirical studies
that show textbook curriculum that is
explicitly inclusive of the LGBTQ+
has dramatically positive effects on
school climate for both LGBTQ+
and non-LGBTQ+ students. Students
of marginalized groups, such as the
LGBTQ+ community, have a right
to see themselves reflected in the
history that they study." -- Advocate.
Page 6 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com May 31 - June 6, 2019

Vico Sotto: We 15 Filipino
“Bakit (Why)?” expenses, like the alimony he sent to
Apple did not reply. his ex-wife to support their son, were

need leaders who

“Sini-swindle mo ba ako (Are you mounting. He was suffering from ( Continued from page 5 )
swindling me)?” depression with all his problems. He to congratulate them.

fear, love God

“I need money. Kailangan ko ang lacked the motivation to live. And
tulong mo. Ikaw lang ang pag-asa ko now came the news he had fathered Petmalu (pet-ma-loo) / Interest-
(I need your help. You’re my only a child with a prostitute! ingly cool
chance). Leaders should have "fear and
Dante was stunned. He realized that (To be continued) This slang word is famous among
Apple was telling the truth. A girl love of God," Pasig Mayor-elect
Vico Sotto said Monday, as he Filipino millennials. The word
like her could deliberately get herself (To read previous chapters, go to petmalu is a syllabic reversal of the
pregnant so she could get financial www.asianjournalusa.com) outlined plans for the country's word malupit or malupet, the Taga-
Destiny: Phone Call
help from somebody like him. third richest city. log term for cruel. When millennials
“You’re lying. You just need use the word, the intention is to refer
( Continued from page 1 )
money.” Sotto, a 29-year-old former city to someone or something that is
“Yes.” “Yes I need money. But I’m not councilor, in last week's election
“Don’t worry. We have plenty . extremely interesting or cool.
the last gift was opened. lying.” upended the reelection bid of then
“I guess there’s no wedding Our honeymoon is just once in our It was Dante’s turn to become
lifetime, and I want a lot of beautiful mayor Bobby Eusebio, whose Werpa (wer-pah) / Power
night for you,” Mimi’s sister speechless. He could not believe
memories about it.” what he had heard. Apple, a pros- family has dominated Pasig's lo-
teased the couple. cal politics for nearly 3 decades. Similar to the two previous slang
titute whom he just met for a few words mentioned, “werpa” is a mil-
Everybody laughed. APPLE ASKED AROUND AND occasions, got him on the hook.
Mimi and Mario drove to his, WAS FINALLY ABLE TO AQUIRE Asked how his faith as a Christian lennial product of twisting words
“No, you’re a swindler. Don’t ever and establishing them as part of
now their, house in Makati where DANTE’S PHONE NUMBER IN call me again.” will define his rule, Sotto said, "I
everyday conversation. This rela-
they would spend their first day THE UNITED STATES. It was not Dante banged the phone. think it's really important for us to
easy. She had to bribe Dante’s friend have leaders with the fear and love tively new Filipino slang word reads
together as husband and wife. As “I am not,” Apple replied. But as pawer or power when reversed.
planned, they would eventually Frankie, who was more than willing Dante did not hear her anymore. of God. It doesn't mean that policy-
to betray his friend for a sizable making will be based [on it]." It’s normally used to give support to
build a house on the vacant lot Apple felt bad. Although she ex- someone.
amount of money. It costs Apple pected Dante to get mad, she was not
beside her parent’s home so they 5,000 pesos, which she could have "My grounding and the fact that
ready for his reaction. She thought Mumshie (mum-shee) / Mom
could live nearby. sent to her family to ease their poor it would be easy to get Dante’s help I grew up in church with people
The sun was already up when they living conditions. But it was worth it. since the baby was his. She dialed
arrived at their house. Mario happily
who are watching me and mak- Don’t get confused, but moms
The phone call was a key part of her the number again. It kept ringing but ing sure that I don't do anything aren’t the only ones being called
carried his bride to the inside of the plan, one that could change her and Dante did not answer. Apple left a
house. her family’s future. [wrong], I think that's very impor- mumshies in Filipino culture these
message in his answering machine. days. Another millennial invention,
“How is my wife doing?” he asked. “Hello, ito ba si Dante (Is this “Dante,” she said. “I’m not lying.
“I’m fine, my darling husband,” she Dante)?” she asked when a guy ( Continued from page 1 ) mumshie is a moniker often used to
This is your child. I did not sleep affectionately refer to a close friend.
replied. answered the call. to him to say the clan was willing The mayor-elect has promised to
with anybody else since we met.
They kissed each other as they “Sino ito (who is this)?” the man to return some of its wealth to the reduce infrastructure spending and
Please talk to me.” Bes (bes) / Friend
fell asleep in their matrimonial bed. asked. allocate P2.4-billion to healthcare
They were too tired to consummate
She then left the phone number government. expenses to fully implement univer-
“Si Apple, iyong na-meet mo dito where she could get his message. Duterte counts senator-elect
their marriage. sa Pilipinas (I’m Apple, the girl you sal healthcare. Just like the Filipino word mum-
At the other end of the line, Dante Imee Marcos as a political ally shie, bes is an endearment between
The next day, Mario made a sur- met here in the Philippines).” remained quiet. He could hear the
prising announcement. “O, bakit ka tumawag (Why did and has openly said he preferred He said he would do away with the friends. It comes from the word
phone ringing and Apple’s message best friend and has resulted in other
“Better pack up. We might miss the you call)?” but needed time to process the news. that her younger brother Ferdi- city's "confusing" traffic scheme, and
plane,” he told his new wife. “Meron sana akong sasabihin sa iyo nand Marcos Jr succeed him in remove the "quota" imposed on the variations such as besh, beshie, or
He still could not believe somebody even beh. It’s widely used in daily
“What? Where are we going?” (I have something to tell you).” the presidency. city's traffic enforcers.
would deliberately bear his child just conversation and social media. How-
“We’re going on a honeymoon to “Wala akong pera, hindi kita for money. One of the thorniest issues in his
Europe.” mabibigyan (I don’t have money. I Sotto also said he wanted to revital- ever, in some cases, people don’t
“What a lowlife,” he told himself. presidency was the burial of the limit the word to their friends and
“You told me we'll just go up to can’t give you any).” ize the city's Ortigas business district
“I don’t want to get involved with late strongman Ferdinand Marcos use it to refer to anyone.
Baguio.” “Hindi iyon (That’s not it).” by curbing corruption, as well as
her. Having that child is her problem, in the Libingan ng mga Bayani,
“I lied.” “Eh ano (What is it then)?” encourage civil society groups to be
not mine.” Chika (chee-kah) / Gossip
“What about our visas? Don’t we “Buntis ako, ikaw ang ama (I am “But what if she’s telling the truth?
for which critics slammed the more involved with governance.
need them?” pregnant. You’re the father).” What if it’s really his child? Would Chief Executive for being a "tuta"
“We have them.” “Ano? Niloloko mo ba ako (What? (lapdog) of the Marcoses. – Rap- Finding love amid these plans "is The slang word chika can mean two
he let his child, his own flesh and things — either something that’s not
“How did you do it?” Are you kidding me)?” pler.com not a priority" for Sotto, who is
blood, live and grow up in squalor entirely true (e.g., gossip, rumors,
“I conspired with your mother. She “Hindi, totoo iyon (No, it’s true).” single, he said.
like his mother?” etc) or some new information that
stole your passport and lent it to me “Bakit ka mabubuntis, eh, gumamit Dante was confused. He was at the
for a few days.” tayo ng proteksiyon (How can you "I'm not going out of my way to your friends are expecting to hear
lowest point of his life. His former from you. For example, “Have
“You could have told me.” get pregnant when we used protec- find a girlfriend. There are too many
girlfriend, Mimi, the love of his life, you heard about the latest chika
“Why, so you could talk me out tion)?” Download the things that need to be done."
just got married to another man. (gossip)?” or “Ano’ng chika mo?”
of it and tell me we need to save “Sinira ko iyon, para mabuntis ako His job situation was shaky, and his asianjournalusa.com/digital
money?” (I tore it so I can get pregnant).” (What’s new with you?)

Keri (ke-ree) / Carry

of lighting enhancements allow-
ing the aquarium to intuitively shift
from day to night, as well as visual
wood, the new California Neighbor
Pass invites guests to experience
175 days of fun for $149 when
St Joan of Arc You’re probably wondering why
Filipinos would use the word “carry”
changes to the environment during purchased online. Visit https://www. as a slang word. Turns out, they’re
inclement weather, thus creating a UniversalStudiosHollywood.com not really referring to carrying an
variety of visual scenarios guests can for more details. Blackout dates and object. Keri is often an answer to the
experience based on when they ex- restrictions apply. More information question: “Can you do it?” It basical-
perience the ride. “Jurassic World— is available at www.UniversalStu- ly means a person is able to handle
The Ride” captures the essence of diosHollywood.com. Like Universal anything that comes their way.
the blockbuster movie and comes Studios Hollywood on Facebook and
to life in collaboration with the follow @UniStudios on Instagram
award-winning and inspired minds
at Universal Creative, the Academy
and Twitter.
Award®-winning special-effects Universal Studios Hollywood ( Continued from page 1 )
visionaries at Industrial Light & 2019; 600 VCMs were suspi-
Magic, a division of Lucasfilm, Ltd., Universal Studios Hollywood is ciously and abruptly replaced,
Opening this Summer Universal Pictures and acclaimed
filmmakers Steven Spielberg, Colin
The Entertainment Capital of L.A.
and includes a full-day, movie-based
and 1,333 malfunctioning ma-
chines and 1,665 Secure Digital
Trevorrow and Frank Marshall. theme park and Studio Tour. As a
BD Wong, Chris Pratt, and and Amblin Entertainment’s film,
When “Jurassic World—The Ride” leading global entertainment destina-
(SD) cards suffered “glitches,” as
Bryce Dallas Howard and Re- JURASSIC WORLD. It will soar opens this summer, guests will be tion, Universal Studios Hollywood (January 6, 1412 – May 30, 1431) reported by the teachers.
prise Their Roles for Univer- to new heights with the addi- welcomed to a dramatically reimag- delivers highly themed immersive They also cited the existence of
sal Studios Hollywood’s New tion of iconic dinosaurs from the pre-shaded ballots, and erroneous
ined space reflective of the hit films. lands that translate to real-life "I am not afraid, I was born ballot receipts in different parts of
Mega Attraction, “Jurassic movie, including the colossal In- A fresh entry statement, stonework interpretations of iconic movie to do this."
and television shows. Attrac- the country as well as the seven-hour
World—The Ride” dominus rex and the magnificent landscaping, and a contemporary "In God's name, let us go sudden blackout in the transmission
aquatic Mosasaurus in her natural redesign of the iconic JURASSIC tions include “The Wizarding World
WORLD gates, illuminated with of Harry Potter™” which features a bravely." of election results.
Stars of the JURASSIC habitat. The bishops said these irregularities
billowing flames, will create the bustling Hogsmeade village and such
WORLD films Chris Pratt, Bryce framework for the all new aesthetics. critically-acclaimed rides as “Harry Born of a fairly well-to-do peasant cast doubt on the reliability of the
Dallas Howard and BD Wong For the first time, JURASSIC Potter and the Forbidden Journey” couple in Domremy-Greux southeast election results.
Once guests pass through the
reprise their roles as Owen Grady, WORLD fans will have the queue, they will board specially and “Flight of the Hippogriff™”, of Paris, Joan was only 12 when “Such a phenomenon is unprec-
Claire Dearing and Dr. Henry chance to see this impressive designed rafts that will navigate the and the highly-anticipated she experienced a vision and heard edented after years of conducting
Wu, bringing their characters creature and become immersed lush environs of dense vegetation Summer opening of “Jurassic voices that she later identified as automated elections. And it is even
within her massive Aquarium and traverse new areas besieged with World—The Ride.” Other immer- Saints Michael the Archangel, Cath- more unnerving that this happened
from the silver screen to Univer- erine of Alexandria, and Margaret of after the National Citizens’ Move-
sal Studios Hollywood’s much Observatory. Appearing to span towering dinosaurs meandering at sive lands include “Despicable Me
just an arm’s length away. Encoun- Minion Mayhem” and “Super Silly Antioch. ment for Free Elections was denied
anticipated mega attraction, “Ju- over 60 feet in length and tipping “Joan of Arc is like a shooting star full access to the data needed to en-
the scales at over 30K pounds ters with such docile creatures as the Fun Land” as well as “Springfield,”
rassic World—The Ride,” open- Stegosaurus and Parasaurolophus hometown of America’s favorite across the landscape of French and sure the credibility of the elections,”
ing this summer. This marks the through stunning state-of-the-art will quickly turn awry as predatory TV family, located adjacent to the English history, amid the stories they said.
first time the cast will appear as visual effects, the Mosasaurus is a Velociraptors and Dilophosaurus award-winning “The Simpsons of the Church’s saints and into our They also cited the Comelec’s al-
their iconic characters outside of sight to behold as she moves just begin to wreak havoc, turning guests Ride™” and DreamWorks Theatre consciousness. Women identify with leged refusal to disclose the location
inches away from guests through- featuring “Kung Fu Panda Adven- her; men admire her courage. She of the central server, its backup, and
the JURASSIC WORLD films for from spectators to prey. When the
the identities of those managing
out her glass enclosure filled with Tyrannosaurus rex begins to battle ture.” The world-renowned Studio challenges us in fundamental ways.
a theme park attraction. As part of Despite the fact that more than 500 their operations, and the refusal to
original content created exclu- the equivalent of 3.5 million gal- one of the attraction’s new ferocious Tour is Universal Studios Holly-
dinosaurs, the rafts will spill down a wood’s signature attraction, invit- years have passed since she lived, disclose and explain the “transmis-
sively for the new ride, Owen, lons of water. Universal Creative her issues of mysticism, calling, sion route” or the “meet-me-room”
collaborated with Industrial Light treacherous 84-foot waterfall as the ing guests behind-the-scenes of the
Claire and Dr. Wu will shed light sole means of escape. Located adja- world’s biggest and busiest movie identity, trust and betrayal, conflict network set up, how it operates,
on their interactions with the & Magic (ILM) to bring the cent to the ride will be a new elabo- and television production studio and focus are our issues still.” (Joan why it was necessary, and who are
dinosaurs along with facts and Mosasaurus to life and to capture rately themed “Raptor Encounter” where they can also experience such of Arc: God’s Warrior, by Barbara involved in its operation.
information about the imposing the realism of her underwater where Blue, the beloved Velociraptor thrill rides as “Fast & Furious— Beckwith) “We call on the people to document
environment using a combination from the JURASSIC WORLD fran- Supercharged” and “King Kong and report cases and experiences
prehistoric creatures that first of election-related anomalies,” the
roamed the earth more than 65 of spectacular visual effects and chise, will engage guests in daring 360 3D.” The adjacent Universal “Help yourself and God will
face-to-face encounters. CityWalk entertainment, shopping help you.” bishops said.
million years ago. cutting-edge technologies, includ-
ing the use of motion parallax, a In addition, a new interactive and dining complex also includes the
“Dino Play” area will incorporate all-new multi-million dollar, rede- St. Joan of Arc, pray for us!
This spectacular new ride will technique that shifts the guest’s signed Universal CityWalk Cinema, Call the Asian Journal
educational components within an
feature an original storyline that perspective of the Mosasaurus as
will take guests on a breathtaking she moves throughout the tank.
inspired space where children of all featuring deluxe recliner seating
in screening room quality theatres,
at 619.474.0588
ages can explore and excavate giant
excursion through the theme park dinosaur fossils. With so much to see and the “5 Towers” state-of-the-art for your
as depicted in Universal Pictures The team also employed a series and do at Universal Studios Holly- outdoor concert stage. advertising needs.
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financial gain. LINKEDIN.PH
The official arbitrator chosen by
the American Arbitration Associa-
tion asked a nearly $27,000 award

