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fy a NOTES: Ia player searching for reasure is using a Hero that ean lear Skill, the following wll apply. Otherwise, no special easure is fou Sitting among the oting pages of musty, old books, is legible copy of| “The Teachings of Hugh Jrse™. The first two Heroes whe ray rol lear anew Skil Should they happen to lear a Skill they've lkeady acquired they may nol roll gain The book mysteriously ‘anises afer he second read and may only be ead once bya single Hero, Siting nth ge of the thei eof parchment cad “Quran the Mase or arel ard ho holding ol sl farina © ee sti 20 Go Coie © 2% 1: sein om frre il oner Skits imide the tm Pe Sklar mh. The Secon ay sms move an otk @ te eso eo salem ake op i Hoyer ts Wandering Monster in this Quest: searching fr seoret doors or teasure wil discover asl switch sighed to the cover ofthe book on the alla If the Heros press he Sith, the book will lose, Once the book is lose, the doors othe ‘alle rooms wll immediately swing open, ‘There isa mysterious force within the room. The flor seems to pl at the Heraes fet. Any’ Hero or Monster tempting to move within this ‘oom wil have their movernent reduced by T equate, Standing in front ofthe throne is Quinzen. Hei a frightening Necromancer who isis fear vpon all who ener his chamber, AI Heroes entering this room wll experience the eects ofthe Chaos Spell: Fear. Quitzon knows the fou Chaos Spells inluded wit his Quest and asthe following stats Movement Attack Defend Badg Mn u 2 & 3 1 Ta Feros olding the SeVoT Tom (By, the eles ofthe Fear Spe wil be negated, but only when attacking Quinzen. Once Quien s defeated, the Heroes have sucessfully completed this Quos and may returs the Shirase. There eno vast fortne tobe found. : @ Finir auto Spog, jeuonsppe 1 pue Suspuajoq pue