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❖Introduction to XPossible
❖Components of IPTV Solution
❖Getting to understand a few terms

❖Considerations when selecting the right IPTV solutions

❖APPSTV Hybrid IPTV Solutions

❖IPTV system benefits and implementation experiences

❖Zafiro IPTV Without Set Top Box

❖HDR – The Simple IPTV Solutions

❖Integration between IPTV and the followings:

▪ Hotel PMS
▪ Guest Internet Services
▪ Digital Signage
▪ Third party products
About XPossible

❑ XPossible Technologies was founded in year 2002 by professionals from the Telecom,
Networking and Hotel Industries

❑ Company Mission
• Develop technologies that make accessing the Internet more convenient and easy for
• Leverage on robust open source platform to develop cost effective products that
provide tremendous scalability
• Share the XPossible experiences with our clients to enable them to maximize benefits
and profit from investing in our solutions

❑ XPossible focuses on hospitality market and has developed in-depth market knowledge
and expertise in the industry

❑ XPossible Offices in 8 Cities: Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Manila,
Penang, Singapore, Yangon

❑ XPossible has 45 Resellers in more than 18 Countries mainly in the Asia region

❑ XPossible has more than 500 hotel customers, XPossible solutions has been endorsed
by more than 20 hotel chains
Chain Hotel References
Some of the hotel chains that have selected XPossible Solutions
◼ Absolute Group - 5 hotels
◼ Accor Group (Sofitel, Ibis, Novotel, Le Fenix, etc..) - 30 hotels
◼ Aman Resorts - 5 hotels
◼ Bayview Group - 3 hotels
◼ Carlson Group - 7 hotels
◼ Chatrium Group (Chiatrium, Emporium) - 3 hotels
◼ Centara Group - 4 hotels
◼ Compass Group - 2 hotels
◼ Dusit Group - 3 hotel
◼ IHG Group (Intercontinental, Holiday Inn, etc..) - 35 hotels
◼ Minor Group (Anantara, Four Seasons, Marriot, etc.) - 15 hotels
◼ Mulia - 2 hotels
◼ Onyx Group (Amari, Shama, Onyx, etc..) - 28 hotels
◼ Pan Pacific Group - 4 hotels
◼ Resort World Group (Awana, Genting, Highland, Maxim) - 6 hotels
◼ Starwood Group (St Regis, Westin, Le Meridian, Sheraton, etc.) - 28 hotels
◼ Travelodge - 2 hotels
◼ Tune Hotel - 4 hotels
Cloud Digital Signage & CMS
Push room signage to pubic area
TV’s guest room TVs and guest
devices via internet login screen


solution endorsed by many hotel chains

Hotel Android IPTV

Provision and manage internet services

on guest devices including your hotel’ s
In-room smart TVs
Deliver HD TV programs to guest room TVs via
Lan or Coaxial. Act as an in room AP supporting
up to 8 guest devices accessing internet
XPossible Live! Multiple Channels
Live Info

Live video
video clips or
series of

Hotel Events, Live News

High impact "moving" adverts get attention Promotions Feed

To attract people to the view the ads, live information that is relevant to the
viewers are added to the display. e.g. stock quote at financial centers
XPossible Live! Cloud – Meeting & Event Management
XPossible Live! Central – Meeting & Event Management

Event information automatically appear on the TV outside the meeting room

XPossible Live! Central – Meeting & Event Management
Any changes to the event information automatically update on the event director
Meeting Room Event Directory
XPossible Live! Digital Signage Operation Mode
XPossible Live! Cloud
(Multiple Property Support)

Login screen (captive

portal) on guest devices In room TVs via IPTV TV
via XPossible Connect systems (supported by
HSIA System APPSTV and Zafiro)

