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June 14-20, 2019

PE R MI T N O . 2 0 3
C H U L A V I S T A,
C A9 1 9 1 0

VP: Let Independence Day empower Filipinos amid challenges by Christia Marie Ramos, In-
US Coast Guard monitoring Chi- Destiny quirer.net | MANILA, 6/12/2019

– Vice President Leni Robredo
nese militia in South China Sea on W ednesday urged Filipinos to
draw strength f rom the com m em -
B y P atricia L ourdes V iray, P hil- Chinese Coast Guard and fishing oration of the 12 1st I ndependence
star.com | MA N I L A , 6/12 /2 019 m ilitia in the contested w aterw ay. D ay in dealing w ith the nation’ s
— Washington has been aware of Fagan m entioned the N orth challenges.
B eijing' s activities in the disputed Pacific Coast Guard Forum, a “Paghugutan sana natin ng lakas
S outh China S ea as the U S Coast m ultilateral f orum w here coast ang araw na ito upang harapin
Guard has been keeping tabs on guards f rom other countrues dis- ang m ga ham on na hinaharap
them . cuss areas of shared interest. ng bansa,” Robredo said in her
V ice A dm iral L inda Fagan, com - T his f orum includes the U S , I ndependence D ay m essage on
m ander of the U S Coast G uard Canada, China, J apan, R ussia and W ednesday.
Pacific Area, said ship operations S outh K orea. (May w e draw strength f rom
have been ongoing in the area "Forums like the North Pacific this day to f ace the challenges the
over the past m onths. Coast G uard Forum provide that country is currently f acing.
"We obviously are aware and avenue for conversations of like- “Nawa’y pukawin ng pagdiri-
have been following the militia m inded Coast G uards w ith regard w ang na ito ang isang m alalim
and som e of the activity, " Fagan to, again, enf orcem ent of illegal na pagmamahal para sa bayan, at
said in a telephone press briefing, fisheries enforcement activity and maging paalala sa bawat isa ng
ref erring to the presence of the ( Continued on page 7 ) kung ano ang kaya nating marat-
ing sa ating pagbabayanihan,” she

Google waves PH flag on 121st added.

(May this celebration arouse
Independence Day a deep love f or the country and
serve as a rem inder to each one
by Neil Arwin Mercado, Inquir- special doodle that f eatures the of us of w hat w e can achieve as a
er.net | MA N I L A , 6/12 /2 019— Philippine flag,” Google said in a nation.)
G oogle f eatured a special doodle statem ent. She likewise paid homage to
of the Philippine flag “ On this day in 18 98 , the the heroes for their sacrifices that
on W ednesday in P hilippines, an archi- Chapter 99 of “Destiny” by Simeon G. Silverio, Jr. paved the w ay f or the country’ s
celebration of the pelago of m ore than independence and to those w ho

country’ s 12 1st 7 , 000 islands in the worked hard to ensure that every
I ndependence western Pacific pple was disappointed when Dante banged the phone on her. He would Filipino has the right to dictate
D ay. Ocean nam ed not talk to her when she told him he had fathered her child. Although she their ow n f uture.
T he m ov- af ter S panish ex pected him to get m ad, she never thought he w ould stop all com m unica- Robredo likewise urged Filipi-
ing doodle K ing P hilip tions with her. She tried to call him again several times, but he didn’t pick up the nos to look back at how the na-
show s the II, finally phone. T he overseas calls w ere getting too ex pensive, so she decided to stop. tion chose to f ollow its ow n path,
Philippine flag fluttering against a claim ed its f reedom af ter over Nonetheless, she continued to call him the following days. But it was like talking to the wall. build its own government, and
blue sky. 3 00 years of colonial rule f rom D ante w ould not answ er. establish its own state.
“ G oogle salutes the 12 1st P hil- Spain,” it added. “Maybe he knew your caller ID and didn’t want to take responsibility for the child,” a friend, “Sa pagtutulak ng interes na
ippine I ndependence D ay w ith a ( Continued on page 6 ) ito, inako natin ang responsibili-
( Continued on page 7 )
dad na gum aw a ng isang lipu-
nang malaya, makatarungan, at
Chinese vessel sinks Philippine Catriona Gray's final speech at the Binibining makatao. Isang lipunan kung saan
ang bawat Pilipino ay may opor-
boat in West PH Sea ‘collision’ Pilipinas coronation night 2019 tunidad na mabuhay nang sagana
at mapayapa,” she said.
‘We condemn in the strongest the 22 Filipino fishermen on that Miss Universe 2018 Catriona here, on this ex act stage, I w as (I n pursuing this interest, w e
terms the cowardly action of boat “to the mercy of the ele- Gray passes down her crown given the chance to pursue this claimed the responsibility to build
the Chinese fishing vessel and ments,” the Philippines’ Depart- to Gazini Christiana Ganados dream. This journey has been a nation that is f ree, just, and
its crew for abandoning the m ent of N ational D ef ense (D N D ) m ade even m ore m eaningf ul, hum ane. A nation w herein every
Filipino crew. This is not the announced on W ednesday, J une R appler.com | MA N I L A , because every single step of the Filipino has the opportunity to
expected action from a re- 12 . 6/10/2 019 – B ef ore crow ning w ay I f elt each and every one of live in prosperity and peace.)
sponsible and friendly people,’ “A collision between a Chinese this year' s Miss U niverse P hilip- you right there w ith m e. “ A t hanggang sa araw na ito, na-
and Filipino vessel (FB G im - pines, Miss U niverse 2 018 Catri- I am so humbled and immensely kaatang ang responsibilidad na ito
says Defense Secretary Delfin
ver 1) was reported by Filipino ona G ray shared a f ew em otional gratef ul to each and every one of sa bawat isa sa atin,” she added.
fishermen near the Recto Bank w ords w ith the audience during you w ho has given true m eaning (A nd up until this day, each and
Rambo Talabong, Rappler.com | in the W est P hilippine [ S ea] on her final walk. to f eeling the love and support everyone of us are bestowed with
MA N I L A , 6/12 /2 019 – A Chinese the evening of J une 9, 2 019. T he H ere' s the transcript of her of the Filipino people. I knew I that responsibility.)
vessel sank a Philippine vessel in collision sank the Filipino ves- speech: had a big role to step up to once Robredo also said it is now up to
a collision in the W est P hilippine sel,” Defense Secretary Delfin P hilippines! My heart is over- the Miss U niverse P hilippines the current generation of Filipi-
S ea (S outh China S ea) and lef t ( Continued on page 6 ) flowing with gratitude, because ( Continued on page 4 ) ( Continued on page 10 )

圀䔀 氀攀渀搀 礀漀甀 䴀伀刀䔀℀

5 pm
Page 2 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com June 14-20, 2019

Pinoys for 10 months: U.S. high school students’ Philippines experience

— Interaksyon.com the A m erican governm ent in 2 002
f ollow ing the W orld T rade Center
Four A m erican high school bombings or the “9/11” attacks.
students im m ersed them selves in T he program aim s to renew ef -
Filipino culture by attending local forts of public diplomacy and build
schools and living w ith selected bridges between American citizens
Filipino f am ilies f or 10 m onths. and people of countries w ith large
T he initiative w as done through Muslim populations.
Sponsored by the U.S. Department
the United States Embassy of S tate’ s B ureau Educational and
under the K ennedy-L ugar Y outh Cultural Affairs, qualified American
Exchange and Study Abroad high students are given the chance
P rogram or Y ES f or international to study in other countries to bridge
students gaps and help prom ote m utual un-
It was originally established by derstanding.
( Continued on page 13 )

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Free $10,000 Blackjack Tournament

Battle of the Broadcasters Poker Tournament

Celebrity Bingo with Steve Garvey

Celebrity Chef Dinner with Alex Guarnaschelli

Steve Garvey
Plus, Live Music with DJ Marc Eazy,
The 80z All Stars, Cassie B Project Alex Gu

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Page 4 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com June 14-20, 2019

Health & Wellness

Apple Watch joins growing trend of fertility tracking technology Register now for the 2019 Vital
track menstruation, ovulation and
related symptoms. In 2018, Fitbit
Aging Conference
launched a “female health tracking” B y T om Christensen, County of S an m ade appearances on D ancing w ith
f eature that allow ed w om en to log Diego Communications Office the Stars and Celebrity Apprentice
their periods and related inf orm a- and starred in num erous m ovies. S he
tion, and that w ould predict the start There’s a big change in store for is a New York Times best-selling
of a w om an’ s nex t cycle. G arm in the 2 019 V ital A ging Conf erence. author and long-tim e advocate f or
smartwatches added a period tracker healthier living.
in A pril of this year. D on’ t w orry, all your f avorite
T he f eatures are sim ilar to nu- Henner’s written nine books on
things are still there. A nd it’ s still health, diets and m em ory and hosts
merous apps already available on
A pple or A ndroid that allow w om en f ree. I t’ s just in a new location The Marilu Henner Show weekdays
to track their periods as well as this year – the S an D iego Con- on more than a dozen radio stations
ovulation inf orm ation and f ertility vention Center. across the country.
w indow s.
Wired, another tech magazine, rated T he W ednesday, J une 19 event T he V ital A ging Conf erence is f rom
Clue as a top period and f ertility w ill ex plore w ays older adults can 9 a.m . to 2 : 3 0 p.m . B esides the m ain
tracking app available on Android im prove their health and w ell- location at the Convention Center
or Apple, which lets you track your being through physical fitness, so- (111 W. Harbor Drive, San Diego),
period and f ertile w indow , w ith there is a com panion site in N orth
cial connection, activities to help County at the Calif ornia Center
options to add the data to the A pple
health app. m aintain cognitive f unction and f or the A rts in Escondido (3 4 0 N .
S an J ose, Calif ., J un 4 , 2 019 / “The new Cycle Tracking app tracking,” Apple stated. Other popular period and f ertility self -care. R esources and inf orm a- Escondido Blvd.). Henner’s keynote
02 : 5 0 pm (CN A ).- I t its latest roll- gives women the ability to log im- The feature is also available in the tracking apps include Natural Cy- tion for caregivers will also be address will be simulcast to the
out of updates, A pple announced portant inf orm ation related to their health app on A pple sm artphones, cles, Fem m , Eve, Flo, and num erous available. Escondido location.
that it will be adding menstruation m enstrual cycles and see predicted but “being able to track your cycles others. There are also method-based
tim ing f or their nex t period and f er- on the Watch is a ‘finally’ moment,” apps available for various methods “ Older adults and caregivers are Parking at the Convention Center
and fertility tracking to its newest tile w indow using the convenience S ean H ollister w rote in an article
A pple W atch system . of N atural Fam ily P lanning, also such valuable members of our com- is available for a reduced rate of $5.
of Apple Watch,” Apple announced f or T he V erge, a technology trends known as FBAMs (Fertility-Based munity,” said Kim Gallo, direc- Attendees, however, can take advan-
While it has been a feature of the in a statem ent. publication. tage of a free park and ride option in
A w areness Methods). tor, S an D iego County H ealth and
health app on A pple sm artphones “The daily log function enables the Hollister noted that period tracking T here are also sm artw atches specif - H um an S ervices A gency A ging & conjunction w ith MT S at S D CCU
since 2015, the ability to track quick addition of information related w as added to the A pple sm artphone ically designed for fertility tracking, I ndependence S ervices. “ V ital A ging Stadium. There you can park for free
period and f ertility inf orm ation on to the m enstrual cycle, including health app in 2015 after significant including A va or T em pdrop, w hich serves to celebrate participants and and receive a f ree trolley day pass
the A pple W atch w ith w atchOS 6 current period, flow, symptoms, backlash following the release of the are wearable devices that track em pow er them to live healthy, saf e, if you register in advance and select
results f rom ovulation prediction 2 014 A pple health app, w hich did and thriving lives.” the park and ride option.
is new . kits and other elements of fertility not include menstrual tracking.
m etrics such as a w om an’ s tem pera-
ture, stress levels and pulse rates to
T he adding of period and f ertility predict ovulation and a w om an’ s T his year’ s headliner is Marilu You can register for Vital Aging by
tracking to the Apple Watch follows m ost f ertile days. Henner. Henner, best known for her calling 1-8 00-8 2 7 -4 2 7 7 or online at
a grow ing trend of sm artw atches that
Work for the San Diego’s role on the sitcom T ax i, has also w w w .A I S events.org.

Top Home Care Agency!

( Continued from page 1 )
The second was conquering oth-
ers. T here w ere so m any tim es that
only child w hose f am ily w as aw ay
f or the entirety of this journey, they
also gave m e a hom e.
I w as doing this para sa P ilipinas.
I nside each and every one of us is
a king or queen with the ability to
Now Hiring sash w as placed across m y heart.
A long the w ay, I had to surm ount
people told m e that I w ould f ail.
I w as told that it w as too soon f or
T he third and m ost im portant w as
conquering for a purpose. What was
conquer the universe, whatever that
may be for you. But we must first
another Miss U niverse f rom the the point of all this? W ho w as I do- conquer ourselves, conquer what
Exerienced Caregivers 3 mountains, to conquer 3 Mayon Philippines, I was body-shamed, and ing this for? I looked down at the let- others perceive of us, and finally,
V olcanos. I was put down. But I conquered tering over m y heart, and it said P hil- conquer with a purpose.
for Live-In & Hourly Shifts others by surrounding myself with ippines. I felt its weight, knowing the To conquer our dreams. Philippines,
The first one was conquering people w ho uplif ted m e, supported history, challenges, and trium phs of I will forever our raise our flag.
Top Pay • Flexible Hours • Great Benefits myself. Like every single person, I m e, and m entored m e. My T eam the Filipino people, I thought of the Thank you for choosing me as your
had to overcom e the f ear that com es Catriona were my backbone and my children of T ondo and of m y country. queen. Forever a Miss Philippines,
Requirements f rom w ithin. T he f ear of f alling safe place. I wouldn't be standing I may only be one person, but now forever a Binibini.
short, the f ear of f ailure, the f ear of here if not f or every single one of I have the opportunity to serve 104 L ove, Catriona G ray, your Miss
• 3 professional references not measuring up. But I conquered them , and f or all of you. A nd as an million Filipinos, and I knew that U niverse 2 018 .
m y f ear w ith f aith – f aith that G od
• Proof of eligibility to work in the US purposely set m e on this path and
that He would not give me a burden
Call for an appointment too heavy to carry. A nd f aith in
myself, because I knew that I was
Monday - Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. not perfect. But I knew I'm deter-
mined. And I knew that out of all 95
La Jolla Apply Online! w om en that I w as to com pete w ith
in Miss Universe, I would be the one
858-842-1346 HCAmatch.com and only Filipina, and that gave m e


F or m ore inf orm ation and eligib ility , call H oriz on

Office Hours
Tues to Thu: 9-1 & 2-6 1035 S Harbison Ave, National City, CA 91950
Sat 9-3
E m ergency V isits W elcom e
June 14-20, 2019 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com Page 5

Filipina’s Honda in minor crash with comedian
Tracy Morgan’s $2M Bugatti
at 4 2 nd S treet and T enth A venue. of a crash that nearly cost Morgan
S he w as trying to turn right f rom his lif e.
a left lane and hit his just-bought A 2 014 accident involving a
B ugatti V eyron. Walmart truck sent him to in-
S he claim s, it w as Morgan w ho tensive care with several broken
hit her car. “We are both turning bones and killed his comedic
right — people are still crossing,” mentor James “Jimmy Mac”

The Church that Christ built

she said. “ S o w hat happened is McN air.
we’re both turning right. But I
know he hit me because I was
By Zena Sultana Babao cannot please G od. B ut you are not in already [ turning] . I w as there, he
the flesh but in the Spirit, if indeed the was the one who hit me!”
Contrary to popular belief, the S pirit of G od dw ells in you. N ow if any- Madulid said Morgan w as yell-
one does not have the S pirit of Christ, he
church is not a building. It is an is not H is. (R om ans 8 : 8 -9) ing and f rightened her. S he did
assembly of people. not know who he was until a
Asian Journal
W ithout G od’ s S pirit w e are not
Christ’s. Yet the Church is described as traffic officer told her, “You don’t
When Jesus said, “I will build belonging to Christ – it is His Body and watch TV? He’s a famous guy,”
B ride – a spiritually transf orm ed people.
m y church, and the gates of The Spirit makes that change possible! First Asian Weekly Newspaper according to theCalifornia
in Southern N Y P ost.& San Diego’s Most Widely Circulated Asian-Filipino New
Hades shall not prevail against it” G od called m any to repentance, and the T he S N L alum tw
550 East 8th Street, Suite 6, National eeted
CAw 91950
as • Tel. (619) 474-0588 • Fax (619) 474-0373
J esus w as saying that the Church disciples baptized many. The Church not badly injured in the crash, but
– H is chosen people – w ould grew rapidly in the beginning, with he doesn’t know the extent of the
not die out. It would be alive, a ex citem ent and f ervor evident in the
Church’s early history. The book of damage to his luxury convertible
warm and caring body of believ- A cts reports on later tim es of persecution yet.
ers striving to serve G od, do H is and scattering, as w ell as the grow th of Madulid, said she w as on her
work, and support each other. individual congregations throughout the
Comedian Tracy Morgan seen here in his Bugatti Veyron. SCREENSHOT way to work when the crash
B ef ore Christ cam e to earth, G od R om an Em pire as the apostles spread the
gospel. happened, and that she f eared her
called only a f ew people out of Jesus predicted His flock would remain
INQUIRER.net US Bureau m illion B ugatti, just as he w as insurance bill will go up because
their societies to serve H im and small and beleaguered down through N EW Y OR K – A Filipina and driving it f rom the dealer. Morgan w as driving such an
further His work. Many of them history. False prophets w ould even arise com edian T racy Morgan on According to the New York Post, ex pensive car. Jocelyn Madulid’s Honda CRV had
are mentioned in Hebrews 11, a w ithin the Church, dividing and diluting T uesday had a m inor sm ashup J ocelyn Madulid, 61, w ho w as The wreck happened two days a minor crash with Tracy Morgan’s
its m essage. T hese prophecies indeed in midtown New York, damag- driving a H onda CR V had a m i-
chapter in the Bible we could call cam e to pass. False teachers introduced before the five-year anniversary $2-million Bugatti in midtown New York.
the “Faith Hall of Fame.” a host of dif f erent doctrines and practices ing Morgan’s newly bought $2 nor smashup with the “SNL” star FACEBOOK
in the church. The Bible shows that
Even as Jesus called and worked
through individual leaders and
Satan, the being ultimately behind this
counterf eit Christianity, has deceived the Trump admin Project Manager

says NIH will no

prophets to do spiritual work, God w hole w orld and that S atan’ s m inisters
established a physical nation to help usually appear as m inisters of righteous- Manage and coordinate technical agency projects. Call (619) 699-1900 or visit sandag.org/jobs. Open until
longer conduct
fulfill His plan. This nation, the Filled. EOE.
S atan’ s inroads into the Church w ere so
descendants of Abraham through ram pant at this stage, near the end of the

research using
his grandson Jacob (renamed Israel
by God) was also known as God’s
First Century, that true Christians w ere
actually ex com m unicated f rom som e Call the Asian Journal at 619.474.0588 for your advertising needs.
aborted baby
God had a plan for Abraham. In Although Satan has repeatedly attacked
H is m ission to ex tend H is love to and tried to destroy it, the Church has
all hum anity, G od chose a m an w ho
was faithful and obedient to serve as
not died out. T hough the details have
often been hard to find in history, God’s body parts
a physical and spiritual role m odel. Church created by Jesus Christ has Jac
survived the w orst persecutions of the To:
Abraham set an example of obedi- CB N .com | T he T rum p adm in- SA
ence in leaving his hom e country at Roman Empire and the Dark Ages, as istration announced W ednesday
well as the attacks of more recent times.
God’s command, not even know- Somewhere on earth members of the that governm ent scientists w ill GE
ing his destination. He believed small flock have always continued to no longer conduct research using
God would fulfill His promises, in serve God to the best of their under- aborted baby body parts. And Here
spite of the seeming impossibilities standing and ability. Today, the Church
involved. taxpayer dollars will no longer be your c
that Christ built continues as a small
T hose w ho w ere called and chosen but active and faithful body, striving to used to f und that research at one publica
f or a relationship w ith G od in the spread G od’ s good new s in a f aithless specific university. Journal
past, present and future are Abra- world! – zenasultana@hotmail.com it an d
ham’ spiritual descendants, but God T he D epartm ent of H ealth and correct
also worked through Abraham’s S ervices (H H S ) w ill not renew its us for y
physical descendants. One of the re- contract w ith the U niversity of Cali- ad is ten
sponsibilities God gave to the physi-
cal nation of I srael w as to represent Encounter f ornia, S an Francisco f ollow ing an
investigation into U CS F' s research
to be pu

