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Facts About Cremation

What is Cremation?

Cremation is a process in which the body is reduced to small, skeletal

fragments by intense heat and evaporation. This prepares the body for
the final disposition. The cremains are then placed in a temporary
container or a permanent urn.

What you should consider about Cremation.

Cremation offers a number of options, but it is important to remember

that cremation is only a process, not a replacement for a traditional
funeral (unless that is what the person desires). Memorial services,
either before or after the cremation, serve as a way to honor those who
have died. As well as a way to identify the final resting place for the

Memorial ceremonies

A funeral or memorial service is an opportunity for friends and family to

come together and show support for those who are left behind. This
sharing of feelings can offer great comfort and consolation to those who
are in mourning. Services can be performed, either before cremation,
with the body present, or after with the cremated remains. If services are
held prior to cremation with the body present, you may want to consider
a casket. Remember that the body is cremated in the enclosure in which
it arrives at the crematory. Therefore, metal caskets may not be allowed.
If services are held after the cremation, you may want to consider a
permanent urn for the remains. All services can be tailored to your
specific needs, and sentiments.

Where services may be held.

Services may be held in any location you find meaningful. Either a

chapel, church, home, or even at the crematory, or the graveside prior to
burial of the urn.

Alternatives after cremation.

If the cremains are to be preserved in an urn, there are many options.

The urn can be kept in your home, or buried in your family's cemetery
plot. Some cemeteries offer a special area specifically for urn burial, with
identification markers. Mausoleums and Columbariums offer above the
ground structures with niches to hold the urns. These niches are
protected by marble, granite, bronze or glass. Plaques are used to
identify names and dates.

Scattering of remains is offered in areas where permitted by law. This is

an irrevocable act, therefore, thought should be put into the location
chosen. Families often choose a place bearing sentiment for the
deceased. This location can be anywhere, large or small, inside or out.
Some cemeteries offer a location for scattering remains. Many families
choose scattering over land or sea where local ordinances permit.

Facts about urns.

Urns are available in may styles and materials, such as wood, bronze or
plastic. Prices vary, so please feel free to call us at 1-800-244-6634 to
discuss specific urns and their prices. If you choose to bury an urn,
there is an urn vault available, which will protect the urn from sub-soil

What are some of the costs involved in cremation.

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Flynn_Cassidy Funeral Service http://www.omegafuneralservice.com/omcrematel.html

The following is a breakdown of the costs for cremation (as of

August 1, 2009)
subject to change without notice:
Direct Cremation (Westchester Hospitals - securing of all the
necessary permits and death certificate (locally), placing
remains in a cremation container, transportation to the crematory $1295
by hearse or service car and return cremains to our Elmsford or
Mt. Kisco office, if that is designated mode of disposition).
Additional fee for death occurring
in private residence or nursing home.
In NYC. $580
In Connecticut..(plus M.E. Fee) $580
In New Jersey $580
After 5 pm $100
Fern Cliff Crematory (Monday to Saturday) Cremains available
3-5 business days after cremation
Service at Ferncliff, or the Funeral Home
1/2 Hour
Sunday cremation that the crematory is opened $439
Holiday cremation that the crematory is opened $452
Memorial Service at Funeral Home
2pm - 4pm Afternoon Only
Identification in Funeral Home
15 minutes maximum, no dressing
Dressing/Casketing $290
Meet and follow to the crematory,
or the Cemetery
Same Day Service
Arrangements and cremation the same day $411
(cremains returned to our office within 24-48 hours)
Oversize Simple Container for cremations $200
Death Certificates
New York State
New York City
Delivery to a cemetery within Westchester $150
Delivery to the Bronx, Queens, or Long Island $250
Mailing of ashes:
Packaging and U.S. Postal Delivery (certified/return receipt)
Packaging and Overnight U.S. Postal Delivery $125
Unattended Scattering at Sea Long Island or the Gulf of Mexico $100
Unattended Scattering in the Adirondack Mountains $100
Storage of Cremains
Storage and Safe Keeping Of Cremains at the service Centers
for more than 120 days from day of death
Permanent storage of cremains at the service centers $395

What happens after cremation?

Choices for disposition of cremated remains include:

Scattering in a memorial garden of a cemetery or church, at sea,

or over private property, and a host of other personal options,
offered by omega funeral services.

Inurnment in a niche of a columbarium in cemeteries, churches

and other locations (If using a private cemetery you may need to
purchase a permanent urn)

Burial in cemeteries (If using a private cemetery you may need to

purchase a permanent urn), urn gardens, or at a US national
cemetery for veterans and their spouses

Keep at home in a permanent container. This is often done with

consideration for later transport and or burial

"Keepsakes" are miniature urns or pendants designed to contain

a portion of the cremains while the remainder is buried scattered or

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Flynn_Cassidy Funeral Service http://www.omegafuneralservice.com/omcrematel.html

Can all this be pre-planned?

Yes! Planning ahead offers a helpful way to meet specific needs and
wants. In addition, it enables decisions to be made without being under
great grief and stress. It also gives a great piece of mind. Please feel
free to call us at 1-800-244-6634 (in North America) if you should need
any additional information.

Why Make arrangements before death?

By tending to the matter yourself you gain peace of mind by knowing

your wishes will be carried out according to your instructions, as well as
not being a financial burden on others. Prearranging is one of the
kindest acts of love you can do for your family because it spares them
the burden of making stressful decisions at a time when they may be
emotionally unprepared to deal with them. Prearrangements are also the
best way to avoid emotional overspending at the time of need, thereby,
avoiding the "high cost of dying".

Paid in full membership

Paid in full members are guaranteed Omega Funeral Services at any

future date, for payment of today's fees. The member's file is
permanently on record and contains all the signed orders and
authorizations to be used at the time of death as of January, 2007. The
style and form of authorization may change in the future.

Omega Funeral Service members carry a membership/identification card

in their wallet or purse. Copies are also made available for clergy, family,
physician, neighbor, etc. At time of death Omega Funeral Services is
notified and immediately arranges transport of the deceased from the
place of death. Meanwhile, our staff prepares death documents, secures
medical authorities signatures and completes death certificates (locally).

What if death occurs away from home?

Paid in full members of Omega Funeral Services are guaranteed

services wherever death occurs in the United States, without hidden
costs to arrange transport of the deceased, as well as cremation
services. The deceased member's file is sent by fax to our local affiliate
organization and cremation is completed there. Disposition of cremated
remains is in accordance with prearranged instruction of the deceased.

If disposition is for burial at a National Cemetery for Veterans, Omega

Funeral Services staff completes all Veterans Administration paper work
on behalf of the deceased's family.

Comparison for Direct Cremation by Omega Funeral Services

Does the "Direct Cremation" include everything necessary?

Do the quoted fees include transporting the deceased from the

place of death to the service center, and by hearse or service car to
the crematory?

Does the quoted price include delivery of the cremains to the

service center for family pick up?

Does the quoted price include a container for the cremated


Is the alternative container included in the price?

Is the charge for temporary refrigeration of the deceased included?

Does the price include all errands and paperwork?

The Answer is yes by Omega Funeral Services to all of the above!

An omega funeral service cremation consultant will make arrangements with the responsible party by
phone, fax, overnight mail, or at a conference in our offices. All major credit cards are accepted.


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Flynn_Cassidy Funeral Service http://www.omegafuneralservice.com/omcrematel.html

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