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Republic of the Philippines

Department of Education (DepEd)

Region VIII (Eastern Visayas)
Palo, Leyte

Conalum National High School

Conalum, Inopacan, Leyte



I. Rationale:

We all know that for the last few years, we are experiencing a growing scientific concern
with regards to our global environment. For many decades, scientists have warned us about
environmental abuse and the effects of it worldwide. However, lots of ways are being introduced
to mitigate and lessen such effects which continuously have slowly changed the world. Thus,
students as well as teachers as part of the main movers in a society are encouraged to engage
such practices which could help the world to survive even longer up to the next generation.

II. Objective :
 To advance and apply best practices in the ecological waste management including
the proper way of waste segregation with the use of Material Recovery Facility (MRF),
composting, and recycling of plastic bottles to the teachers and students in Conalum
National High School.

III. Date: August 22, 2016

IV. Venue: Conalum National High School

V. Persons Involved:
School Principal
School Eco-Friendly Coordinator
School Solid Waste Management Coordinator
Students (All Year Levels)

VI. Highlights of the Activity:

The School Eco-Friendly Coordinator coordinated with the School Solid Waste
Management Coordinator in the monitoring and evaluation of the said program with the
permission of the School Head.

VII. Documentation/ Pictorials

(See Attached Files)

Prepared by:
Eco-Friendly Coordinator
School Principal I
1 Waste Management Program 2017 | Conalum National High School
The Conalum National High School
encourages students as well as the
faculty to practice the proper
segregation of wastes through the
Material Recovery Facility (MRF).

The color coding indicates the different kinds of waste to be put inside each receptacle. The YELLOW color
indicates for the Hazardous wastes, RED color for the Residual wastes, Green color for the Biodegradable wastes,
Blue color for the Recyclable, and Orange color for the NDP (which stands for Napkins, Diapers, and Panty Liners)

4 smaller trash cans with labels

can also be observed in each
classroom in the campus. 1
receptacle for NDP is separated
which is found at the Comfort

2 Waste Management Program 2017 | Conalum National High School

Another way of proper waste segregation is also practiced by the Conalum NHS students and teachers.
Each class advisory has its own compost heap or compost pits, at least 1x1x2 meter deep with fences, located at
the backyards of each classroom.

3 Waste Management Program 2017 | Conalum National High School

The Conalum NHS also encourages students to showcase their creativity and skills in transforming wastes
into useful and innovative products.

Plastic bottles, truck and

bicycle tires, boots, CDs as
well as shells are being
used and recycled to
beautify the classrooms
and school grounds.

4 Waste Management Program 2017 | Conalum National High School

5 Waste Management Program 2017 | Conalum National High School