TV Client Mode Android Client Mode Standalone or Client Mode

Shuttle Embedded PC Player –

Public area signage TVs (any TV Public area signage TV via Can work without connection
with browser) via web link to XPossible Live! Android Player to XPossible Live! Cloud as
XPossible Live! Cloud – Needs – Need to connect to XPossible Shuttle Player comes with
always on internet connection Live! Cloud for content update built-in CMS
Login Screen with Banners & Signage Link
• Login Portal
• Email and Mobile Phone No. Login
• Social media login XPossible Live!
• Different login portals for different zones e.g. Signage Displayed
lobby, meeting rooms, restaurants, etc..
XPossible Cloud Connect
Hotels, shopping centers and chain restaurants can collect visitors
information when they sign-in/register for using the internet services
Once the visitor register, the information and device ID is stored in
XPossible Cloud Connect to support roaming
Ads for Different Guest Profiles and Locations

English speaking lady English speaking lady Chinese speaking guest

guest on the spa floor guest on the pool floor on the restaurant floor
XPossible Connect HSIA Gateway

XPossible Connect Advance Version:

The following features are optional for the EZ

version but are included in the Advanced
Version Features:

• Charging for internet services packages Questions asked by hotels:

• Different login screens for different zones e.g. Should we offer internet on TV?
meeting rooms, club floors, etc..
• Managing bandwidth for in-room TV or IPTV
set top boxes
• Social media login
• Email and Mobile Phone No. Login

XPossible PMS Interface

• optional for both EZ and Advance version
• interfaced to 30+ PMS
• optional middleware for 3 party systems to
interface to PMS via XPossible HSIA e.g.
APPSTV, Zafiro, Stayplease
The Challenge Hotels face Today

Having invested in big LCD/LED screens in hope to provide better in-room entertainment,
hotels come to face their second challenge, the quality of TV programs.

In fact, with their existing infrastructure (incompatible with LCD/LED screens), displays
turn out more blurry and unclear after their screen upgrades.
XPossible represents the following IPTV solutions in all the
countries we operate:

Android Set Top Box, Hybrid IPTV System that work

with your existing hotel TVs and able to deliver HD TV
programs via existing LAN and coaxial network to
guest rooms

IPTV system that can be installed into special models

of smart TVs – without set top box

No frill digital TV solution, deliver HD TV programs

via existing coaxial network to guest rooms

XPossible has worked with the following IPTV partners:

APPSTV Hotel References in Singapore

Within 3 years APPSTV has more than 55 hotel clients

in Singapore, the follow are some of the references:

Chancellor At Orchard - 488 rooms <-- 4 stars

Excelsior Peninsula Hotel - 600 rooms <-- 4 stars
Grand Central Hotel - 264 rooms <-- 4 stars
Hotel Boss - 1500 rooms <-- Budget
Amara Sentosa - 150 rooms <- 5 Stars
Hotel 81 Hollywood - 112 rooms <-- Budget
Hotel 81 Gold - 98 rooms
Hotel 81 Bencoloon - 400 rooms
V Hotel - 888 rooms
Fragrance Hotel - 168 rooms
The Warehouse Hotel - 37 rooms

About 40% of the APPSTV customers are

budget hotels

More then half of the APPSTV customers

are on Opex model
Excellent Guest Boss Feedback
from Our Hotel Clients
Which Headend Solutions?

Existing MATV system carries SD programs only Key shortcomings:

❑ Inconsistent quality
❑ Analog Modulators (over Coaxial)
❑ Susceptible to interference
❑ Does not support HD
Head End Solutions to carry SD & HD TV programs
❑ Encoders (over LAN)
❑ Digital Modulators (over Coaxial)

Encoders - Key Considerations:

❑ 8-Channel models available from XPossible only
❑ Requires the data network to support multi-cast, prefer to work with Gigabit LAN network
❑ Hotel needs to have isolated LAN network for the LAN ports connected to the TVs to minimize risk
TV program disruption
❑ Important to invest in well proven Encoders to minimize TV program disruption as encoder works
non-stop 24x7

Digital Modulators – Key Consideration:

