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1.Some people think that only the government can make significant changes in society, while
others think that individuals can have a lot of influence. What is your opinion? Write between
200 and 250 words.

My opinion is that any change in the state in which we live should come primarily from the
desire to change the way of living and thinking of each individual in it.
First of all, when you truly want to change something in society, you do not have to expect it
to fulfill your desires, without you not expressing it, for example: people should get involved and
be more informed about with the laws or changes to the constitution, as well as their
consequences or facilities in order not to be deceived and to live with respect and respect for his
Secondly, the country is run by a government, and in turn, this government is made up of
people. That is why citizens who want a change must unite to change the system of government
according to needs, otherwise they will inevitably fail. example would be that the protests and
protests prove that people will not let themselves go to the feet and will respond, being forced to
be heard by those in power to solve their wishes.
In conclusion, a people can not be led by a corrupt government as long as citizens are united to
uphold righteousness.

2.Consider the following questions:

What are the different roles of violence in a political system, both in maintaining a particular
political order and in bringing about political change?
When is violence more likely to be resorted to and why might it succeed?
Is it sometimes necessary?

In my opinion, world politics is a foundation of the modern world, being an important and
necessary factor in maintaining peace without recourse to political violence in the 21st century.
First of all, if we look through the history of global changes brought by politicians, we can see
a globalization, a strong industrialization, the formation of alliances and highly developed states.
In this way, politicians united each other to form independent, well-developed states and a strong
world economy, being a positive factor of human development through such actions.
Secondly, we can also see a negative part of the political world, such as corruption,
globalization brought to the extreme by the challenge of national and international conflicts, the
emergence of terrorism, etc. All of this is due to the conflicts of the politicians of a country and
the world, which is why each of us has, more or less, suffered here by interfering with the
political violence to which he is regretted.
In conclusion, politicians are an important factor in modern society, but each should fight both
for the benefit of the citizens of the country and for the good of the state they belong to, without
resorting to the vileness of maintaining public peace.