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NMENT BUREAU OF JAIL MANAGEMENT AND PENOLOGY NATIONAL HEADQUARTERS MEMORANDUM To : Directors of Directorates Chiefs of Offices Regional Director of the Jali Bureau Director, NIMPTI SUBJECT : The 4G Management Strategy D, 42 April 2078 4 The bureau adopts a whcie of agency approach to ensure the quality of ts public service delivery on safekeeping and development of persons deprived of betty while keen on achieving its collective goals that were aligned to the Philippine Development Plan (20°7-2022), the J.A.i.L.S. Plan, the BUMP Operations Plan and Budget and the PRRD Program of the previous administration the directive of DILG Secretary Eduardo M. Afio du of the bureau's headst's last March 27, 2079, we cratted the 4G gy to guide us on our n of enhancing the efficiency of o. pubic service delivery. improving the nditen in jas, the reformation persons deprived of liberty Under our care, and in sustaining e nigh morale work ec, pecpie-centered and who possesses tne highest standards nd professionalism. $ Atiached herewith is the framework of reference and easy understanding 4. r information and compliance. ALLAN S IRAL, CESE il Chief Superintendent "Changing Lives, Building a Safer Nation vuaia suowessdg, 40) alevo19auig, 491430 aTigisNods3u 30) pourely 81205 pepooue spi0a1 74d ON, anersuy warssg ALO reuowesedg qin suer yo “oN, ‘svauend peo} jeuoneN, JaISOUUO WOISAS ALDD tesod) yun sper jo ON, ‘pew sanBoweip jo on, sabeubss jo 2ouas%g, paronpucs suoneiadg punoykarg Jo on, pazias spueqenuod Jo ‘ON, sSUOLVOIONL pL 10 babes si2a10, 1° 19] Suowe Bu Ina0g 10449 Jo YonpUED, waists eradieg a/6u1g ue (saunseayy Aoenug jou apMEONEN, | IEG pue Ayund@s:04K) ep Td @1ns—g, swun er nesodo A199 eoueyus, 99) Joquog pue puewuuos jer ou puedxa pue anosduut ‘ysiaeIsa, vonup-ABojouys9} Aoydury pue "dd Ul sanBoIEIp Jo yaNPUED. eouesug ay) e spuegenuos paraprs Jo sobeusis jo Bunsos, suoerad ‘punoysais Jo onpuog, ur spuegesuoe 10 ‘sioysia Guowe sainpaood id pue pueqesuoo Butyase8s Jo yonpuog, | Jo Arua wor a}e6 auy ainoag | ayeg amp peng »SSLLIALLOV s90npe1g poos) pue suoyenouur ‘sanunosay UeUNys wwawodeuey SBumoyjoy ou 9 veld STIVE ‘au 19) siajawered sovewnoyad 9109 34, ppuabe wasaud suonensiumupe wupsaid au) pue wowe6euew sobuayeyp jal9,Ip 24101 papenp rouudoyanop una} wrypaus @ $1 ued sTrve wsiivaooud yesodo, 10) 9yer0;99110, 20ua6ijo1U) 19} a}e10}28110, 301190 snaisnodsay ‘sanbojerp mjssanons jo on, | ayonpuoo suotsadsur jo ON, ‘siuapioui edease paviemin JO ON, pokoidap syn 6 49 ON, aronpuoa 3 pul Ie JO ON. ppabiey pure papuayaicde Jo ON, ‘Spueqe.jU09 poreDsyucd jo “ON. ‘sanmoe aoustayoqur yo ynsex se papuoyoudde 10 poBseuo soy'sin/ pUUOSIAGIAd JO ON. sSHOLVOIGNI shun 630 wausorded, 28 I'd 401N61 Jo wonpuoD, Avs wel a4p yo 2oueuayUIeW pouuosiad pue Tad Jo Binyssbas uo ‘oyod jo vonequausa vuonpoyan yeunioyu pue Buouie® ‘souabiyatur Atep Jo fanpuc, *SBLLIALLOV pb oz obed squaprou adeaso yuandig) :Saunsvan, sADBLVALS aping 1no-joy ABayeNS JuoWaBeURW OF OUL ABojous,g pue juswabeuey jer jo neaing JUALUWAADD [2907 PUR JOLE]U] ay} Jo jUeUedag swe ut adeaso lez ewe oy SaAILOarEO sSWVHDONC