Him, to show by example that God’s ( Continued from page 9 ) practices. T he investigation w as part
way works. way of thinking about literature,” she of a broader audit to see if American of the A
However, we read in the Bible says. “It's thinking about literature in tax payer m oney is helping pay f or receive
that not only did I srael f ail to set a a w ay that im poverishes us as readers research involving the body parts of time. A
good example for its neighboring because it makes writers of color into aborted children.
nations, but the Israelites also broke essentially, performing exhibitions. Government-funded research is be- 1x4x1
their agreem ent w ith G od and even Like: here is Filipino identity 101 for ing allow ed to continue under certain
the w hite reader. T o do that to an artist $_____
caused God’s name to be blas- circum stances. T he decision solely upon y
is to def orm them , " she says. " N o one affects research on labs sponsored by
phem ed. T hey didn’ t have the heart translates white middle-class Brooklyn invoice
needed to f ully accom plish G od’ s life to me, and I don't know what that's the N ational I nstitute of H ealth. S o Thank
w ill, and they resisted the H oly like. We just assume that if it's white if U CS F w ants to continue ex peri-
Spirit, as does all mankind without canonical w riting or if it' s w hite w riting, ments using aborted fetal tissue it
Fax #
the special calling of G od. period, then it' s universal, so w e just m ust turn to private f unding.
But God has a plan to make a new have to take it. But if its writers of color, A Trump administration official
heart available to us all and to write im m igrants, or ethnic w riters then it' s also told Fox N ew s that universities
H is law s in our m ind. A s a result of like, oh we need a glossary, we need a are f ree to ex plore using sources of
Christ’s sacrifice, God’s Spirit is now m ap… " fetal tissue other than aborted babies.
available to individuals of any nation "It fits inside the wider context of TO
or race w ho genuinely repent and Elaine has been writing for as long the president' s pro-lif e agenda since pleas
accept J esus Christ as their S avior as she can remember, spinning her he was sworn into office, So you've
and L ord. G od’ s ultim ate purpose is diaries into fictional stories when she seen a consistent pattern of pro-lif e- (619
salvation for all people, both Israelite w as younger. S he attended the U ni- f ocused decisions and policy deci- ackn
and gentile (non-I sraelite). versity of California, Berkeley and sions f rom the president over the last
A nd here enters the nex t step in took her Master of Arts in Creative two and a half years," an official told
G od’ s plan – the f ounding of the & L if e W riting f rom the G oldsm iths, the network.
Church. University of London. Just like the " T his is consistent w ith that direc-
W ith the com ing of the prom ised protagonist H ero, w ho had to deal tion and there will be continued
Messiah – Jesus Christ of Nazareth – w ith her lif e post-traum a, Elaine too work on the pro-life agenda through-
the stage w as set f or a new phase in has had the sam e agony. T he death out the rest of the first term and the
G od’ s plan of salvation. T his phase of her f ather in 2 006 caused her second term as w ell, and so w e w ill
involves God working through a m uch distress that she stopped read- always work to err on the side of life
group of people – the Church – w ho ing and w riting entirely f or alm ost in all critical decisions that com e
are spiritually transformed by the f our years. " I w as very close to m y to the Oval Office at the president's
H oly S pirit. G od chose them not father. I was in a black hole of grief,
and I think I was conscious that I direction," the official said.
only to receive salvation, but to carry Critics of the m ove say the T rum p
out God’s work for the ultimate didn' t w ant to use w riting to get
myself out of it,” Elaine says. “I had adm inistration' s decision endangers
benefit of all humanity. people w ith diseases.
B y calling and training H is dis- a real aversion to the idea of w riting
as therapy f or this particular grief — I " D espite the president' s pledge
ciples, Jesus prepared them to be His to ' end the H I V epidem ic, ' today' s
apostles (m essengers) and a m ajor didn' t w ant to turn it into art." Elaine
found emancipation when bad X- announcem ent poses a direct threat
part of the f oundation of the Church. to crucial research to find treatments
T he w ritings of the apostles continue Men m ovies inspired her to w rite
again, to correct them by writing fan f or H I V and other health threats, "
to teach and support the Church, as said Megan D onovan of the G uttm -
do the w ritings of the prophets in the fiction. “I realized that the things I
was working out and writing about acher I nstitute.
Old T estam ent w ho are also part of B ut S en. R oy B lunt (R -MO) w ho
the Church’ s f oundation. there are still things I write about
now : P T S D and traum a, and inti- oversees N I H f unding said, the m on-
Miraculous signs marked the begin- ey will now be directed "toward the
ning of the N ew T estam ent Church m acy and how people’ s dif f erences
can be formative but not necessarily developm ent of alternative research
and G od’ s giving of the H oly S pirit. m ethods that do not rely on hum an
G od w anted to draw attention to definitive. And it definitely helped
me to write again.” fetal tissue from elective abortions."
this event, to call a sizable initial P ro-lif e groups saw the announce-
base from which the Church would ment as a big victory.
ex pand into the w orld. Portraits by Kara Ortiga.
“So then, those who are in the flesh ( Continued on page 7 )
Page 6 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com June 14-20, 2019

prevented them f rom enjoying their with Mimi and some tour members. Xi Jinping supposedly expounded
nights as new lyw eds. B ut the w aiter f ollow ed him . on the “ im portance of good neigh-
“Wake up call will be at 6 in the “Kung nagsasawa ho kayo sa pag- ( Continued from page 1 ) borliness” and “proper handling”
morning,” their tourist guide Lloyd kain ng mga British sabihin ninyo of issues in the W est P hilippine S ea
told everyone before the tour mem- lang (I f you get tired of the B ritish Lorenzana said in a statement,
during his bilateral meeting with
bers went up to their rooms. At the food, let me know). Mayroon tayong citing inf orm ation f rom Filipino P resident R odrigo D uterte.
precise tim e the nex t m orning, Mim i (we have) a Filipino cook who could fishermen. T his is the latest reported incident
and Mario heard the knocks on their prepare native dishes.” of harassment of Filipino fishermen
door signaling f or them to get ready. “It’s good to know,” he replied. The Philippine boat, the DND said, in the W est P hilippine S ea under the
They each took a shower, dressed I n the nex t days of their tour, had 22 fishermen on board who were D uterte adm inistration, despite sup-
up, and w ent dow n to the restaurant Mario and Mim i w ould m eet a lot of later rescued by a Vietnamese fishing posed stronger ties w ith China.
for a sumptuous breakfast with their Filipinos trying their luck in foreign vessel. T he P hilippine Coast G uard In June 2018, members of the Chi-
tour m ates. lands to achieve a bright future said the P hilippine vessel cam e f rom nese Coast Guard were filmed taking
Destiny: Kabayan “ H ere com e the honeym ooners!
Y ou’ re late. W hat did you do last
their government officials could not
provide. – A J
Occidental Mindoro.
“ W e denounce the actions of the
Chinese fishing vessel for imme-
the catch of Filipino fishermen in
Panatag (Scarborough) Shoal off the
( Continued from page 1 ) lif t her f am ily f rom the perennial night?” Richard, a burly retiree from (To be continued) coast of Zambales.
squalor of poverty. Texas greeted them. He was boister- diately leaving the incident scene I n March, Malacañ ang said it could
Miriam , told her.
Jon Stewart
“Don’t worry about us, anak. We ous, a loudm outh. T hey m et each abandoning the 22 Filipino crew- not do anything about the continued
“Ano pa nga ba (What else could can manage,” her father told Apple. other during dinner the night before, men to the mercy of the elements,” harassment of Filipino fishermen in
be the reason)?” another friend, If only they knew about her life as and he had made a big fuss of their Lorenzana said. P anatag S hoal, w here the latter w ere
( Continued from page 11 )
Anita, commented. It’s obvious a prostitute in Manila so she could being the only honeymooners in the “ W e condem n in the strongest still being shooed away by Chinese
you w ould not get anything f rom send m oney to them , A pple w on- group. A lot w ere retirees past their because accountability doesn’t ap- term s the cow ardly action of the
pear to be something that occurs in Coast G uard, as China had “ m ore
him.” dered. T hroughout her pregnancy, six ties, although there w ere at least Chinese fishing vessel and its crew control” of the area. (READ: China
she braced herself for hardship, with three f am ilies w ith young children this chamber,” he said. for abandoning the Filipino crew.
It was then that Apple realized shooing away PH fishermen from
a child to take care of and no pros- in tow . T his is not the ex pected action f rom P anatag S hoal? W hat can w e do –
her f olly. Mr. S tew art said the victim s of the a responsible and friendly people,”
pects of earning a living. Most of the Mario looked around and real- P anelo)
“ W hy did she ever conceive ized Richard was just teasing them. Sept. 11, 2001 attacks have “every he added.
tim e, she f elt helpless as she stayed Recto Bank or Reed Bank is being
such a plan in the first place?” she home waiting to birth her child. Her Almost half of the tour members had justification” to be angry at Congress It’s a first in the dispute between the considered as a possible source of
asked herself. Now her problems parents and siblings worked hard not gone dow n f rom their room s. f or not show ing to the hearing w hile P hilippines and China, ex perts said. natural gas in the country, but its
had w orsened. N ot only w ould to eke out a living, yet they could At the end of the buffet table, Mario tweeting out to “Never Forget” the T he P hilippine m ilitary said the
disaster, calling it “ callous indif f er- exploration has been pushed back by
she deal w ith the grim prospect of hardly make a dent in solving their noticed a Filipino waiter looking at sinking was “far from accidental.” the P hilippines’ dispute w ith China.
trying to survive alone, but also problems. them . ence and rank hypocrisy” Lorenzana called for an inves- It is among the areas being eyed for
she w ould have to survive w ith a D A N T E I N A MER I CA W A S N OT “How are you, Kabayan?” he tigation and diplom atic action in the P hilippines’ joint ex ploration
T OT A L L Y I N S EN S I T I V E. H e greeted him . “ Y our indif f erence cost these m en response to the incident.
baby. and women their most valuable w ith China.
would think about Apple and their “Mabuti po (I’m good),” he an- “ W e call f or the conduct of a f orm al A 2 013 report of the U nited S tates
“ W here w ill I get the m oney to sup- com m odity: tim e, it’ s the one thing investigation on the m atter and f or
port us?” she asked Anita. “I cannot child but could not overcome the sw ered. Energy I nf orm ation A dm inistration
fact she tricked him to get pregnant. “Galing din po ba kayo ng America they’ re running out of . T his hearing diplomatic steps be taken to prevent
work as a bar girl due to this child.” should be flipped, these men and (EIA) said that Reed Bank could
S om etim es, he sought an update (Did you also come from America)?” a repeat of this incident,” the defense hold up to 5.4 billion barrels of oil
“ May aw a ang D iyos (G od has women should be up on that stage chief said.
mercy),” Anita consoled her. “Maka- from his friend Frankie. he asked. and 55.1 trillion cubic feet of natural
“ W ala na, P are (S he’ s not here “No, sa Pilipinas.” and Congress should be down here T he D N D m ade the announcem ent
karaos ka din (You will survive).” answering their questions,” Mr. gas. – R appler.com
anymore). I went to the club and was “ K um usta po sa atin (H ow is lif e in as the Philippines celebrated Inde-
B ut A pple w as not as hopef ul as S tew art said. pendence D ay.
told she returned to her province to the Philippines)?”
Flag Day
A nita w as. H ow could G od pity I n a phone interview , P hilippine
her w hen she w as the one w ho had give birth,” he told Dante. “At least “Okay naman. Matrapik pa rin (It’s
your child would not be born in a okay. The traffic is still heavy).” “They responded in five seconds, Coast Guard spokesman Captain Ar-
created her own problem? In fact, they did their jobs with courage, man Balilo said the Filipino boat was
she committed a misdeed by trying brothel.” “ W ala na po talagang pag-asa ang ( Continued from page 16 )
Dante felt a stab on his heart when bayan natin, puro mga magnanakaw grace, tenacity and hum ility. Eigh- anchored near Recto Bank (Reed
to trick Dante. Now she was the one teen years later, do yours,” he said. homes, places of work, and in our
he heard Frankie’s comment. He ang mga pulitiko (There’s no more Bank) after coming from Occidental
to suf f er. Mindoro.
com m unities. T oday and alw ays,
Still, Apple kept calling Dante. He may have been a low-life, but he f uture in our country. T he politicians
could not tolerate his child to see the are all thieves).” J on S tew art slam s Congress over Balilo added that he had spoken may we gaze at those stars and
answered her call when she bor- health care for 9/11 first responders: with an “operator” of the Filipino stripes w ith pride.
row ed a f riend’ s phone. H er nam e light of the day in such a despicable “Not everyone,” Mario politely
environm ent. corrected him . H e noticed the w aiter “ I ’ m aw f ully tired of hearing that boat, and the crewman apparently W ear R ed, W hite and B lue patriotic
did not reflect on the caller ID, but it’s a 9/11 New York issue. Al-Qaeda said the boat was not “fully sub- attire on Friday, J une 14 only to re-
still Dante refused to talk. Finally, ON T H E OT H ER S I D E OF T H E w as ready to recite his litany of
G L OB E, MA R I O A N D MI MI com plaints. didn’t shout death to Tribeca. They merged” after the collision. ceive f ree adm ission to the Midw ay.
she decided to f ace the m usic. S he attacked America and these men T he incident happened less than A rrive at 11 am f or a special per-
reluctantly went back to her fam- W ER E EN J OY I N G T H EI R EU - “Kaya po ako umalis sa atin, iniwan
R OP EA N H ON EY MOON . T hey ko ang asawa ko at mga anak para and women … brought our country tw o m onths af ter D uterte’ s 4 th visit formance by the Mountain Fifes and
ily in the province and told her back” https://t.co/CFdzczE0fE pic. to China, w here Chinese P resident Drums, click here for more info!
parents w hat had happened. T hey slept late during their first night in magtrabaho dito (That’s why I left
London, preferring to take a walking our country. I lef t m y w if e and chil- twitter.com/CDbolZs1wB
were deeply disappointed, but there — ABC News Politics (@ABCPol-
tour of the neighborhoods around dren to work here).”
w as nothing they could do. T hey itics) J une 11, 2 019
accepted their daughter, as they P iccadilly Circus. T hey w ere tired, Mario realized the Filipino waiter
had nothing but unconditional love but it didn’t stop them from keep-
ing in m ind that these w ere their
w anted to engage in a lengthy
conversation. S ince he w as ex pect-
The original and first Asian Journal in America,
for her. They were deeply hurt but
honeym oon nights. N o am ount of ing a beautiful day ahead of them, D ow nload th e it is the leading Filipino American newspaper
understood the reason f or her action.
Her ultimate aim had been to help interest in the scenic spots of the city he excused himself to sit at the table asianjournalusa. com / d igital in San Diego, California