❑ HD or SD model supporting 1/4/8 Channel models
❑ Delivers digital TV signal via existing coaxial network
❑ Enables the adding of HD channels to guest room TVs
❑ Does not require upgrading (existing LAN network does not need to support multi-cast)

**Delivers programs near to source quality. Does not improve quality of the TV program’s source.
APPSTV System Components
APPSTV Management
• Auto IPTV Set-Top Box Firmware SD/HD DVB-T
• Configuration and Setup for new Set- Modulator
Top Boxes (1 port per TV
• User Apps Management for Set-Top

• Manage TV Channels and Electronic SD/HD Encoder via
LAN network is Coaxial
Program Guides
XPossible Live! supported as well
Cloud Server
• Centralized content management

• Advertising graphics for Set Top Box Guest Rooms
• Public area TV digital signage
Set top box &
• Meeting Room / Event Directory TV in Guest
digital signage Rooms
PMS Server • PMS interface
(e.g Opera)

XPossible Connect • PMS Interface

Server • Internet Access Management
• Internet Access for Guest Devices
and Set Top Box
• NOC – Network Device Monitoring

PMS Server
(e.g Opera)
IPTV System In Room Component

In-Room IPTV Component

❑ IPTV Set Top Box (LAN)

❑ Hybrid IPTV Set top Box (LAN & Coaxial)

❑ No Set Top Box (Installed into TV)

APPSTV is a quad-core 4K HD Android Hybrid

• Coaxial TV input
• LAN multi-cast TV input

Fully compliant with DVB-T2/DVB-T standard

4Kp60 HEVC Main – 10 Decoding
Auto box wipe during reboot

Vesa mounting bracket to hold set top box

behind the TV.
APPSTV Remote Control

One remote control for on/off TV, accessing TV channels and interactive IPTV functions..

▪ Sized similar to ordinary TV remote controls

▪ Infra-red learning keys to control TV
▪ RF to control APPSTV set top box

▪ Long battery life, low cost for maintenance , uses 2

x AAA batteries

▪ Comes with air mouse and qwerty keyboard for

effortless surfing on the Internet
▪ Easy-to-use friendly navigation interface
▪ Navigation shortcut keys:
- Home screen, Return, TV program

▪ Color Coded shortcut keys for program selection

▪ New Power Office Button will off the TV and go to

<Home> screen without data stream
XPossible offers middleware so that third parties like IPTV, door lock vendors
can interface to the PMS via XPossible Connect HSIA System

APPSTV Welcome Screen Interfaced with PMS

Display video and welcome messages to welcome
guests from same group staying at the hotel!

APPSTV Welcome Screen Interfaced with PMS

Display video and welcome messages to welcome
guests from same group staying at the hotel!

APPSTV Welcome Screen Interfaced with PMS

Turn all in-room TVs to be digital signage - scheduled ad feed from XPossible Live!

Digital Signage
managed via
XPossible Live!

Menu with

Time, Date and Weather

Wifi Hotspot / Airplay Password
Ticker Text Update via APPSTV
• Password protection to prevent others from playing their content to your TV
CMS Server Ticker Column • Works with IOS, Android without the need to install any software on the
phone (tested for most versions of Android after v4.5)
Guest messages and banner ad feed from XPossible Live!

APPSTV Guest Services Guest Messages

Guest folio and banner ad feed from XPossible Live!

APPSTV Guest Services Guest Folio

Information can
c be web pages or feed from XPossible Live!