The Teacher’s hand

from Rubio in in May 2018. Amazon
complained that “despite repeated
adequate notice,” throughout the ar-
bitration proceedings, Rubio and any Thanksgiving Day was near. The His abstract image captured the
of his counsel failed to appear for the first grade teacher gave her class imagination of his peers. Whose
deliberations. a fun assignment — to draw a hand could it be One child guessed
Under the Federal Arbitration Act, picture of something for which it was the hand of a farmer, because
Amazon would be entitled to the farmers raise turkeys. Another sug-
award because of Rubio’s reluc- they were thankful. gested a police officer, because the
tance to challenge it. Amazon also police protect and care for people.
requested the court to enter judgment Most of the class might be consid- Still others guessed it was the hand
in its favor against Rubio regarding ered economically disadvantaged, of God, for God feeds us. And so the
the original lawsuit. but still many would celebrate the discussion went — until the teacher
The lawsuit is one of many Amazon holiday with turkey and other tradi- almost forgot the young artist him-
has filed against users of the Kindle tional goodies of the season. These, self.
service who allegedly posted fake the teacher thought, would be the When the children had gone on to
reviews and used “click farming” to subjects of most of her student’s art. other assignments, she paused at
artificially boost publisher ratings And they were. Douglas’ desk, bent down, and asked
and general profits, according to But Douglas made a different kind him whose hand it was.
Legal Newsline. of picture. Douglas was a different The little boy looked away and
kind of boy. He was the teacher’s
muttered, It’s yours, teacher.
true child of misery, frail and un-
happy. As other children played at She recalled the times she had
( Continued from page 5 ) recess, Douglas was likely to stand taken his hand and walked with him
istration’s immigration policies close by her side. One could only here or there, as she had the other
had discouraged them or someone guess at the pain Douglas felt behind students. How often had she said,
they know from applying to jobs those sad eyes. Take my hand, Douglas, we’ll go
in the U.S. Moreover, nearly one- Yes, his picture was different. When outside. Or, Let me show you how
asked to draw a picture of something to hold your pencil. Or, Let’s do this
fifth (17.20 percent) reported they for which he was thankful, he drew
were unable to get a visa to work together. Douglas was most thankful
a hand. Nothing else. Just an empty
in the United States. ( Continued on page 11 )
Many of the changes to the H-1B
program stem from President
Trump’s “Buy American and Hire
American” executive order, which he
signed two years ago. Since then, the
government has suspended premium
processing of H-1B petitions (before

Empty Seat
resuming it), signaled an intention
to kill H-4 EAD, and planned to
completely change how the H-1B
lottery is run.
But Trump himself has also suggested It's game 7 of the NBA finals and not use it?" The neighbor
a willingness to keep the H-1B pro- and a man makes his way to his responds, "Well the seat is mine,
gram running (which would reverse his seat at center court. He sits down but my wife passed away and
campaign-trail position that the visa was
“very bad” for American workers and and notices that the seat next to this is the first NBA finals we
should be killed). In January, he Tweeted him is empty. He leans over and haven't been together." The first
that “changes” to program would “bring asks his neighbor if someone is man responds," I'm sorry to hear
both simplicity and certainty to your sitting there. He responds, "No, that. Wasn't there anyone else, a
stay,” as well as a “potential path to
citizenship”: the seat's empty." "The first man friend or relative, that could've
It remains to be seen how the H-1B exclaims, "What?!? Who in taken that seat?" The neighbor
program might change during the rest of their right mind would have a responds, "No, they're all at the
Trump’s term, but in the meantime, visa seat like this for the NBA finals funeral."
approvals are clearly trending down—
and have been for some time.
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In defense ing inside dingy bodegas or the
backrooms of Chinese restaurants
because discriminated laborers like
( Continued from page 2 )
him could not afford shelter.
streaming, etc. Turn on your com-
puter, iPhone, TV, etc. and you in-
Listen to Bulosan and peek into
stantly access news reports anywhere
the heart and soul of this expatriate:
around the world. At the time of
“I remembered all my years in the
Ferdinand Magellan, the geographi-
Philippines, my father fighting for
cal argument could be advanced, but
his inherited land, my mother selling
not in 2019.
baggoong to the impoverished peas-
ants. I remembered all my brothers
3) Fulton J. Sheen once said that
and their bitter fight for a place in the
moral principles do not depend on a
sun, their tragic fear that they might
majority decision. The majority of
not live long enough to contrib-
the Philippine electorate may have
ute something vital to the world. I
voted Duterte into office in 2016.
remembered my own swift and dan-
No one questions the validity of that
gerous life in America. And I cried,
election. But critics (whether resid-
recalling all the years that had come
ing in or out of the country) certainly
and gone, but my remembrance gave
have the right to question the moral-
me a strange courage and the vision
ity of summary executions based on
of a better life.”
arbitrary “narcolists.” Is the PNP’s
modus operandi of branding thou-
6) The plea to return to the Philip-
sands of deaths as the consequence
pines to help build its future is valid,
of “resisting arrest” credible?
though help from abroad, whether
through remittances, foundations,
4) The “mind your own business”
scholarships, medical missions, etc.
dismissal seems nothing more than
do make a dent. It is a siren call that
masked insecurity. This is a fall back
every expatriate hears and has given
argument used by individuals who
considerable thought. Filipinos have
cannot articulate their premises or
left (but not abandoned) their coun-
defend their conclusions. “Shut your
try compelled by circumstances vari-
mouth” is the favored statement by
ably related to academics, econom-
those who prefer to keep their brain
ics, politics, art, science and sundry
cells in hibernation.
other things. Or simply by the need
to reunite families. Most expatriates
5) Government apologists who
straddle the fence between the Phil-
persist in their warped perception
ippines and their adopted country.
that those who have ventured beyond
the borders of their country have
I recall meaningful conversations
somehow transmogrified into aliens,
with the late Fr. Tom Green, the Je-
having filtered every ounce of patrio-
suit professor and spiritual director at
tism from their blood, have simply
Ateneo. He was born in upstate New
not looked closely into the expatri-
York but had lived most of his life in
ate experience. For one, they have
Manila. He was American by birth
forgotten the classic phrase “absence
but Filipino by virtue of his mis-
makes the heart grow fonder.” Most
sionary work. Yet, he could not call
Filipino expatriates in fact have left
himself Filipino because he wasn’t.
their hearts not in San Francisco
Nor could he call himself American
but in their respective islands in the
either. He had evolved to become
Philippines. How else to explain the
a creature of “a third culture,” not
fully booked daily flights from San
quite American nor Filipino.
Francisco, LAX and other interna-
tional airports?
This article cannot do justice to
Fr. Green’s insightful idea. Suffice
A reading of some of the writings
it to say that this “third culture”
of Carlos Bulosan may dispel such
phenomenon is what likely moti-
misconceptions. Bulosan left the
vates expatriates to follow events in
Philippines at age 17, joining the
the Philippines closely, to examine
throngs of workers who migrated
its developments not so much with
to America in the 1930s, taking
critical eyes as with compassion-
low paying jobs as farmhands and
ate hearts, to grieve at gross errors
dishwashers. Bulosan’s autobio-
and to delight at every success, to
graphical America is in the Heart is
comment not with condescension
heartbreaking, as Carlos poignantly
narrates his experience of sleep- ( Continued on page 8 )
Page 8 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com May 31 - June 6, 2019

Spiritual Life
The Diabolical Disorientation
by Mark Mallett Pope Leo XIII the century before: is diabolical disorientation. When did and suffered, and very little of
…he who resists the truth through governments and courts overturn what My divinity was accomplish-
THE late Servant of God Sr. malice and turns away from it, sins the universal, biological and rational ing, now, in this third renewal,
Lúcia of Fatima once warned of a most grievously against the Holy definition of marriage, that is diabol- after the earth will be purged and a
time coming when people would Ghost. In our days this sin has ical disorientation. When anyone can great part of the current generation
become so frequent that those dark invent a new gender, and demand it destroyed… I will accomplish this
experience a “diabolical disorien- renewal by manifesting what My
times seem to have come which be legally recognized, that is diaboli-
tation”: were foretold by St. Paul, in which cal disorientation. When some bish- divinity did within My humanity.
People must recite the Rosary men, blinded by the just judgment of ops of the Church make individual —Jesus to Luisa, Diary XII, January
Ascension Sunday every day. Our Lady repeated this God, should take falsehood for truth, conscience supreme over the divine 29th, 1919; from The Gift of Living

Time to Say Goodbye

in all her apparitions, as if to arm and should believe in “the prince law, that is diabolical disorientation. in the Divine Will, Rev. Joseph Ian-
us in advance against these times of this world,” who is a liar and the When clergy are accused all over nuzzi, footnote n. 406
of diabolical disorientation, so father thereof, as a teacher of truth: the world of sexual aberrations, that
Joke of the week: Haven is a small Christ how they should proclaim “God shall send them the operation is diabolical disorientation. When I know that’s a dire word. But if we
town near Hutchinson, Kansas. A God’s reign. God’s kingdom is not a that we would not let ourselves
of error, to believe lying (2 Thess. Catholics look to the pope for clarity are approaching the Day of Justice,
minister from the little town who restoration of Israel as the disciples be fooled by false doctrines, and ii., 10). In the last times some shall and feel they cannot find it, that is then these prophecies are also con-
was a poor driver with a heavy had expected. Jesus made them real- that through prayer, the elevation depart from the faith, giving heed to diabolical disorientation. sistent with Scripture. The prophet
foot was tooling down a street in ize that God’s kingdom includes a of our soul to God would not be spirits of error and the doctrines of Zechariah writes:
Wichita, Kansas, when a traffic cop wider perspective: all the people of diminished…. This is a diabolical devils” (1 Tim. iv., 1). —Divinum It’s remarkable how even the earlier
pulled him over. Among other things the world. How is this mission to be disorientation invading the world Illud Munus, n. 10 Church Fathers saw this coming: In the whole land, says the Lord,
the officer asked, “Where are you carried out? Jesus calls his disciples and misleading souls! It is neces- two thirds shall be cut off and perish,
from?” “From Haven,” answered the “witnesses to all” that he had said Five years ago, I wrote about this All justice will be confounded, and and one third shall be left alive. And
minister in a way that made Haven and done. They witness to Jesus by sary to stand up to it… —Sister
Lucy, to her friend Dona Maria coming “wave”—a Spiritual Tsu- the laws will be destroyed. —Lac- I will put this third into the fire, and
sound like heaven. With a smile the keeping his presence alive in their nami. And now we see it sweeping tantius, Fathers of the Church: The refine them as one refines silver, and
officer observed, “Well, if you keep hearts and in the community, the Teresa da Cunha through the world with tremendous Divine Institutes, Book VII, Chapter test them as gold is tested. They will
on driving like that, you will wind Church, where they proclaim Jesus force, dragging everything into a 15, Catholic Encyclopedia; www. call on my name, and I will answer
up in hell.” while they do him homage. In another letter to her Salesian muddy confusion. When doctors, newadvent.org them. I will say, ‘They are my
nephew, Father Jose Valinho, she who signed up to heal and save lives, people’; and they will say, ‘The Lord
Scriptures: First Reading: Acts 1: Pierre Teilhard de Chardin once lamented those who “let themselves are then forced by the courts to refer St. John Paul II announced its is my God.'” (Zech 13:8-9)
1-11. Since the apostles had seen told this story. A group of moun- be dominated by the diabolical wave their patients to be killed, that is dia- definitive arrival in our times:
and heard Jesus after this resurrec- tain climbers took off to scale the sweeping over the world… blinded bolical disorientation. When public His “people” are the ones who do
tion, they are formidable witnesses heights. After some hours of walking to the point of being incapable of libraries bring pedophiles in drag Vast sectors of society are con- repent and strive to be faithful, and
to his life, death and resurrection. they go about halfway up and soon seeing error!” What she saw begin- to read storybooks to children, that fused about what is right and what to whom the Lord promises:
At Pentecost, the Spirit who was split up into three groups. They were ning to manifest was foreseen by is wrong… —POPE JOHN PAUL
with Jesus at the beginning of his all refreshing themselves at a chalet. Because you have kept my message
Cast aside sadness. Pray, forget
II, Cherry Creek State Park Homily,
public ministry will be given to the One group was sorry it had under- Denver, Colorado, 1993 of endurance, I will keep you safe in
apostles and the Gentiles even before taken such a strenuous trip fraught the time of trial that is going to come
they could be baptized with water.
God’s action shows not only the new
with dangers and disproportionate to
the expected enjoyment. So disheart- and give yourself and be happy. But again, we can take courage in
the voices of these prophets be-
to the whole world to test the inhab-
itants of the earth. (Revelation 3:10)
presence of the Spirit in contrast ened and tired, this group turned cause, as we hear Jesus say in the
with his presence at the baptism of back. The second group was happy Delight your soul and comfort My Mother is Noah’s Ark —Jesus
Gospel today, God is never taken by
repentance that John performed, but it was here in the clear mountain your heart, and remove sorrow surprise. to Elizabeth Kindelmann, The Flame
also that Christianity is God’s work, air and with the sun tanning them. far from you, for sorrow has of Love, p.109; Imprimatur, Arch-
not the result of human endeavors. So, they spread their limbs out on destroyed many, and there is From now on I am telling you bishop Charles Chaput
Second Reading: Ephesians 1: 17- the mountain grass and heartily no profit in it. Sirach 30:24-25 before it happens, so that when it
23. The resurrection of Jesus shows ate the tasty sandwiches they had Sadness causes grave harm to happens you may believe that I AM. Thus, this time of testing, this dia-
the strength of God’s power. Jesus brought along. Some broke out into (John 13:19) bolical disorientation that has drawn
is now seated at the right hand of song and breathed in the freedom the soul, because it is the fruit
of pride, just as joy is the conse- the world and even portions of the
God and has power over all cosmic of the heights. They were content SIN IS THE ROOT Church into error, has a blessed
forces. Gospel: Luke 24: 46-53. and happy right here. Why move on quence of the love of God. ending for those who repent and
In the Gospel, the Ascension takes higher? So, they stayed right there. Sadness eats away at the founda- The root of this disorientation is accept the free gift of God’s love and
place right after the resurrection. In It was only the third group of real tions of the interior life, and implies straightforward: sin—plain and mercy:
the Acts, it takes place forty days mountain climbers who took off for a lack of awareness of our divine simple. Sin is darkness, and when
later. The Ascension is treated also the summit, which they had kept filiation, a lack of trust in God and we commit it as individuals, shad- In order to free men from bondage
here as the beginning of the Church’s before their eyes from the time they abandonment into his hands. ows invade the soul and cloud the to these heresies, those whom the
mission. The apostles’ homage to the left the valley bottom. That was their Cast aside sadness. Do you not faculties. merciful love of my Most Holy Son
Lord shows their profound under- goal and they relished tightening realize that it is worse than any other has designated to effect the restora-
state of mind? It is that which most (St. Josemaria, The Way, n. 663).
standing of the resurrection that every muscle to attain it. Talking and listening to God will …the devil seeks to create an tion will need great strength of will,
reveals his divinity. Exegetes are in As we go through life, we belong discourages and rebuffs the Holy internal war, a kind of civil spiritual constancy, valor and confidence in
Spirit. A happy person works well, bring life back to our soul. Then with
agreement that the Ascension in the to one of these groups. We know the supernatural outlook of faith, war. —POPE FRANCIS, September God. To test this faith and confidence
Lucan Gospel is considered as the that our final destiny is the glory enjoys good things and pleases God. 28th, 2013; catholicnewsagency.com of the just, there will be occasions
But a sad person always acts badly. hope, love, and desires for atone-
climax of the resurrection triumph. of heaven that Jesus has prepared ment, we will see that we only have when all will seem to be lost and
for us. But some of us, similar with (Shepherd of Hermas, Mandatum X, But when sin becomes institutional- paralyzed. This, then, will be the
1 & 3) reasons for being happy.
Reflection: Biblical numbers sym- those in the first group, burdened by We will resolve to remove the ized in a nation, entire peoples are happy beginning of the complete res-
bolize perfection or totality. Forty is failures, disappointments and sins, Sadness is a great ally of the enemy. plunged into an “eclipse of reason” toration. —Our Lady of Good Suc-
A person who is sad is in a near obstacles which separate us from the
a number that connotes a long period easily gave up. Others among us, Lord, the God of our joy. as economic, political, and social cess to Venerable Mother Mariana
of time. For example, the Israelites such as the second group of climb- occasion of sin. If this grave danger ethics and norms are corrupted. de Jesus Torres (1634), on the Feast
should ever attack our soul, we must Once more we will happily serve
spent forty years in the desert in ers, contented with this life and our brothers and sisters and all When it becomes worldwide, as it of the Purification; cf., catholictradi-
preparation for their entrance to taken by the pleasures of the world, examine ourselves, ask for light and has, then you have entered the end tion. org
look for the cause. Happiness is a people.
the Promised Land. Forty carries a forgot the final destiny of all man- Let us turn to our Lady, Causa of an era. There is only one path
symbolical meaning of purification kind. Then there are those who keep consequence of self-surrender. It is forward: repentance. OVERCOMING THE DISORIEN-
reaffirmed every time you turn the nostrae laetitiae, Cause of our joy,
through punishment and penance. on struggling because they know that so that she may always keep alive in TATION
For Luke, forty signifies a sufficient while we live on this world, there is water-wheel (St. Josemaria, Furrow, …if then my people, upon whom
n. 87). us this cheerful and optimistic spirit,
period of time for Jesus to prepare another world that awaits those who so characteristic of God’s children, my name has been pronounced, We are in a spiritual battle unlike
his disciples for their mission. remain faithful to Christ. At the bottom of sadness we often humble themselves and pray, and anything we’ve ever seen, perhaps
find the dregs of selfishness and and help us in our daily struggle to
cast away sadness, selfishness and seek my face and turn from their evil since the dawn of creation. Indeed,
Just as Moses received instruc- Quotation of the week: The road personal concerns. ways, I will hear them from heaven John Paul II said it is “the final
You are not happy because you pride, and to forget ourselves and
tions from God during his forty to heaven is made up of resolu- give ourselves to serve God and the and pardon their sins and heal their confrontation between… Christ and
days on Mount Sinai, so during the tions, made, broken, and renewed. make everything revolve around land. (2 Chronicles 7:14) the antichrist.” [1] Thus, we have to
yourself as if you were always the people around us.
forty days after the resurrection the Anonymous. — Source: CatholicsStrivingforHo- close the cracks in our life to sin as,
apostles received instructions from centre: you have a stomach ache, It should be clear to all right now in any battle, the enemy will look for
or you are tired, or they have said liness.org
that, despite some good signs out the slightest weakness. Satan will
this or that…Have you ever tried there, the zeitgeist is toward a rapid exploit them if we don’t; he will try
Prayer to St. Joseph
“The souls that say this chaplet will be embraced by My mercy during their lifetime and thinking about Him, and through rejection of Christianity. That is, re- to ruin your marriage, divide your
especially at the hour of their death (754).” -- Words of Jesus in the Diary of St. Faustina
Him, about others? (St. Josemaria, pentance is mostly absent, much less family, and destroy relationships. He
CHAPLET OF THE DIVINE MERCY Furrow, n. 74). preached from the pulpit. As such, will play with your mind, planting
If we are tempted to be sad, the first Saint Joseph, you are the faithful the warning of Our Lady of Akita judgments, seeding lies and destroy-
Using the rosary beads, recite one Our Father, one
Hail Mary, and one I Believe in God.
remedy is St. Josemaria’s advice: protector and intercessor of all who stands as a sober warning that is ing peace if you open it to him. This
pray. love and venerate you. You know tempting to dismiss as too extreme: is why, in many cases, we are seeing
On the Our Father beads say this prayer, which You ask me to suggest a cure for that I have confidence in you and crazy things—people throwing
was given by Our Lord to St. Faustina (1905-1938). your sadness. I will give you a pre- that, after Jesus and Mary, I come As I told you, if men do not repent public tantrums, acting brutally and
scription from an expert adviser, the to you as an example for holiness, and better themselves, the Father becoming more obscene; why sui-
Eternal Father, I offer You the Body and Blood, Soul
and Divinity of Your dearly beloved Son, Our Lord Apostle St James: Tristatur aliquis for you are especially close with will inflict a terrible punishment on cide, STD’s, the occult, and the need
Jesus Christ, in atonement for our sins and those of vestrum? Is any of you sad? Are you God. Therefore, I humbly commend all humanity. It will be a punish- for exorcists are exponentially on the
the whole world. sad, my son? Oret! Pray! Try it and myself, with all who are dear to me ment greater than the deluge, such rise. It’s just eery how St. Paul, 2000
you will see. and all that belong to me, to your in- as one will never have seen before. years ago, described our narcissistic
In Defense
On the Hail Mary beads say:
tercession. I beg of you, by your love Fire will fall from the sky and will generation, saturated in violence,
For the sake of His sorrowful Passion, have mercy for Jesus and Mary, not to abandon wipe out a great part of humanity, lust, rebellion, vile language, and
on us and on the whole world. ( Continued from page 7 ) me during life and to assist me at the good as well as the bad, sparing the ease of attacking others through
but with authentic concern. Being the hour of my death. Glorious Saint neither priests nor faithful. —Mes- social media.
In conclusion say three times:
some distance removed from the eye Joseph, spouse of the Immaculate sage given through an apparition to
Holy God, Holy Mighty One, Holy Immortal One, of the storm affords the expatriate a Virgin, pray for me to have a pure, Sr. Agnes Sasagawa of Akita, Japan, Understand this: there will be ter-
have mercy on us and on the whole world. broader and more perceptive view. humble, charitable mind, and perfect October 13th, 1973 rifying times in the last days. People
resignation to the divine Will. Be will be self-centered and lovers of

