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Intel® Easy Steps


Welcome to Intel Easy Steps. Intel Easy Steps is a course designed to help you learn the basic steps of
how to use a computer effectively, and to apply your computer skills in your daily life.

Why learn about using a computer? Computers have become an important part of our everyday life.
Many people use computers to keep records, do calculations, to search information, store pictures and
music, play games and communicate with others. Computers have changed the way we work and live.
Computer skills are also important for employment, and for running any size of business, large or small.

In this Intel Easy Steps course, you will learn the basics of how to use computer in a series of easy
lessons. In the initial modules of this course, you will get an introduction to how a computer operates,
and to basic software applications. To make the learning fun and useful, the later modules provide
activities that are woven around the theme of employment and entrepreneurship. That is you learn to
use computer by doing activities that will not only help develop technology skills, but will show you how
you can apply those skills in your day-to-day life, in a job, or in creating a small business.

Curriculum Objectives:

The curriculum is arranged into fourteen modules, which will cover the use of different technology
areas. Each module will help you learn new skills by developing products, which can be useful in your
personal life or in business. During this course, you will be able to:

 Understand the basics of computers.

 Understand and use some of the computer applications such as graphics, word processing,
spread-sheets and multimedia applications.
 Understand and use some of the web-based applications such as Internet Search, Email, Instant
Messaging and Collaborative Documents.
 Communicate, collaborate and create products such as brochures, flyers, budgets, websites and
others, which can be useful in your personal life, in a job or in starting and running a small
 Develop a product portfolio of the end products, and showcase it to a select audience.

You will be provided with a number of resources as part of this course. This includes step-by-step
instructions for the activities that you will complete during this course.

Course Description:

Part 1 – Learning New Skills:

1. Introduction to Computing and Operating Systems

2. Introduction to Word Processing
3. Introduction to Spread-sheets

4. Introduction to Internet and E-mail
5. Introduction to Multimedia

Part 2 – Applying Skills to Business and Entrepreneurship:

1. Introduction to Entrepreneurship
2. Money Management and Finances
3. Marketing Plan
4. Branding
5. Marketing Material
6. Online Marketing
7. Collecting Feedback Online

Part 3 – Showcasing Your Work:

1. Developing a Product Portfolio

2. Showcasing Your Work – especially useful if course is delivered through a workshop


 Internet Safety Guidelines

Each module consists of a short description of the module including the learning objectives and a series
of activities that provide step by step and illustrated guides for exploration, application of concepts,
demonstration of what was learned and guided self-practice.

Program Offerings:

Intel Easy Steps is a flexible and customisable program offering that can accommodate a variety of
learning requirement of target segments. Intel Easy Steps can be offered as:

1. Intel Easy Steps Basic Course:

The course can be offered as Facilitated Course, conducted over a period of 10 hours, 14 hours
or 20 hours, depending on the level of the participants.
2. Intel Easy Steps WorkShop:
It can also be offered as Facilitated Workshops, conducted between 2 to 4 hours, focusing on a
specific technology area that the participants identify as a need. For participants who are
capable of independent learning, activity cards can serve as self-instruction materials to create
useful products or complete tasks using key technology applications.
3. Activity Cards:
Intel Easy Steps provides a series of Activity Cards each of which provides step-by-step simple
instruction on how to create a useful product or complete a specific task.

Partner Sign Up:

Once you have signed the Intel Easy Steps License Agreement and Intel Easy Steps MoU for
implementing Intel Easy Steps program, you will have access to a digital PDF copy of the following
materials that you can reproduce according to your needs:

1. Intel Easy Steps Basic Course

2. Intel Easy Steps Implementation Guide
3. Intel Easy Steps Activity Cards Book
4. Intel Easy Steps Facilitation Guide
5. Intel Easy Steps Evaluation Toolkit
6. New activity cards can be downloaded from the website as soon as they are available

For more information on how to sign up for the program, please contact:

The National Coordinator - Intel Easy Steps Philippines

3rd floor, Orcel II Bldg, 1611 Quezon Avenue,
Brgy. West Triangle, Quezon City 1100
Email: easysteps@fit-ed.org


Sample Activity Cards:

Intel Easy Steps provides a series of

Activity Cards each of which provides
step-by-step simple instruction on
how to create a useful product or
complete a specific task. So far, 26
activity cards have already been
developed and there will be more to
come. Each Activity Card provides step
by step and illustrated instructions on
how to complete a product such as a
brochure, a letter, a budget and more.
Below are sample activity cards and a
list of what has been developed so far
and in 2012, more activity cards will
be made available.

List of Available Activity Cards:

1. Address Book 14. Inventory

2. Brochure 15. Invitation Card
3. Budget 16. Letter
4. Business Card 17. Logo and Letterhead
5. Certificate 18. Newsletter
6. E-card 19. Poster-Advertisement
7. Email 20. Create a Presentation
8. Flyer 21. How to Use a Printer
9. Health Check Card 22. Receipt
10. Help Guide 23. Resume
11. Download Files from the Internet 24. How to Use a Scanner
12. Internet Search 25. Survey Form
13. Internet Surfing 26. How to Use a Webcam