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DAY 1 – May 16, 2019 (Thursday) | LECTURE SEMINARS (13:30-15:30)

Room 1 Room 2 Room 3 Room 4
Y407 Y408 Y409 Y507
Research and writing with Students-Helping-Students
light and sound: Using Model with technology: Education for sustainable
Basic documentation style
multimodal methods to Designing contextualized development: Ideas for
in (action) research
engage in and report programs to help action research
about classroom research struggling learners
Aurelio P. Vilbar
Bronwyn T. Williams Shirley N. Dita Sterling M. Plata
(University of the
(University of Louisville) (De La Salle University) (De La Salle University)
Philippines Cebu)

DAY 1 – May 16, 2019 (Thursday) | PARALLEL SESSIONS 1 (16:00-16:30)

Room 1 Room 2 Room 3 Room 4 Room 5 Room 6 Room 7
Utilizing Identifying
augmented algorithm by SMART Wheeled Art
Technology Vocabulary reality in examining management Studio: An
supported notebook for improving the social plan for an innovative
inquiry-based teaching and frustration context: outcome- tool anchored
practices: A
learning and learning tolerance of Photovoice based on focused
achievement technical ADHD and photo- research in exploration in
from the
in Science vocabulary learners: An elicitation in the K to 12 teaching
experimental teaching curriculum visual arts
study mathematics
Reynold A. Alvin Odon
Matthew J. de Bernard Marc
Nenita D. Gefilloyd L. Rustia & Mac Millan C. Insorio &
Castro & Evangelista
Nicolas De Castro Carina D. Tobeo Annalyn A.
Feliece I. Codillo
Rustia Delfino

DAY 1 – May 16, 2019 (Thursday) | PARALLEL SESSIONS 2 (16:30-17:00)

Room 1 Room 2 Room 3 Room 4 Room 5 Room 6 Room 7
Reciprocal Knowing Art
Utilization of
teaching Capital:
Affordances the basic
approach: Numeracy Understandin
of online self- emergency When student
Tool to enhancemen g the
assessment obstetric and Data mining causes
enhance t tool (NET): appreciation
and newborn care in a mobile teacher’s
multifaceted Mobile app of art through
metacognitiv services learning trauma, auto-
dimensions of for Poblacion
e reflection in among environment ethnographic
learning mathematics Ibaba and
high school women of account
English as a students Poblacion
Physics reproductive
second Itaas of
language Angono, Rizal
Alvin Odon Melidiossa V.
Richard Insorio & Pagudpud & Lara
Val Joseph I. Eden N. Lynle C.
Deanne C. Robert Princess Marinnete G.
Viňalo Ragual Cacho
Sagun Matthew J. De Reinadel D. Landayan
Castro Alejandro

DAY 1 – May 16, 2019 (Thursday) | PARALLEL SESSIONS 3 (17:00-17:30)
Room 1 Room 2 Room 3 Room 4 Room 5 Room 6 Room 7
Mathematical History within
Enhancing model on the history:
Enhancing software for Project
21st century mathematical Honesty Store: Tracing the
science children with T.E.A.C.H.:
skills through skills of Students' development
inquiry skills high Input for
flexibly-paced freshmen and home for of the History
via socio- functioning RPMS-PPST
collaborative sophomore education Program in
scientific autism professional
writing and G engineering and the University
based spectrum development
Suite students of development of Santo
instruction disorder for teachers
Quirino State Tomas (1951-
University 2018)
Gideon D. Helen C. Joie E.
Melody Oray, Ruel D. Aure, Joefel S. Buendia,
Ronaldo C. Kornellie L. Archie B.
Angelique C. Cabigas & Horca & Anna Conrado D.
Reyes Raquitico Resos
Rivera Joshua O. Marie S. Obar, Jr. &
Delos Santos Aranzanz Gina Alberto

DAY 2 – May 17, 2019 (Friday) | PARALLEL SESSIONS 4 (08:30-09:00)