Complete Pardon
7) Do expatriates have the better my guide, my father, and my model Jesus sheds more light on this chas- money, proud, haughty, abusive,
solution to the ills of the country? through life that I may die as you did tisement to Servant of God Luisa disobedient to their parents, ungrate-
Meditation: Perhaps no more or less than their in the arms of Jesus and Mary. Lov- Piccarreta. He explains why we are ful, irreligious, callous, implacable,
I want to grant a complete pardon to the souls that will go to Confes- kababayans. But helping identify ing Saint Joseph, faithful follower of experiencing this diabolical disori- slanderous, licentious, brutal, hating
sion and receive Holy Communion on the Feast of My mercy.Then He problems often heralds half the solu- Jesus Christ, I raise my heart to you entation at the threshold of the third what is good, traitors, reckless,
said to me, My daughter, fear nothing. I am always with you, even if it tion. Diagnosis precedes and defines to implore your powerful interces- millennium; history is divided into conceited, lovers of pleasure rather
seems to you that I am not. Your humility draws Me down from My lofty treatment. sion in obtaining from the Divine three renewals: post-flood, post-Re- than lovers of God, as they make
throne, and I unite Myself closely with you (Diary, 1109). Heart of Jesus all the graces neces- demption, and the epoch following a pretense of religion but deny its
My Prayer Response: Therefore, the debate ought to be sary for my spiritual and temporal the present and coming purification: power. (1 Tim 3:1-5)
Lord Jesus, draw all souls, especially poor sinners, to turn to Your mercy on on the wisdom (or insanity) of the welfare, particularly the grace of a
the Feast of Mercy and receive complete pardon! Help us to fear nothing and drug war, on the justification (or happy death, and the special grace I Now we have arrived at approxi- God has lifted the restrainer hold-
place our trust in You. immorality) of extrajudicial killings, now implore: (Mention your request) mately the third two thousand years, ing back the deluge of evil, in part,
* The words of Jesus appear in boldface type on the most effective and humane Guardian of the Word Incarnate, I and there will be a third renewal. because man himself has welcomed
Share Divine Mercy Daily with your friends and family by sending them this link: The- solution to the drug menace. feel confident that your prayers on This is the reason for the general it through sin, but also because the
DivineMercy.org/dmdsignup my behalf will be graciously heard confusion, which is nothing other Church has fallen into apostasy:
-- Diary of St. Maria Faustina Kowalska: Divine Mercy in My Soul © 1987 Marian Fa- A debate on the ignorance and irrel- before the throne of God. St. Joseph than the preparation for the third
thers of the Immaculate Conception of the B.V.M. Excerpted from Divine Mercy Minutes Most Just, Pray for us! Amen.
with Jesus: Praying Daily on Jesus' Words from the Diary of St. Faustina by Rev. George
evance of expatriates helps no one. renewal. If in the second renewal
( Continued on page 13 )
W. Kosicki, CSB © 2010 Marian Press I manifested what my humanity
May 31 - June 6, 2019 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com Page 9

Arts & Culture

A Glimpse of The bookshop my parents built—
growing up at Solidaridad
Ilonggo History
by Dinggol Araneta
Dinggol is an Ilonggo Historian of modern times.
He is a Lover of Nature by profession; a Genealogist
by avocation and an Advocate of Federalism.

