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Republic of the Philippines

Department of Education
Division of Cagayan de Oro
Gusa, Cagayan de Oro City


Group Number:___________________ Lev/Sec:________________ Science Teacher: Mark Richie S. Lasque

Criteria 1 2 3 4 Score
Content The content incudes a clear statement of Information is presented as a connected The content does not present a clearly Content lacks central theme, clear point of
purpose or theme and is creative, theme with accurate, current supporting stated theme is vague, and some of the view and logical sequence of information.
compelling and clearly written. A rich information that contributes to supporting information does not seem fit Much of the supporting information is
variety of supporting information in the understanding the project’s main idea. the main idea or appears as a irrelevant to the over-all message. The
video contributes to the understanding of Details are logical and persuasive disconnected series of scenes with no viewer is unsure what the message is
the projects main idea. Events and information is effectively used. The unifying main idea. Includes few citations because there is little persuasive ____/40
messages are presented in a logical order. content includes a clear point of view with and few facts. information and only one or two facts pts.
Includes properly cited sources. a progression of ideas and supporting about the topic are articulated.
information. Includes properly cited Information is incorrect, out of date or
sources. incomplete. No citations included.

(____/36-40 pts.) (____/31-35 pts.) (____/26-30 pts.) (____/25 pts.)

Quality Movie was completed and had all required Movie was completed and contained all Video was made but had very little if any The video was totally unedited with no
elements. The video was well edited and required elements. Editing was not done editing. Many poor shots remain. Video transitions or audio support of any kind.
moves smoothly from scene to scene with as well as it should have been. Some poor was very fragmented and choppy with
proper use of transitions. Audio and other shots remain movie is still somewhat little to no audio reinforcement. ____/40
enhancements were well used. choppy. Audio and other enhancements pts.
were utilized but not for maximum effect.

(____/36-40 pts.) (____/31-35 pts.) (____/26-30 pts.) (____/25 pts.)

Work Ethics Every individual in the group contributed 1 member is not involved in the group 2-3 members are not involved in the group More than 3 members are not involved
to the creation of the video project. Team project. Team members mostly showed project. Team members fairly showed and interested in the group project or
members showed interest to the task and interest to the task and respect with each interest and respect with each other. group members are not working during
respect with each other. other. the designated time or low levels of
respect were evident within the team.
(____/16-20 pts.) (____/6-10 pts.) (____/5 pts.)
(____/11-15 pts.)
Total Score pts.

Evaluator:______________________________________________ Date:______________ Signature:_______________________________