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NOWADAYS  Now, Today, At the moment, These days, In this day and age, In today´s society
IN THE PAST  Historically, Traditionally, Customarily, Originally, Previously, Conventionally, Initially, At
first, Until now
NICE  Enjoyable, Pleasurable, Thoughtful, Courteous, Lovely, Likeable, Pleasing, Gracious, Cordial,
Admirable, Considerate
GOOD  Excellent, Amazing, Wonderful, Pleasant, Marvelous, Exceptional, Fantastic, Super,
Outstanding, Terrific, Splendid, Stupendous
BAD  Awful, Rotten, Naughty, Mean, Dreadful, Nasty, Wicked, Lousy, Terrible, Unpleasant,
Disagreeable, Wretched
SAD  Depressed, Gloomy, Miserable, Cheerless, Unhappy, Dejected, Forlorn, Sorrowful, Upset,
Dowcast, Tearful, Somber
HAPPY  Cheerful, Delighted, Pleased, Glad, Joyful, Ecstatic, Content, Jovial, Amused, Merry, Thrilled,
LIKE  Admire, Approve, Adore, Treasure, Fancy, Marvel, Appreciate, Respect, Cherish, Favor, Desire,
BIG  Huge, Giant, Gigantic, Enormous, Large, Massive, Colossal, Immense, Bulky, Hefty, Tremendous,
LITTLE  Trivial, Small, Petite, Teeny, Miniscule, Mini, Microscopic, Skimpy
PRETTY  Beautiful, Gorgeous, Appealing, Cute, Lovely, Exquisite, Attractive, Elegant, Handsome,
Stunning, Fair, Dazzling
SCARED  Afraid, Frightened, Spooked, Horrified, Startled, Petrified, Fearful, Anxious, Alarmed,
Terrified, Shaken
DIFFICULT  Pressing, Puzzling, Challenging, Tricky, Complicated, Complex, Mind-boggling
ANGRY  Irate, Enraged, Touchy, Mad, Cross, Resentful, Indignant, Infuriated
INTERESTING  Exciting, Captivating, Engaging, Gripping, Thrilling, Absorbing, Fascinating, Mind-
blowing, Invigorating, Electrifying
USEFUL  Beneficila, Rewarding, Fulfilling, Profitable, Of great use
A LOT  Much/many, Several, Plenty, Quite a few, A wide array, A wide variety, A vast array, Hundreds,
Thousands, Millions …(a specific Word), Ample
SAY  State, Claim, Suggest, Conclude, Agree, Dispute, Confirm, Argue, Highlight, Demonstrate,
Identify, Write, Report, Pointed out, Maintain, Hypothesise, Expressed the opinión, Mention, Assert,
Identify, Emphasise, Challenge the idea
ON THE OTHER HAND  However, Otherwise, Alternatively, In any case, That said, That being said,
Nonetheless, Nevertheless, Having said that, All the same, At any rate, On the contrary, Whereas, Then
again, In contrast