Natatandaan Mo Pa Ba?
Honest Filipino cabbie inspires, Tanda mo pa ba ng ikaw ay una kong makilala
even after death patpatin ang katawan mo at mukha ka nang tutumba
mahaba ang ‘yong buhok, balbas ay nag-uumpisa na
"Remembering my very good
ni hindi ka nga makatingin sa akin ng deretsa.
friend Nestor Ortiz Sulpico.
A tribute to his honesty that
made our OFWs proud being Ang hindi mo lang alam ako naman ay nangangatog
Filipinos." --dinggol.d~~~ by Jette Jose, PhilippineGraphic.net many years no one cared, except para bang itong mundo ay wala ng tigil ang ikot
May 26, 2019 for university libraries overseas, but mga mata mo’y walang kurap sa ‘kin lang nakatutok
By Nestor P. Burgos Jr. (Philippine my mother persisted. Today, there is anong tama ng kandila na malapit nang maupos.
Daily Inquirer - Posted date: May 05, When Solidaridad, the book- not as comprehensive a selection of
2008) shop my parents, Frankie and Filipiniana in any other bookstore in
Tessie Jose, set up in 1965 on the Philippines. At ng iyong sabihin sa ’kin ang buo mong pangalan
ILOILO CITY – Thrust into Padre Faura Street in Ermita, The word “ambience” wasn’t really galaw ng iyong mga labi ang aking napagmasdan
international fame four years Manila, turned 50, we should a common term in the sixties and sa pagkakatayo para baga akong matutunaw
ago, Nestor Sulpico then said: “I seventies, but I suppose the book- ngayon lang nangyari sa ‘kin ang ganitong pakiramdam.
have probably thrown a month- shop did have an unusual ambience
could not ask for more. And even long party. Fifty years is a huge
if I die, I feel that I have become for its time. It was the first air-condi-
accomplishment for any business, tioned bookstore in Manila, the first Nakipagkilala ka sa akin kamay ay inabot
a role model for the younger all the more a small business, to have piped in music, which my kasabay pa ng iyong mga titig na malalapot
generations.”The Filipino mi- all the more a bookshop. Their father played on a reel-to-reel tape, napansin ko ang mga biloy sa pisngi mong malambot
grant, who was hailed as “New entrepreneurial endeavor grew and the first to proudly serve basi at
York’s most honest taxi driver,” ang mga tagpong ito tila ayaw ko nang matapos.
to include a publishing house, a book launches.
was laid to rest on Saturday at the monthly publication, Solidarity, My Auntie Nene, my father’s
Iloilo Memorial Park in Jaro Dis- younger sister, was the lone salesla- At pangalan mo pa lamang ang siyang aking narinig
and Solidaridad Galleries. It also dy. The customers loved her and walang halong biro sadyang ako’y tunay na kinilig
trict with tributes coming from became the Philippine center for
family and friends both here and missed her when she was absent, sa aking mga tainga ito’y walang kasingtamis
PEN International, a worldwide which was frequently. She knew all
in the Big Apple. organization of poets, essayists, the titles by heart, and was always
marahil ito na ang sinasabi nilang pag-ibig
Posing with Nestor’s Yellow Taxi Cab and novelists protecting and cel- willing to reserve books and accept
In July 2004, the unassum- as background (LtoR): Monching Berio- ebrating writers and literature. IOUs from her sukis. She also de- Tinitigan mo ako at wala kang kakurap-kurap
ing cabbie made headlines and so Jocson of Virginia, Nestor Ortiz Sul- lighted in matchmaking customers. sa aking palagay ang isipan mo ay naglalakbay
was even featured on the widely pico of New York, and Dinggol Araneta We kids were there after school and at sa sandaling yaon parang gusto ko nang mamatay
popular “Oprah” television show Divinagracia of Michigan. Three (3) of on weekends, working as janitors,
the Eight (8) Founding Members of the post office runners, and cashiers ikaw na nga siguro ang Adonis kong hinihintay.
after he returned $75,000 worth Ilonggo Nation Movement (INM) in De- with eagle eyes scanning the floor
of black pearls left by a passenger cember 2005) for shoplifters. To anyone who was
in his taxi. charmed by the little army of Jose Copyright 2019 by Virginia Ferrer. All rights reserved.
problems because he didn’t want to
be a bother to anyone,” Eva said. children helping out at the book-
Sulpico, 51, died of cancer of the shop, we declared we were unpaid
colon on April 24, four months after Childhood friend Larry Ang said
Sulpico had always given him a call child labor. But we did get payment
returning quietly to the Philippines beyond measure. We credit our loaded with joie de vivre—Eggie marching elsewhere?
and four months away from finishing from the United States to announce Apostol, Gilda Cordero-Fernando, Today, people take selfies in front
his homecoming. But this time growing up in the bookshop for our
his studies at the Phillips Beth Israel respect and love for books and the and Virgie Moreno—and the journal- of the Solidaridad sign and the
School of Nursing in New York. around, Ang said, he and their other ists Max Soliven, Nestor Mata, Fred poster on the window that says
friends were unaware that Nestor humanities. Come to think of it, our
Elder sister Eva Sulpico-Navarro parents are perhaps also responsible Bunao, and Kit Tatad, who were of “Evil prospers where good men
said her brother remained “an inspir- arrived in December last year and course great writers but also funny are silent.” Young and old come to
was therefore shocked to learn about for our work ethic. And because we
ing example” of the values taught were surrounded by bright minds and kind to us. And we loved the buy my father’s books and to have
them by their parents. She recalled his death. very gentle Luis Taruc. We knew them signed. Sometimes they even
Another close buddy, Jing Espi- and colorful characters, we learned
that Nestor had always explained his by example to value compassion, he was once a formidable insurgent cry when they meet him for the first
noble deed in NYC by simply say- nosa, said he later found out that Sul- who truly cared for the farmers. He time. It was very exciting for us to
pico had asked his family not to tell National Artist for Literature Frank
commitment, and integrity over bril-
ing: “I was raised to be honest.” liance and extravagance. was aging and had already sacrificed see a group of 11-to-13-year-old
Eva said she hoped that her broth- his friends about his return. Sionil Jose and wife Tessie: the early so much that we were always sad to girls, serious Wattpad fans, walk in
Separated from his wife, Sulpico days The Atlantic described my father
er’s “guiding words” would some- as “the hub of a network of writers watch him board a jeepney alone to and spend well over an hour por-
how touch many others, “especially had plans to take his 20-year-old return home. ing over books. And as a Rappler
daughter Angel with him to the But how long Solidaridad would and reformers throughout Asia” and
[those] in public service.” Solidaridad as a “famous salon.” We have many more memories of headline reads, “Solidaridad gives
Sulpico’s friends and classmates at United States once he became a survive wasn’t really a question my Philippine literature a chance,” the
That only seems fitting for a place other regular visitors and friends of
Phillips Beth sent flowers and words nurse, the Inquirer learned. parents ever wondered about, even if Filipiniana books are no longer
named after the propaganda move- the bookstore, but the story of the
of comfort to the grieving family. “He knew the seriousness of his their accountant advised them to sell ignored. In fact, they make up more
ment that Filipino ilustrados set up in bookshop would not be complete
In an e-mail to the Philippine condition and he came home to die the land so all their troubles would than fifty percent of sales on any
Spain to shine a light on the state of without Nick Joaquin. My father
Daily Inquirer (parent company of beside his family and especially his go away, even when they declined given day.
the colony. Others too entered Soli- didn’t even drink beer, but they were
INQUIRER.net), Luanne Kwon, one daughter,” Ang said. investments, even when all their My mother, nearly ninety and a
daridad—the rich and the powerful, best friends. Nick also had a lot of
of Sulpico’s closest friends at the “He always talked and worried children had made their own lives in little more hunched, still oversees the
princesses even and Nobel laureates, affection for my mother, trusting
school, said: about his daughter and wanted a America. And when it was damaged bookshop’s operations and is very up
presidents and presidents’ men, dip- her to vet interview requests he was
“We are in a highly competitive bright future for her.” by a fire in the next-door bar on to date on new Filipiniana titles. My
lomats and business people, priests undecided about. I’m not sure we
nursing program, and tensions Kwon said that just before Sulpico Christmas Eve in 1988, they simply father, who will soon hit ninety-five,
and nuns, students and teachers, understood this friendship or if we
always run high. But Nestor was one went home, the latter was behaving rebuilt with the help of loyal, caring still climbs up the narrow flight of
foreign correspondents, backpack- even liked him. He was certainly
of the few who could lighten up any differently but those close to him staff and generous friends. They steps to his office on the third floor,
ers, judges, generals, revolutionaries, adored by many, and outrageous
situation. He could make you laugh could not figure out why. reconfigured the shop, painted all the to write and to read, never mind his
artists, mad, mad poets, bon vivants, when drunk. Every time he came
at a drop of a hat, and he was wise “To know that he was burdened by walls and bookshelves white, and failing eyesight. The remaining old
and illicit lovers. And then there over, we ended up staying late, wait-
when you least expected it.” the knowledge that he had cancer opened up the conference space on guard still come, but these days it’s
were those, like the ambassador from ing for their arguing to end. Even the
and that he kept it to himself, telling the third floor. My mother said this young people who sit at the round
Israel, who came to soak in the mu- resident ghost wouldn’t stand for it.
Humble hero no one, deeply saddens me to the was a happy time in her life. I have a table to dream with him about the
sic. I asked my father why all these Once they were yelling at each other
core,” Kwon further wrote, adding: picture of her and my father the day future of their country.
people gathered at the bookshop. He so loudly that she flung the records
His fame never went to his head, “I don’t care what anyone says, he of the launch of Solidaridad, Chapter We are asked often about Solidari-
said they came because of the books. on the shelf at them. But sometimes
Kwon noted. “Nestor was so humble was not ready to go. It wasn’t his 2. They are smiling, standing among dad’s next chapter. Will you turn 531
they would talk in low voices, and
about being a hero. He didn’t broad- time to go, period. the books, beside them my mother’s Padre Faura into a heritage site? No,
If you were in the know or were in- Nick would come down the steps
cast it for everyone to know. “We studied a lot together, and I treasured cattleyas. not yet. Can you bring back Solidari-
vited upstairs for free-flowing coffee looking so somber and sad that it
“He was given a special certificate know how damn hard he worked. no longer mattered to us that he dad Galleries? Yes, soon. Will you
Being a nurse was his dream. So, I or whisky, a symposium, or a recep-
by [New York City] Mayor Michael tion for a visiting writer, artist, or was responsible for yet another late publish again? Seriously thinking
Bloomberg and even guest-starred can’t be consoled by telling myself school night. about it. Will it stay open after your
he’s in a better place, because he will scholar, you would climb the narrow
on Oprah-that doesn’t happen to just stairs to the third floor where a round The bookshop’s history is not parents are gone? And I answer,
anyone! But Nestor was so low-key never see the achievement of all his without sadness and fear. One time a it’s not a question we ever wonder
hard work.” table still presides to this day. If only
about it. I think he thought of him- this table could talk, my parents say. man demanded the money from the about.
self as just an ordinary guy who did Around it sat some of the biggest cash register and held a screw driver
the right thing.” Leganes native to my mother’s throat. Another time,
shapers of Philippine thought, his-
For another classmate, Mario tory, and art. Many of their discus- there was a strange break-in. All they
Alvarado, “[Nestor] may not have Sulpico’s family originally hailed did was mess up the contents of the
from Cagamutan village in Leganes sions, historical now, were actu-
been the youngest in school but he ally recorded, and transcribed and filing cabinets and break my father’s
had a young-at-heart way of living town, 11 kilometers north of Iloilo pen. And other times, when my
City. His late father Loreto Sr. was a published in Solidarity. One day we
his life.” “ will reprint some of them, including father wrote something unpopular,
Nestor in my eyes was a young former municipal councilor. the bookshop windows or the sign
The sixth of seven siblings, Nestor the series on nationalism, history,
man with the experiences, ethics, and modernization, and the closed outside would be stoned.
and caring of an adult we can all finished his elementary education at Frankie and Tessie Jose : Present
the Cagamutan Elementary School meeting between the leaders of the
look up to. He will be missed and day Hukbalahap discussing why they I think though that the saddest time
will be remembered for a lifetime,” in Leganes and his high school at the for my parents was when Martial
Central Philippine University. failed and what lessons they could
Alvarado said. But even before the fire, the postage offer for the future. Law created a big divide within the
Sulpico enrolled in the nursing He took up Islamic Studies at the stamp-sized store, as The New York tight-knit community of writers.
University of the Philippines in We kids had our favorites among
school shortly after gaining fame for Times described it, was already the Solidaridad regulars—Luis Ara- Loyalty to Marcos drove the false
his honesty. He received a scholar- Diliman, Quezon City, and later recognized as a cultural institu- accusations and harassment that
transferred to the Western Institute of neta, Vicente Lopez, Teddy Locsin
ship but continued to drive a taxi tion. It was, and still is, often called and his son among them; it was ended some of their very deep and
courtesy of a franchise given to him Technology in Iloilo City where he Asia’s best little bookstore for its long-lasting friendships. But we
earned a degree in business admin- very exciting for us to watch them
by Mayor Bloomberg. assemblage of English titles that my build piles of books at the cashier’s don’t remember our parents ever
Known for being quite secretive, istration. father personally selects, and for its bearing grudges though. It was only
He left for the United States in counter. We also liked Hernando
Sulpico apparently kept his afflic- Filipiniana section which my mother Ocampo, who painted on our faces, very recently that my mother talked
tion from most of his family, friends, 1990 and initially took on various curates. My brothers, sister and I about how, in the 1970s, some young
contractual jobs from installing Onib Olmedo, who would surprise
and classmates. Eva said only their are very proud that my parents have us with our portraits in pen and ink, activists tried to set the bookshop on
88-year-old mother Elena was aware computer networks to hauling boxes created a space where Philippine fire. She confronted them. Why, she
at United Parcel Service. and Tiny Nuyda, a forever young
of the gravity of his condition. books stand alongside foreign books artist who also collected butterflies. asked them, do you want to hurt a
“He always kept silent about his ( Continued on page 12 ) and can be appreciated. For many, Then there were the women of letters small bookstore when you should be
Page 10 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com May 31 - June 6, 2019

Complicated Affairs
photocopy is not acceptable.
• A cover sheet stating the
country in which the document will
be used. You may use the Apostille
Mail Request Cover Sheet, or write
your own.

Another Child
• A check or money order
payable to Secretary of State in
the amount of $20.00 per Apostille
• A self-addressed envelope
for the processed document to be
Chapter 3 of "Complicated Af- “What? “ Danny asked. interest in dating Juanita again. He
returned. If you wish to use a mail
fairs" by Simeon G. Silverio, Jr. “Let’s bring used hospital equip- had too much in his plate already,