af ter a disaster hits w ho hang their created one like that, she or he would Simeon G. Silverio, Jr.
head and adm it that, N o, they didn’ t have to have som e stunning reasons Publisher & Editor
have insurance.W e understand that, as to why. And they still probably
certainly. I nsurance is ex pensive. wouldn’t like their grade. Nonethe- Genevieve Tagudin Silverio
A ll, policies w hatever the policy less w e are discussing it, people all
is f or, are ex pensive. Even if your over YouTube discuss it, and so in Associate Publisher & Managing Editor
policy costs less than m ine, it’ s still one sense it does the job – gets the
ex pensive. nam e out. Miles Beauchamp, Ph.D.
Insurance really becomes expen- Advertising jingles need to be Associate Editor
sive when we write a check for it at memorable to do the job. Jingles
the sam e tim e w e w rite one f or our need to be positive; they need to help
m ortgage or rent, the car paym ent, the business and they must never Writers: Zena Sultana-Babao; Ofelia Dirige, Ph.D.; Dinggol
the utilities, the credit card charges, have a negative. I f you turn of f a Araneta Divinagracia; Virginia Ferrer; Msgr. Fernando G. Guti-
the repair or m aintenance of w hat- potential custom er, it’ s ex traordinary errez; Rudy Liporada; Marjon L. Saulon; and Marjorie Villareal
ever it w as that needed it m ost that harder to get that custom er. A nd
What a concept m onth, the, the, the, the… . N ever
ends, does it? We pay our bills and
that’ s w here it seem s as though that
particular jingle might be failing.
Tran. Contributors: Ernie Delfin; Dr. Ed Gamboa; Atty. Rogelio
Karagdag; and Bill Labestre, MBA.
Seriously? Pay only for what I need? the ones that get the greatest atten-
tion are those that im pact us m ost
Please don’t mistake this column as
a rant against insurance com panies.
im m ediately. H ousing, transporta- It most definitely is not. Goodness In Pursuit of Excellence:
I f you w atch T V , go online, W hen tim es get rough, people
tion, f ood, m edicine. I nsurance? knows I’m “in bed” with quite a few Eugenio “Ego” Osin, 1946-1994
watch YouTube, and no doubt tend to become very conservative
in everything they do. T hey stop Maybe not the highest that month. of them. Home, car, business, health, Joe Cabrera, 1924 - 1996
other sites, you’ve probably seen Or the next. Or, we think, ever. m edical, lif e, w ell you get the idea.
buying costly items like cars and Soledad Bautista, 1917 - 2009
one of the latest com m ercials f or T hat’ s not sound reasoning, I’m not simply blaming insurance
Liberty Mutual. And the com-
houses; they travel less, and gener-
certainly, but we play our odds and com panies. T hey provide a service Dr. Rizalino “Riz” Oades, 1935 - 2009
ally just save as m uch as they can.
mercials are fine, they probably A nd w hile saving m oney is alw ays do what we think is best. Is it best? we need or are required by law to
do the intended job. The prob- a good thing, it doesn’ t help an Possibly not, but when it comes to have in addition to making a profit The Asian Journal is a legally adjudicated newspaper
lem ? T he jingle. I t’ s just f our econom y that needs people to spend electricity vs. insurance, w ell, w e for stockholders (many of whom are of General Circulation in the State of California. It is au-
know who wins. Same for insurance retirem ent program s that invest in
words: “Liberty, liberty, liberty. in order to give others a job. And for
vs. f ood, insurance vs. gas, insurance insurance com panies. G ets conf us- thorized to print official legal notices of all types including
Liberrrrty”.: For whatever reason, the past few years, it’s been tough. Liens, Fictitious Names, Change of Name, Abandonment,
So, if you are in the business of sell- vs. tobacco (seriously? You haven’t ing, huh?). I’d just like better jingles
the voices in the com m ercial pro- stopped yet?) and insurance vs. cable and tag lines. A nd I prom ise to never Estate Sales, Auctions, Public Offerings, Court Ordered
ing food, you have to make it taste
nounce it more like liberdy. But good, be appealing, smell wonderful, T V . I t’ s just w ho w e are. pay f or w hat I don’ t need. Ex cept f or publishing, etc.
then I suppose liberty can be hard chocolate, good wine, and beer. Hey,
be served in an inviting atmosphere,
Money v s. any th ing else w e all have our priorities. The Asian Journal is also available in digital form.
to pronounce. B ut that annoying and create a need. Just like insur- Visit our website at www.asianjournalusa.com
Top 10
jingle isn’ t the w orse part. T hat ance com panies need to create needs
honor belongs to their tag line: (and yes, there most definitely is a To be honest, money is just not one A multi-award winning newspaper, the Asian Journal
need for many kinds of insurance). of my favorite subjects. It’s not that is published weekly every Friday and distributed all over
“Only pay for what you need.” I don’t like money, or that I have ( Continued from page 7 )
T he restaurant industry is great at
so much I don’t ever have to think I was walking down the road San Diego County. Advertising deadline is every Wednes-
W ould you pay f or insurance this, especially f ast f ood restaurants. day at 5 p.m. prior to the publication date. For advertising
A nd that’ s one of the deadly com - about it, because that just isn’t the and a m an of f ered m e a f ree sof a
you didn’t need? Just a hunch, but case. I adore m oney (or at least the and chairs. I said no because my and subscription information, call (619) 474-0588 or send
binations: restaurants that have to
I’m pretty sure that you probably sell food to stay in business coupled things money can buy) and I cer- m other alw ays taught m e not to an email message to asianjournal@aol.com. The Asian
w ouldn’ t. tainly am not in any category above
w ith people w ho love or need to eat
m iddle class. take suites from strangers (8%) Journal is not responsible for unsolicited manuscripts and
(and w e all need to eat – it’ s just
N eed v s. w ant how m uch w e need that creates the N o, it’ s just that there are things in W hat do you call cheese that phtographs but welcomes submissions. Entire content is
this world of ours that I find more in- isn’t yours? Nacho Cheese (8%) copyrighted material by Asian Journal. Materials in this
problem). Source: www.thesun.co.uk/
N ow w e do pay f or m any things I nsurance com panies m ust create teresting to write about. Things like publication may not be reproduced without specific per-
w e don’ t need. For instance, w e cars, boats, houses, kids, the laundry,
buy much more food than what we
needs to generate new custom ers
pim ples...w ell, you get the idea. mission from the Asian Journal publisher.
plus more business from current
need. Probably nowhere on earth is custom ers. But this week I’m talking about
a culture subjected to so many mixed Of course, most “need” comes m oney (in the f orm of insurance) Office address:
m essages. One com m ercial tells us knocking on the door of insurance because of that commercial. “Lib- 550 East 8th Street, Suite 6
to lose w eight; another tells us w here erty, liberty, liberty. Liberrrty.”
to get thousand calorie soft drinks.
com panies. W hen a disaster hit –
Argh! For goodness sake, I hope the National City, CA 91950
whether it’s weather, or earthquake,
W eight loss clinics are springing up fire, flood, tornado, explosion, and so com pany didn’ t pay too m uch f or Tel. (619) 474-0588
everyw here, w hile at the sam e tim e m any others, w e ex pect an insur- that jingle. In my university business Email: asianjournal@aol.com
w e are told how great it is to order ance com pany to help pay f or the com m unication classes, w e discuss Website: www.asianjournalusa.com
pounds and pounds of greasy, f ried cost. U nless, w e’ re one of those jingles and w hat they need to do,
f ood. people interview ed on T V new s how to create them , etc. I f a student
June 14-20, 2019 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com Page 7

( Continued from page 5 )

"This decision is one based upon

the desire of this adm inistration to
use tax payer dollars in the pursuit of
science that is both ethical and effec-
tive, " said Fam ily R esearch Council What happens in heaven
President Tony Perkins.
when we pray?
Kristan Hawkins, president of
S tudents f or L if e of A m erica, said I dream ed that I w ent to H eaven asked for them." I noticed again how
the T rum p adm inistration has " once and an angel w as show ing m e busy it was there. There were many
again done the right thing in restor- around. We walked side-by-side angels working hard at that station,
ing a culture of lif e to our govern- inside a large workroom filled since so many blessings had been
m ent." requested and were being packaged
w ith angels. My angel guide f or delivery to Earth.
A nd A lliance D ef ending Freedom stopped in front of the first sec- Finally at the f arthest end of the
Legislative Counsel Kellie Fiedorek tion and said, ' T his is the R eceiv- long corridor w e stopped at the door
said, " Every hum an lif e, f rom con- ing S ection. H ere, all petitions to of a very sm all station. T o m y great
ception to natural death, has dignity G od said in prayer are received. surprise, only one angel w as seated
and value. T hat' s w hy w e com m end there, idly doing nothing. " T his is
the T rum p A dm inistration' s deci- I looked around in this area, and it the Acknowledgment Section, my
sion to end N I H research using the was terribly busy with so many an- angel friend quietly admitted to me.
broken body parts of aborted babies. gels sorting out petitions w ritten on He seemed embarrassed.
Truly ethical research abides by volum inous paper sheets and scraps "How is it that there is no work go-
federal law and refuses to sacrifice f rom people all over the w orld. ing on here? I asked."
the rights of unborn children in its T hen w e m oved on dow n a long " S o sad, " the angel sighed. " A f ter
efforts to find innovative cures." corridor until w e reached the second people receive the blessings that
section. they asked for, very few send back
A nd D r. T ara S ander L ee of the T he angel then said to m e, " T his is acknowledgments."
Charlotte Lozier Institute says, the Packaging and Delivery Section. "How does one acknowledge God's
"Ethical alternatives are available to Here, the graces and blessings the blessings? "I asked.
researchers now. These include, but people asked for are processed and ( Continued on page 8 )
are not lim ited to, f resh hum an tis- delivered to the living persons w ho
sues f rom adult and pediatric popula-
tions, donated and discarded biopsies
and surgical specimens, from both
living and post-m ortem individuals.
T here are num erous ex am ples of in-
vestigators successf ully using these
ethical alternatives f or research and
clinical trials f or studying the m ost
complex processes, such as brain
developm ent and neurodevelopm en- Top 10 worst dad jokes of all time
tal disorders, im m une response to
pathogens, and stroke." I w ent to the store to get eight W hat do you call a m an w ith a
cans of sprite. W hen I got hom e, I spade in his head? Doug (10%)
And a video testimony by the realised I’d only picked seven up W hy did the Mex ican push his
Charlotte Lozier Institute shows how (15%) wife off a cliff? Tequila (9%)
a patient nam ed T ony U nderhill w as W hat do you call a deer w ith no W here do policem en live? L et’ s-
struck by Scleroderma that rav- eyes? No idea (12%) be Avenue (9%)
aged his body and confined him to a
w heelchair. " H is prognosis w as dire. A ghost walks into a bar. The Why did the skeleton burp?
But then he learned about a clinical landlady says: “ S orry w e don’ t B ecause it didn’ t have the guts to
trial directed by Dr. Richard Burt at serve spirits” (11%) fart (8%)
N orthw estern U niversity using A dult What do you call a donkey with ( Continued on page 6 )
S tem Cells to repair the ef f ects of the three legs? A Wonky (10%)
disease. J ust one year af ter his adult

U.S. Coast Guard

stem cell transplant, T ony has his lif e tion, determ ines necessary to ensure the
back," CLI states. Watch his amaz- expeditious construction of the barriers
ing story below: ( Continued from page 1 ) and roads authorized by section 102 of
Call the Asian Journal at 619.474.0588 for your advertising needs. otherw ise, " Fagan said. T he geographic scope of this w aiver
T he U S Coast G uard w ill continue covers the two areas defined below.
its operations in the S outh China S ea T hese projects w ill total approx im ately
when USCGC Stratton will takes the 15 miles of new border wall system lo-
place of U S CG C B ertholf in a f ew cated w ithin these areas (approx im ately
days. 4 m iles in the S an D iego S ector and
T he U S Coast G uard com m ander approx im ately 11 m iles in the El Centro
stressed that its operations in the sector).
S outh China S ea are consistent w ith W ithin the S an D iego S ector, starting
approx im ately one m ile w est of B order
international standards and rules. Monum ent 2 4 5 and ex tending east to
"The international rules-based sys- approx im ately one m ile east of B order
tem has been the approach that we’re Monum ent 2 4 3 ;
using, " Fagan said. W ithin the El Centro S ector, starting
L ay of f Pag- asa, D uterte ask s approx im ately one and one-half (1.5 )
C h ina m iles w est of B order Monum ent 2 2 3
I n A pril, P resident R odrigo D uterte and ex tending east approx im ately eight
asked China to lay off Philippine-occu- m iles; and
pied P ag-asa I sland f ollow ing reports W ithin the El Centro S ector, starting
that hundreds of Chinese vessels are at B order Monum ent 2 2 1 and ex tending
stationed around the island. east to B order Monum ent 2 19.
The Chinese vessels, believed to be W hile the w aiver elim inates D H S ’
militia disguised as fishing boats, have obligation to comply with various laws
been deployed in the area as early as w ith respect to covered projects, D H S
J anuary. rem ains com m itted to environm ental
T he D epartm ent of Foreign A f f airs stewardship. DHS has been coordinating
called out B eijing' s deploym ent of ves- and consulting, and intends to continue
sels in the W est P hilippine S ea, pointing doing so, w ith other f ederal and state
out that the P hilippines has sovereignty resource agencies to ensure that im pacts
and sovereign rights over the region. to the environm ent, w ildlif e, and cultural
" A ccordingly, the presence of Chinese and historic artifacts are analyzed and
vessels near and around P ag-asa and minimized, to the greatest extent pos-
other m aritim e f eatures in the (K alayaan sible.
I sland G roup) is illegal, " the D FA said T he S an D iego and El Centro S ectors
in A pril. are areas of high illegal entry and are
experiencing large numbers of individu-
DHS issues
( Continued from page 13 )
als and narcotics being smuggled into
the country illegally. T he construction
of border infrastructure within these
2 019. project areas will support DHS’s ability
The projects covered by this waiver to impede and deny illegal border cross-
are funded by CBP’s Fiscal Year 2018 ings and the drug and hum an sm ug-
(FY 18 ) A ppropriation. I t is not a project gling activities of transnational crim inal
undertaken pursuant to the National organizations.
Em ergency D eclaration, 10 U .S .C § 2 8 4 ,

10 U .S .C. § 2 8 08 , nor does it draw f rom
any other source of f unding, including
appropriations available to the Depart-
m ent of D ef ense (D oD ). ( Continued from page 1 )
T his w aiver is pursuant to authority Google explained the symbolic
granted to the S ecretary of H om eland
Security by Congress and covers a va- m eanings seen on the P hilippine
riety of environm ental, natural resource flag — from colors, stars, the
and land m anagem ent law s. Congress eight rays of the sun.
provided the S ecretary of H om eland “The Philippine flag itself is a powerful
Security with a number of authorities symbol of the independence movement,
necessary to carry out DHS’s border se- with each of its colors carrying a signifi-
curity m ission. S ection 102 (a) of I I R I R A cant meaning: blue represents truth and
provides that the S ecretary of H om eland justice, red symbolizes patriotism, and
Security shall take such actions as may white stands for equality,” Google said.
be necessary to install additional physi- “ T he three stars at the corner represent
cal barriers and roads in the vicinity of the three m ain regions of the P hilippines
the United States border to deter illegal – Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. Mean-
crossings in areas of high illegal entry w hile, the eight rays of the sun stand f or
into the U nited S tates. the first eight provinces that went into
In section 102(b) of IIRIRA, Congress battle against Spain,” it added.
m andated the installation of addi- G oogle said this is the tenth tim e that
tional fencing, barriers, roads, lighting, they celebrated the Independence Day
cam eras and sensors on the southw est w ith a specially-designed doodle.
border. Finally, in section 102(c) of I n 2 018 , G oogle f eatured the country’ s
I I R I R A , Congress granted to the S ecre- rich m arine lif e w hile in 2 017 , G oogle
tary of H om eland S ecurity the authority f eatured a doodle of a sunrise over the
to waive all legal requirements that the sea w ith Filipinos paying respect to the
S ecretary, in the S ecretary’ s sole discre- Philippine flag.
Page 8 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com June 14-20, 2019

Spiritual Life
‘Male and female He created them’ rejects gender ideologies
by Patti Armstrong, National Catholid Identity would then “become the document was dated Feb. 4, but not f rom parents f or rem inding students
Register choice of the individual, one w hich released until L G B T pride m onth, is that not everyone goes to heaven.
The new document was can also change over time.” The doc- also seen as a slight, although there T he docum ent ex plains that w e
written specifically to ad- um ent points to the disorientation as w as no statem ent as to the tim ing of should not be coopted into “the as-
dress Catholic schools, where contributing to “the destabilization the release. sertion of the com plete em ancipation
teaching is often at odds with of the family” all while schools and The document makes clear, how- of the individual f rom any a priori
lawmakers promote ideas “radically ever, it w as w ritten to deal w ith given sexual definition, and the
radical cultural ideology. separated from the biological differ- the com plicated situation Catholic disappearance of classifications seen
ence between male and female.” schools find themselves in, given as overly rigid.”
Trinity Sunday Coinciding w ith L G B T m onth, The liberal media is not happy. that the culture has strayed f rom the A s f or inviting discrim ination, the
the Vatican has fired a shot across
An Experienced Mystery
T hey had hoped that P ope Francis understanding that " m ale and f em ale, docum ent addressed “ the need to
gender-fluid ideology, coming w ould com e dow n on their side. Y et, he created them". The gender-fluid educate children and young people
dow n on the side of the entire he has of ten ex pressed concern that ideology “ denies the dif f erence and to respect every person in their par-
Joke of the week: One little boy in to us so that w e can f ollow him as history of humankind. This is this new gender ideology, w hich reciprocity in nature of a m an and a ticularity and dif f erence, so that no
the Confirmation class had laryngi- the W ay, the T ruth and the L if e. J e- why Catholics, albeit disturbed departs f rom anything that has gone w om an and envisages a society. I t one should suffer bullying, violence,
tis. During the Confirmation exami- sus in turn leads us to reach the final w ith scandals, stay Catholic. Our before us, harms children. claim s that gender is a f ree self - insults or unjust discrim ination
nation, the bishop asked the students, goal of our Christian journey: to go The New York Times reported: determ ination of each individual and based on their specific characteristics
“What is the Blessed Trinity?” back to the Father, who is our maker. Church is the Rock that is not “The document broke little new the choices he or she makes accord- (such as special needs, race, religion,
T om m y w hispered his reply, “ T hree T his journey through the guidance of going to be moved by modern ground in prom oting traditional ing to the circum stances of each sexual tendencies, etc.).”
divine persons in one God.” The the S pirit pointing to us Christ ends gender conf usions def ying sci- Catholic teaching on the intrinsic relationship.” It won’t matter though. “Agenda”
bishop leaned closer and said, “I did in the presence of the Father. ence and reason. biological differences between men The culture frequently pushes back and “victimization” are allies in
not quite understand.” “You’re not The mysteries of faith are difficult and w om en. B ut com ing f rom a against Catholic schools assigned fighting against a Church that does
supposed to,” answered Tommy, “it’s to ex plain and teach. L egend tells us T he Congregation f or Catholic church led by Pope Francis, who has to teach the truth. P arents are of ten not sw ay w ith the w ind or Face-
a mystery. Nobody understands it.” that St. Patrick used a shamrock to Education has published “Male and struck an inclusive tone toward ho- conf used and lead protests against book protest pages. We could never
explain the Trinity to the king’s two Fem ale H e Created T hem : T ow ards m osex ual Catholics, it im m ediately Catholic schools that require teachers make them happy unless the gates
Scriptures: First R eading: P rov- daughters. I ts three petals on one a Path of Dialogue on the Question disappointed advocates w ho had to adhere to the teachings. T he op- of hell prevailed. I nstead, w hile w e
erbs 8: 22-31. In Hebrew tradition, stem represent the three persons in of Gender Theory in Education.” It hoped for a more tolerant message.” posite even happens w here teachers are praying f or the protection and
wisdom is to be found in one’s one God. Some believe that the oc- was written specifically to address Liberal groups warn that by going are fired for representing Catholic strength of our Church, we can thank
ex perience of the w orld w here G od casion w as his serm on to L aughaire, Catholic schools, w here teaching is against the lived ex periences of teaching or parents are outraged over God that it has struck a blow in the
m anif ests him self in revelation and chief of the I rish clans w ho had of ten at odds w ith radical cultural L G B T people, the Church is inviting a teacher for showing a prolife film spiritual w arf are against gender
action. Wisdom came to be tied to come to seize the saint for daring to ideology. discrim ination. T he f act that the after she was already under attack relativism .
the com ing of the W ord and of the ignite the Easter fire on the Hill of A ccording to the V atican N ew s, the

