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How do customers judge the quality of a supermarket

1. Large selection of choices. If customers can find everything they want

under one roof.
2. Systematic way to placing products the supermarket offers. For example,
a shelf of biscuits in one place whereas the shelf of edible oil in the other.
3. Timely/ scheduled checking of products whether they are okay or not,
and if any issues found, reporting to the managers.
4. Maintained counter for payment of bills. Customers find no lines or
queues to pay the bills.
5. Higher quality products in comparatively low price than any other
6. The neat and tidiness of the supermarket too adds quality of it.
7. Timely/ scheduled checking of products whether they are okay or not,
and if any issues found, reporting to the managers.

Quality and customer satisfaction are utmost in the minds of Wegmans’ management and
its employees. Private-label food items as well as name brands are regularly evaluated in
test kitchens, along with potential new products. Managers are responsible for checking
and maintaining product and service quality in their departments Moreover, employees are
encouraged to report problems to their managers. If a customer is dissatisfied with an item,
and returns it, or even a portion of the item, the customer is offered a choice of a
replacement or a refund. If the item is a Wegmans brand food item, it is then sent to the
test kitchen to determine the cause of the problem If the cause can be determined,
.corrective action is taken

Q2:Indicate how and why each of these factors is important to the successful operation of
a supermarket: a. Customer satisfaction. b. Forecasting. c. Capacity planning. d.
.Location. e. Inventory management. f. Layout of the store. g. Scheduling

a. Customer Satisfaction

Any business firm that is successful is because of its customer satisfaction. The satisfied
customer visits the supermarket time and again and so does irregular customers who
eventually become regular customer because of the satisfaction with the supermarket. The
satisfaction could either be because of suitability, or quality of the service they offer or the
planned and mannered structure of the supermarket. The time and visit of customer helps in
gaining more of revenues to the supermarket which makes the supermarket successful.

b. Forecasting

Indeed, forecasting helps in the successful operation of a supermarket. Analyzing the current
scenario and customers demand, a manager can act according and have great impact on the
profitability of the supermarket.

For example, in the season of FIFA World Cup, a manager can predict that the demand of large
number of jersey will exist. And the manager accordingly can act so as to increase profitability/
successful operation of a supermarket.
c. Capacity planning

The proper capacity planning helps for the successful operation of the supermarket. The
process required to set products in the supermarket and the capacity available to have these
products in the supermarket have direct impact on successful operation of the supermarket.
More spaces in the supermarket with wide range of choices of products available to the
customers helps is yielding high return to the supermarket.

d. Location

Supermarket location influence visiting supermarket frequency of the customers. The more
near and at appropriate the supermarket lies, the more customers visit the supermarket
which is another important factor for the successful operation of the supermarket. Moreover
the questions like where should the facility should be put or on what criteria should the
location of the supermarket base should be address by the operation managers.

e. Inventory Management

Inventory required for the supermarkets should be maintained in timely order so as to meet
the day to day operation and create successive operation of the supermarket. The planning of
materials requirements must be made for the efficiency in operation of the supermarket as

f. Layout of the Store

The layout of the supermarket also plays important role in the successful operation of the
supermarket. The proper arrangement of physical assets and determining how large the
facility is required by the operation managers helps in actual and efficient operation of the
supermarket. This too leads in the convenience for the supermarket as well as customers.

g. Scheduling

Scheduling the number of work force required in the supermarket, when are they required,
how long they should be kept. also helps in the successful operation of the supermarket. It is
because scheduling is directly related to the out flow of finance with the supermarket. Proper
scheduling helps reducing the costs and hence in the profitability of the supermarket.

Q What are some of the ways Wegmans uses technology to gain an edge over its

One of the top grocery operating in the US market, Wegmans Food Markets, Inc.,
employing over 37,000 people and very successful in maintaining customer
satisfaction, resulting the sales of over $3 billion is very successful in its operation.
It is possible because of the Wegmans uses of the technology continuously to gain
edge over its competition. Wegmans use the technologies in order to determine the
level of inventory required as well to manage the supply change in the firm.
Moreover, the use of technology is in maintaining the freshness of the meat too.
Also, the technologies are used to determine if any departments are to be added in
the firm.