Room 1 Room 2 Room 3 Room 4 Room 5 Room 6 Room 7
application of EARLY (Early
Non-physics Level of Life dynamics
mathematical Arrival
majors’ level physical Activity- as a
Gen Z reading concepts to Regularly,
of confidence fitness of M.R. based via behavioral
motivation in actual Learning
in teaching learners of multimedia program for
the age of fieldwork of Yaply): An
physics: Basis EM’s Signal learning student
information the Bachelor intervention
for a teacher Village through ISIM leaders of
overload of Science in program in
enhancemen Elementary to Science 7 Jose Rizal
Civil decreasing
t program School University
Engineering students’
graduates tardiness
William C. Jonathan
Rochelle S. April Rose M.
Agomana, Chiong &
Balete & Aumi Pablo Garcia, Galutan & Dharyl C. Del
Hasima N. Jayces
Rubie G. Manansala Jr. Ernesto F. Mundo
Salic & Mary Catipunan-
Tagle Capinding, Jr.
Flor C. Babia Francisco

DAY 2 – May 17, 2019 (Friday) | PARALLEL SESSIONS 5 (09:00-9:30)

Room 1 Room 2 Room 3 Room 4 Room 5 Room 6 Room 7
Triumphs and Exploring Assessment of
travails in parent- reading Effects of
Thwarting of checking of
science: Lived teacher anxiety and using parsing
difficulties in students’
experiences collaboration oral reading ROY A. on the writing
polynomial attendance
of learners to improve fluency of MOLANDA: performance
division: tool: An
with special students’ Grade 11 An effective of Grade 10
The case of intervention
educational vocabulary students: EdTech model students of
synthetic to increase
needs in skills: An Towards Tibagan High
division students’
inclusive action intervention School
classrooms research development
Chelou M.
Darren Rey C.
Jane Charity Tizon, Annabelle
Maricar Javier & Eleanor C. Roy A.
Estrada- Luisander C. Cuevas
Linga-Moser Ramier P. Macapal Molanda
Madronero Luy & Lilibeth Rabulas
Jubay, Jr.
Y. Abamonga

DAY 2 – May 17, 2019 (Friday) | PARALLEL SESSIONS 6 (09:30-10:00)
Room 1 Room 2 Room 3 Room 4 Room 5 Room 6 Room 7
Perception of Attitudes, Android
The Influence realistic
teachers and awareness Wattpad sa
of strategic mathematics Leadership
Gay lingo in administrators and skills of asignaturang
intervention lessons styles of
focus: A on integrating public school Filipino para
materials towards school heads:
morphologica contemporar teachers sa Baitang
toward improving Basis for
l exploration y Filipino towards Walong (8)
science mathematical training needs
social issues in inclusive mag-aaral sa
achievement productive
the classroom education ika-21 siglong
Michael E.
Laurence Von Ecoben,
Crystal Jade Sherill G. Roda D. Ian Martinez
Jonathan T. Christopher G. Melecio L. Tuba
S. Mongas Dumaga Johnson Cristobal
De Guzman Chua & Jemuel M.

DAY 2 – May 17, 2019 (Friday) | PARALLEL SESSIONS 7 (10:30-11:00)

Room 1 Room 2 Room 3 Room 4 Room 5 Room 6 Room 7
Strengthening Capacitating
teachers’ students’
Voices from students School
classroom disaster and
Developing within: performance administrators
practices emergency
science Students’ using the ’ Teachers’
using Teacher preparedness
inquiry skills of lived Udemy and management commitment
Cognition practices
kindergartene experiences Khan practices in and job
Framework through a
rs through art- on English Academy relation satisfaction
and School- localized
making language videos in to school
based emergency
anxiety learning performance
Learning procedures
Action Cell framework
Carla S.
Abogadil, Sedfrey
Roselle M. Rafael J. Rodney Allan Myleen P. Cenando J.
Helen Joy L. Aldrich P.
Rivera & Ma.
Soriano Eusebio, Jr. V. Gianan Acebes Bodanio, Jr.
Elena P. Hojilla

DAY 2 – May 17, 2019 (Friday) | PARALLEL SESSIONS 8 (11:00-11:30)

