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1 - The US constitution is regurlaly refered as the first constitution in the world, usually

because it wah the first written. One of the main ideas in this document is the popular
soveryingt, this idea still is one of the most important bases of the US foundantion. It is based
on the premiss of “less power to the government and more power to the people, where it
belongs”. This if clear when we see the first phrase in the document “WE THE PEOPLE” even
the words are diferents, they are bigger than the rest of words in the constitution. In the
preambule, it says “we the people of the United States of America in order to form a more
perfect union”. The constant use of the word “people” shows that they want to ensure the
importance of the people. The same thing happens in the first amendment, where the
freedom of speech is protected.

2 – the United States created their constitution a little after their independence from the
British Empire, over the ruler of UK the US need to pay a lot of taxes, indeed one of the
reasons the US started their independence revolution, was because of the taxes on tea. The
people trying to avoid another one tyrannical regime, decided to limited the government in all
the ways possible. One of the strategies was to limit the nation government and give almost all
power to the states, this was called the dual-Federalism, but a lot of problems happened
because of it, so in the second version of the constitution they gave more power to the
national government, taking the power of the states and giving them to the Union.

3 – clause 39: a right to due process.

In that time the monarch didn’t have limits, he did not need to answer to no one, the church,
the lords, the people, everyone in his territory needed to obey his commands didn’t matter if
that law/ruler did not exist, if the king decided there was nothing to do.

Clause 39: “No FREE man shall be seized on imprisoned”.

It’s important to say that at the time, a lot of people were not really free in England. Exs: the
Women, servants (a little better than slaves) and war slaves. All these people were not free, so
this clause didn’t protected them.

Clause 39: “Or stripped of this rights or possessions, or outlawed or exiled, or deprived of his
standing in any way”.

This part of the clause says exactly what cannot be done with a FREE MAN. Cause a lot of
people lose everything they had based on the wishes of someone “superior”, usually someone
involved with the church or the lords, and we don’t need to talk about the king’s powers, the
king above all of them could make anything he wanted.

Clause 39: “… except by the lawful judgment of his equals or by the law of the land”.

Before the magna carta, this idea of due process didn’t exist, after this the individual only face
consequences if he is found guilty. This is one of the most important bases of the judicial
process and everything involved with law.