Consular Red Ribbon No Longer

tracking service, please provide pre-
ments from here to the Philippines. responsibilities he could not assume.
paid postage. If you do not provide
You’ll be our representative who He had four kids with his ex-wife
pre-paid postage, the SOS will return
Needed will sell the equipment to the various and another with his ex-girlfriend in
your document via United States “What’s that?” Menchie asked Mexico. He was lucky no one was
Postal Service regular mail. hospitals in the country.”
upon hearing the noise coming “Will this make money?” he asked. asking for financial support since
Phil-Am Law 101 it is legitimate and authentic. It can (source:https://www.sos.ca.gov/ from the terrace. “Of course,” Mandy replied. “We his ex-wife had a high-paying job
by Atty. Rogelio Karagdag, Jr. be a separate sheet of paper or just a notary/request-apostille/)
Member, State Bar of California & will buy the equipments here as and his ex-girlfriend came from
stamp. “It’s nothing,” Danny replied. junk, but they could still be used and a wealthy family. And he was not
Integrated Bar of the Philippines The new procedure is particularly
For instance, if you need to use a “Maybe it’s just a cat.” command a good price in the Philip- about to assume another financial
California document in the Philip- beneficial to those who live far from
May 28, 2019 – Starting May They looked at the terrace and pines.” responsibility. Danny was at a loss
pines, you can get the Apostille from the Philippine consulate. Hopefully,
saw a silhouette of a man. “Have you done a study on it?” for words to say.
14, 2019, we are done with the the California Secretary of State, now that our consulate officials have
“Would you at least see your
been unburdened of the authentica- “There’s a peeping tom!” “Our friend Bobby did and it
“red ribbon”. Not the bakeshop, either by mail or in person. Let’s us seemed workable. You like to be in daughter?” Juanita asked him.
but the tedious authentication cite some common examples: tion process, they will have more Menchie cried. She got hold of an “She’s not mine.”
time for more important work. We the Philippines, no? And you have
process in the consulate. ash tray beside the bed and threw nothing to do here. Besides, you’re "Would you at least see the baby?”
• You are selling your are indeed pleased by this and other it at the direction of the terrace. good in sales. We need you, Danny. He was about to hang up but didn’t
property in the Philippines, but recent developments in the Philip- The shadow scampered away
This is because the Philippines pines, such as the tax amnesty law, We can’t do this without you.” have the heart to do so. He might not
is now a signatory to the Hague cannot go there, so you want to quickly. Bobby was their childhood friend be a caring person, but he still had a
authorize another person. You sign which make things better for Filipi-
Convention Abolishing the Menchie got out of bed and who was practicing medicine in San conscience.
a power of attorney for this purpose. nos overseas.
Requirement of Legalization for rushed inside the bathroom. Diego. “What’s your address?” he asked,
What you need to do is to go to any “Where are we going to get the hoping to end the conversation.
Foreign Public Documents, oth- notary public, then bring or mail the Atty. Rogelio Karagdag, Jr. is When she came out, she was
capital?” She told him her address and
erwise known as the “Apostille notarized power of attorney to the licensed to practice law in both fully-dressed and fuming mad. “From Bobby, of course. He has Danny wrote it down at the back
Convention”. Secretary of State for Apostille. California and the Philippines. He “You are all perverts,” she an- plenty of dough.” of a used race horse betting stub.
practices immigration law in San grily told Danny in a loud voice.
Diego and has continuously been a “How much do I get?” Distracted, he hung up without even
So now, if you need a notarized • You and your spouse got She thought Danny allowed other “We’ll divide the profits three saying goodbye.
document such as a power of at- married in San Diego, California. trial and appellate attorney in the
Philippines since 1989. He travels people to peek at their love mak- ways: you, me and Bobby.” Danny had no intention of ever
torney or deed of sale for use in the You are buying a condo in the Phil- “I need an advance for my living seeing the baby. She may have been
ippines. The seller is asking for an between San Diego and Manila. His ing.
Philippines, you can go to any notary “But I didn’t have anything to do expenses.” his own daughter, but in his mind, he
plus just an Apostille. authenticated copy of your marriage office is located at 10717 Camino
Ruiz, Suite 102, San Diego, CA with it,” Danny protested in vain. “How much do you need?” already had too many responsibili-
On the other hand, if what you certificate so the condo title can be “$1000,” Danny said. ties on his plate. He wanted to live
need to send to the Philippines is a registered in your names. What you 92126. He also has an office in the Menchie nonetheless rushed out
Philippines at Unit 1718, Manila of the condo unit, slamming the “$500,” Mandy offered. “We are the carefree life of a divorced father
public document such as a marriage need to do is to bring or mail a certi- just starting; our financier might run and didn’t want to be tied down to
certificate, you simply need to get an fied copy of your marriage certificate Executive Regency, 1200 J. Bocobo door as she left.
Street, Ermita, Manila, with tele- out of money right away.” another commitment. Juanita kept
Apostille (since there is no notariza- to Secretary of State for Apostille. Danny felt helpless and dis- “$1000 or we don’t have a deal,” calling him until one day he agreed
tion involved). If you are bringing in the document phone numbers (02)554-0412 & appointed. He dressed up and
(02)5221199. Please call (858)348- Danny insisted. to go to L.A. with his friend Mandy.
Now, you may ask, what is an apos- personally, you can go the SOS’ of- walked down the stairs, a de- To his boyhood friends, he sounded The place was a low-income one
tille? An Apostille is a French word fice in Los Angeles or Sacramento. 7475 or email him at rkaragdag@
attyimmigration.com. He speaks feated man. At the small lobby, he cold-hearted. bedroom apartment. It was messy
meaning certification. It is simply saw the security guards with two Since he could not meet Danny’s and so was Juanita. She was no lon-
the name for a specialized certificate. If you chose to send the document Tagalog fluently. Articles written in
this column are not legal advice but of his friends. demand, Mandy was forced to scut- ger the picture of a pretty Mexican
It may be issued by a competent spe- by mail (Sacramento office only), tle their proposed business project. senorita from a year ago; rather,
cialist authorized to issue an apos- you need to include the following: are hypotheticals intended as gen- “Ayos ba, bossing (Is everything
eral, non-specific legal information. Juanita looked to have doubled her
tille, such as the Secretary of State’s okay, boss)?” the guard asked AS “LUCK” WOULD HAVE body weight, her skin completely
office. The Apostille is attached to • The original notarized Readers must seek legal consultation with a big grin plastered on his
before taking any legal steps. IT, DANNY FOUND OUT HE’D blotchy, her eyes tired with dark
your original document to verify that document or certified document. A lips. NEED TO RETURN to the Philip- bags haunting them.
Blood rushed towards Danny’s pines sooner than he expected. “Where’s your husband?” he asked.
China has the capacity to hack PCOS machines & head. He was livid. He lunged for-
ward in anger and hit the jaw of the
“Hello?” a girl from the other end
of the line asked him.
“He left me again upon learning
this baby is not his child.”
pick who wins on Election Day guard with his right hand. The guard
fell on the floor, and his two friends
helped him stand up.
“Who’s this?” Danny inquired.
“Don’t you recognize my voice?”
Danny looked at the baby girl.
She was cute all right, with curly
Should Filipinos trust China wireless communications networks. internet traffic crossing its network With the many girls that he had hair and an angelic face. But Danny
— part of the ordinary working of “You son of a bitch!” he hollered at met, Danny could not place the voice resisted any temptation to hold her,
Makabansa.com | MANILA,2/4/2019 “It’s too dangerous to let them in,” the internet, in which packets of data the guard. “You’re a pervert!” of the girl. It sounded somewhat still denying to himself she was his
Shavitt said. “You can just imagine pass through numerous servers on When the guard and his friends familiar, however. child. Then the baby started crying.
how Chinese companies are co-oper- the way to their destinations — and were about to retaliate, Danny turned “No,” he replied. Juanita was in the kitchen preparing
An IT expert has urged the around and rushed up the stairs. He “This is Juanita. Remember we her milk. Mandy picked up the baby
COMELEC and Smartmatic to ating with the Chinese government.” reroute it through China with no
noticeable effect on customers. closed and locked the door of his used to go out in Tijuana?” but she wouldn’t stop crying even
intensify their cybersecurity as The Trudeau government is still room after entering it. He heard the Danny remembered the pretty as he danced around, holding her
the 2019 midterm elections may deciding whether Huawei will be China Telecom did not respond to a three men banging at the door. Mexican girl from Los Angeles in his arm. Finally, he handed her
be prone to foreign intervention permitted to supply equipment request for comment. “Go away. I’m calling the police,” whom he met while she was having to Danny. As if on cue, she stopped
through cyber hacking. and services to Canadian compa- he shouted. a good time with her girlfriends in crying as soon as she rested her head
nies seeking to build the networks Rogers declined comment and re- The banging continued for a while the Mexican border town. She had on Danny’s arms. Any father would
“There is a strong possibility expected to serve everything from ferred the matter to the Public Safety but stopped after a few minutes. He been separated from her Chinese treasure that moment, but it was not
smartphones to autonomous cars. Department. Public Safety did not got hold of the phone and called husband then, and the two had gone what Danny wanted.
that a foreign nation may interfere Jockey Diaz. out on a few occasions. Danny
respond to requests for comment. Mandy was convinced she was
on the 2019 May elections, they “Come over here quick and bring a had lost contact with her and later Danny’s baby; however, Danny
have the capacity and resources That has become a politically
charged decision with massive geo- A spokesman for Global Affairs cop with you,” he told Diaz. learned Juanita and her husband got would have none of it. Juanita
to do it and pick on the candidates political implications since Canada Canada said the government “takes “What happened?” Diaz asked. back together. kept calling him afterwards, but he
they want to win, of course those arrested Huawei’s chief financial of- very seriously threats to Canada’s “I’ll explain it later,” he answered. “So how are you doing?” Danny refused to answer her. Eventually,
candidates are deemed “friend- ficer last month at the request of the national and economic security,” ex- was pleased to hear from Juanita. he blocked her calls, deciding not
lies” to their nation’s strategic U.S. It sparked a diplomatic crisis changes information regularly with DIAZ WAS FURIOUS WHEN “I am okay, how about you?” to have anything to do with her to
with the People’s Republic that has DANNY TOLD him about the “So-so,” he replied. “I’ve missed avoid any potential liability. While
interest here in the Philippines”, private internet companies and has
seen the jailing of two Canadian men meetings with China on the subject, you,” his playboy persona took over he could insist on a paternity test to
said by the IT expert. “Iyong walang hiyang iyon (That again. know once and for all if the baby
working in China, and a death sen- too.
tence imposed on a third man previ- shameless guy), I’ll have him fired,” “Really?” she asked. “I have some- really was his child, he opted not to
The IT expert was pressed to Diaz vowed. thing to tell you.” do so, worried the truth might hound
ously convicted of drug charges. “Canada raises such issues with
name the foreign nation who But Danny still did not feel secure. “What? “ Danny was rejuvenated. him.
China regularly,” Guillaume Berube
might intervene on the Philippine Shavitt’s warning comes as the said in an email. “The topic of cyber He packed up his bags and asked his He had not dated for a while and was After a month, he received an
election, he sarcastically stated, U.S. Justice Department this week hacking will be a priority when the friend to take him to a hotel. Diaz eager to do so. He saw an opportu- unblocked, unwelcome call from
“Happy Chinese New Year”. revealed the scope of its fraud and Canada-China National Security and understood his friend’s concern and nity with Juanita. the Los Angeles District Attorney’s
theft case against Huawei’s Meng Rule of Law Dialogue meets next.” didn’t object to his decision. They “I just gave birth to a baby girl.” office. The person at the other end of
ISRAEL caught CHINA hacking Wanzhou. On Monday, the depart- dropped off the cop at the police sta- “Congratulations,” Danny said. the line wanted to meet Danny and
CANADA ment unsealed 13 criminal counts The Shavitt-Demchak report tion and gave him 100 pesos for his “Are you sexy again?” He was hop- personally inform him Juanita had
of conspiracy, fraud and obstruction called internet points of presence troubles. ing to renew their relationship but asked for child support.
A Chinese telecommunication against Meng, while her company’s the “perfect scenario for long-term “Pag binalikan kayo (If that guy was unsure about it since she was “I think I am ready to go to the
company secretly diverted Canadian U.S. branch was accused of stealing espionage” because local alarm bells still goes after you), let me know,” with her husband. Philippines now,” Danny told his
internet traffic to China, particularly trade secrets and equipment from won’t be raised “about the long-term he told Danny. Juanita did not answer his question; friend Mandy. “I’ll take your $500
from Rogers subscribers in the Ot- cellphone provider T-Mobile USA. traffic detours.” After a few days at the hotel, instead, she said, “And it’s yours.” offer.”
tawa area, says an Israeli intelligence Danny realized he would just be It was like cold water was doused “But there’s no more $500 offer on
cybersecurity specialist. Huawei has denied that it co- The Canada-South Korea diver- incurring lodging expenses. He got on Danny’s face. His face turned the table,” Mandy told him. “Bobby
operates with Chinese intelligence sion was discovered by a company some money from his fixed winnings ashen. Not again, he had that same withdrew the offer when you told us
The 2016 incident involved the or ever would, saying that could be Shavitt co-founded called BGProtect in the horse races thanks to his good phone conversation before. Another you are not interested in the busi-
surreptitious rerouting of the internet fatal to the company. that monitors internet routing infra- friend Jockey Diaz, but it was not girlfriend in Tijuana told him about ness.”
data of Rogers customers in and structure and sells services to protect enough. Danny decided to return to his daughter a few months ago, “Tell him I will do my part even
around Canada’s capital by China The 2016 Ottawa area incident that countries and corporations from San Diego. He had enough of this which caused his divorce from his if I pay for my own expenses. Just
Telecom, a state-owned internet included Rogers was part of an at- internet hacks. He said he used some town. wife. don’t tell anybody that I am in the
service provider that has two legally tack in which Canadian internet data of his company’s data to write the “How sure are you?” he asked. Philippines.”
operating “points of presence” on bound for South Korea was rerouted academic paper with Demchak. BACK HOME, DANNY enjoyed “You got back with your husband Mandy was baffled by his friend’s
Canadian soil, said Yuval Shavitt, an to China over a six-month period. again his carefree lifestyle. When remember?” change of heart. Unaware of the
electrical-engineering expert at Tel The diversion of the South Korean Shavitt described how hundreds he wasn’t visiting his children, he “She looks like you, with slinky District Attorney’s call, he thought it
Aviv University. data was first documented in a report of his company’s agents around the would go to the races in nearby Del eyes.” was generous of Danny to make this
last fall co-authored by Shavitt and world monitor movements in the Mar and in Agua Caliente in Mexico. “But your husband is Chinese. He sacrifice and assure the success of
Shavitt told The Canadian Press Chris C. Demchak of the U.S. Naval digital world. He said that could Everything seemed going well has slinky eyes too.” their business. In reality, his self-
that the China Telecom example War College. involve focusing on “a certain although he occasionally missed the “My husband suspected she was ish friend simply wanted to escape
should serve as a caution to the installation, an IP or server. We good times he had enjoyed in Ma- not his baby. He had a DNA test, and the long hand of the law and the
Canadian government not to do The report described how China pick up locations around the world, nila. As a balikbayan, he felt superior it was not his.” financial responsibility of a father to
business with another Chinese Telecom uses two points of presence and monitor the traffic and look for over the local residents and they “But why me? You dated other men a cute and pretty Filipino-Mexican
telecommunications giant: Huawei in Canada and eight in the United anomalies. somehow looked up to him. too.” girl. - AJ
Technologies, which is vying to States to take “information-rich” “No I did not. I should know.”
build Canada’s next-generation 5G “I HAVE A BUSINESS IDEA,” his Danny didn’t want to have anything (To be continued)
friend Mandy told him one day. to do with the baby and had lost
May 31 - June 6, 2019 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com Page 11

As the Filipino interns accuse U.S. sponsors of abusing J-1 visas

puro double shift. Sabi ng supervisor But now that I’m with the Dept. of
ayaw nila sa ibang lahi kasi nagko- Labor, I realized how the program
complain pero ang Pinoy trabaho is being abused),” he told a group of

by Rudy Liporada
lang, so parang ine-expect na talaga
nila aalilain nila kami (Sometimes
the J-1’s job is more difficult. Where
Fil-Am community leaders.
Searchlight New Mexico, a non-
profit investigative news organiza-
we worked, Friday, Saturday and tion, revealed in October 2018 the
Read previous articles by Rudy Liporada Sunday were the busiest days and recruitment of Filipino teachers on
at ww.asianjournalusa.com there were no whites online, just J-1 visas. “More than 200 foreign
Filipinos. A supervisor told me they teachers are taking a similar finan-
don’t want other races because they cial gamble to work in New Mexico
On Activist Awardee Joanna Carino complain; Filipinos just work. You
can see they’re really expecting to
public schools, where the teacher
shortage has given rise to a desperate
enslave us).” demand for math, science, special
As the Bamboos Sway and sacred grounds of Igorots in the Immigration lawyer Arnedo Valera (standing, left) appeals to Philippine Cay used to work at a North Da- education and bilingual instructors,”
By Rudy D. Liporada Cordilleras. labor officials to look closer into US companies that portray themselves as kota branch of a well-known U.S. the report alleged.
facilitators for students wishing to study and gain work experience abroad – restaurant chain. He said he left and The Searchlight New Mexico report
Joanna Patricia K. Carino, an Jo considers the Gwangju award like Jasper Cay, Vallen Rivera, July, Christine Balboa and Rica (seen in this traveled to DC to join his former continues:
Igorot activist, red tagged as a as a “vindication” and proof of the photo) – but surreptitiously act as labor recruiters. MANILA MAIL classmates who’re now on the front- “From what I have heard, some
terrorist by President Rodrigo correctness of her advocacy. She line of the complaint against abusive firms do right by the teachers, and
‘Digong’ Duterte’s regime, is the said that “It is ironic that while the by Rodney Jaleco, Inquirer.net kaya hindi nagko-complain (some J-1 “sponsors.” some firms are totally exploiting
first Filipino to be awarded the repressive Philippine Duterte ergmie first timers here, don’t know their July, another complainant, re- these people,” said Ellen Bernstein,
labels human rights activist such as rights so they don’t complain),” she vealed she was ordered to work as a president of the Albuquerque Teach-
Gwangju Prize for Human Rights myself as terrorists, prestigious for-
defense and democracy promo- Jasper Cay wants is for the abuse revealed to Manila Mail DC, sug- lifeguard in the hotel’s pool although ers Federation. “I am worried about
eign institutions such as the May 18 gesting their cases could just be the she was never trained or certified their living conditions and working
tion from the Korean May 18 Me- Memorial Foundation recognizes my and discrimination to stop. “Sa conditions. Whether they have re-
tip of the proverbial iceberg. for it, even back in the Philippines.
morial Foundation. She received human rights activism as honorable.” amin, tama na yung kami na lang Fellow complainants Christine “Ginagawa ng hotel kumukuha sila sources, transportation, mentorship,
the award because, among others, (For us, all we want is to be the Balboa and Rica (who requested ng intern tapos sa intern lang sila how much they are paying out of
she is the founding member of the She adds “But we have to prepare last),” he declared after denounc- not to reveal her surname) said they umaasa para sa mabibigat na trabaho their paycheck.”
Cordillera Peoples Alliance, co- ourselves for sacrifice and even ing the alleged misuse of the J-1 were treated by the Maryland hotel (What the hotel does is get interns “Let’s call it by its old name:
death in the struggle against tyrants visa. (we’re withholding the identity of and rely on them for all the heavy indentured servitude,” says Ewa
chairs the SANDUGO National for people’s democracy and a better
Alliance of Moros and indigenous the businesses pending the filing work),” she told a panel of visiting Krakowska, a union organizer for the
world. It is honorable to stand up for It’s meant for “cultural exchange,” of formal complaints) as regular Philippine labor officials led by Sec. National Educators Association in
Peoples for Self-Determination, democracy and defend human rights, New Mexico. “It forces unrestricted
but American firms – pressed for employees, not apprentices as their Silvestre Bello III at a recent forum
and heads SELDA-Northern especially for the less unfortunate visas required. at the Philippine Embassy. compliance on the part of employ-
workers by a booming economy and
Luzon which is an organization of and downtrodden… the effects of tighter controls at the ees, because they want to stay here.”
former political prisoners. border – have resorted to filling their Workplace abuse Visiting labor officials “Several teachers who spoke
“…We should always remember, job vacancies with young but skilled with Searchlight — on condition
This was not the Joanna or Jo we should never forget. The people, foreigners like Jasper. “Sa payat ko nito, pinagbuhat ako One of those officials was Philip- of anonymity out of concern for
that entered with me as a fresh- united shall never be defeated. Never The J-1 is the lynchpin of the ng 20 plato na puno ng pagkain” (I pine Overseas Employment Ad- their jobs — say they felt misled by
again to martial law.” American exchange visa program was made to carry 20 heavy plates ministration (POEA) chief Bernard recruiters and didn’t understand the
man at the University of the Phil-
ippines – Baguio City in 1968. (EVP) – which draws in about even though I’m so thin),” she re- Olalia. The agency certifies foreign extent of the debt they were getting
The Gwangju Prize for Human 300,000 visitors from 200 countries counted, adding that their American firms before they’re allowed to themselves into until they were here
Giggly with twinkling eyes, exud- Rights anchors itself in memory of recruit Filipinos for jobs around the a year or more.”
every year, according to the State overseers would verbally abuse them
ing a Benguet-Cebuana beauty, the historic armed uprising against Department’s bureau of consular af- if they dropped a plate, or for some- world. He stressed the issue was per- Discussions with State Depart-
she was always ready to party or martial law in Gwangju in May fairs. It draws every profession, from times even petty infractions. sonal for him – his own son appar- ment
cheer for our freshman basketball 1980 stemming from the violent expert physicians to students who’ve Although they were reportedly ently suffered the same fate but since Some of the Filipinos have been
team or the institution’s soccer crackdown on a peaceful demonstra- found U.S. sponsors for internship promised $1,300, they received only he wasn’t in government at that time, interviewed by the State Department.
team. She had expressed crushes tion. The Korean government, after – like Cay and about a half dozen $800 and worked as much as 16 Olalia said they didn’t even realize it “The Philippine and US govern-
the restoration of civilian rule in other Filipinos, all in their early 20s hours a day. was potentially criminal. ments have been discussing the
on those she found cute among 1987, honors the significance of the
our peers and seniors. She even and fresh from college, who now “Mas mahirap pa minsan yung “Pagkaalam ko nun ligal ang pros- program,” revealed Labor Attache
resistance event and honors those want to sue their sponsors. trabaho ng mga J-1,” Jasper added, eso. Ngayon nandito na tayo sa Dept. Angela Trinidad. “We are discuss-
went through the hazing rights who gave their lives in the event. “Sa pinagtatrabuhan namin, Friday, of Labor ko lang napagtanto kung ing a lot of issues, we are further
Vallen Rivera estimated there
to belong to the sorority of our Survivors among the demonstrators are about 50 other Filipinos in the Saturday at Sunday ang pinaka-busy paano inaabuso ang program” (As
fraternity. Nonetheless, she aced established the non-profit May 18 eastern shore resort hotel that served – panay Pilipino, walang puti sa line, far as I knew the process was legal. ( Continued on page 14 )
most of her subjects. Memorial Foundation. as her “sponsor.” “Yung iba first
time dito so hindi alam rights nila
I really don’t know what happened A far cry from what she was as