Room 1 Room 2 Room 3 Room 4 Room 5 Room 6 Room 7
A casual-
Blended e- comparative Visual Model BISITA 1-on-1:
Electronic School to Distributed
learning study on the Approach in A “personal
Strategic School teacher
approach to academic solving touch
Intervention Partnership leadership
improve stress algebraic strategy” to
materials (e- Program: practices of
students experience word increase the
SIMs) in Impact on the the Religious
conceptual between problems mobilization
chemistry for leader school of the Virgin
understandin private and among of Brigada
Grade 9 and partner Mary (RVM)
g of English public senior Grade 7 STE Eskwela
students school schools
tenses high school students Program
Maejen Clovelle T.
Ebojo, Joey-Nell Joie E. Buendia,
Margareth H. Rosalie
Marzan, Katya Mark Lester Q.
Amelia A. Valido, Lovely Macabodbod Gorgonio,
Escalera & Maricel C. Mitchel
Juvelyn A. Rollaine B. & Salvador
Raguini, Erika Ma. Rachelle Espineli & Maria
Corpuz Deramas
Cruz Perry Jane Q.
Joyce A. De Kim L. Aure Bernadette C.
Ramos & Esralyn Cañete
P. Ignacio

DAY 2 – May 17, 2019 (Friday) | PARALLEL SESSIONS 9 (11:30-12:00)
Room 1 Room 2 Room 3 Room 4 Room 5 Room 6
Magbebat ita: Analyses of STEM An inter-agency
Easing anxiety in Improving the
Reviving the Inmates’ students’ campaign
learning organic research
ethnolinguistic children: The trigonometric regulating entry
chemistry competency of
vitality of collateral victims differentiation of students to
through visual art teachers in
Subanen pupils of justice and integration computer shops
projects Pozorrubio II
through songs solutions during class
Mary Joan J.
NIlda A. Aclao, Cajella, William C.
Agomana, Maurita
Kimberly C. Marites B. Stephen R. Chonilo S.
M. Donasco, Leah Roda D. Johnson
Rivera Barrientos & Dumaga Saldon Lyn Lingatong &
Joel T. Aclao Dinah Zoraida B.

DAY 2 – May 17, 2019 (Friday) | POSTER SESSIONS 1 (14:30-15:00)

Poster Session 1 Poster Session 1 Poster Session 1 Poster Session 1 Poster Session 1 Poster Session 1
Utilization of The
School expansive collaborative
Exploring the Workplace
environment, Developing technology tools approaches in
culture of performance of
personal traits in digital comics as in Science teaching
contextualization Bicol college
relation to instructional classroom mathematics
: Relating the graduates:
learner's material for assessment and and English in
lessons to Employers’
mathematical human anatomy its perceived Salawag
students’ lives perspective
achievement impact to Elementary
student's KSA School
Leah M.
Alyssa Mae M. An,
Marcellana, Pedro Ma. Rizalina U.
Kimberly C. Rivera,
M. Marcellana, Jr.,
Alvin Odon Trishia Mae S. Johnny T. Dajao &
Mark Fil L. Tagsip Maria Luz T.
Insorio Macasinag, Mary
Pascual, Gladys Samino Bonifacio S.
Anne D. Cruz & Furigay
Ann L. Lachama &
Bernadette V. Lulu
Theresa T. Nasser

DAY 2 – May 17, 2019 (Friday) | POSTER SESSIONS 2 (15:00-15:30)

Poster Session Poster Session Poster Session Poster Session Poster Session Poster Session Poster Session
2 2 2 2 2 2 2
Publishing Level of Teachers’
Math problems of
knowledge: awareness practices
Harmonizing Skillbuilders: students at
Proposed and extent of toward
literature An innovation risk of
orientation implementati All-In-One behavior
circles and in dropping out
program for on of Child (AIO) MAPEH modification:
differentiation strengthening at Kinawe
UP Press in Protection e-Class An action
in improving factoring skills National High
engaging Policy in the Record research
critical among School
scholars to selected study in Oyan
reading skills Grade 8 STEM through
academic public Elementary
students strengthened
publishing schools School
Marijane G.
Christine Ongsoyco,
Kenny Valle P. Cherry Mae P. Monaliza S. Aris A. Naomie B.
Bryan A. Pobe Marie Lim
Bacarro Casinillo & Agsalog Rusiana Daguinotas
Magpile Suzette B. Puti-

