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6/9/2019 The Homebrewery - NaturalCrit

Rules for Old West Firearms

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If you want to add a little twang to your song and a bit of ye to your haw then these rules are for you. I found the rules for
firearms in the DMG to not be appropriate to the time period I wanted so I created these to more accurately represent the
weapons of the wild west era. Yeah, they're overpowered, but that's intentional. If you want your setting to really feel like the wild
west, or any late 19th century setting for that matter, then these will present both a great help and challenge to your players. (Oh
also, older guns are here for completion sake or if you want to introduce firearms that aren't busted into your normal setting.) I
also created some extra fighting styles and 2 feats that players can take based on these new weapons.

Name Cost Damage Properties
Flintlock 40 -50 1d10 Ammunition (range 30/90), loading, misfire
Pistol gp piercing
Musket 60 - 70 1d12 Ammunition (range 50/120), loading, two handed, misfire
gp piercing
Revolver 120 - 2d6 Ammunition (range 30/90), reload (6 shots), handy, misfire
300 gp piercing
Rifle 200 - 2d8 Ammunition (range 150/600), reload (1 shot), two handed, misfire
500 gp piercing
Repeating 2500 gp 2d8 Ammunition (range 100/400), reload (5 shots), two handed, misfire
Rifle piercing
Shotgun 300gp 4d4 Ammunition (range 60/100), reload (2 shots), two handed, heavy, misfire, special(if fired
piercing with 10ft, it instead does 5d4.)
Sawed-off 120gp 3d4 Ammunition (range 30/90), reload (2 shots), handy, heavy, misfire, special(if fired with
piercing 10ft, it instead does 4d4.)

Firearm Fighting Styles

Firearm Proficiency
These additional fighting styles are new options that can be
Personally I give firearm proficiency to any
character that wants it, but if you want rules then:
taken by fighters and rangers.
Fighters, Rouges, Rangers, Artificers, and Bards Dual Wielding
are proficient with firearms. You can use firearms that don't have the two handed property
Gnomes, Warforged, Goblins, Half-Elves, and for 2 weapon fighting, ignoring the handy property.
Humans are proficient with firearms.
Up Close and Personal
Melee range no longer induces disadvantage for firearms.
Also when you use only your firearm for your attack action,
Extra Weapon Properties you then can make a special melee attack with it as a bonus
Firearms require some properties not in the PHB. action. For this attack the weapon is considered finesse and
Misfire. On a natural 1 or 2, the firearm misfires and the does 1d4 bludgeoning damage.
weapon is unusable until fixed. It takes an action to fix. The
user must make a Tinker's tool (dexterity) check, the DC is Sniper
the max amount the damage dice can roll (EX: the Rifle does Your range with ranged weapons is doubled. Also when you
2d8 and has a DC 16) On a success the weapon is fixed, on a are prone you add +2 to hit and damage with ranged attacks.
failure the weapon cannot be used until it is fixed as a part of
a short rest. If a misfire still hits a target, then it is a critical
Handy . You can use this firearm for 2 weapon fighting but
the attack made with a bonus action is at disadvantage.
Reload P.267 DMG Addendum: If a character has the extra
attack feature they can replace one of their attacks with a

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6/9/2019 The Homebrewery - NaturalCrit

Extra Feats
Notes For Running
Gunslinger I have run games using these rules and there are a
Prerequisite: Proficiency with at least one firearm few points I want to make that will help your game
You gain the following benefits: run smoothly.
When you use these rules, the game kinda
You ignore the loading property of pistols and muskets. becomes about firearms. They are powerful and
You can reload once as a part of your attack action. most everyone will want to use them. Make sure
You take one of the firearm fighting styles. your setting is one that will support that, like a wild
west setting.
As a rule I try to avoid giving +1/+2/+3 firearms.
If you think taking a whole fighting style for a feat Firearms are already a very powerful option, and I
is too powerful then I suggest replacing it with the want the magic items presented to be a viable
unarmed strike from Up Close and Personal: alternative. The game I think becomes more
If you only use your firearm for your attack interesting when players have to search out for
action you can make a special melee attack with silver bullets and the like to be able to damage
it as a bonus action. For this attack the weapon creatures with resistances. Try to make magic
is considered finesse and does 1d4 bullets not magic guns.
bludgeoning damage. Keep the repeater rare. It's kind of an objectively
If you already have Up Close and Personal then better option then the regular rifle so make
this attack increases to 1d6 bludgeoning acquiring it special or difficult.
damage. I like to arm enemies. A goblin platoon with
rifles is something that can really challenge players
while at the same time can just as quickly be
instantly destroyed with a single fireball.
Range Slayer Letting abilities that usually only work with bows
work with guns is a fun way to add more options
You have become excellent fighting against ranged weapons for gunslingers. I suggest letting the arcane archer
with only melee weapons, you gain the following benefits: subclass use firearms.
Misfire is easily overcome by just having a ton of
If you have a melee weapon or shield in your hand you can guns. To avoid this, say the weapons found on
use your reaction to impose disadvantage on a ranged enemies are of lesser quality and when they misfire
attack. they cannot be repaired. This avoids the play who
If a creature makes a ranged weapon attack within reach just loots all the bodies and carries 40 revolvers.
of your melee weapon you can make an opportunity attack Plan abilities that can counter firearms. The
on that creature. players are likely going to gravitate to firearms. To
When you take the attack action on your turn using a challenge them add monsters that can deal with
melee weapon you can take the disarm action (DMG p. this. Add sharpshooters who can disarm and
271) as a bonus action. monks that catch bullets, it'll make combat more

This feat was created because I felt that characters

who did not use firearms needed something to
challenge the gunslingers. If your paladin or
barbarian isn't having fun then maybe give them
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