What happens
S pirit. T heref ore, everyone w ho lives S lane. docum ent addresses an educational im prisonm ent, the agony of torture, I start? "
responsibly in the world encounters crisis on ideology ref erred to as or the pangs of starvation... Y ou are T he A ngel said, " I f you can read
the T hree P ersons of the B lessed Quotation of the week: I f w e are “gender theory” which “denies the ahead of 7 00 m illion people in the this m essage, you just received a
( Continued from page 7 )
T rinity. S econd R eading: R om ans not to lie w hen w e call ourselves dif f erence and reciprocity in nature w orld." double blessing in that someone was
5 : 1-5 . I n today’ s passage, w e can ‘Christians,’ we must bear witness to of a man and a woman,” and consid- " S im ple, " the angel answ ered. J ust
say, "Thank you, Lord." " I f you can attend a church w ithout thinking of you as very special and
read in-between the lines the early it by our way of living. St. Gregory ers them as “ m erely the product of the f ear of harassm ent, arrest, torture you are more blessed than over two
Christians ex perience of G od in and of N yssa. historical and cultural conditioning.” "What blessings should they ac-
knowledge?" I asked. or death you are envied by, and more billion people in the world who can-
through J esus Christ. T he passage
7 Biblical truths to offer hope in " I f you have f ood in the ref rig- blessed than, three billion people in not read at all."
clearly alludes to the T hree P ersons the w orld." Have a good day,count your blessings,
of the B lessed T rinity. G od’ s action erator, clothes on your back, a roof
the midst of spiritual warfare
" I f your parents are still alive and and if you care to, pass this along to
through J esus Christ gives his peace, overhead and a place to sleep you remind everyone else how blessed we all
are richer than 75% of this world. still m arried.... you are very rare."
hope of G od’ s glory and love of " I f you can hold your head up and are..........
G od. T his peace carries w ith it the by Debbie McDaniel garden?’” (Genesis 3:1) If you have money in the bank, in ATTN: Acknowledge Dept.
T he enem y has sought to destroy your w allet, and spare change in a sm ile, you are not the norm , you' re
prom ise of f uture glory and the as- "Thank you Lord, for giving me the
unique to all those in doubt and
surance of G od’ s love. G ospel: J ohn We’re in a battle in this world. our lives since the beginning of dish, you are among the top 8% of
ability to share this message and for giv-
16: 12 -15 . T he G od of love is m ade We may not see it; we might forget creation. H e has devised his evil the w orld' s w ealthy, and if you get ing m e so m any w onderf ul people w ith
plans and incited f ear, disunity, and this on your ow n com puter, you are "Ok," I said. "What now? How can w hom to share it."
known in and through the revela- it’s there. But the enemy would
tion and action of J esus Christ and division. You can be assured, even part of the 1% in the world who has
love nothing more than to fill our
that revelation is m ade m eaningf ul
through the inspiration of the S pirit.
minds with fear and defeat. We
today, he is set on bringing down ev-
ery relationship w e hold dear, lead us
that opportunity."
"If you woke up this morning with
Divine Mercy
don’t have to let him win. astray, and cause us to doubt God’s
very w ords.
m ore health than illness.. Y ou are
more blessed than the many who
Reflection: I n ancient G reece, in Encinitas, California
If you’re a believer who is living H e w ants nothing less than to com - w ill not even survive this day."
“mystery” is mostly associated with
like salt and light in a dark world, pletely take us out. Adam and Eve’s " I f you have never ex perienced
religious rites or m ystery cults. A project of the Divine Mercy Hills
Mystery religions, such as these of you w on’ t go f or long w ithout en- story should be a constant reminder the fear in battle, the loneliness of Be part of the story. Jesus, I Trust in You!
Foundation of Southern California, a

those D ionysius in A thens, of I sis countering obstacles and attacks. of how m uch w e need G od every 501(c)3 non-profit organization

and Osiris in Egypt and of A donis of G od rem inds us in H is w ord to m om ent of every day. W e m ust stay
Byblos in Phoenicia, were popular aware and be vigilant against Satan’s
stay aw are of S atan’ s schem es, attack on our lives, marriages,
in the Greco-Roman world because
their esoteric elem ents attracted their
to live alert in this w orld, and to children, and the f uture that G od has
stay close to H im . planned f or us.

initiates w hose religious hunger w as
not fully met by the classical reli- W hen A dam and Eve chose to turn
gions of G reece and R om e. H ow ev- H e arm s us w ith the sw ord, the aw ay f rom G od’ s com m ands, sin
er, these ancient pagan m ystery cults W ord of G od, to stand against the entered the w orld. A nd S atan has not
w ere not practiced in those regions enemy’s lies. He equips us with stopped. H e is craf tier today than “Speak to the world about
strength, w isdom , and discernm ent My Mercy ...
w here Christianity had originated. ( Continued on page 11 ) Let all mankind
T hus, it is w ise to conclude that through H is ow n S pirit to stay strong recognize My

Break through
Christianity developed its sense of in the battle. He invites us to spend Unfathomable Mercy ...”

“mystery” from the Judaic tradi- tim e in H is presence, through prayer — Jesus to St. Faustina,

to Souls
Diary 848
tion and shaped it according to its and worship, pressing in to know
H im m ore.

prof ound and ex clusive ex perience
of G od w ho revealed him self in and W e never have to w restle through
through J esus Christ. on our ow n; G od covers and sur- Meditation:
H ow ever, w e cannot discount rounds us in H is care. Every f orce
the f act that in the third and f ourth of darkness will be brought down O h , h ow ind if f erent are souls
centuries, the pagan m ystery cults’ under H is com m and. to so m uch good ness, to so m any
term inology and practices, such as Don’t be afraid. Be confident to p roof s of lov e! My H eart d rink s
m ystagogia, enlightenm ent and puri- stand in H is truth, no m atter how only of th e ingratitud e and f orget-
fication, began to seep into Christian difficult the spiritual battles may f ulness of souls liv ing in th e w orld .

rituals, but nonetheless adapted ac- be. Know beyond a doubt, that God T h ey h av e tim e f or ev ery th ing, b ut
cording to Christian ex perience and is mightily at work on your behalf th ey h av e no tim e to com e to Me
understanding. even now . f or graces (D iary, 3 67 ).
Someone jokingly described the I n the f ollow ing seven passages
difference between a miracle and a from the Bible, we are reminded My P rayer R esponse:
that spiritual forces are still battling


m ystery in this w ay: a m iracle occurs
w hen a m an gets pregnant, w hereas against G od’ s truth and light, even Lord Jesus, may Your mercy be
a m ystery happens w hen a single today. A nd just as H e f ought on accepted. May You break through
w om an gets pregnant (w ho is the behalf of His people then, He does to souls w ho have no tim e f or Y ou!
f ather? ). still today. S of ten their stony hearts, O L ord.
Our age has an obsession with mys-
From the beginning of time,
tery, w hether it is the help of D N A
or the numbers of the stars in the Satan has waged war against us.
*The words of Jesus appear in boldface
your friends and family by sending them $325,000 WHO HAS FIVE FRIENDS ON
universe. I f there is a m ystery, w e
w ould not leave any stone unturned. “ N ow the serpent w as m ore craf ty
this link: TheDivineMercy.org/dmdsignup
Join Fr. Dan Cambra, MIC on your Lenten FACEBOOK? HOW ABOUT IN
W e w ill solve the m ystery. H ow ever, than any of the w ild anim als the
the Feast of the T rinity presents
the T hree P ersons in One G od as a
L ord G od had m ade. H e said to the
w om an, ‘ D id G od really say, ‘ Y ou
journey with a daily video series based on
the readings from the Diary of Saint Maria
Faustina Kowalska: TheDivineMercy.org/
mystery, not to be solved, fathomed m ust not eat f rom any tree in the divinemercyminutes $115,000 STAND WITH YOU? AS IN MATCH
or understood, but to be encountered
and ex perienced.
T he early Christians’ encounter
“The souls that say this chaplet will be embraced by My mercy during their lifetime and
especially at the hour of their death (754).” -- Words of Jesus in the Diary of St. Faustina
(second reading and G ospel) w ith
the personified wisdom (first read-
ing) is made possible through God’s
self -disclosure in J esus Christ. J ust
as the Israelites linked wisdom with
Using the rosary beads, recite one Our Father, one
Hail Mary, and one I Believe in God. CALIFORNIA FOR OUR CAPITAL CAMPAIGN?
the T orah, Christians prof ess that
Christ, the W isdom , reveals his
On the Our Father beads say this prayer, which
was given by Our Lord to St. Faustina (1905-1938). BE PART OF THE STORY THIS MARCH TO JULY
Father and the H oly S pirit since eter-
nity. Christians believe that Jesus has
Eternal Father, I offer You the Body and Blood, Soul
and Divinity of Your dearly beloved Son, Our Lord 2019. LET’S DO IT. LET’S PAY OFF THE LAND FOR
Jesus Christ, in atonement for our sins and those of
that w isdom and creative pow er of the whole world.
God, because the Holy Spirit made
For group presentations about our mission project, call
it clear.
S alvation consists in encountering
On the Hail Mary beads say:
619.851.9547 or email divinemercyshrineofsc@gmail.com
For the sake of His sorrowful Passion, have mercy
the T hree P ersons of the B lessed
T rinity. T his is very apparent in the
way Christians are baptized: in the
on us and on the whole world.

In conclusion say three times:

The Divine Mercy Hills Foundation of Southern California (DMHFSC) is a 501(c)3 non-profit registered in the
State of California. Your donation is tax deductible according to the laws of the State of California.
nam e of the T hree P ersons. T he H oly
S pirit guides us to grasp the f ull Holy God, Holy Mighty One, Holy Immortal One,
have mercy on us and on the whole world.
m eaning of w hat Christ has revealed
June 14-20, 2019 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com Page 9

Arts & Culture

Encounter: Acclaimed Fil-Am writer Lottery winner owes $344 million
Elaine Castillo on 'white gaze,' and jackpot to a fortune cookie
writing to move on —by POP.Inquirer.net

A fortune cookie delivered the

winning lottery number and a
$344.6 million (around P6.6
billion) jackpot to an American
retiree, who has a child to thank.
“ I never ex pected to w in. I just Isa Lamang (2)
got lucky,” a still-overwhelmed
Charles Jackson said after claim- Isang pakikipagkamay lamang ang sagot sa gulo
play them,'” he said a news confer-
ing the huge Powerball prize in ence last T uesday, J une 4 . upang magkaayos na ang nangyaring pagtatalo
R aleigh, N orth Carolina. Jackson said he usually plays the maaaring uminit lamang ang bawa’t mga ulo
Jackson, who is 66, said the lucky same five numbers in the weekly lot- ‘di kaya makatulong ang magdala ako ng yelo?
number was written on the slip of teries but had never won until now.
paper his stepson’ s daughter re- “I’m kind of stunned,” he said.
trieved from a fortune cookie. Isang bituin lang sa langit ay sapat na sapat na
R G A /J B
“ S he is eight years old. Me and gabayan ang sinumang naglalakad sa kalsada
her grandm a w ent to a V ietnam ese Read more: https://pop.inquirer. sa madilim na lugar, sa dagat kung nag-iisa ka
restaurant. W e alw ays give her the net/75646/lottery-winner-owes- walang dapat ikatakot malawak ang liwanag niya
The debut novel and the author behind it, Elaine Castillo. Portrait by Kara Ortiga fortune cookies. And I said: ‘Save 344-million-jackpot-to-a-fortune-
the fortune for me and I look at the
We caught up with the author “I just don’t think about the white
numbers on the back, I might want to
I sang salita m o lang ay m atutupad ang pangarap
of America is Not The Heart at gaze… I never have,” Elaine tells
me. “There was like maybe two kung ibubuhos mo ng husto ang iyong pagsisikap
a writer’s festival in Sydney to w hite people in m y class grow ing ituon ng husto ang tingin sa darating na bukas
talk about her roots, translat- up. A nd w hen m y parents m oved I never wanted to feel like I was talk- Elaine describes growing up in a subur- huwag ka sanang mag-atubili’t mag-ipon ng lakas.
ing for a white audience—"No m e to a Catholic school in a w hiter ing f or Filipinos. I w as m oved that ban community without a bookstore. So
one translates white middle- neighborhood, like ‘Please let her people in the P hilippines w ere seeing she had to read the lim ited collection of
class Brooklyn life to me, and I try to be middle-class,’ it was such that I w asn' t just selling out the books that were available at the Milpitas Isang boto lamang kayang mabago ang ating mundo
Filipinos to w hite readers, w hich is library or at thrift shops: Sweet Valley nang hindi na manatili yaong mga abusado
don't know what that's like“— a shock to me. It was in schools like H igh or thrillers that w ere too old f or
and how she dealt with her that w here I ex perienced institutional literally the last thing I w ant to do." her. B ut she also read a lot of philosophy kilanlaning mabuti ang iluluklok sa gobyerno
racism because I was a big writer Elaine's story doesn't subscribe to the tayo rin ang kawawa kung ipagbibili mo ito.
father’s passing. and reader as a kid, and I remember sym pathy-draw ing diasporic narrative
books, borrowed from her father who
w as a voracious reader. S he says she
white teachers essentially not believ- that is of ten used to present this cultural read a lot of Filipino w riting that w ere
ing I read w hat I read, or I w rote phenom enon. I nstead, she invites us to from “wealthy, educated, Manila-based, Isang silahis ng araw lang ang aking kailangan
by Kara Ortiga, ANC ABS CBN News her deeply personal account— and it' s
| May 27 2019 what I wrote.” this honest and vulnerable writing that
or remotely cosmopolitan” standpoints, upang ang aking kubo ay magliwanag ng mainam
I t' s an overcast S unday af ternoon The New York Times calls it and not so m any stories f rom the rural ‘di ko na hinahangad pa ang magagarbong ilawan
makes one feel so connected to the book. poor--from places like where her mother
w hen I m eet Elaine Castillo at the "hungrily ambitious in sweep and "I think I was conscious about writing kung galing lamang ang ito sa masasamang paraan.
documentary in detail, and reads like had grown up. That is until she picked
Old Clare H otel in S ydney, A ustra- about a community and a space that was up B ulosan' s A m erica is in the H eart.
lia. S he greets m e w ith a w arm hug a seismograph of the aftershocks slow ly disappearing. I w anted to get the The text in Elaine's book is mostly
and leans over for a beso. The day f rom trading one lif e f or another." tex ture [ of Milpitas] right, the f eel of w ritten in English w ith dialogues in Copyright 2019 by Virginia Ferrer. All rights reserved.
before, this Fil-Am writer had gath- P hotograph f rom G ood R eads it right so that it w ould f eel as it did in I locano, T agalog and P angasinan— none
ered a f ull house f or her appearance A s I sat in the last row at the f esti- my memories. Especially because it's a of w hich are translated to English. “ T o
val, surrounded by a predominantly part of the B ay A rea, that' s disappearing.
at the S ydney W riter' s Festival to translate those kinds of things for an as-
talk about her debut novel America w hite audience, I f elt the tension Those communities are still there, but so sum ed w hite reader is really an outdated Call the Asian Journal at 619.474.0588
many people have left the area because
is N ot the H eart— S ydney is just one of their discom f ort as W innie and of tech gentrification." ( Continued on page 5 ) for your advertising needs.
of the stops am ong several w riting Elaine spoke about the politics of
festival appearances she is making writing about identity, about being

“A life not lived for others is not a life.”

around the world. For a debut, Amer- a woman of color in publishing,
ica is N ot the H eart has received im - bemoaning when people view their
pressive acclaim , and there’ s already work for its contribution to white
an I talian translation: L ’ A m erica literature. In the middle of the talk,
N on E Casa. W hen I com m end her W innie even cautioned the room : " I
book, she clutches her chest with her know we talked a lot about sensitive
hands and bows with gratefulness, issues, but I warn you against white
f ragility."