APPSTV Hotel Information

TV Channels

Channels are grouped into popular categories

Only subscribed channels in the Channel list.
Unsubscribe channels will not appear as static

APPSTV TV Directory will show only subscribed channels

APPSTV Free Internet TV Channels
Utilizing Youtube Live Streaming Technologies and APIs
Internet Live TV
More and more Live TV channels on YouTube…
Soon we believe all TV channels will be delivered this way!
Internet TV
Create different languages of live TV program groups for different guest
groups e.g. Chinese, Korea, Japanese, Thai, etc..
TVs Compatible with Zafiro IPTV besides Samsung also
include LG ProCentric TVs and Panasonic Hospitality TVs
with up to 200 Hollywood movies
for guests @ US1 per movie
HDR – Digital TV Solution for Hotel

Existing hotel SD TV program

HDR – Digital TV Solution for Hotel
HDR – Digital TV Solution for Hotel
HDR – Digital TV Network Diagram

Hotel can create schedule

displays e.g. weekday promos
and weekend promos, etc..
Satellite TV XPossible Live! Player
All content can be created
DVBT2 Outdoor Antenna Camera
Subscription TV Free to air channels Hotel Promo Channel and updated remotely


TV Program
Tuner Decoders Coaxial Splitter

Combiner HDMI

HDR enables the hotel to deliver HD quality
TV programs to the guest rooms via existing
coaxial network HDR can be powered by power adaptor
(included) or by USB power from TV
Hotel Promo Channel with Signage & Channel Directory
Works with existing analog TV system and
also any IPTV systems
HDR – Digital TV Solution for Hotel
XPossible Live! Signage Player for
Digital TV in every guest room
Hotel Promo Channel: US20/30 per
One-time Investment: US50 per room
month per hotel

1. HDR is designed specially for hotel use, it has ONE remote control to
control the HDR set top box and the TV
2. No CMS server needed
3. Can work with any type of TV models with HDMI port
4. Always Power on to default Ch1 and volume (hotel video channel)
Can add hotel promo channel by using media player for hotel intro video
XPossible can combine hotel intro video with channel directory and hotel
promos (similar digital signage display)
5. Name the channels and adjust the channels running sequence
able to backup Channel List and setting to thumb drive
6. One touch restore channel listing to other HDR box
7. Can be powered by USB port from TV
Hotel IPTV Options

Zafiro IPTV w/o Set Top Box

Need specific models of TV
- LG Procentric or Samsung smart TVs
Need to have Gigabit LAN network that supports Multicast for the TV Programs
Network for TV programs should be separated from guest internet services
Need to up link via LAN network to Zafiro Management Sever for content update
Customizable welcome screen and user interface for different conference groups at the hotel
Hollywood movies - no license investment or min. monthly payment (US1 per movie watched)
Shopping and Food Ordering (optional)

APPSTV IPTV System (with Set Top Box)

Work with any TVs with HDMI
Works with existing coaxial cables to bring HD TV program to the rooms
Up link via LAN network or wifi to APPSTV Management Sever for content update
Template to support conference groups with group specific welcome video and information
Free internet live TV utilizing YouTube technologies
STB can work as an in-room wireless AP supporting 8 devices accessing internet
Supports mirroring from guest devices to the TV (Android, Apple IOS and Window)
Hotel IPTV Options


HDR with STB w/o STB with STB

Work only with LG Pro-centric TV or Samsung Yes

smart TVs
Work with any TVs with HDMI Yes Yes Yes
Delivers HD TV Programs via coaxial Yes Yes No No
Delivers HD TV Programs via LAN No Yes Yes Yes
Needs Management Sever and CMS No Yes Yes Yes
Hotel information, room services menu, guest No Yes Yes Yes
folio, guest messages
Internet Live! TV No Yes No No
Hollywood movies - no license investment or No No Yes, optional Yes, optional
min. monthly payment (US1 per movie watched)
Shopping and Food Ordering No No Yes, optional Yes, optional
STB can work as an in-room wireless AP No Yes No No
supporting 8 devices accessing internet
Supports mirroring from guest devices (Android, No Yes Yes, optional Yes, optional
Apple IOS and Window)
Cloud Hospitality Solutions Integrated with XPossible

Opera Cloud

Netustay Cloud PBX

Next Gen Hotel PBX

Chain Hotels Independent Hotels

Please contact Vincent Koh should you have any enquiries.
Tel: +65-98180018
Email: vincent_koh@xpossible.com

Visit us at www.xpossible.com for more information.