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DLP NO. 1b Learning Area: EMPOWERMENT TECHNOLOGY Quarter: 1 Duration: 80mins.

Learning Compare and contrast the nuances of varied online platforms, Code: CS-ICT11/12-ICTPT-Ia-b-1
Competencies: sites, and content to best achieve specific class objectives or
address situational challenges
Key Concept/ Understanding to be ICT in the context of global communication for specific professional track
1. Objectives
Knowledge Remembering The students are expected to:

Understanding Explain the current state of ICT technologies;

Skills Applying
Analyzing Distinguish the correct web platform to promote social change
Attitude Receiving Phenomenon
Responding to Display a positive attitude towards ICT technologies; and
Internalizing Values
Values Receiving Phenomenon
Responding to Display with utmost concern on social responsibility.
Internalizing Values
2. Content Information and Communication Technology covering the topics of:
1. The current state of ICT technologies (i.e., Web 2.0, 3.0, convergent technologies, social,
mobile, and assistive media)
2. Online systems, functions, and platforms
3. Learning Books, CG, Power point, internet, strips of paper, cartolina, pentel pens, coloring materials
4. Procedures
4.1 Introductory 1. Checking of attendance.
Activity (5 mins.) 2. Review of previous lesson.
4.2 Activity Form the class into group of 8 members. Take turns answering the questions. Share by group.
(30mins.) 1. How many of you use social media websites?
2. What is the most popular social media site?
3. Who among your members use Internet to get News?
4. Who among your members use iPhones or Android phones?
5. Who among you here are familiar with assistive media?
4.3 Analysis (5mins.)  Each group will report on the result of the survey.
 Teacher analyze the acquired data.
 Cite the impact and result of the trends
4.4 Abstraction  Lecturette on the:features of web 2.0 and 3.0, Convergent technologies, and assistive media
4.5 Application Do Exploration 1.2 on Identifying the Correct Web Platform to use for social change after knowing the Trends of ICT
4.6 Assessment Answer the Post Test.
4.7 Assignment Individually, do the following:
(2mins.) 1. Identify a community problem that need to be address.
2. Develop a plan using a chosen platform to address the problem.
4.8 Concluding Keep everything in proper order…Prayer.
Activity (3mins.)
5. Remarks
6. Reflections
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