-- Mother Teresa of Calcutta

her long earrings dancing w ith her
every gesture. A m erica is not the H eart (a nod to
Carlos B ulosan' s A m erica is in the
A t the W riter' s Festival, Elaine H eart) transports the reader f rom the
com m anded the room w ith an out- B ay A rea in S an Francisco to the
spoken view on race, being gender- P hilippines, in w hich Elaine unloads
queer, and the life of a writer. She the following: a queer love story, an
can speak deeply and at great length intergenerational f am ily epic, and a
about them, with that unique mix complex profile of migrant life. We
of passion and a bit of resentment. are f am iliar w ith som e of the tropes:
W hen T ongan-A ustralian w riter hardworking Filipino nurses and
W innie D unn, the host of the event, snooty highborn women. But there
asked her, "How did you write a is f reshness in having a lead w ho is
book set in America without white bisexual and living in a suburban
people? " Elaine sim ply said that that com m unity— a situation that echoes
Elaine’ s lif e.
Our Advertisers
w as the A m erica she grew up in:
in Milpitas, at the B ay A rea in S an T he protagonist of the novel is Chua Tinsay & Vega Law Offices 1.888.966.5288 | #AARP www.aarp.org/aapi or
Francisco, a m ajority-m inority tow n Hero De Vera, who is disowned by call the Filipino Hotline at 866.805.1986| Ronaldo R. Saldana DDS, Family
with a big Filipino community. "I her w ealthy parents in the P hil- Dentistry, Free Consultation. Most insurance plans accepted. Call 619.422.7252,
would watch shows like Baywatch ippines af ter she joins the N ew Tagalog and Spanish speaking. MC/Visa accepted. www.facebook.com/ saldana-
and Beverly Hills and think, ‘I don’t P eople' s A rm y. W hen she leaves the dental. | Karagdag & Associates US Immigration and Philippine Law
recognize that California. Why does guerilla group with broken thumbs, 1.858.348.7475 | USS Midway | Law Office of Susan V Perez APC, US
that California get to be our dominat- she is f orced to relocate to Milpitas,
Immigration/ Family Law www.law-usimmigration.com 1.619.819.8648 Licensed
ing im age of Calif ornia? ’ " she says and w e f ollow her journey through
healing and rebuilding a new life in a attorney in the Philippines and California USA susan@law-usimmigration.com |
W hen som eone in the audience
f oreign land. Dr Myrna E Lazaga DMD Complete Family Dental Care "handled with gentle-
asked if she will write her next book
conscious about veering away from Elaine’ s portrayal of her characters ness" National City and Poway, San Diego 619.477.0570 | Horizons Adult Day
the white gaze, Elaine replied with a is tex tured and distinctive. " I ' m very Health Care Center, 619.474.1822 | Sycuan Casino Resort 5468 Casino Way, El
curt and unabashed, "No." aw are that the Filipino-A m erican Cajon CA 92019. Call 619.445.6002 | SDG&E Timing is everything when it comes
I ask her about this when we meet. ex perience is very dif f erent f rom the to saving energy! www.sdge.com/summer | Rancho Costa Verde Enjoy an
S he laughs. Filipino ex perience, " she says. " S o evening of great dining on us and learn how Americans can own beach property
in Mexico and Baja’s best kept secret, Rancho Costa Verde. RSVP to attend a free
dinner presentation in Los Angeles, San Diego or Orange County, call
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The Cebuano dancers’ costumes are designed by Helen Kwong LaBarbera, Han-
for empowering the
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na Quiamco Diluvio and Shiran Ybanez.| Photo courtesy of Kristian Sese
youth to aspire to the State of California. It is authorized to print official legal notices of all types
Cebuanos showcase Sinulog possibilities that one
including Lients, Fictitious Names, Change of Name, Abandonment, Estate Sales,
Auctions, Public Offerings, Court Ordered publishing, etc.
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days, he presented me the sketch and
it was so beautiful,” Diluvio said.
can only see The Asian Journal is also available in digital form. Visit our website at
She was wearing a blue ball gown
costum e inspired f rom S inulog
The Cebuana dancer and make-up
artist noticed that spectators includ-
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Festival Queen 2019 Nicole Borro- ing the Americans were amazed by A multi-award winning newspaper, the Asian Journal is published every Friday
meo designed by Cebuano designer describing the costume as magical. and distributed all over San Diego County, California. Advertising deadline is
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her blue ball gown which weighs 10 presenting it here in New York,” she
kilograms. said.
“ Orville is such a creative genius. (H is design is really m ade f or the weekly print+online+digital editions
I ask him to do a peacock inspired w orld to see. T hat is w hy I am proud
festival queen costume. After few
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Page 10 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com June 14-20, 2019

All Chinese phones have ‘backdoor’ system that col- Complicated Affairs
lects & sends back user-data to China every 72 hours
Makabansa.com | 5/27/2019 —
D o you ow n a Chinese sm art-
phone? You could be one of those
7 00 Million users w hose phone is
The secret backdoor is said to be
there intentionally and not accidently
or due to a security flaw, although,
according to the U S authorities, at
Gone Fishin'
secretly sending tex t m essages to the m om ent it is unclear w hether the
data is being collected for advertis-
China every 7 2 hours. ing purposes or governm ent surveil-
lance. G one Fishin’ tool f or her to get additional m oney, hind since he w as too young to travel
Y ou heard that right. Over 7 00 Mil- K ryptow ire says the com pany w hich he w ould give to calm her as a tourist. T he U .S . I m m igration
lion Chinese sm artphones contain a discovered the secret backdoor on Chapter 5 of " Com plicated A f f airs" dow n. officer thought it was a good enough
secret ‘backdoor’ that surreptitiously The backdoor has been discovered
the BLU R1 HD device sold by in tw o system applications – com .ad- by Simeon G. Silverio, Jr. But unbeknownst to her, her hus- reason f or the f am ily to return. U n-
sends all your tex t m essages, call Florida-based smartphone manufac- band had become deeply involved beknownst to him, the son had died
log, contact list, location history, and ups.f ota.sysoper and com .adups.f ota
turer B L U P roducts, w hich sells its – neither of which can be disabled or “C w ith at least tw o of his girlf riends as an infant two years before.
app data to China every 7 2 hours. devices in the U .S ., and som e other ome join us,” Jockey Diaz told and sired children out of wedlock. “ W hy w ould she w ant to go to the
removed by the user.
countries f rom S outh A m erica, on- On contacting, B L U P roducts con- D anny over the phone one S unday “I have five kids,” Diaz would U.S.? She’s pretty enough to find a
S ecurity researchers f rom K ryptow - line through Amazon and Best Buy. evening. boast to his friends. “Three of them good husband who could support her
ire discovered the alleged backdoor firmed that approximately 120,000
of its sm artphones have the A dU ps’ are first-born.” here,” Danny asked Digna.
hidden in the firmware of many bud- Massiv e Am ount of U sers’ D ata H is f riend w as inviting D anny To support his growing brood, Diaz “She has a two-year-old daughter,”
get Chinese A ndroid sm artphones software installed, which is being
S ent to C h inese S erv ers rem oved f rom its devices. to join him on a fishing trip at the had to keep winning in the horse Digna told him. “No decent bachelor
sold in the U nited S tates, w hich Manila B ay the nex t day, a Mon- races or bet against himself on those w ould w ant to m arry her. I n the U .S .,
covertly gathers data on phone ow n- “BLU Products has identified
B ased on the received com m ands, and has quickly removed a recent day. Fishing had been Diaz’ passion he would deliberately lose. The latter even if you leave her once she is
ers and sends it to a Chinese server the security firm found the software since he had become successful as strategy w as easier to accom plish, there, she could still carve a bright
without users knowing. security issue caused by a third-party
ex ecuting m ultiple operations, de- application which had been collect- a jockey and could afford the trips f or he w ould not have to try hard future for herself and her daughter.”
tailed below: ing unauthorized personal data in to the sea. H e w as going w ith his to win, which could be difficult as “But I am too old for her,” Danny
First reported on by the New York Collect and S end S MS tex ts to girlf riend, D igna, one of his current many good jockeys were competing said. At fifty, he was twenty-five
Times in 2016, the backdoored the f orm of tex t m essages, call logs,
A dU ps’ server every 7 2 hours. and contacts f rom custom ers using f our girlf riends, in addition to his against him . I t w as easier to throw years Mindy’ s senior.
firmware software is developed by Collect and S end call logs to A d- wife. With his wealth, Diaz could in- the race because sometimes, even “It doesn’t matter. You look young
China-based company Shanghai Ad- a limited number of BLU mobile
U ps’ server every 7 2 hours. devices,” the company said in a dulge in his amoral quests as women though he w as the f avorite, the com - enough.”
U ps T echnology, w hich claim s that Collect and S end user personally w ere w illing to hitch up w ith him in petition was on par or even better. D anny w as aw are the U .S . authori-
its sof tw are runs updates f or m ore statem ent.
identifiable information (PII) to “ Our custom er’ s privacy and exchange for financial rewards. He just hoped he kept his number ties were often skeptical in approv-
than 7 00 Million devices w orldw ide. A dU ps’ server every 2 4 hours. H is w if e had given up on his one ranking so he could have his ing the petition of a young w if e
security are of the upm ost (sic)
Collect and S end the sm artphone’ s im portance and priority. T he af f ected philandering w ays and accepted it w ay in dictating how m uch m oney by her older husband. They often
I nf ected And roid S m artp h one IMSI and IMEI identifiers. as a f act of lif e. S he had no choice. he could earn, w in or lose. suspected a hoax m arriage, arranged
W orld W id e application has since been self-up-
Collect and S end geolocation dated, and the functionality verified She would rather be betrayed than “Okay,” Danny accepted his f or a w if e in order to get a perm anent
inf orm ation. to be no longer collecting or sending abandoned by her popular and f riend’ s invitation. H e had nothing resident visa.
Moreover, it is w orth noting that Collect and S end a list of apps wealthy husband. She compensated to do that day as he did not keep a B ut D igna w as right. D anny w as
A dU ps provides its sof tw are to m uch this information.”
installed on the user’ s device. B esides B L U P roducts, K ryptow - by indulging in other vices herself, regular job. He also wanted to re- good-looking and looked younger
larger handset m anuf acturers, such D ow nload and I nstall apps w ithout such as gambling at the casinos and main in good graces with Diaz so he than his actual age. I t w as conceiv-
as Z T E and H uaw ei, w hich sell their ire immediately notified Google,
the user’s consent or knowledge. AdUps, as well as Amazon, which is shopping. Occasionally, she w ould could keep getting racing tips from able that a young woman like Mindy
A ndroid phones w orldw ide, across U pdate or R em ove apps. catch her husband talking to one of him . A f ter all, these tips, in addition could f all in love w ith him . I n f act,
over 15 0 countries and regions. the ex clusive retailer of the B L U R 1
Update the phone’s firmware and HD, of its findings. his girlf riends over the phone; she to the hospital equipment business, m any of D anny’ s girlf riends in
Besides sniffing SMS message R e-program the device. w ould put up a staged tantrum so had become a major source of his A m erica w ere m uch younger than
content, contact lists, call logs, loca- G oogle also issued a statem ent
Ex ecute rem ote com m ands w ith saying that the company is working he would not think she was con- incom e. he.
tion data and other personal user elevated privileges on the user’ s doning his behavior. Her naggings “This is Mindy,” Diaz introduced It did not take much convinc-
inf orm ation and autom atically send- w ith all af f ected parties to patch the
device. issue, though the tech giant said that somewhat kept him at bay, although a pretty twenty-five year old girl to ing f or D anny to accept D igna’ s
ing them to A dU ps every 7 2 hours, she w as caref ul not to overdo it lest him when he arrived at the dock. proposal f or her sister. A f ter all, she
A dU ps’ sof tw are also has the capa- it doesn’t know how widely AdUps
N o, U sers C an’ t D isab le or R e- distributed its software. he m ight leave her. S om etim es she “She’s Digna’s sister.” was pretty enough for him to be
bility to remotely install and update m ov e th e B ack d oor wanted to catch him and subsequent- Mindy shyly ex tended her right interested, at least sex ually. B ef ore
applications on a sm artphone. ly use his infidelity as a bargaining hand which Danny shook. He they knew it, Danny and Mindy were
noticed that D igna w as teasing her living together in his apartm ent. A t
sister, as though there w as a pre- first, her daughter was staying with
arranged plan between Diaz and the Mindy’ s parents until eventually,
two girls unbeknownst to him. Later when Danny was in a better mood,
on, during the course of the fishing she m oved in w ith him . D anny had
trip, he discovered the plan: D igna learned to accept her as her ow n.
wanted Danny to hook up with her B ut their planned m arriage suf f ered
sister. a setback.
“Pakasalan mo naman ang kapatid “You’re still legally married,” the
ko, o (Marry my sister),” Digna told clerk of court at the City Hall, where
him as they ate lunch aboard the boat they applied f or a m arriage license,
in the middle of the bay. “Para na- told Mindy. “ W here’ s your hus-
man makarating ng America (So she band?”
can migrate to America).” “He’s long gone,” she explained.
She knew Danny was a divorced “He abandoned me when he learned
American citizen. I was pregnant.”
It has always been complicated for “You have to find him so both of
ordinary Filipinos to get a tour- you can file for an annulment. Oth-
ist’s visa and even more difficult erw ise, you m ust w ait seven years
to m igrate to the U nited S tates, the after you first reported him missing
place m any perceived as the “ land for him to be declared dead and out
of milk and honey” and a guarantee of your life. Only then could you be
of a bright future. The U.S. Im- free to marry again.”
m igration S ervice authorities w ere “ B ut I ’ ve searched f or him f or
very m uch aw are that m ost Filipino years and he sim ply vanished. I n
tourists w ould stay in the U .S . f or f act, I suspect he did not even use his
good even as illegals. T hey w ere real name when we got married.”
popularly known as “TNTs,” an ac- “Seven years,” the clerk of court
ronym f or the T agalog w ords “ tago told her with finality. - AJ
ng tago” (always hiding [from the
im m igration people] ). T o receive a (To be continued)

tourist visa, one had to show he had
the financial capability to travel as a
tourist w ith proof of his assets, other
properties, and a good-paying job ( Continued from page 11 )
at hom e. T he U .S . authorities w ere V G has to protect his stature as part
specifically strict on single people of the superstructure that diverts the
because they did not have immediate attention of the people to the real
families waiting for their return back situations in the P hilippines. I can’ t
hom e. S ingle people could f reely blame VG for what VG is all about –
roam around the U.S. and work entertainm ent.
illegally without worrying about After all, sick or not, VG is just Pe-
leaving behind any family. And even trang Kabayo with blinkers – unless
if one had family back home, many T utoy gets ‘ cured’ .
of those granted a tourist visa w ould If Tutoy takes a stand, however,
be more than willing to leave their that would really be a Showtime.
loved ones behind and work illegally

abroad so as to secure a bright future
f or them .
Migrating to the U nited S tates ( Continued from page 1 )
legally w as of ten not an option. Even
if one had a family member who nos to ensure that the P hilippines
could petition him, it would take is a place where its citizens can
years if not decades f or the papers prosper together.
to be processed. Single people with “Bilang mga lingkod bayan, nasa
parents abroad who could petition ating pananagutan ang pangarap na
them often became over-age, had to ito para sa bawat Pilipino: Na lahat
m arry their sw eethearts, and give up ay kabahagi at walang maiiwan. Na
all hopes of m igrating to the U .S . lahat ay m ay pantay-pantay na opor-
Many, how ever, w ere creative to tunidad sa pag-unlad,” she added.
beat the system. Some bank ac- (As public servants, it is our
counts, diplom as, land titles and responsibility that this dream is for
other docum ents proving w ealth and every Filipino. T hat every single
accom plishm ents that could sup- Filipino has the opportunity to pros-
port their claim they were affluent per.) (Editor: Gilbert S. Gaviola)
enough to travel as tourists, w ere
f raudulent A f ather of a f am ily of
f our traveling w ith his w if e and tw o
children told the authorities he w as
D ow nload th e
leaving their two-year-old son be- asianjournalusa. com / d igital
June 14-20, 2019 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com Page 11

As the British company Deloitte Cebu startup produces

expands jobs hiring in PH plantable pencils that grow
Bamboos into herbs and fruits
UK’s Deloitte sees the Philip- “ W e’ ve com m itted around 7 00
pines as an attractive invest- (jobs) over a few years but I be-
by Rudy Liporada ment destination. lieve given the market where we
are going, w e could see thousand
Read previous articles by Rudy Liporada —The GNP Team
at ww.asianjournalusa.com
[by] 2024,” Deloitte Consulting
B ritish com pany D eloitte is LLP principal and Global Deliv-
expanding its jobs hiring in the ery Network leader Jeff Jordan
Digong – Cured Gay - what say you, Philippines as it launched a global said in the media briefing.
delivery center in B onif acio I n A pril, D eloitte released a report
Vice Ganda? Global City. describing the Philippines as an at-
tractive investm ent destination. T he
D eloitte’ s B G C center presented com pany noted how the country has
As the Bamboos Sway huge even in the U nited S tates and to m edia in J une w ill serve clients been one of the better performers
By Rudy D. Liporada other f oreign lands. in the Asian region despite global
operating in Asia Pacific.
I n a recent statem ent, P resident Based on VG’s stature, I now beg D eloitte Consulting P D C Man- D eloitte also noted how the country
R odrigo ‘ D igong’ D uterte said the question: what is VG’s stand on aging D irector U day S reeram said is expected to be the second fast-
that he used to be gay, but he D igong, technically, proclaim ing the Philippines will be a “strong est growing emerging market in the
cured him self . B y im plication, he VG and VG’s kind being sick, with a delivery arm” in the Asia Pacific w orld in the nex t 10 years. P D C
said that being gay is being sick, disease that must be cured? time zone. m anaging director S reeram listed the
being gay is a disease. I would D eloitte Consulting P hilippines job hires needed in the fields of:
I won’t blame VG if VG does not engineering
like to ask Vice Ganda, our iconic make a stand against Digong. With
Delivery Center (PDC) began
operations in February this year inf orm ation technology
star of the prim e tim e show , I ts D igong’ s propensity f or lashing com puter science
Showtime, what he or she thinks against those w ho are against him , with 150 people hires. The global design —The GNP Team stubs can grow in as fast as 5 to 10
about Digong’s outing of his past im prisoning them , tagging them professional financial services S reeram adds the com pany is Cebu Eco Hub Plantable Pencils days.
deviancy. as terrorists or com m unists – giv- company said it is looking to hire actively recruiting both experienced Eco Hub Cebu developed pen- The plantable pencils are lead-
ing his minions the license to kill 1, 000 staf f f or its operations in prof essionals and f resh graduates free and are made from sustainable
them, it would be understandable
cils with “gelatin capsules” which
I can’t help but put Vice Ganda on the P hilippines. through recruitm ent agencies. contain seeds. Credits Eco Hub w ood, graphite, and clay. Each
the spot but if there is anyone in the for VG to just keep quiet – not that capsule is allergen f ree, gluten-f ree,
Jon Stewart rebukes Congress
P hilippines w ho should com m ent V G shares D igong’ s propensity to Cebu. and preservative-f ree. S eeds are also
on this, it must be him or her. Of enjoy rape jokes where VG earned What is a plantable pencil? It’s non-genetically modified.
all the gays, who are sick accord-
ing to D igong, V ice G anda is the
the ire of J essica S oho, a respected
new s reporter, and S oho’ s f ollow ers. in 9/11 victims hearing: 'They did a Cebu-based startup company’s
solution to throw ing aw ay pencils
The plantable pencils are the
newest addition to Eco Hub Cebu
their jobs... do yours!'
m ost spotlighted personality in the On an angle w here V G said that the that are too short f or w riting or product lines that include reusable
P hilippines today. A s host, he or she reporter will never be raped because, draw ing. straw s and utensils. T he pencils are
is dynam ic, of ten overshadow ing his technically, she is not attractive be- safe for children and have become
cause of her physique, the Gabriela 'You should be ashamed of room is f or the entire process that Eco Hub Cebu produces and
or her co-hosts. H e or she even have getting health care and benefits for sells pencils that can grow into the symbol of sustainability.
his or her own talk-show. He or she women organization took offense. yourselves for those that aren't T hese initiatives are part of Eco
here, but you won't be' 9/11 first responders has come to. plants once the stub is placed on
is quick to respond with his or her Behind me, a filled room of 9/11 first Hub Cebu’s advocacy for the envi-
witty remarks. I won’t blame VG, curt and of- m oist soil. ronm ent. T he eco-f riendly products
fensive on other subjects, if VG does By Bailey Vogt, Washington Times responders. A nd in f ront of m e, a T he environm entally-f riendly
nearly empty Congress,” he said. are answ ers to the w orldw ide call f or
A re you tired of m e ref erring to not make a stand against Digong Form er D aily S how host J on company from Cebu developed raising environm ental aw areness and
because, in the first place, this article “Sick and dying, they brought
V ice G anda as he or she or him or Stewart blasted Congress Tues- themselves down here to speak to the regular pencil using gelatin the reduction of the impact of global
her? Sorry I can’t help it, but I can’t actually is not about VG. This is day as an “embarrassment to the capsules containing plant seeds in w arm ing.
about the climate of fear engendered no one. Shameful! It’s an embarrass-
ref er to him or her as an it. H e or she country” after many House Judi- m ent to the country and it’ s a stain the tail end instead of erasers. Eco Hub Cebu’s plantable pencils
is not, definitely, a neuter. I don’t under the regim e of D igong. I t is are sold at the introductory price of
about the climate where Digong’s ciary members skipped a com- on this institution. A nd you should
want to also call him or her sick Vice B uyers have the option to choose P hP 2 0 each.
Ganda. That is not in my vocabulary. f ollow ers tolerate his unpresidential m ittee hearing to ex tend the 9/11 be ashamed of yourselves for those
B uyers of at least 5 00 pieces can
f oul m outh (w hich a J apanese audi- V ictim ’ s Com pensation Fund, set that aren’t here, but you won’t be, f rom dif f erent varieties of seeds such
I t is in D igong’ s. as basil, carrot, citronella, sunflower, avail of add-ons such as logos or
ence did not tolerate) to the ex tent to ex pire in 2 02 0. ( Continued on page 6 ) m essages.
of mocking the ‘stupid’ God of the “What an incredible metaphor this tom ato, and m ore. T he seeded pencil
N onetheless, f or the rest of this col-