Teacher's hand
during the break before our sopho- a freshman over 50 years ago, Jo
more year. Although she maintained continues the principles for the
her gregariousness, she and her reasons her sister, Jennifer, endear-
ing called Jing-jing, had died for ( Continued from page 7 )
sister, Jennifer (who would die as a
New Peoples Army member) were and whose name is now enshrined for his teacher’s hand.
mouthing anti-government, anti- at the Bantayog ng mga Bayani. In a Brushing aside a tear, she went on
imperialism, and other ism slogans. column I wrote years in 2010, I also with her work.
Running for the student council un- payed tribute to their mom, Josefina This story speaks of more than
der the banner of a Progresibo Party, Kintanar Carino, calling her as the thankfulness. It says something
they overwhelmingly lost because Tandang Sora of Baguio activists. about teachers teaching and par-
we ( I was with the other party) ents parenting and friends showing
branded them as front of the Kabata- “Like the Katipuneros who had friendship, and how much it means
ang Makabayan. The red scare was Tandang Sora who provided them to the Douglases of the world. They
so effective then in isolating who we (Katipuneros) refuge, fed them and might not always say thanks. But
now call progressives. tended the wounded; Baguio early they’ll remember the hand that
activists had Ma’am Carino who reaches out.
Jo would forged on with her activ- opened her home at Kisad Road for Keep reaching out because you may
ism until the Marcos dictatorship them, fed them, and provided them help pull someone out of darkness
arrested, tortured, and imprisoned the venue to enrich their theoreti- and guide them into the light.
her with her sister, Joji for the two cal foundations for the movement
years. After her release, Jo would – even when dawn sunrays were
continue with her activism concen- already slicing through the skies.”
trating on the defense of the Igorots’ Call the
rights on their ancestral lands. The Jo continues to be among the mod- Asian Journal at
iconic struggle would be the defense ern Katipuneras. 619.474.0588 for your
against the Chico dam projects advertising needs.
which would have deluge villages
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Payless Registration Service Inc. located conducted by: Individual. Signature: Karl Diego, CA 92105. This business is conducted
Chua, Tinsay, Vega
"Size Seven"
at 6960 Camino Maquiladora Suite F, San Roger Blaas. by: Individual. Signature: Jonathan Torres
Law Office
Diego, CA 92154. Registrant: Payless Regis- Statement filed with Recorder/County Clerk Bailon
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tration Service Inc. located at 6960 Camino
San Diego, CA 92101 Maquiladora Suite F, San Diego, CA 92154. 0015 5/17, 24, 31, June 7/2019 of San Diego County on May 1, 2019 AJ
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Service located at 4653 Carmel Mountain 0016 5/17, 24, 31, June 7/2019 Statement filed with Recorder/County Clerk Sampung ulit muna, ang 'Act of Contrition."'
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Law Office of business was: 5/7/2019. Signature: Naeem Registrant: Elvira I. Vasilchenko, 161 Palm MENT NO. 2019-9012719
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Rogelio Karagdag Paghmani, President Avenue, Imperial Beach, CA 91932. This Home & Living Transition Services, Home
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by AMAC Certified Social Security If you choose to start collecting
Reyes and Teodoro Statement filed with Recorder/County Clerk conducted by: Individual. Signature: Kim 646 Arroyo Seco Dr., San Diego, CA 92114 . Advisor Russell Gloor, Association of survivor's benefits early and continue to
of San Diego County on May 13, 2019 AJ Candy Le Registrant: JP Pool & Spa Remodelling Inc., Mature American Citizens
Law Offices work, Social Security's "earnings test"
008 5/17, 24, 31, 6/ 7/2019 Statement filed with Recorder/County Clerk 646 Arroyo Seco Dr., San Diego, CA 92114. could affect your benefit. Except for the
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National City, CA 91950 _________________________ of San Diego County on MAY 13 2019 AJ This business is conducted by: Corporation. Ask Rusty - Survivors Benefit year in which you attain your FRA, So-
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vs. Retirement Benefit cial Security will take back $1 for every
Reyes www.rtesq.com MENT NO. 2019-9012320 _________________________ under the name above. Signature: Jose $2 you earn above their annual earnings
Tel. (619) 259-6464 Shield Hospice located at 7940 Silverton ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE FOR Pimentel, president. limit, which for 2017 is $16,920.
Ave. 203. San Diego, CA 92126. Registrant: CHANGE OF NAME Statement filed with Recorder/County Clerk Dear Rusty: I am a 58-year-
CAREGIVERS Absolute Care Health Systems Hospice, CASE NUMBER: 37—2019 – of San Diego County on May 22, 2019. AJ old widow, born in 1958. My Unlike survivor's benefits which stop
00024561-CU-PT-CTL 026 05/31, 06/7, 14, 21/2019 husband, born in 1953, was growing at FRA, the benefit avail-
Inc. 7940 Silverton Avenue, Suite 203, San
able from your own work record will
Home Care Assistance Diego, CA 92126. This business is conducted TO ALL INTERESTED PERSONS: collecting Social Security Dis- continue to increase if you wait beyond
Tel. (760) 635-3646 by: Corporation. Signature: Rogelio Pineda, Petitioner Zarrawar Dzirmal and Fahima
The Asian Journal is a legally ad- ability benefits when he died, your full retirement age to start collect-
Jr., CEO Dzirmal, on behalf of a minor, filed a petition judicated newspaper of General Cir- worked throughout his lifetime ing it. In fact, your benefits from your
CARGO SERVICES Statement filed with Recorder/County Clerk with this court for a decree changing names own work record will increase by about
culation in the State of California. It and had earned enough credits
of San Diego County on May 13, 2019 AJ as follows: Mina Mohammad Anwar to Mina is authorized to print official legal 8% for each year you delay beyond your
to be eligible for regular Social FRA, until you reach the maximum at
009 5/17, 24, 31, 6/ 7/2019 notices of all types including Liens,
4 A’s Cargo, Inc. THE COURT ORDERS that all persons in- Fictitious Names, Change of Name, Security benefits had he lived age 70. A prudent approach might be to
c/o Nonong Roxas FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATE- terested in this matter shall appear before this Abandonment, Estate Sales, Auc- long enough. continue collecting your survivor's ben-
Tel. (858) 221-3088 MENT NO. 2019-9012179 court at the hearing indicated below to show tions, Public Offerings, Court Or- I know I can start collecting sur- efits until some years past your FRA (but
dered publishing, etc. not later than 70) and allowing your ben-
USA ISTAR located at 1360 E. Madison cause, if any, why the petition for change of vivor's benefits at age 60, but I'm efit from your own work record to grow.
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aol.com. The Asian Journal is also
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available in digital form. Visit our not sure if working would affect switch over to the higher benefit. In any
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also mention that I don't have the
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Statement filed with Recorder/County Clerk cause why the petition should not be granted. weekly every Friday and distributed full 35 years working that Social
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Registrant: Herlinda Garcia Lopez, 9669 San Diego, CA 92101 phtographs but welcomes submis-
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Signature: Herlinda Garcia Lopez for hearing on the petition in the following duced without specific permission know that you're not eligible for ( Continued from page 9 )
Statement filed with Recorder/County Clerk newspaper of general circulation printed in from the Asian Journal publisher. survivor's benefits until you are 60 Sulpico had barely logged in a
Dr, Myrna Lazaga years old, and your plan to continue month driving an NYC taxicab when
of San Diego County on May 10, 2019 AJ this county. Asian Journal: Date MAY 14,
914 East 8th St, #208 2019 working after that does, indeed, fate took him on an unexpected ride:
0011 5/17, 24, 31, 6/ 7/2019
National City, CA 91950 _________________________ Peter C. Deddeh add a wrinkle. While you will be On July 15, 2004, he found a back-
Tel. (619) 477-0570 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATE- Judge of the Superior Court eligible to begin survivor's benefits pack containing black pearls left in
MENT NO. 2019-9011755 AJ 0019, 05/24, 31, 06/7, 14/2019 at age 60, the benefit you receive the vehicle by hedge-fund manager
Dr. Ronaldo Saldana Rodeway Inn located at 607 Roosevelt _________________________ will be reduced to 71.5% of what Lawrence Policastro.
665 H St, Suite E Ave., National City, CA 91950. Registrant: FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATE- you would receive if you wait until
Chula Vista, CA 91910 Luu Kush Enterprises, Inc., 607 Roosevelt MENT NO. 2019-9013160 your widow's full retirement age Integrity award
www.saldanadental.com Ave., National City, CA 91950 . This busi- Haiyan (Mandy) Fu located at 760 Mune- (FRA). Note too that as a widow,
Tel. (619) 422-7252 ness is conducted by: Corporation. The first var Road, Cardiff, CA 92007. Registrant: your full retirement age is 4 months The driver was able to contact Poli-
day of business was: 5/1/1997. Signature: O’Conner Product Management Inc., 760 earlier than the normal FRA for castro on the mobile phone that was
Manish Patel, Treasurer. Munevar Road, Cardiff, CA 92007 . This someone born in 1958 - 66 years and also found in the backpack.
DRIVING LESSONS 4 months vs. 66 years and 8 months In deep gratitude, the business ex-
Statement filed with Recorder/County Clerk business is conducted by: Corporation. The
of San Diego County on May 7, 2019 AJ first day of business was: 1/01/2019 Signa- for the normal. ecutive raised at least $5,000 to help
Michael V. Aguilar 0012 5/17, 24, 31, June 7/2019 ture: Clinton J. O’Conner, President the Filipino driver finish his nursing
Tel. (619) 370-8493 _________________________ Statement filed with Recorder/County Clerk In the immediate future I suggest you studies. Mayor Bloomberg also gave
focus on eliminating some of those zero- Sulpico an “integrity award” and a
FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATE- of San Diego County on May 22, 2019 AJ
JEWELLERS salary years in your 35 year work record
MENT NO. 2019-9011756 020 05/24, 31, 06/7, 14/2019 because they will reduce the Social
symbolic key to the city.
National City Motel located at 510 National _________________________ Security benefit you will be entitled to. In August 2004, Sulpico returned to
Daniels Jewelry City Blvd., National City, CA 91950. Regis- FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATE- You said you want to continue working, a hero’s welcome in Iloilo. The Sen-
www.DanielsJewelers.com trant: Ankur Hospitality, Inc., 510 National MENT NO. 2019-9012339 and for each year you work now one ate passed a resolution commend-
Tel. (800) 819-8000 City Blvd., National City, CA 91950 . This Tequila Taco Shop located at 2939 of those zero years will be eliminated ing his honesty, while Malacañang
business is conducted by: Corporation. The Ridgeway Dr. , National City, CA 91950. and your benefit amount from your own awarded him P100,000 in cash and a
RESTAURANTS first day of business was: 5/1/1997. Signa- Registrant: Alicia Lopez, 2939 Ridgeway Dr. work record will increase. If working citation from President Macapagal-
ture: Manish Patel, Treasurer. , National City, CA 91950 . This business provides enough money to keep you Arroyo.
Statement filed with Recorder/County Clerk is conducted by: Individual. The first day of financially comfortable, then delay- In an interview then, Sulpico said
ONAMI Seafood Buffet & BBQ business was: 5/13/2019 Signature: Alicia
ing the start of your survivor's benefit returning the pearls was one of the
of San Diego County on May 7, 2019 AJ
1640 Camino del Rio North 0013 5/17, 24, 31, June 7/2019 Lopez
beyond age 60 will improve the reduc- easiest decisions he had ever made in
#206, San Diego CA 92108 tion factor by about 4.5% for each year
_________________________ Statement filed with Recorder/County Clerk you delay, up to your FRA. The actual his life. “I believe that honesty is the
Tel. (619) 295-9774 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATE- of San Diego County on May 13, 2019 AJ amount of your survivor's benefit will most important virtue which serves
MENT NO. 2019-9011755 021 05/24, 31, 06/7, 14/2019 Download the be based upon your deceased husband's as a foundation of all other virtues.”
UTILITIES Sulpico admitted, though, that he
Rodeway Inn located at 7458 Broadway,
Lemon Grove, CA 91945. Registrant: Luu
Asian Journal primary insurance amount (the amount
of benefit he would have been entitled to entertained thoughts of how his life
San Diego Gas & Electric Kush Enterprises, Inc., 7458 Broadway, MENT NO. 2019-9011513 digital edition at his full retirement age) and the age at could easily change had he kept the
To learn more about assis- Lemon Grove, CA 91945. This business is Vixen Girl Collective, 471 Via Malaga, from Dropbox which you apply for survivor's benefits. precious find to himself, consider-
Encinitas, CA 92024. Registrant: Sabrina or read Even if you are still working, there's no ing that he started out in New York
tance programs for those conducted by: Corporation. The first day of
advantage to waiting beyond your FRA
business was: 5/1/1997. Signature: Manish Banks Randall 471 Via Malaga, Encinitas, it online at “roaming [the city], shivering in the
with limited income, visit to start survivor's benefits because the snow, desperately looking for a job.”
Patel, Treasurer. CA 92024 . This business is conducted by: asianjournalusa.com/digital
sdge.com/Filipino or call 211 Individual. Signature: Sabrina Banks Randall
maximum survivor's benefit is reached
In seeing her beloved son buried on
Statement filed with Recorder/County Clerk at FRA. Whenever you apply for your
____________________ of San Diego County on May 7, 2019 AJ Statement filed with Recorder/County Clerk Saturday, Elena was certain Nestor
Asian Journal regular survivor's benefit you will need to apply
0014 5/17, 24, 31, June 7/2019 of San Diego County on May 3, 2019 AJ in person at your Social Security office, had no regrets whatsoever.
advertisers get a free _________________________ 022 05/24, 31, 06/7, 14/2019 and you should be specific that you are “He lived and died with the virtues
listing in the Classified Direc- FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATE- _________________________ applying only for survivor's benefits, not that I taught them since they were
tory which makes it easier MENT NO. 2019-9011944 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATE- your benefits based on your own work children. Nothing changed him even
for people to find and avail of Eco Forest located at 1317 Simpson Way, MENT NO. 2019-9011238 record. after he became famous,” Elena said.
their products and services. Suite F, Escondido, CA 92029. Registrant: Big City Cleaning Services, 4140 Altadena,
May 31 - June 6, 2019 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com Page 13