DAY 2 – May 17, 2019 (Friday) | PARALLEL SESSIONS 10 (16:00-16:30)
Room 1 Room 2 Room 3 Room 4 Room 5
Identification of
Effectiveness of SIM
Pragmatics of recyclable waste
Reaching digital Resurgent exigency in improving
prosody in Meranaw materials: Basis for
native learners using of values competency among
conversations: A the
Kahoot in earth and enculturation Grade 5 pupils of
Grounded Theory conceptualization
life science among Gen Zers Valeriano E. Fugoso
research and production of
Memorial School
new products
Rohaida M. Mary Angel L.
Jonalyn G. Poserio Marites B. Halcon Susan G. Nanglihan
Derogongan Gavina

DAY 2 – May 17, 2019 (Friday) | PARALLEL SESSIONS 11 (16:30-17:00)

Room 1 Room 2 Room 3 Room 4 Room 5
Modified Lab Level of
Students’ knowledge The readiness of the
Rotation Model : acceptance of the
on disaster faculty members of
Blended e-learning total plastic bag ban
preparedness: Basis Quirino State
Flip in a Grade 9 approach to among the
for strengthening University,
Chemistry class improve students’ registered store
content integration Cabarroguis campus
conceptual owners and
in Araling towards e-learning
understanding of personnel at Diffun
Panlipunan 10 implementation
English tenses Public Market
Odyssa Natividad M. Lovely Rollaine B. Rene B. Edullantes &
Wilyn S. Marzo Leny L. Guinumtad
Molo Cruz Nick Raynier M. Paez

DAY 3 – May 18, 2019 (Saturday) | PARALLEL SESSIONS 12 (09:00-09:30)

Room 1 Room 2 Room 3 Room 4 Room 5
Influences of the
Challenges and
Three Dimensional Rule-output- Learning
problems met by the Problem-based
Model of Instruction correction at output- computational
resource teachers in learning module in
(TDMI) on students’ rule-output strategy thinking through a
the the conservation of
conceptual sa pagsulat ng collaborative mobile
implementation of ecosystem
understanding in komposisyon serious game
field study program
Fretzie Gay Anne B. Victor Patrick G. Gary Z. Regala &
Jerick T. Gonzales Miriam C. Reniedo
Baluyos Tañedo Jennifer D. Regala

DAY 3 – May 18, 2019 (Saturday) | PARALLEL SESSIONS 13 (09:30-10:00)

Room 1 Room 2 Room 3 Room 4 Room 5
Using particulate A comparative study Faculty research Project
representation on on the academic characteristics and Developmental
L2 writing needs of
balancing chemical stress experience research Reading Intervention
Grade 12 HUMSS
equations: effects on between private environment: (DRI) on the reading
students' conception and public Underpinnings of the comprehension skills
and confidence secondary students culture of research of Grade 7 students
Genara V. Verangel Mark Lester Q.
Angelique V. Talusik Lauro S. Aspiras & Teodorico C. Peliño,
& Maricar S. Escalera & Ma.
& Gretzel C. Lindog Gideon D. Oray Jr.
Prudente Rachelle Kim L. Aure

DAY 3 – May 18, 2019 (Saturday) | PARALLEL SESSIONS 14 (10:30-11:00)
Room 1 Room 2 Room 3 Room 4 Room 5
Effectiveness of Bottom-up
Language-Centered pedagogical
Students’ cognitive approach in
Reading (LaCeR) Improving graphical construction through
Learning and chemical bonding:
program in data analysis skills photographs:
motivation through Towards students’
improving the through Task Proposed integration
Hybrid Instructional learnings and
reading Achievement Model of
Strategy motivation in
comprehension of ecopedagogy and
G4 pupils inferential statistics
Robert Matthew de Luningning M. Dela
Gilden Maecah M.
Eloisa P. Acedillo Rhea SB. Samino Castro & Roland Cruz & Eufrecina
Andrew de Castro Jean R. Ramirez