7 Biblical
um n, let m e just ref er to V ice G anda Catholics. It is about the climate
as V G or V iceral w hich is his or her that in his speeches, D igong w ould
last nam e. ramble on about his penis, shooting
w om en in the vagina, and lately his ( Continued from page 8 )

Endearingly called “Tutoy” before being gay once upon a time - instead ever before. The times have changed,
com ing out, V G ’ s com plete nam e is of true program s that w ould really but his ways have not. May God
J ose Marie B orja V iceral and is the uplif t the lives of the Filipino people help us to remain submitted to His
youngest of five children. Born in like true ENDO, land reform, indus- w ord, resist the enem y’ s schem es,
March 3 1, 197 6 in T ondo, Manila, trialization, etc. and remember that the only control
his father, a barangay captain, was S atan has over us is w hat w e choose
murdered. Forced to be the sole This is about Digong throwing to give him .
provider, V G ’ s m other, f rom S an curve balls of stories like his being Our hope: “Submit yourselves,
Juan, La Union, became an OFW a f orm er gay and curing him self so then, to G od. R esist the devil, and he
caregiver. people, like me, could talk more will flee from you.” (James 4:7)
about the subject and be diverted
W ith the circum stances in V iceral’ s f rom the issues of his selling God reminds us to put on His
lif e, including the conf usion on patrim onial resources of the P hilip- armor and stand strong.
V G ’ s sex uality, V G entered into a pines to the Chinese, his being part
state of depression. H ere, V G w as of the drug problem which he said “ P ut on the f ull arm or of G od, so
actually sick. This, VG was able to he would contain but freeing the that you can take your stand against
overcom e and got cured. I nspired drugs lords and killing over 20,000 the devil’ s schem es. For our struggle
by a teacher who had encouraging ‘addicts’ in his Operation Tokhang, is not against flesh and blood, but
w ords: “ alw ays f ollow your dream s and recycling government officials against the rulers, against the au-
no matter how big or wild they are,” whom he has fired for corruption but thorities, against the pow ers of this
got cured out of depression w ith a reassigned, even prom oted to other dark world and against the spiritual
vengeance. S tarting as a stand-up governm ent posts. f orces of evil in the heavenly realm s.
comedian, Tutoy evolved to be Vice T heref ore put on the f ull arm or of
G anda, an icon in the entertainm ent No, I won’t blame VG. After all,
w orld. W ith sarcasm as the m ode of ( Continued on page 10 ) ( Continued on page 13 )
VG’s jokes, VG has a fan base so
Page 12 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com June 14-20, 2019

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATE- MENT NO. 2019-9012339 Pure Volume located at 214 A Town the date set for hearing on the petition
MENT NO. 2019-9010522 Tequila Taco Shop located at 2939 Center Parkway, Santee, CA 92071 with ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE FOR in the following newspaper of general FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATE-
White Tiger Rejuv located at 10951 Ridgeway Dr. , National City, CA 91950. mailing address at 6858 Bonnie View CHANGE OF NAME circulation printed in this county. Asian MENT NO. 2019-9014748
Sorrento Valley Road, San Diego, CA Registrant: Alicia Lopez, 2939 Ridge- Dr., San Diego, CA 92119 . Registrant: CASE NUMBER: 37—2019 – Journal: Date May 24,2019 mobeeRIG located at 12707 High Bluff
92121. Registrant: Elvira I. Vasilchenko, way Dr. , National City, CA 91950 . This Rozella Michelle Giganti, 6858 Bonnie 00027835-CU-PT-CTL Peter C. Deddeh Dr., Suite 200 San Diego, CA 92130,
161 Palm Avenue, Imperial Beach, CA business is conducted by: Individual. View Dr., San Diego, CA 92119 . This TO ALL INTERESTED PERSONS: Pe- Judge of the Superior Court with mailing address at P.O. Box 1396,
91932. This business is conducted The first day of business was: 5/13/2019 business is conducted by: Individual. titioner Adrianne Earl Elico Bautista filed AJ 036 Fallbrook, CA 92088.Registrant: iP
by: Individual. The first day of busi- Signature: Alicia Lopez Registrant has not yet transacted busi- a petiton with this court for a decree 06/7, 14, 21, 28/2019 TECH PROS Inc., 12707 High Bluff Dr.
ness was: 4/01/2019 Signature: Elvira I. Statement filed with Recorder/County ness under the name above. Signature: changing names as follows: Adrianne ________________________________ Suite 200 San Diego, CA 92130. This
Vasilchenko Clerk of San Diego County on May 13, Rozella Giganti. Earl Elico Bautista to Adrian Elico business is conducted by: Corpora-
Statement filed with Recorder/County 2019 AJ 021 05/24, 31, 06/7, 14/2019 Statement filed with Recorder/County Bautista. THE COURT ORDERS that all FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATE- tion. Signature: Ronaldo Penaflor,
Clerk of San Diego County on APR 23, __________________________________ Clerk of San Diego County on May 20, persons interested in this matter shall MENT NO. 2019-9014109 CEO. Statement filed with Recorder/
2019 AJ 0017 5/24, 31, 6/7, 14/2019 2019. AJ 027 06/7, 14, 21, 28/2019 appear before this court at the hearing Sharon's Comfort Living located at County Clerk of San Diego County on
__________________________________ FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATE- ______________________________ indicated below to show cause, if any, 395 Brandywood Street San Diego June 11, 2019. AJ 043 06/14, 21, 28
MENT NO. 2019-9011513 why the petition for change of name ,CA 92114 Registrant: Sharon Arlanza 07/05/2019
FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATE- Vixen Girl Collective, 471 Via Malaga, FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATE- should not be granted. Any person ob- Lerma,395 Brandywood Street San __________________________________
MENT NO. 2019-9012333 Encinitas, CA 92024. Registrant: Sa- MENT NO. 2019-9011389 jecting to the name changes described Diego,CA 92114. This business is con-
NowBalloons located at 1203 Monterey brina Banks Randall 471 Via Malaga, Royal Bamboo located at 7866 Burling- above must file a written objection that ducted by: Individual. Signature: Sharon ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE FOR
Avenue, Chula Vista, CA 91911. Reg- Encinitas, CA 92024 . This business is ton Way, San Diego CA 92126 . Regis- includes the reasons for the objection at Arlanza Lerma. Statement filed with CHANGE OF NAME
istrant: Kim Candy Le, 1203 Monterey conducted by: Individual. Signature: trant: Tsun Yin Seung, 7686 Andasol St., least two court days before the matter Recorder/County Clerk of San Diego CASE NUMBER: 37—2019 –
Avenue, Chula Vista, CA 91911. This Sabrina Banks Randall San Diego, CA 92126 . This business is is scheduled to be heard and must ap- County on June 3, 2019. AJ 037 06/7, 00029077-CU-PT-CTL
business is conducted by: Individual. Statement filed with Recorder/County conducted by: Individual. The first day of pear at the hearing to show cause why 14, 21, 28/2019 TO ALL INTERESTED PERSONS:
Signature: Kim Candy Le Clerk of San Diego County on May 3, business was: 10/01/2018. Signature: the petition should not be granted. If no _________________________________ Petitioner Cuong Nguyen filed a petition
Statement filed with Recorder/County 2019 AJ 022 05/24, 31, 06/7, 14/2019 Tsun Yin Seung. written objection is timely filed, the court with this court for a decree changing
Clerk of San Diego County on MAY 13 _________________________________ Statement filed with Recorder/County may grant the petition without hearing. FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATE- names as follows: Cuong Anh Nguyen
2019 AJ 0018 5/24, 31, 6/7, 14/2019 Clerk of San Diego County on May 2, NOTICE OF HEARING MENT NO. 2019-9014217 to Tyson Anh Nguyen. THE COURT
__________________________________ FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATE- 2019. AJ 028 06/7, 14, 21, 28/2019 8/15/19 Transformative Healing located at 9921 ORDERS that all persons interested in
MENT NO. 2019-9011238 __________________________________ 9:00 AM, Dept. 903 Carmel Mtn. Rd. #309, San Diego, CA this matter shall appear before this court
ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE FOR Big City Cleaning Services, 4140 Al- Superior Court 92129 and P.O. Box 1318-2013, Sac- at the hearing indicated below to show
CHANGE OF NAME tadena, #8, San Diego, CA 92105. Reg- FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATE- 1100 Union St. ramento, CA 95812. Registrant: Amari cause, if any, why the petition for change
CASE NUMBER: 37—2019 – istrant: Jonathan Torres Bailon, 4140 MENT NO. 2019-9013937 San Diego, CA 92101 S. Garcia 9921 Carmel Mtn. Rd. #309, of name should not be granted. Any
00024561-CU-PT-CTL Altadena, #8, San Diego, CA 92105. This M's Transportation, LLC located A copy of this Order to Show Cause San Diego, CA 92129. This business person objecting to the name changes
TO ALL INTERESTED PERSONS: business is conducted by: Individual. at 1416 Robles Drive, Chula Vista, shall be published at least once each is conducted by: Individual. Registrant described above must file a written ob-
Petitioner Zarrawar Dzirmal and Fahima Signature: Jonathan Torres Bailon CA 91911 . Registrant: M's Trans- week for four successive weeks prior to commenced to transact business jection that includes the reasons for the
Dzirmal, on behalf of a minor, filed a pe- Statement filed with Recorder/County portation ,LLC , 1416 Robles Drive the date set for hearing on the petition under the above name on 06/04/2019. objection at least two court days before
tition with this court for a decree chang- Clerk of San Diego County on May 1, Chula Vista,CA 91911. This business is in the following newspaper of general Signature: Amari S. Garcia. Statement the matter is scheduled to be heard and
ing names as follows: Mina Mohammad 2019 AJ 023 05/24, 31, 06/7, 14/2019 conducted by: Limited Liability Com- circulation printed in this county. Asian filed with Recorder/County Clerk of San must appear at the hearing to show
Anwar to Mina Dzirmal ________________________________ pany. The first day of business was: Journal: Date May 31,2019 Diego County on June 4, 2019. AJ 038 cause why the petition should not be
THE COURT ORDERS that all persons 07/07/2007 Signature: Mario A. Odulio, Peter C. Deddeh 06/7, 14, 21, 28/2019 granted. If no written objection is timely
interested in this matter shall appear FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATE- Jr. Statement filed with Recorder/ Judge of the Superior Court ___________________________________ filed, the court may grant the petition
before this court at the hearing indicated MENT NO. 2019-9013573 County Clerk of San Diego County on AJ 031 without hearing.
below to show cause, if any, why the Kaysen located at 2333 Spring Oak May 31, 2019. AJ 029 06/7, 14, 21, 06/7, 14, 21, 28/2019 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATE- NOTICE OF HEARING
petition for change of name should not Way, San Diego, CA 92139. Registrant: 28/2019 ________________________________ MENT NO. 2019-9014445 8/22/19
be granted. Any person objecting to the Delio Tuazon, 2333 Spring Oak Way, __________________________________ Arts Cater, ARTSCATER.COM located 9:00 AM, Dept. 903
name changes described above must San Diego, CA 92139. This business is FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATE- at 8650 Genessee Ave. Ste 214 San Superior Court
file a written objection that includes the conducted by: Individual. The first day ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE FOR MENT NO. 2019-9012919 Diego ,CA 92192. Registrant: LJV , 1100 Union St.
reasons for the objection at least two of business was: 5/01/2019 Signature: CHANGE OF NAME Valencia Enterprises located at 2970 LLC, 8650 Genessee Ave. Ste 214 San San Diego, CA 92101
court days before the matter is sched- Delio Tuazon. CASE NUMBER: 37—2019 – Coronado 39 San Diego CA 92154. Diego,CA 92192. This business is con- A copy of this Order to Show Cause
uled to be heard and must appear at the Statement filed with Recorder/County 00028093-CU-PT-CTL Registrant: Jaime Valencia, 2970 Coro- ducted by: Limited Liability Company. shall be published at least once each
hearing to show cause why the petition Clerk of San Diego County on May 28, TO ALL INTERESTED PERSONS: Peti- nado Ave 39 San Diego, CA 92154 . This Signature: Willard Huynh. Statement week for four successive weeks prior to
should not be granted. If no written 2019 AJ 024 06/7, 14, 21, 28/2019. tioner Shienyo Hong filed a petition with business is conducted by: Individual. filed with Recorder/County Clerk of San the date set for hearing on the petition
objection is timely filed, the court may this court for a decree changing names Signature: Jaime Valencia. Diego County on June 6, 2019. AJ 039 in the following newspaper of general
grant the petition without hearing. _______________________________ as follows: Shienyo Hong to Dennis Statement filed with Recorder/County 06/14, 21, 28, 07/05/2019 circulation printed in this county. Asian
NOTICE OF HEARING Shienyo Hong. THE COURT ORDERS Clerk of San Diego County on May 20, _________________________________ Journal: Date Jun 7,2019
8/1/2019 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATE- that all persons interested in this matter 2019. AJ 032 06/7, 14, 21, 28/2019 Peter C. Deddeh
9:00 AM, Dept. 903 MENT NO. 2019-9012719 shall appear before this court at the ___________________________________ ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE FOR Judge of the Superior Court
Superior Court Home & Living Transition Services, hearing indicated below to show cause, CHANGE OF NAME AJ 044
1100 Union St. Home & Living, located at 3773 King if any, why the petition for change FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATE- CASE NUMBER: 37—2019 – 06/14, 21, 28,07/05/2019
San Diego, CA 92101 Street #36, La Mesa, CA 91941. . Regis- of name should not be granted. Any MENT NO. 2019-9012735 00029020-CU-PT-CTL _________________________________
A copy of this Order to Show Cause trant: Elika Sweetheart Morris, 3773 King person objecting to the name changes Diana's Auto Registration Services TO ALL INTERESTED PERSONS:
shall be published at least once each Street #36, La Mesa, CA 91941. This described above must file a written ob- located at 810 Hoover Ave. National Petitioner Mallory Scott Setzer filed FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATE-
week for four successive weeks prior to business is conducted by: Individual. jection that includes the reasons for the City, CA 91950 Registrant: Diana P. Go- a petition with this court for a decree MENT NO. 2019-9014505
the date set for hearing on the petition The first day of business was: 5/16/2019 objection at least two court days before dinez, 1314 Palm Ave, National City, CA changing names as follows: Mallory Bijan's Auto Sales located at 3605
in the following newspaper of general Signature: Elika Sweetheart Morris. the matter is scheduled to be heard and 91950. This business is conducted by: Scott Setzer to Mallory Scott Setzer Dawsonia St., Bonita, CA 91902 Regis-
circulation printed in this county. Asian Statement filed with Recorder/County must appear at the hearing to show Individual. Signature: Diana P. Godinez. Fraioli . THE COURT ORDERS that all trant: Bijan Noroozipour , 3605 Dawso-
Journal: Date MAY 14, 2019 Clerk of San Diego County on May 16, cause why the petition should not be Statement filed with Recorder/County persons interested in this matter shall nia St., Bonita, CA 91902. This business
Peter C. Deddeh 2019. AJ 025 06/7, 14, 21 , 28/2019 granted. If no written objection is timely Clerk of San Diego County on May 16 appear before this court at the hearing is conducted by: Individual. Registrant
Judge of the Superior Court ________________________________ filed, the court may grant the petition 2019. AJ 033 06/7, 14, 21, 28/2019 indicated below to show cause, if any, first commenced to transact business
AJ 0019, 05/24, 31, 06/7, 14/2019 without hearing. __________________________________ why the petition for change of name under the above name as of 06/07/19.
_______________________________ FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATE- NOTICE OF HEARING should not be granted. Any person ob- Signature: Bijan Noroozipour. Statement
MENT NO. 2019-9013241 8/15/19 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATE- jecting to the name changes described filed with Recorder/County Clerk of San
FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATE- JP Pool & Spa Remodelling Inc. 9:00 AM, Dept. 903 MENT NO. 2019-9012303 above must file a written objection that Diego County on June 7, 2019. AJ 045
MENT NO. 2019-9013160 located at 646 Arroyo Seco Dr., San Superior Court America Tax Services located at 2260 includes the reasons for the objection at 06/14, 21, 28, 07/05/2019
Haiyan (Mandy) Fu located at 760 Diego, CA 92114 . Registrant: JP Pool & 1100 Union St. Main St, Ste 10 Chula Vista, CA 91911 least two court days before the matter ______________________________
Munevar Road, Cardiff, CA 92007. Reg- Spa Remodelling Inc., 646 Arroyo Seco San Diego, CA 92101 Registrant: Maria Esther Reynoso, 1675 is scheduled to be heard and must ap-
istrant: O’Conner Product Management Dr., San Diego, CA 92114. This business A copy of this Order to Show Cause Paseo del Oro Chula Vista, CA 91913. pear at the hearing to show cause why ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE FOR
Inc., 760 Munevar Road, Cardiff, CA is conducted by: Corporation. Regis- shall be published at least once each This business is conducted by: Indi- the petition should not be granted. If no CHANGE OF NAME
92007 . This business is conducted by: trant has not yet transacted business week for four successive weeks prior to vidual. Signature: Ma. Esther Reynoso. written objection is timely filed, the court CASE NUMBER: 37—2019 –
Corporation. The first day of business under the name above. Signature: Jose the date set for hearing on the petition Statement filed with Recorder/County may grant the petition without hearing. 00029013-CU-PT-CTL
was: 1/01/2019 Signature: Clinton J. Pimentel, president. in the following newspaper of general Clerk of San Diego County on May 13, NOTICE OF HEARING TO ALL INTERESTED PERSONS: Peti-
O’Conner, President Statement filed with Recorder/County circulation printed in this county. Asian 2019. AJ 034 06/7, 14, 21, 28/2019 8/22/19 tioner Christopher Joseph Espinoza filed
Statement filed with Recorder/County Clerk of San Diego County on May 22, Journal: Date Jun 3,2019 _________________________________ 9:00 AM, Dept. 903 a petition with this court for a decree
Clerk of San Diego County on May 22, 2019. AJ 026 05/31, 06/7, 14, 21/2019 Peter C. Deddeh Superior Court changing names as follows: Christopher
2019 AJ 020 05/24, 31, 06/7, 14/2019 ________________________________ Judge of the Superior Court FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATE- 1100 Union St. Joseph Espinoza to Christopher Joseph
________________________________ AJ 030 MENT NO. 2019-9014287 San Diego, CA 92101 Trabucco. THE COURT ORDERS that
FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATE- 06/7, 14, 21, 28/2019 Nam Cali Corp located at 2344 E. 8th A copy of this Order to Show Cause all persons interested in this matter shall
FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATE- MENT NO. 2019-9012922 ________________________________ St. National City , CA San Diego 91950 shall be published at least once each appear before this court at the hearing
Registrant: Nam Cali Corp, 2344 E. week for four successive weeks prior to indicated below to show cause, if any,
8th St. National City, CA 91950. This the date set for hearing on the petition why the petition for change of name
NOTICE OF PETITION TO ADMINISTER ESTATE OF LOUIS LEE ANDERSON- CASE NUMBER 37- business is conducted by: Corporation. in the following newspaper of general should not be granted. Any person ob-
2019-00028671-PR-PW-CT Signature: Linda Le, CEO. Statement circulation printed in this county. Asian jecting to the name changes described
To all heirs, beneficiaries, creditors, contingent creditors and persons who may otherwise be interested filed with Recorder/County Clerk of San Journal: Date Jun 7,2019 above must file a written objection that
in the will or estate or both Louis Lee Anderson Diego County on June 5, 2019. AJ 035
A Petition for Probate has been filed by Marie C. Newsome in the Superior Court of California, County Peter C. Deddeh includes the reasons for the objection at
06/7, 14, 21, 28/2019 Judge of the Superior Court least two court days before the matter
of San Diego
__________________________________ AJ 040 is scheduled to be heard and must ap-
The Petition for Probate requests that Marie C. Anderson be appointed as personal representative to
administer the estate of the decedent. 06/14, 21, 28, 07/05/2019 pear at the hearing to show cause why
The petition requests the decedent’s will and codicils, if any be admitted to probate. The will and any ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE FOR _________________________________ the petition should not be granted. If no
codicils are available for examination in the file kept by the court. CHANGE OF NAME written objection is timely filed, the court
The petition requests authority to administer the estate under the Independent Administration of Estates CASE NUMBER: FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATE- may grant the petition without hearing.
Act. (This authority will allow the personal representative to take many action without obtaining court 37-2019-00026751-CU-PT-CTL MENT NO. 2019-9014480 NOTICE OF HEARING
approval. Before taking certain very important actions, however, the personal representative will be re- TO ALL INTERESTED PERSONS: Peti- Boba N More located at 4061 Camino 8/29/19
quired to give notice to interested persons unless they have waived notice or consented to the proposed tioner Stephen Max Spiker Jr. on behalf De La Plaza #K102 San Ysidro, CA 9:00 AM, Dept. 903
action). The independent administration authority will be granted unless an interested person files an of Dylan Wesley Rumble filed a petition 92173 Registrant: SDSHO, INC., Superior Court
objection to the petition and shows good cause why the court should not grant the authority. with this court for a decree changing 4061 Camino De La Plaza #K102, San 1100 Union St.
A hearing on the petition will be held in this court as follows: names as follows: Dylan Wesley Rumble Ysidro,CA 92173. This business is con- San Diego, CA 92101
Date: JULY 23, 2019 to Dylan Wesley Spiker. THE COURT ducted by: Corporation. The registrant A copy of this Order to Show Cause
Time: 11:00 A.M. ORDERS that all persons interested in first commenced to transact business shall be published at least once each
Dept: 504 this matter shall appear before this court under the above name as of 05/13/2019. week for four successive weeks prior to
Address of Court: Same as noted in this notice at the hearing indicated below to show Signature: Sung Go Song, CEO . State- the date set for hearing on the petition
If you object to the granting of the petition, you should appear at the hearing and state your objections cause, if any, why the petition for change ment filed with Recorder/County Clerk in the following newspaper of general
or file written objections with the court before the hearing. Your appearance may be in person or by your of name should not be granted. Any circulation printed in this county. Asian
of San Diego County on June 6, 2019.
attorney. person objecting to the name changes AJ 041 06/14, 21, 28, 07/05/2019 Journal: Date Jun 7,2019
If you are a creditor or a contingent creditor of the decedent, you must file your claim with the court described above must file a written ob- _________________________________ Peter C. Deddeh
and mail a copy to the personal representative appointed by the court within the later or either (1) four
jection that includes the reasons for the Judge of the Superior Court
months from the date of first issuance of letters to a general personal representative, as defined in sec-
objection at least two court days before FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATE- AJ 046
tion 58(b) of the California Probate Code, or (2) 60 days from the date of mailing or personal delivery to
you of a notice under section 9052 of the California Probate Code. the matter is scheduled to be heard and MENT NO. 2019-9014188 06/14, 21, 28, 07/05/2019
Other California statutes and legal authority may affect your rights as a creditor. You may want must appear at the hearing to show Mira Mesa Pawn, Mira Mesa Jewelry
to consult with an attorney knowledgeable in California Law. cause why the petition should not be and Loan, Mira Mesa Estate Jewelry, _________________________________
You may examine the file kept by the court. If you are a person interested in the estate, you may file granted. If no written objection is timely Discreet Collateral Jewelry and Loan
with the court a Request for Special Notice (form DE-154) of the filing of an inventory and appraisal of filed, the court may grant the petition located at 9939 Hibert St. #201 San
estate assets or of any petition or account as provided in Probate Code section 1250. A Request for without hearing. Diego, CA, 92131 Registrant: I.D.S.
Special Notice form is available from the court clerk. NOTICE OF HEARING Enterprises, Inc., 9939 Hibert St. #201 Call the Asian
Attorney for the petitioner: Lisa M. Field, Legal Field Guide 8/08/19
4858 Bancroft Street 9:00 AM, Dept. 903
San Diego, CA 92131. This business
is conducted by: Corporation. Signa- Journal at
San Diego, CA 92116
Tel. 619-200-1976
Superior Court
1100 Union St.
ture: Michael Schube, president and
owner. Statement filed with Recorder/
619.474.0588 for
Superior Court of California, County of San Diego
San Diego, CA 92101
A copy of this Order to Show Cause
County Clerk of San Diego County on
June 4, 2019. AJ 042 06/14, 21, 28,
your advertising
1100 Union Street
San Diego, CA 92101
shall be published at least once each
week for four successive weeks prior to
June 14-20, 2019 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com Page 13