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Diabolical our soul to God would not be dimin-

ished [by this diabolical disorienta-
dinal Gerhard Müller (who recently
penned a clear “Manifesto of Faith”)
is very telling:
Tel. 619) 955.6277
Jamul Casino Hundreds Buffet
( Continued from page 8 )
I wrote a forty-day retreat on Der Spiegel: Is Pope Francis a her- DeBenedetto Law Offices 14145 Campo Road, 2828 Camino Del Rio South
…the power of evil is restrained prayer, which you can pick away etic, a denier of dogma, as some few Jamul, CA 91935 San Diego, CA 92108
again and again… again and again at here. But if we are dealing with princes of the Church insinuate? Atty. Michael Yap
the power of God himself is shown spiritual warfare, prayer and fasting Cardinal Gerard Müller: No. This (619.696.6294) 619.315.2250 100SBUFFET.COM
in the Mother’s power and keeps it are indispensable. Pope is orthodox, that is, doctrinally 2655 Camino Del Rio North Tel. (619) 906-4886
alive. The Church is always called For our struggle is not with flesh sound in the Catholic sense. But it is #446 San Diego, CA 92108 Sycuan Casino
upon to do what God asked of and blood but with the principalities, his task to bring the Church together
Abraham, which is to see to it that with the powers, with the world rul- in truth, and it would be dangerous if Tel. (619) 696.6294 TRAVEL AGENCIES
there are enough righteous men to ers of this present darkness, with the he were to succumb to the tempta- 5468 Casino Way
repress evil and destruction. —POPE evil spirits in the heavens. (Ephe- tion of pitting the camp that boasts Atty. Rogelio Karagdag El Cajon, CA 92019 Mango Tours
BENEDICT XVI, Light of the sians 6:12) of its progressivism, against the rest
World, p. 166, A Conversation With of the Church… —Walter Mayr, 10717 Camino Ruiz # 102 Tel. (619) 445-6002 ext 1215 25 E. Orange Ave.
Peter Seewald This kind cannot be driven out by “Als hätte Gott selbst gesprochen”, San Diego, CA 92126 Chula Vista, CA 91911
anything but prayer and fasting. Der Spiegel, Feb. 16, 2019, p. 50 Tel. (858) 348-7475 DENTISTS www.MangoTours.com
You can do so on a personal level (Mark 9:29)
and in your families in seven ways: While the Pope has made state- Tel. (650) 445-7291
IV. Feed your heart ments, signed documents, or Law Office of Susan V. (James) Jamshid Khazian, (
I. Close the Cracks appointed advisors that leave more 727 E. Grand Avenue # C
Receive Jesus in the Eucharist as questions than answers, it is in his
That is, go to frequent Confession. frequently as you can. His flesh, He power, and is his duty, to confirm 1901 First Avenue # 108/110 Escondido, CA 92025
This is the ordinary means by which said, is true food and His blood true the brethren in the true faith. To a San Diego, CA 92101 San Diego Gas & Electric
God not only reconciles us to Him- drink (John 6:55). large extent, he clearly has (see Pope Dr, Myrna Lazaga
self, but heals and restores our souls Email: susan@law- To learn more about assis-
Francis On…). Pray for the Pope.
so that we have strength against the The Eucharist is “the source and We don’t know all that’s going on. usimmigration.com 914 East 8th Street, Suite tance programs for those with
temptations of the enemy. summit of the Christian life.” — We cannot read his heart. What may www.usvisalawyer.com 208 limited income, visit
Indeed the regular confession of our Catechism of the Catholic Church, seem obvious to you may not be the
Tel. (619) 819-8648 National City, CA 91950 sdge.com/Filipino or call 211
venial sins helps us form our con- n. 1324 full picture. As Massimo Franco, a
science, fight against evil tendencies, correspondent for the Italian daily Tel. (619) 477-0570
let ourselves be healed by Christ and The Christian who deprives himself Corriere della Sera, said: Reyes and Teodoro Law Asian Journal regular adver-
progress in the life of the Spirit. — of the Eucharist deprives himself of Cardinal Gerhard Müller, the for- Dr. Ronaldo Saldana tisers get a free listing in the
Catechism of the Catholic Church, Offices
life. mer Guardian of the Faith, a German Classified Directory which
n. 1458 One particle from its crumbs is able cardinal, fired some months ago by 2240 E. Plaza Blvd., Ste. P 665 H Street, Suite E
makes it easier for people to
to sanctify thousands and thousands, the Pope—some say in a very abrupt National City, CA 91950 Chula Vista, CA 91910 find and avail of their prod-
Read: The Breath of Life and is sufficient to afford life to way—said in a recent interview that
Reyes www.rtesq.com www.saldanadental.com ucts and services.
those who eat of it. Take, eat, enter- the Pope is surrounded by spies, who
II. Pray the Rosary taining no doubt of faith, because tend not to tell him the truth, but Tel. (619) 259-6464 Tel. (619) 422-7252
this is My Body, and whoever eats it what the Pope wants to hear. —In-
Sr. Lucia’s message was simple: in belief eats in it Fire and Spirit… side the Vatican, March 2018, p. 15
“People must recite the Rosary if he be pure, he will be preserved in These are dangerous, diabolical
every day. Our Lady repeated this his purity; and if he be a sinner, he times. For our part, we ought to
in all her apparitions, as if to arm will be forgiven.” —St. Ephraim (c. follow in the footsteps of the saints,
us in advance against these times of 306 – 373 A.D.), Homilies, 4:4; 4:6 like Catherine of Siena, who though
diabolical disorientation.” It is not an faced with imperfect papacies, never
overstatement to say that the Rosary

V. Forgive and Love broke communion with the Holy
is a “weapon” against evil, according Father—thus giving Satan room in
to the voice of the Magisterium: The one who forgives another for their own hearts through pride.
Where the Madonna is at home the the injury caused places himself in Even if the Pope were Satan incar-
devil does not enter; where there is “Speak to the world about
the refuge of God’s mercy; the one nate, we ought not to raise up our My Mercy ...
the Mother, disturbance does not who does not forgive sets himself heads against him… I know very Let all mankind
prevail, fear does not win. —POPE before the Judge—and neither will well that many defend themselves recognize My
FRANCIS, Homily at the Basilica of Unfathomable Mercy ...”
He pardon you. by boasting: “They are so corrupt, — Jesus to St. Faustina,
St. Mary Major, January 28th, 2018, and work all manner of evil!” But Diary 848
Catholic News Agency; crux.com If you forgive others their trans- God has commanded that, even if the

At times when Christianity itself gressions, your heavenly Father priests, the pastors, and Christ-on-
seemed under threat, its deliverance will forgive you. But if you do not earth were incarnate devils, we be
was attributed to the power of this forgive others, neither will your obedient and subject to them, not for
prayer, and Our Lady of the Rosary Father forgive your transgressions. their sakes, but for the sake of God,
was acclaimed as the one whose (Matt 6:14-15) and out of obedience to Him. —St.
intercession brought salvation. — Catherine of Siena, SCS, p. 201-202,
JOHN PAUL II, Rosarium Virginis Unforgiveness is a breeding ground p. 222, (quoted in Apostolic Digest,
Mariae, n. 39 for the enemy; it is a foothold for by Michael Malone, Book 5: “The
No one can live continually in sin him to climb into your soul; it is a Book of Obedience”, Chapter 1:

and continue to say the Rosary: ei- poison one drinks himself in bitter- “There is No Salvation Without Per-
ther they will give up sin or they will ness toward his neighbour; it is a sonal Submission to the Pope”)
give up the Rosary. —Bishop Hugh crack through which light escapes
Doyle, ewtn.com and darkness enters. Forgive as you They, therefore, walk in the path
We do not hesitate to affirm again have been forgiven! Let go… and let of dangerous error who believe that
publicly that We put great confidence


Jesus set you free from the chains of they can accept Christ as the Head of
in the Holy Rosary for the healing pain (read Mercy Through Mercy). the Church, while not adhering loy-
of evils which afflict our times. Not ally to His Vicar on earth. —POPE
with force, not with arms, not with VI. Turn off the media PIUS XII, Mystici Corporis Christi
human power, but with Divine help (On the Mystical Body of Christ),
obtained through the means of this So much of the disorientation June 29, 1943; n. 41; vatican.va
prayer… —POPE PIUS XII, Ingru-
entium Malorum, Encyclical, n. 15;
many are experiencing is because
they daily expose themselves to the COURAGE! $325,000 WHO HAS FIVE FRIENDS ON
vatican.va “devil’s playground”, that is, a sea of
Even if you are on the brink of
damnation, even if you have one
negative news, dysfunction, bicker- As a kind of footnote to these FACEBOOK? HOW ABOUT IN
ing, and narcissistic social media. ways to combat confusion, do not
foot in Hell, even if you have sold
your soul to the devil… sooner or
Turn it off. Spend time in nature, in
prayer, in being present to others and
be afraid. In fact, more than that: be
later you will be converted and will entering their presence. You’ll be Given such a grave situation, we $115,000 STAND WITH YOU? AS IN MATCH
amend your life and save your soul, surprised how much diabolical dis- need now more than ever to have
if—and mark well what I say—if
you say the Holy Rosary devoutly
orientation vanishes when you don’t
let the enemy spoon feed it through
the courage to look the truth in the
eye and to call things by their proper YOUR DONATION TO THE DIVINE MERCY
every day until death for the purpose
of knowing the truth and obtaining
the media, which today, is more and
more controlled by dark forces.
name, without yielding to convenient
compromises or to the temptation HILLS FOUNDATION OF SOUTHERN
contrition and pardon for your sins. of self-deception. In this regard, the
—St. Louis de Montfort, The Secret
of the Rosary
VII. Pray for the Pope reproach of the Prophet is extremely
straightforward: “Woe to those who
III. Fast and Pray
Ronald Knox once said, “Perhaps
it would be a good thing if every
call evil good and good evil, who
put darkness for light and light for
The Rosary is prayer, of course.
Christian, certainly if every priest,
could dream once in his life that
darkness” (Is 5:20). —POPE JOHN
PAUL II, Evangelium Vitae, “The
But you need to take time alone with
God, to sit in His presence and allow
he were pope, and wake from that
nightmare in a sweat of agony.” The
Gospel of Life”, n. 58
Through these seven steps above, THE DIVINE MERCY #SHRINE IN ENCINITAS.
Him to transform you. There is noth- For group presentations about our mission project, call
ing more grounding, more detoxify-
Pope has been accused of heresy
among other things of late, only add-
you will be able to repel Satan’s
attacks and dispel the diabolical dis-
619.851.9547 or email divinemercyshrineofsc@gmail.com
ing, more stabilizing and orientating ing to the fog of confusion spreading orientation that seeks to sweep away
than spending time alone with God
in His Word, speaking to Him, and
through the Church. Jimmy Akins
of Catholic Answers made a worthy
the world in a deluge of confusion
and lies.
The Divine Mercy Hills Foundation of Southern California (DMHFSC) is a 501(c)3 non-profit registered in the
State of California. Your donation is tax deductible according to the laws of the State of California.
letting Him speak to you. As Sr. rebuttal to the heresy charges here. --- https://www.markmallett.com/
Lúcia said, I also think a recent interview of the blog/2019/05/16/the-diabolical-
…through prayer, the elevation of publication Der Spiegel with Car- disorientation/
Page 14 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com May 31 - June 6, 2019