DAY 3 – May 18, 2019 (Saturday) | PARALLEL SESSIONS 15 (11:00-11:30)

Room 1 Room 2 Room 3 Room 4 Room 5
Improving the The use of Guided inquiry
academic Interactive Analyses of STEM approach in
Stimulating an
achievement of Whiteboard System students’ improving 21st
ambiance of fun
Grade 9 students in in teaching science: trigonometric century skills and
and effective
science thru inquiry- Implication to differentiation and learning attitudes of
learning of oral
based technology academic integration solutions students towards
enhanced activities achievement physics
Agape Grace D. Arlyn Balaba Arra Q. Abaniel &
Joan C. Vargas Chonilo S. Saldon
Riveza Dawadias Voltaire Mistades

DAY 3 – May 18, 2019 (Saturday) | PARALLEL SESSIONS 16 (11:30-12:00)

Room 1 Room 2 Room 3 Room 4 Room 5
Effects of
Custom-Fit Learning:
Flipped classroom: experiential learning Performance of
Integration of
An instructional approach on the special science
strategy in increasing academic students in DOST
the performance of performance & scholarship
materials in the
hearing impaired motivation to learn qualifying
senior high school-
student in Science Physics of Grade 10 examination
automotive strand
Mariz Lynne C. Lao,
Dareen Louise M.
Amor C. Fajardo & Monaliza S. Agsalog Leody S. Tagulao
Wilbert Docdoc

Day 1 – May 16, 2019 (Thursday)
07:30 – 09:00 Registration HSSH 5/F
09:00 – 09:45 Opening Ceremony TYA 6/F
09:45 – 10:45 Keynote Lecture: Anne Burns TYA 6/F
10:45 – 11:00 Group Picture TYA 6/F
11:00 – 12:00 Plenary Lecture: Mary Brydon-Miller TYA 6/F
12.00 – 13:30 LUNCH HSSH 5/F lobby
13:30 – 15:30 Lecture-Seminars Y407-409; Y507
15:30 – 16:00 PM Snacks HSSH 5/F lobby
16:00 – 17:30 Parallel Sessions 1 – 3 Y 403-405; Y503-506

Day 2 – May 17, 2019 (Friday)

08:30 – 10:00 Parallel Sessions 4 – 6 Y 403-405; Y503-506
10:00 – 10:30 AM Snacks HSSH 5/F lobby
10:30 – 12:00 Parallel Sessions 7 – 9 Y 403-405; Y503-506
12:00 – 13:30 Lunch HSSH 5/F
13:30 – 14:30 Plenary Lecture: Muhammad Kabilan TYA 6/F
14:30 – 15:30 Poster Sessions 1 & 2 HSSH 5/F
15:30 – 16:00 PM Snacks HSSH 5/F lobby
16:00 – 17:00 Parallel Sessions 10 - 11 Y 403-405; Y503-506
19:00 – 21:00 LIDER Anniversary Dinner AGH 20/F

Day 3 – May 18, 2019 (Saturday)

09:00 – 10:00 Parallel Sessions 12 – 13 Y 403-405; Y503-506
10:00 – 10:30 AM Snacks HSSH 5/F lobby
10:30 – 12:00 Parallel Sessions 14 – 16 Y 403-405; Y503-506
12:00 – 13:30 Lunch HSSH 5/F
13:30 – 14:30 Plenary Lecture: Maricar Prudente Y 403-405; Y503-506
14:30 – 15:30 Plenary Lecture: Raymund Sison TYA 6/F
15:30 – 16:00 Closing/Awarding Ceremony TYA 6/F
16:00 – 16:30 Distribution of Certificates/Snacks HSSH 5/F

Legend: HSSH – Henry Sy, Sr. Hall AGH – Br. Andrew Gonzalez FSC Hall
TYA – Teresa Yuchengco Auditorium Y – Yuchengco Hall