California Communities
Genealogy tool ‘My Heritage’ free at County Library DHS issues waiver
B y T racy D eFore, County of S an
Diego Communications Office
f am ily m oved w est during the G reat
D epression. D escriptions on the
“ W hat’ s the use of having all these
fabulous photos if there is no one
to expedite Border
G et f ree access to the genealogy
backs of the photos and information
f rom My H eritage helped L aw son
to share them w ith and get ex cited
about them?” said Lawson. Wall Projects in
tool, My H eritage, w ith a County
Library card. The website offers
piece her f am ily group together. S he’ s f ound a couple thousand peo-
ple in her tree now . L aw son says it’ s California
“ Y ou can research your geneal- surprising what you can find out. She
billions of historical documents ogy using data from census, birth traced her grandm other’ s side of the T he D epartm ent of H om eland
f rom nearly 5 0 countries, old records, historical new spapers and f am ily to a prom inent Connecticut S ecurity (D H S ) has issued a
photos and m ore. Y ou can visit more,” said Lawson. “If a relative family, who had traced the branch w aiver, w hich w ill ensure ex pe-
the Library to gain access through has already m ade a f am ily tree, you back to the early 1500s and Mary ditious construction of approx i-
its computers or for the first time, can explore that as well.” B oleyn. L ady Mary w as the sister of mately 15 miles of new border
you can take advantage of the T ypically, visitors m ust pay to Queen Anne Boleyn, the second wife
use the site. To build a family tree of K ing H enry the V I I I . w all system in place of dilapi-
Library edition of My Heritage dated and outdated designs in the
f rom hom e. yourself , you m ust create a personal The County Library obtained
account and it com es w ith a f ee. the library edition of My Heritage state of Calif ornia w ithin U .S .
But with the Library edition, you about two years ago. In the first B order P atrol’ s S an D iego and El
J ennif er L aw son selects m ateri- can review all the birth records, six m onths, there w ere 5 3 , 000 data Centro S ectors.
als for the County Library. She census data and other records at no searches. Now it averages about The waiver was published in
decided to try the website herself. charge. If you want to keep a copy 9, 000 visits a m onth. the Federal R egister on May 15 ,
of a particular record, you can take If you’d like to find out more about 2 019, U .S . Custom s and B order
Her home had somehow become a screenshot and save it on your your f am ily history, visit the County
the unofficial repository for thou- com puter or print it. Left to right - Martha Alice Brown, Helen Brown, Herbert Edward Brown, John Library website P rotection (CB P ), in partnership
sands of old f am ily photos. H er Cobb, Cobb family photo with Dora Evelyn Cobb in the center http://www.sdcl.org/refdb2.html w ith the U .S . A rm y Corps of
great-great-grandm other, Martha L aw son com es f rom a sm all f am - and scroll dow n to genealogy. H ave Engineers (USACE), will begin
A lice B row n, had sent them to her ily, so she was thrilled to find direct old photos. W ith the help of My historic f am ily details and photo- your library card number handy, and construction as early as May 18 ,
daughter, D ora, w hen she and her descendants of the relatives in her Heritage and Facebook, they swap graphs online. you can gain access to My H eritage. ( Continued on page 7 )

Help Wanted Caregiver with 2 MALE/FEMALE CARE GIVERS
years experience for a Residen- IN ESCONDIDO, LIVE-IN,
tial Care Facility for Elderly
Esther: ( 619 ) 871- 8978 EXPERIENCE NOT
Virgil: (619) 405-3949 NECESSARY, WE'LL TRAIN.
CONTACT: LIZ (858) 254 4620.

Pinoys and fork in eating meals. In the

U nited S tates, people generally eat
with a knife and fork while spoons
“Just being able to share my culture
w ith them and getting (them ) to
realize that the U.S. isn’t this fairy
Our hope: " N o w eapon that is
f orm ed against you w ill prosper… "
Jesus prays on our behalf
and will use our battles to en-
w ill save you f rom the f ow ler’ s snare
and f rom the deadly pestilence. H e w ill
cover you w ith his f eathers, and under
( Continued from page 2 ) (I saiah 5 4 : 17 ) courage others in the faith.
are only used f or soups. tale w onderland that som e of m y his wings you will find refuge; his faith-
T hey are sent to dif f erent countries T he students also ex perienced and classmates think it is,” she said. fulness will be your shield and rampart.”
f or one academ ic year to understand Jesus understands the tempta- "Simon, Simon, behold, Satan (P salm 91: 1-4 )
appreciated how hospitable and fun- “It’s not ‘High School Musical’ but tions we face daily.
and appreciate various cultures and loving the Filipinos are during their getting to share m y culture w as one dem anded to have you, that he m ight
forge unique connections. stay. of the things that I had contributed,” sift you like wheat, but I have prayed God is ultimately in control
I n return, youth f rom these coun- “Then Jesus was led by the Spirit f or you that your f aith m ay not f ail.
S antana f elt “ so m uch love and Baker added. into the desert to be tempted by the
and will use our trials for
tries are given the chance to ex - A nd w hen you have turned again,
happiness” from the way Filipinos For the students, the im m ersion devil…” (Matthew 4:1-11) strengthen your brothers.” (Luke good.
perience lif e in the U nited S tates w ould interact w ith each other. “opened their eyes” and made them
“beyond Hollywood” and “beyond J esus H im self f aced the devil’ s 2 2 : 3 1-3 2 )
Simple questions like “Kumain ka “ gain a m ore open perspective on tem ptation in the w ilderness. H e w as “’Does Job fear God for nothing?’ Sa-
the news cycle” so that they could na ba?” would always be “filled with the Philippines and on the world,” J ust m om ents af ter P eter had de- tan replied. ‘ H ave you not put a hedge
develop an understanding of the lif e fasting, hungry, physically weak- clared his allegiance to Christ, these around him and his household and
such love,” according to her. according to Crum pton. ened, and tired. A nd, of course, the
of “everyday American people.” “ Filipino people are som e of the Santana said that being in the Phil- words were spoken. Jesus knew the everything he has? You have blessed
T he program ’ s counterpart in the enemy jumped on that time to bring spiritual attack that would come his the work of his hands, so that his flocks
most hospitable people I’ve met… ippines has m ade her see just “ how tem ptations to a greater degree than
P hilippines w as launched in 2 004 D id you eat? I m ean it’ s such a humans can connect and be (able) to f riend’ s w ay, and H e w as already and herd are spread throughout the land.
and has already benefited over 545 ever. preparing him for battle. He remind- But stretch out your hand and strike
simple question but it’s filled with do anything.” One slip-up is all he was looking everything he has, and he w ill surely
Filipinos through ef f orts of the U .S . such love, like ‘Did you start your “Since being in the Philippines, ed P eter that H is prayers w ere cover-
Embassy. for. One wrong move. One “yes” ing him and that, even in his f ailures, curse you to your f ace.’ T he L ord said
morning right? Are you okay?'” San- I kind of learned a lot more about to sin. B ut J esus stood strong and to S atan, ‘ V ery w ell, then, everything
T his year, 3 0 young Filipinos tana shared with Interaksyon. the people, like I learned about that G od still had a great purpose in store
resisted his attacks—every single f or him . he has in in your hands, but on the man
w ill depart f or the U nited S tates in “ S o just going to school every day human connection… being in the himself do not lay a finger.’ Then Satan
A ugust. one. He spoke God’s word out loud, I don’t know anyone who hasn’t faced
and just hearing those types of ques- Philippines kind of opened my eyes H e held f ast to truth and stepped huge battles and felt the failure of defeat went out from the presence of the Lord.”
T he A m ericans w ho studied and tions, you see them … it’ s a w arm about just how humans can connect (Job 1:9-12)
lived in the P hilippines recently over S atan’ s vicious lies. A nd H e w ith tem ptation and sin in this lif e.
welcome,” she added. and be (able) to do anything,” she We’ve all known this journey, yet, God Satan will often bring his ruthless at-
are Em ily Crum pton, G iana S cat- leads us to do the sam e today. D on’ t tacks against believers. It may seem to
“Just simple things like that made shared. — Artworks and featured be caught unaware. When you start still has a plan to use our f ailures f or
tini, T ham ira S antana and K irianna me feel like I have gratitude towards video by Interaksyon/Uela Altar- good—to strengthen others in the fight. com e out of now here— one thing af ter
Baker. sensing strong pulls aw ay f rom another. I t’ s hard to even see straight.
Filipinos and it’ s an ex perience (that) Badayos God’s truth, you can know who is at
P raise G od, H e of f ers us so m uch grace
You feel like your life is suddenly spin-
T he f our girls studied in local I will take with me forever,” Santana and f orgiveness, even in the seasons w e
schools as G rade 12 students f rom the bottom of it all. ning out of control.