Sociologist Randy David wins Nora to young people: Love God and your moms
grand prize in Fukuoka 2019 turn 66 on May 21, sang Barbra
Streisand’s “People” on her second
Bagaman huli na ang aking kasa-
gutan sa katanungan mo, gusto ko
at nilagyan niya ito ng ginupit-gupit
na mga letra, saka inihanda niya para
try and bested 11-week defending pa ring sagutin ito para ipaabot sa sa akin. Ang sabi niya, para daw
champion Oscar Antonio. This was lahat ng mga anak na unahin natin maging matalino ako. Ito ang isa sa
followed by a long run of wins that sa lahat ang Diyos, tapos ang ating mga pamahiin sa probinsiya.
culminated on May 29, 1967, when mga magulang—lalo na ang ating Itinuro niya sa aming magkakapatid
she sang “Moonlight Becomes You” Nanay, sapagkat sila ang nagluwal na dapat maging matulungin ka at
and was declared grand champion. sa atin. Walang magulang na natitiis magkaroon ng respeto sa mga tao.
Even her legendary recording ang kanilang mga anak, lalo na ang Huwag kang sasagot, lalo na sa mga
career didn’t start out well. Recep- mga ina. nakakatanda sa ’yo. Pero kailangang
tion to her recordings of “Moonlight Ang aking ina ang nagmulat sa akin mangatwiran ka kapag alam mong
Becomes You,” “There’s Just For- ng magagandang aral … Nakagisnan tama ka.
ever,” “No Return, No Exchange,” ko ang pagsasama-sama ng pamilya Oras, respeto, pagtitiwala, panini-
“You are My First Love,” “I Almost sa pagrorosaryo tuwing 6 p.m. bago wala, tiyaga, pagtulong, pagmama-
Called Your Name” and “I Only kumain ng hapunan. Pagkatapos hal sa Diyos at sa kapwa—meron
Rito P. Asilo, Inquirer.net | MANILA, Came to Say Goodbye” was either kumain, magkukuwentuhan sandali ka lang ng mga katangiang ito, alam
FUKUOKA PRIZE. Sociologist Randy David is the grand prize recipient in this 5/15/2019 cold or lukewarm. at magkakantahan. kong magkamali ka man, konti lang.
year's Fukuoka awards. Screenshot from Rappler file video But Nora’s cover of “The Music Pagsapit ng alas-otso ng gabi, Wala namang perpektong tao sa
Nora Aunor knows a thing or Played” signaled a sweet reversal of sabay-sabay na kaming magpapah- mundo.
Sociologist Randy David is exchange among Asian countries and
fortune that would eventually change inga at matutulog. Tuwing Linggo Ito ang mga natutunan ko sa nanay
the first Filipino to receive to deepen their mutual understand- two about failure—and rising
ing," his citation read. the course of her career—and that of nang alas-kuwatro ng madaling ko noong nabubuhay pa siya. Wala
the grand prize in the annual above it. Philippine show biz! araw, ginigising ako ni Nanay para ang isang Nora Aunor kung wala ang
"His determined actions to improve
Fukuoka awards currently existing society for the She launched her first LP “Nora magsimba. pinakamamahal kong nanay!
The rags-to-riches tale of the Aunor Sings” in April 1969, acted in Naalala ko noong elementary ako, Happy Mother’s Day, Ate Guy—
by Paterno Esmaquel II , Rappler.com
better by opening universities to country’s one and only Superstar,
the public and by working together her first movie “All Over the World,” pumapasok ako sa eskuwelahan and happy birthday!
| MANILA, 5/29/2019 – as relayed in exciting detail to us by got her first starring role with Tirso namin nang nakayapak. Malayo ang
Filipino sociologist Randy Da- with citizens or through overseas avid Noranians, Nestor de Guzman Cruz III in Carling Marquez’s “D’ bahay sa eskuwelahang pinapasukan
Filipino interns
networks, has earned him high praise and Cinema One best supporting
vid won the grand prize in the an- as a leading Asian public intellectual Musical Teenage Idols!”—and the ko, kaya ’pag mainit ang panahon,
actor awardee Andy Bais, deserves masakit sa paa kapag naglalakad.
nual Fukuoka awards that seek to and intellectual activist," the citation nothing less than a cinematic render-
rest is fabled show biz history.
honor groups and individuals who added. Ate Guy was feeling a bit under the Kaya ang ginagawa ko, sa pilapil ako ( Continued from page 11 )
ing like “Bohemian Rhapsody” (on weather when we talked to her for naglalakad pauwi.
preserve and create the cultures David is also the elder brother of Freddie Mercury) or “Rocketman” discussing how to enhance the EVP,”
Caloocan Bishop Pablo Virgilio this article last Thursday. Minsan, sa aking pagtulog, narinig she added.
of Asia, announced the Japanese (about Elton John). ng nanay ko na nagsalita ako ng nu-
David, a critic of President Rodrigo But she said she couldn’t let the op- The Embassy’s economic section
embassy in the Philippines. And knowing how many of her portunity to share her thoughts about mero. Nagbakasakali siyang tayaan
Duterte's anti-drug campaign. One of exceptional films and portray- chief Jose Victor Chan-Gonzaga
the sociologist's most recent public her mother, Mamay Tunying Vil- ito sa huweteng. Minsan, sinuwerte explained that while there’s been an
David is the first Filipino to receive als have helped shape Philippine lamayor, pass. “Pasensya ka na for siya at nanalo, kaya ibinili niya ako
the grand prize since the Fukuoka appearances, in fact, was when he cinema, we’d even go out on a limb EVP ad-hoc committee monitoring
received the Ka Pepe Diokno Hu- the late reply,” she told us. “Hindi ng bakya para daw hindi na ako ma- the program for decades, it was only
Prize was established by Fukuoka to say how happy we would be to naging maganda ang pakiramdam hirapang maglakad kapag pumapa-
City, Japan, in 1990. man Rights Award on behalf of his see her conferred the coveted and last year that various agencies from
brother. ko nitong mga nakaraang araw—at sok sa eskuwela. both the Philippines and US started
Aside from the grand prize, two elusive National Artist Award. Her hanggang ngayon.” Kaya lang, ’pag pumapasok ako sa
other Fukuoka awards were handed Honoring the likes of David, the filmography is nothing to scoff investigating alleged abuses of the
Fukuoka Prize "aims to foster and The Superstar said she couldn’t school, bitbit ko lang ang bakya at program.
out. The academic prize went to at, after all: “Himala,” “Ina Ka ng have risen above those initial de- hindi ko ito sinusuot. Ang dahilan
Leonard Blussé of the Netherlands, a increase awareness of the value of Anak Mo,” “Tatlong Taong Walang Olalia pointed out that the EVP is
Asian cultures, and to institute a bacles on her fairy tale-like climb to ko, ayokong mapudpod kaagad ang not intended for US employment or
historian who specializes in South- Diyos,” “Bona,” “‘Merika,” “Thy movie queendom without the doting bakya!
east Asia, while the arts and culture broad framework for exchange and Womb,” “Atsay,” “T-Bird at Ako” immigration. “Wala po may hawak
mutual learning among the people of love and support of Mamay Tuny- Naalala ko ang nanay ko noong un- na ahensiya sa programa na nagre-
prize was awarded to playwright and and “Minsa’y Isang Gamu-gamo.” ing—and she said she wanted the ang araw ng pagpasok ko sa Kinder.
stage director Sato Makoto of Japan. Asia." To say the least, it hasn’t been an regulate although meron itinatag na
Five Filipinos had received the young generation of fans to know Pinaghanda niya ako ng champorado, administrative order noon na ang
"Professor Randolf David has easy climb for her. The first time how her mom helped see her through
played a dynamic part in achieving Fukuoka Prize in the past: architect Nora tried out for “Tawag ng Tang- chairman ay yung DFA, hindi ganun
Leandro V. Locsin, film direc- their humble beginnings. ka-strikto ang regulasyon (There
social justice in the Philippines by halan” in the mid-’60s, she aced the For her followers to fully appreciate
sharing his knowledge as a sociolo- tor Marilou Diaz Abaya, historian preliminary round by singing “You is no agency directly regulating it;
Reynaldo Ileto, filmmaker and artist her recollections, we’re printing Ate although there was an administrative
gist widely through university educa- and the Night and the Music,” but Guy’s message in Filipino.
Kidlat Tahimik, and public historian ( Continued from page 15 ) order that’s chaired by DFA, they
tion, TV programs, and newspaper she failed to edge out then-defending Here is the Superstar, in her own
columns, and has made great efforts Ambeth Ocampo. – Rappler.com champion Jose Yap. Geronimo and Cruz worked to- were not really strictly regulating
words: gether in several films like “Finally it).”
to promote academic and cultural The diminutive singer, who will
Found Someone” (2017), “It Takes He conceded that Filipinos who
a Man and a Woman” (2013), “You find work using the American J-1
Click your heels Group finishing out the day at 7 p.m.
headlining the 15th Annual Gospel
Festival, part of the Toyota Summer
Changed My Life” (2009), and “A
Very Special Love” (2008).
visa are highly vulnerable. The
“normal” labor migration process,
( Continued from page 16 ) “Ganahan ko niya. Even before ka- Olalia explained, includes verifica-
drinks, and local non-profit organiza- Concert Series. tong first series niya sa hapon, pag- tion of the host employer through the
tions. Smokey Robinson performs Latin-themed entertainment is part balhin niya sa ABS-CBN. Regard- country’s labor attaches and POEA
that day at the Corona Grandstand of every Sunday at the San Diego less sa chemistry, naa koy ma feel assistance to ensure the departing
Stage. County Fair. The rich traditions of something special sa iya,” he said. workers have the valid employment
The Fair’s long-running Gospel Mexican culture are highlighted with (I like her as an actress even before contracts, including provisions that
Festival is on June 22. Differ- special performances on the Plaza she starred her first series in ABS- safeguard the OFW’s safety and
ent types of gospel music – from de Mexico Stage. Mexican artisans, CBN. Regardless of chemistry, there welfare in the host country.
traditional to contemporary – will games, contests and other activities is something special on her.)
be featured on stages throughout and attractions fill Fiesta Village in
the Fairgrounds. The day’s inspira- Family Funville. There is a popular Why Rom-Com?
tional entertainment includes local, Hispanic artist/band on the Corona
regional and national artists with Grandstand Stage every Sunday Deligero admitted that he has no
The Clark Sisters and The Walls night and an added show on June 5. specific favorite genre in terms of
making films.
He said he wants to try all the
movie genres, including the rom-
com, before he could decide what
will be his forte.
“The way I conceptualize, dili kay “Wala po nito sa EVP (This is not
genre first but story first then genre. so with the EVP),” he stressed.
Mao na, mag una story and idea. And neither are there specific provi-
Ganahan ko something rom-com nga sions in existing statutes that can
i-360 degrees turn,” he said. be used against businesses abusing
(It is not genre first. The way I con- the J-1 visa. Lawyer Arnedo Valera,
ceptualized is there must be a story who’s agreed to take on the case of
first before choosing a genre. You the Filipino complainants, believes
want a rom-com with a 360-degree he’s won a precedent that can be

14 million dapat 'wag ka na lang tumakbo kasi evident in their campaign. to the ground, they're not as politi- twist.) used against erring establishments or
napakahirap, di ka sigurado, most Up until the end, Aquino said he cized.) The planned romantic comedy film individuals.
( Continued from page 1 ) likely baka matalo ka (they said thought some of those votes would will be a Tagalog story with Bisaya
perhaps you shouldn't run because go to some members of the opposi- What's next for Bam? flavor. Fraud victims
konti sa ihip ng hangin. Malaking it would be very difficult, you have tion. But he was wrong, especially Deligero is a filmmaker known for
bagay pa rin 'yun na 14 million, no assurance, most likely you would in Mindanao, President Rodrigo But if there’s one positive thing out his works like “Babylon” (2017), He told the Manila Mail DC that a US
unfortunately kapos ka lang ng lose)," Aquino recalled. Duterte's home region. of all this, Aquino said it was the “Lily” (2016), and “Iskalawags” Dept. of Labor panel in San Francisco
350,000 (Because they did the al- The senator added: "But we made “Honestly I thought the command “awakening” of the public. (2013). had ruled recently in a Filipino J-1
ternative. The 14 million is a big that decision very early. Hindi ka votes, they would still, at the end, “Maraming nagising dito sa kampa- His 2018 action film, “A Short His- teacher’s favor, finding that he was a
try to get from both sides. In most nyang ito. Sana di sila matulog ulit. tory of a Few Bad Things” got five victim of “fraud in foreign labor con-
deal. Unfortunately, we lacked naman pwede maduwag just because tracting.”
350,000 votes)." mahirap ang laban. Kaya ka nahala- elections, a lot of the locals would Marami napaisip sa ating Senado, nominations during the 67th Filipino
“Napakalaki ng problema ng J visa kasi
Aquino ranked 14th in the 2019 lal para sa mahirap na labanan (You choose from [both]. They don't usu- sa patutunguhan ng ating bansa…. Academy of Movie Arts and Sci- ginagamit ng mga recruiters na scheme
elections, with 14,117,528 votes, can't be intimidated just because the ally vote straight....Unfortunately Definitely minority pa ito, meaning ences (FAMAS) Awards Nights. not only to milk them but potentially
367,311 votes shy of Senator Nancy fight is hard. You were elected to the command vote was too hard to hindi pa sapat ang mga taong ito," The five nominations were Best pagdating dito sa US maging victim ng
Binay, who got the coveted 12th fight the hard battles), ” Aquino said. counter. In the end, if you look at he said. Picture, Outstanding Performance by exploitation and abuse (There is a huge
spot. In fact, he said he would often ask the numbers, we were doing quite (The campaign awakened a lot of an Actor in a Leading Role, Out- problem with the J visa because it’s only
Aquino said he was saddened by supporters and donors if they were well except Mindanao, where we're people. I hope they don't sleep again. standing Performance by an Actor being used to milk them but potentially
sure about placing their bets on him mostly out of the top 12,” he said. Many of them began thinking about in a Supporting Role, Best Origi- become victims of exploitation and
the results but he had no regrets. abuse once they get to the US).”
“I think we ran a good campaign. since he was not a sure win. He, however, stood by his strategy the Senate, about where the country nal Screenplay, and Outstanding
"Going into this, we knew there's to not go all-out in opposing the is headed.... Definitely, they are still Achievement in Editing. He added their immediate focus would
Walang regrets sa kampanya, lalong be to go after the “recruiter” who alleg-
walang regrets sa Senado. Wala no certainty. I told those who donate, popular president. a minority, meaning these people are Lead actor Victor Neri won the Out-
edly collected as much as $6,000 from
akong botong kinakahiya, (I have no you know that this is not a sure "Well as you can see, if you look at not enough.) standing Performance by an Actor in
each to get the EVP benefit.
regrets in the campaign, especially thing, right? They said they still want the results, eh talagang 'yung medyo Aquino said trying to convert this a Leading Role.
in the Senate. I have no vote here [in to support.... I tell them, are you sure 'yung sobrang negative wouldn't into action remained to be seen. Last week, the Gawad Urian 2019
the Senate] that I am ashamed of). because I am not sure if I will make appeal to people. And from the start Will he try another run in 2022? announced the list of nominees in-
All of the things here, we did with it. In terms of genuine support, we alam namin 'yan. Magulo na buhay Aquino said it was still too early to cluding Deligero’s “A Short History
the people in mind,” Aquino said. had so much more of that than [when ng tao, ayaw mo ng mas magulo tell. He said he would likely return to of a Few Bad Things.”
Prior to his decision to run, Aquino I ran] in 2013," Aquino said in a mix pa.... Pagbaba mo kasi [sa mga tao], the sectors where he worked before The movie got seven nominations
said several people close to his fam- of Filipino and English. they're not as politicized," he said. joining politics. including Best Picture, Best Director,
ily and his office advised him not (Well as you can see, if you look For now, he would like to devote Best Actor, Best Screenplay, Best
to seek reelection in 2019, owing to What went wrong? at the results, too much negative his time to his family, especially his Editing, Best Music, and Best Sound.
President Rodrigo Duterte’s disdain campaigning wouldn't appeal to the two daughters, Rory and Coco.
for the opposition. Aquino said the administration’s people. We knew it from the start. “It’s just time to take a step back, The Gawad Urian 2019 awarding
“No one expected this campaign command votes did him in. He also People are already living difficult reasess, and find other ways to help ceremony is slated on June 18 at the
to be easy. People very close to our attributed his and the opposition's lives, we didn't want it to make it the country,” Aquino said. – Rappler. UPFI Film Center in Quezon City. /
family, to my office, sinabi baka loss to lack of resources, which was harder for them.... When you go com bmjo
May 31 - June 6, 2019 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com Page 15

Cebuano director eyes John Lloyd Cruz-Sarah Geronimo tandem for dream film
magkatrabaho me makatabang ko og (Since you are working on a dream is searching for something. I have something.) interesting and a good actress in her
pangita ana nga something,” he an- project, then have good people on a feeling that if we would work In choosing Geronimo, Deligero previous films.
swered why he would choose Cruz. that project. I feel that John Lloyd together, I could help him find that said that he finds Popstar Royalty ( Continued on page 14 )

Dental Implant Centers


Cebu City, Philippines—If DENTAL IMPLANT CENTERS® is the leading provider of comprehensive dental implant treatments in San Diego.
Cebuano director Keith Deligero
would have his dream film, he
would choose John Lloyd Cruz
and Sarah Geronimo as his lead

In an interview during the #CD-

NFreshtalk, a Sunday program
of Cebu Daily News Digital in its
Facebook page, Deligero said he

Dr James Khazian DMD, AFAAID, FICOI

dreams of both Kapamilya stars
leading his planned romantic
comedy film.
“Maayo unta og mosugot pa si ❁ Advanced Dental Implant Education:
John Lloyd. Oo, he is (good actor),” ❁ All your implant treatment in one office, by one doctor.
Deligero said. Howard University, Loma Linda University, UCLA, USC No referrals.
(I hope John Lloyd would agree for
a comeback. Yes, he is a good actor.) ❁ 25 years hands-on dental implant experience ❁ 2 convenient locations in Hillcrest and Escondido
Cruz had been in a show business ❁ Fellow, International Congress of Oral Implantology ❁ Tagalog speaker
hiatus since 2017 after he was linked
to Cebuana actress Ellen Adarna. ❁ Associate Fellow, American Academy of Implant Dentistry ❁ Watch Dr. Khazian on TV at www.drkhazian.com
In 2018, Adarna reportedly gave
birth to her firstborn with Cruz.
“Kung mag huna huha ka og rom-
com (romantic comedy) gud, si
John Lloyd gyud na. Rom-com kay
si Popoy and Basha man gyud na,” Call for a FREE CONSULTATION: UE Graduate 1987 Manila
Deligero said.
(If you think about rom-com, it is
John Lloyd. Rom-Com is Popoy and
Fluent in Tagalog
Popoy and Basha were the char-
acters of Cruz and Bea Alonzo, re- Two convenient locations
spectively, in the movies, “One More
Chance” (2007) and “A Second
Chance” (2015). ❁ 727 E. Grand Ave, Escondido 92025 ❁ 3969 4th Ave. Suite 205, San Diego 92103
“Mag dream na lang man ka, adto
na lang gyud ka sa pinakataas (best
stars). Naka feel ko naa siya’y gipan-
gita nga something. Feeling nako, og
866.469.7645 • www.drkhazian.com

Come celebrate the YEAR of the PIG | SATURDAY • JUNE 15 • 2019

presented by Albertsons | Vons

A full day of traditional performances and
popular entertainment, celebrating Asian
and Pacific Islander cultures.
Featuring Asian beer and treats.
New this year: Boba Tea!
Page 16 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com May 31 - June 6, 2019

Click your heels for these Festivals within the Fair! IT’S TIME TO

Out at the Fair kicks off Pride

Month on Saturday
DEL MAR, Calif. (May 29,
2019) – When it comes to put-
ting on Oz-some multicultural
festivals, there’s truly no place
like the 2019 San Diego County
Fair, which opens Friday and runs
through July 4!
All the festival fun kicks off Satur-
day with the ninth annual Out at the
Fair® festival. This family-friendly
LGBTQ+ festival kicks off Pride
Month with a full day of music,
entertainment and special exhibits in
the Paddock, featuring Effie Passero
from American Idol season 14, and
headliner Dev. Standup comedians
will take the stage at the Turf Club
during the LGBTQ+ Comedy Show
(21+), while comedian Jim Gaffigan
performs on the Corona Grandstand
Stage. “I’m proud to perform at San
Diego County Fair's Out at the Fair
day,” Gaffigan said.
Our day-long Asian Festival on
June 15 is a celebration of Asian and
Pacific Islander culture that will fea-
ture entertainment in the Paddock,
with performers representing China,
India, Japan, the Philippines, Korea,
Hawaii, Polynesia, and Vietnam.
Traditional and popular entertain-
ment will be featured, along with
martial arts demonstrations, specialty
( Continued on page 14 )

3400 E 8th St Suite 107

National CIty, CA 91950

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