7 Biblical
said. feel like we’ve blown it. His mercies
J uly 2 018 to May 2 019. Our hope: “ N o tem ptation has over- are new every m orning; great is H is Job’s life is an example to us of what
S cattini also attested to the Filipi- taken you except what is common this may be like (Job 1-2). And as
nos’ f un-loving nature w hen she re- f aithf ulness.
( Continued from page 11 ) to mankind. And God is faithful; he Our hope: “ T heref ore, there is now we know from the book of Job, this
T h e K enned y - L ugar Y E S Ab road called how “ som eone w ould alw ays righteous m an stood strong. T hough it
Particip ants will not let you be tempted beyond no condem nation f or those w ho are in
have a guitar or a piano” in her class. G od, so that w hen the day of evil seem ed he w as losing everything dear to
what you can bear. But when you are Christ Jesus.” (Romans 8:1)
him, he knew that God held him through
“ W hen they say in the P hilippines, comes, you may be able to stand tem pted, he w ill also provide a w ay
G iana S cattini ‘ I t’ s m ore f un in the P hilippines’ and your ground, and af ter you have every loss and hardship.
T ham ira S antana that couldn’t be more true. No matter
out so that you can endure it.” (1 God understands our weak- G od w ill never allow the enem y to
done everything, to stand. Stand firm Corinthians 10: 13 )
Kirianna Baker where you go, it’s a party,” she said, then, with the belt of truth buckled nesses and covers us like a have f ull control; S atan doesn’ t have
Em ily Crum pton The devil is a roaring lion seeking shield. the final say over our lives. We will face
recalling the f am ous tourism slogan around your waist, with the breast- to devour us, but God’s protection battles in this world, but we can trust
of the country. plate of righteousness in place, and is real. in our Mighty God to be our shelter
T hey lived w ith Filipino host f am i- “ P eople are singing, people are with your feet fitted with the readi- “’Don’t be afraid,’ the prophet
The devil is a roaring lion seeking through it all.
lies w ho ex posed them to authentic dancing. I n our classes, som eone ness that com es f rom the gospel of answ ered. ‘ T hose w ho are w ith us are
Our hope: “But he knows the way that
P inoy ex periences. to devour us, but God’s protection m ore than those w hat are w ith them .’
w ould alw ays have a guitar or a peace. In addition to all this, take up is real. A nd Elisha prayed, ‘ Open his eyes, I take; when he has tested me, I will
piano and they’ re alw ays playing the shield of f aith, w ith w hich you “So the king gave the order, and L ord, so that he m ay see.’ T hen the come forth as gold.” (Job 23:10)
Crum pton attended the m ain cam - and they were good, too,” Scattini can extinguish all the flaming arrows B e encouraged, m y f riends w ho are
pus of the U niversity of B atangas they brought Daniel and threw him L ord opened the servant’ s eyes, and he
continued. of the evil one. Take the helmet of looked and saw the hills full of horses facing hard battles. God knows your
and stayed in B atangas City. into the lions’ den. The king said w ay and H e has a plan. H e’ s leading
A m ericans w ould not usually salvation and the sw ord of the S pirit, to D aniel, ‘ May your G od, w hom and chariots of fire all around Elisha.
S cattini attended the L yceum of the voluntarily sing or dance in such an which is the word of God.” (Ephe- A s the enem y cam e dow n tow ard him , you through the darkest times, building
P hilippines-L aguna and stayed in you serve continually, rescue you!’” strength, deeper perseverance, char-
easy manner, unlike the Filipinos, sians 6: 11-17 ) Elisha prayed to the Lord, ‘Strike this
Calamba, Laguna. (D aniel 6: 16) army with blindness.’ So he struck them acter, and f aith. H e w ill never w aste
she observed. Many of us have heard and read D aniel f aced real and hungry lions these painful times but promises to turn
S antana, m eanw hile, attended the T he students also shared that the these verses over the years. W e with blindness, as Elisha had asked.” (2
U niversity of P erpetual H elp S ystem in the lion’s den. His attackers K ings 6: 16-18 ) them around f or good. T rust H im in this
immersion has helped them “abolish believe in the importance of being thought he’d be gone by morning, season. H e is alw ays w ith you and H e
L aguna and stayed in B iñ an, L aguna. T his story of Elisha and the I srael-
stereotypes” of what people have on prepared for spiritual battle, knowing but God intervened and sent His ites once again rem inds us of G od’ s fights for you today.
Baker attended Cainta Catholic A m ericans and the U nited S tates, that none of us are im m une to the
College and stayed in Cainta, Rizal. angle w ho shut the lion' s m ouths sovereign care of H is people. W hen
particularly its high school students. enemy’s attacks. (D aniel 6: 2 2 ). Elisha’ s servant noticed that the enem y Debbie McDaniel is a writer, pastor's
A ll of them participated in dif f erent “I guess for me, it was just kind B ut w hat’ s interesting to note is wife, mom to three amazing kids (and a
B e assured: G od is still shutting had surrounded their city w ith horses,
activities that highlighted com m uni- of abolishing stereotypes because that these verses were written by chariots, and strong f orces, he w as af raid lot of pets). Join her each morning on
ty involvement like teaching children m ouths today. I f you’ re f acing at-
when I first went into my class, my P aul w hile he sat chained in prison. tacks and feel your life has been and didn’t know how they’d survive. Fresh Day Ahead's Facebook page, for
and visiting public hospitals. classmates asked me like, ‘Hey, is T hese are the pow erf ul, anointed B ut w hen Elisha prayed that G od w ould daily encouragement in living strong,
threatened, remember our God is a open his eyes, he im m ediately saw the free, hope-filled lives. Find her also on
American high school like it is on w ords of G od, w ho helps us to see miracle worker. The Bible reminds
B ecom ing ‘ F ilip inos’ the movies?’ and stuff like that so I beyond our current situation into the hills all around f ull of spiritual f orces Twitter and at her blog www.debbiemc-
us that our tim es are in H is hands. w aiting to def end their people. G od is daniel.com.
(w ould) ex plain to them , ‘ N o, it’ s not truth that sets us f ree. T hough P aul
Team PH
S tudying and living in the P hilip- We can be confident that He knows alw ays doing so m uch m ore than w e can
always like that, it’s not Hollywood, w as im prisoned, truth says this: the every day w e w ill live on earth, and
pines on your ow n as an 18 -year-old f ully see.
you know’,” Crumpton said. enem y w e f ace, no m atter how cruel He will keep us safely in His care May H e open our eyes so that w e can
is no easy f eat. T he students said “So I think that was a good thing and vicious his schem es, can never
their experiences can be described as until H e calls us hom e to heaven. recognize His powerful work on our be-
( Continued from page 14 )
and just being able to show them that chain our spirits that have been set T here’ s no reason to f ear. S tand half. Though we may feel outnumbered
both “challenging” and “rewarding” I’m a person just like them. I’m not free by Christ. strong through prayer and H is w ord. in the spiritual battle we’re facing, God’s
at the sam e tim e. any better, we’re all the same,” she Paul was not silenced by the attacks presence w ith us is m ighty. A nd H e and T eam P hilippines w ere Cham pi-
S cattini rode the jeepney— consid- Our hope: " B e self -controlled and ons in both the Premier Mixed and
continued. from dark forces. Neither should alert. Y our enem y the devil prow ls His angel armies fight for us, even when
ered the P hilippines’ transportation Baker added that she was able to we be today. The armor of God is a w e’ re unaw are. P rem ier W om en’ s categories. T he
icon— and the tricycle every day, around like a roaring lion looking Our hope: “ H e w ho dw ells in the Filipino dragon boat all-women
“share” her culture with her Filipino pow erf ul f orce, protecting us f rom f or som eone to devour. R esist him ,
w here she learned to utter the phrase classmates and debunk misconcep- head to toe. We are secured by the shelter of the Most H igh w ill rest in the team also finished 1st Runner Up in
“bayad po” whenever she would standing firm in the faith..." (1 Peter shadow of the A lm ighty. I w ill say of the the P rem ier Open against all-m ale
tions that they have about her coun- very one w ho sets us f ree f rom 5 : 8 -9)
hand out her f are. try of origin. L ord, ' H e is m y ref uge and m y f ortress, com petitors.
chains, sin, and death. m y G od, in w hom I trust.' S urely he
S antana learned how to use a spoon
Page 14 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com June 14-20, 2019

Who is Gazini Christiana Ganados, Miss Universe Philippines 2019? Team Philip-
The Cebuana beauty is this
year's Miss Universe Philippines
to rem ind her supporters not to
bash other candidates. That she's
to carry herself is no w onder –
she is, af ter all, not a stranger to
pines are cham-
R appler.com | MA N I L A ,
used to pressure and knows how pageants. pions of Beijing
6/10/2 019 – On the prom ise to T he tourism associate graduate
f rom the U niversity of S an J ose International
Dragon Boat
prom ote her advocacy f or w om en
to "fight for our rights and for el- Recoletos (USJ-R) was Miss Cebu
S chools A thletic Foundation, I nc
derly care," Talisay City's Gazini 2016 and Miss Bohol 2017 first
Christiana G anados w as crow ned runner-up, said Cebu Daily News.
Miss U niverse P hilippines 2 019 S he also joined Miss W orld P hilip- —The GNP Team
during the Binibining Pilipinas pines in 2 014 . T eam P hilippines w on in the
2 019 coronation night at the Open Category in the 5 00 m eters
S m art A raneta Coliseum . Gazini lists herself as a model on
her I nstagram page under Origin and 2 5 0 m eters com petitions.
The 23-year-old beauty queen Credits to P hilippine Canoe
Model Managem ent. S he' s also an
will be representing the Philip- elderly care advocate – w hich she Kayak Dragonboat Federation
pines during the Miss U niverse made sure to mention in the Q&A T eam P hilippines em erged as
2 019 pageant later this year. S he' s NEW QUEEN. Gazini Ganados is crowned Miss Universe Philippines 2019. Pho- during the Binibining Pilipinas 2019 cham pions in the 2 019 B eijing I n-
got huge high-heeled shoes to to by Alecs Ongcal/Rappler coronation night. ternational D ragon B oat I nvitational
fill – her predecessor, after all, is T ournam ent held during China’ s
no less than Miss U niverse 2 018 A quick glance at her Instagram D ragon B oat Festival.
Catriona G ray. feed shows that Gazini is just like Philippine Canoe Kayak Dragon
any young w om an in her early 2 0s B oat Federation announced the
But if interviews before the gold m edal w in f or the P hilippines’
– she enjoys travelling, hanging out
coronation night are indication, w ith f riends, going to the gym , and D ragon B oat team . T eam P hilippines
it seems like the Cebuana beauty taking an awesome OOTD or two. w on in the Open Category in the 5 00
will be taking all the pressure in B ut it' s one of her story highlights m eters and 2 5 0 m eters com petitions
stride. that stand out – a collection of held on J une 7 .
“ I f you do not have anything Instagram stories of her adorable Team Bakunawa from Iligan won
good to say, then do not say pet P ug (the highlight is aptly called the silver m edal f or the 2 00 m eters
anything,” she told Cebu enter- " puglif e" ). sprints.
She had earlier told Cebu media P rior to the B eijing tournam ent,
tainment press back in April 15, the Philippine Canoe Kayak Dragon
that w hile she w as aim ing f or the
according to Cebu Daily News. Miss U niverse P hilippines 2 019 B oat Federation w ere also declared
She takes this rule seriously – so crown, "any crown is a blessing." cham pions in the D B S Marina
much so that she makes it a point And what a blessing it's been for R egatta 2 019 held on J une 3 in
Gazini. – Rappler.com (Photos by S ingapore.

A lecs Ongcal/R appler; A ngelopedia) ( Continued on page 13 )

( Continued from page 15 )

Dental Implant Centers

w ere. T his V ietnam ese w om an, her TM
face frozen in pain, knew that find-
ing the child’s father marked the end
of her lif e w ith her daughter, and that
this m om ent at the departure gate
w as the end. T his silent scream is
DENTAL IMPLANT CENTERS® is the leading provider of comprehensive dental implant treatments in San Diego.
the m ost potent condem nation of the
horror of that w ar – of all w ars. T his
photo could have been taken today
in Syria, Sudan and probably in the
Ukraine. We hope that such a picture
will never be taken here.
W here is she? W e hope she f ound
happiness som ew here in A m erica
and especially that her m other’ s
sacrifice was not in vain. Or…
maybe they met again, against all

Dr James Khazian DMD, AFAAID, FICOI

odds, maybe the father had not met
an Ellen, maybe he went to look for
her and found her, MAYBE – like
the new song in this new version of
MISS SAIGON. Maybe she kept
faith in her story like Cameron ❁ Advanced Dental Implant Education: ❁ All your implant treatment in one office, by one doctor.
Mackintosh, our producer, kept faith
in ours when he asked us two years Howard University, Loma Linda University, UCLA, USC No referrals.
ago if w e w ould w rite a new song ❁ 25 years hands-on dental implant experience ❁ 2 convenient locations in Hillcrest and Escondido
f or Ellen, 2 5 years af ter the creation
of the show . W e did enthusiastically. ❁ Fellow, International Congress of Oral Implantology ❁ Tagalog speaker
S uch w as the start of this reinvention
of MI S S S A I G ON under his creative ❁ Associate Fellow, American Academy of Implant Dentistry ❁ Watch Dr. Khazian on TV at www.drkhazian.com
helm . W e only hope that the little girl
had a chance to reinvent her life.”
Alain Boublil and Claude-Michel
Schönberg – London, May 2014

Call for a FREE CONSULTATION: UE Graduate 1987 Manila

866-469-7645 Fluent in Tagalog
Two convenient locations
❁ 727 E. Grand Ave, Escondido 92025 ❁ 3969 4th Ave. Suite 205, San Diego 92103
Emily Bautista as ‘Kim’ and Anthony
Festa as ‘Chris’ in the North American
Tour of MISS SAIGON singing “Sun and
866.469.7645 • www.drkhazian.com
Moon”. Photo by Matthew Murphy.

Tasty Food : Definitely the best Korean

BBQ place I’ve been to in San Diego.
Hottest Place: Great Korean BBQ
Lunch: $15.99 restaurant/ bar in the Westfield Mission Valley Mall. There are a
variety of seating arrangements to choose from; tables, outdoor
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free. ley Mall next to Buffalo Wild Wings.
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Free jumbo shrimp thing good and Great food come to 365 F. The ambience it’s amaz-
Hours: (Valid March 31, dinner only) ing and it’s a great place to enjoy a new korean experience.
Lunch:- The Best Korean Restaurant in San Diego356 BBQ & We are a
11:45 am - 2:45 pm unique and sumptuous dining experience nestled in the heart of
1640 Camino Del Rio N., downtown San Diego. At 356 BBQ and Bar you’ll be in for a treat
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(5:45 pm - 9 pm San Diego, CA 92108 rean barbecue restaurant that serves a range of food and beverage items. The restaurants menu
includes Angus prime steaks, beef , chicken, pork, shrimp and noodle soup.
Fri-Sat (619) 295-9774
(5:45 pm - 9:30 pm 1640 Camino Del Rio N., FSU12, SD CA 92108, Tel. 1-619.260.0356 - 356bbq,com
June 14-20, 2019 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com Page 15

Legendary Musical Miss Saigon is "A Dynamite Broadway Revival" -- The New Yorker
Dream,” this is a theatrical event located near the city of S aigon in ultimate sacrifice: to send her child
you w ill never f orget. southern V ietnam f rom 195 5 -197 5 . aw ay to A m erica in order to give the
I n the photo, the daughter, w ho is child a better life. This picture also
both Vietnamese and American, is motivated lyricist Alain Boublil to
“THE NEW MISS SAIGON SOARS being sent to live with her ex-GI f urther investigate the last days and
TO THE RAFTERS!”– NY1 f ather. T his is, f or the m other, an af term ath of the V ietnam W ar, an
INSPIRATION IN A SINGLE investigation w hich inf orm ed him
IMAGE of the w ar’ s cruelty, contradictions,
The Story of Miss Saigon sacrifice, and betrayal.
T he com poser of Miss S aigon, “The pain of being torn apart and
Claude-Michel Schönberg, traces his the fracture of the maternal bond
inspiration f or the developm ent of must always be a presence in the
the m usical to a 197 5 photograph he depths of this w om an’ s heart. W hat
f ound of a V ietnam ese m other seeing w e f elt f or this girl and her m other
her 11-year-old daughter of f at T an has always moved us deeply, both as
Son Nhut Air Base – the Republic of f athers and as the children w e once Red Concepción as ‘The Engineer’ in the North American Tour of MISS SAIGON.
V ietnam A ir Force f acility that w as ( Continued on page 14 ) Photo by Matthew Murphy.

Emily Bautista as ‘Kim’ and Anthony

Festa as ‘Chris’ in the North American
Tour of MISS SAIGON singing “Last
Night of the World”. Photo by Matthew

JUL 9 - JUL 14 2019

REVIVAL.” – The New Yorker
Ex perience the acclaim ed new
production of the legendary m usi-
cal MI S S S A I G ON , f rom the
creators of Les Misérables. This
is the story of a young V ietnam -
ese w om an nam ed K im w ho is
orphaned by war and forced to
work in a bar run by a notorious
character known as the Engineer.
T here she m eets and f alls in love
w ith an A m erican G .I . nam ed
Chris, but they are torn apart by
the f all of S aigon. For 3 years,
K im goes on an epic journey of
survival to find her way back
to Chris, w ho has no idea he’ s
f athered a son. Featuring stunning
spectacle and a sensational cast of
4 2 perf orm ing the soaring score,
including Broadway hits like
“The Heat is On in Saigon,” “The
Movie in My Mind,” “Last Night
of the World” and “American

Come celebrate the YEAR of the PIG | SATURDAY • JUNE 15 • 2019

presented by Albertsons | Vons

A full day of traditional performances and
popular entertainment, celebrating Asian
and Pacific Islander cultures.
Featuring Asian beer and treats.
New this year: Boba Tea!
Page 16 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com June 14-20, 2019

Cebuanos showcase Sinulog festival on
PH Independence Day Parade in New York
2 019 S treet D ance Com petition
last J une 2 during the 12 1st P hil-
ippine I ndependence D ay P arade
in New York City.
The Cebuanos Engaging in
Building Unity, Inc. – Tribu
Cebuano bested more than 110
contingents representing dif f erent
Their lead dancer Hanna Quiam-
co D iluvio shared that partici-
pating in the parade w as such a
joyf ul ex perience.
“ W e have a lot of Filipino devotees
diri f or S anto N iñ o and show cas-
ing it sa parade m ade everyone very
Hanna Quiamco Diluvio wears a blue ball gown covered with feathers as she excited,” Diluvio told CDN Digital.
leads a contingent of Cebuanos dancing to the beat of the Sinulog during the 121st (I t is such a joyf ul ex perience. W e
Philippine Independence Day parade in New York City on June 2.| Contributed photo:
Yetbo Loverita FB page have a lot of Filipino devotees f or
S anto N iñ o and show casing it dur-
B y Michelle J oy L . P adayhag Helen Kwong LaBarbera, presi- ing the parade m ade everyone very
Cebu News Daily | CEBU CITY, dent of the Cebuanos Engaging in ex cited.)
6/7 /2 019 — T he S inulog Festival Building Unity, Inc. – Tribu Ce- D uring their dance presentation,
is the pride of Cebuanos across buano, confirmed to CDN Digital Filipinos w ho w ere part of the crow d
the globe. that their group recently w on the were screaming, “Pit Senyor!”
“ I t w as a very proud m om ent. N ew
Flag Day admission offer - York City had a memorable day ex-

USS Midway Museum

periencing Cebuano’s tradition and
culture,” she said.
T he choreography f or the street
dance competition was a collabora-
tion of LaBarbera, Diluvio, and
Shiran Ybanez.
Instead of using live drum beats,
the perf orm ers used the S inulog
Festival’s official jingle.
Dancers’ blue and green costume
were designed by LaBarbera,
Ybanez, and Allan Fernandez.
T heir m ain goal of show casing
the Sinulog Festival in New York
is to make it big and popular in the
U nited S tates of A m erica (U S A ).
S inulog F estiv al Q ueen 2 0 1 9
insp ired costum e
H appy Flag D ay to you f rom all
of us onboard the USS Midway
took place on June 14, 1777.
This patriotic emblem is en-
Diluvio is a former member of
Cebu City’s Dancesport Team.
The 29-year-old Cebuana has been
living in New York for six years.
Museum ! grained in the fabric of our na-
Flag Day is a day to celebrate
the adoption of our flag of the
U nited S tate of A m erica, w hich
tion and present in m any of our
( Continued on page 6 )
She works as a make-up artist and a
dance teacher.
( Continued on page 9 )

Mag-apply lamang para sa aming

programang “tulong sa bayarin” at
makatipid ng tatlumpung porsyentong o
higit pa para sa buwanang bayad nang
inyong enerhiya. Puwede rin kayong
tumangap nang karagdagang katipiran na
walang bayad at energy saving upgrades
para sa inyong mga tahanan.

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sumali sa sdge.com/CARE

Ang mataas na paggamit ng enerhiya ay maaaring maging resulta na mapaalis sa programa.

These programs are funded by California utility customers and administered by San Diego Gas & Electric under the auspices

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of the California Public Utilities Commission.
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