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Yes, a single mark can make a BIG


So, getting a good score in the Class 10 Board Examinations is

extremely important. And it’s not very difficult. So here, let me
help you figure it out.

This guide has two very important parts:

1. DNF Mantras (DO NOT Forget Mantras) for all subjects in
2. This part is dedicated to helping you ace each subject
DNF Mantras to maximize your score
(Common for all subjects)

1. Always make habit of finishing the topic taught in the class on that day itself.
Don't wait for exam time to study.

2. Don't remain awake late-night studying, in fact wake up early morning, it’s the best
time to study.

3. Study one chapter and write answers of all questions at the end of chapter in
your own language. This will surely enhance your grasping power, writing ability
and mental preparedness for the final exam.

4. Read each and every line of NCERT books thoroughly.

5. Practise writing the answers so that you do not face any difficulty
in writing the final paper. (Remember: Nothing like written Practice)

Subject wise injections

Now I’ll help you analyze the subject-wise Class 10 papers and make a strategy to
attempt them in a better way.

Attempt the following sequence of the sections -

1. Section A: Reading section should be attempted first as it is very time consuming.

2. Section B: Next, you should attempt the writing section as it requires a lot of thinking.

3. Section C: In the end, attempt the literature section. As you are most familiar
with this section, it gets less time consuming.

Let us see some useful tips for attempting Section A –

Reading section
TIP 1 Read questions before reading the passage, this will save you lot of time.

TIP 2 Practice one or two reading comprehension questions every day,

10 days prior to the exam.

Tip 3 Practice previous Year’s questions.

Let us see some useful tips for attempting Section B
– Writing and Grammar Section
TIP 1 Revise formats at least thrice before appearing for exam.

TIP 2 Remember beginnings and endings.

TIP 3 Keep in mind the word limit.

Let us see some useful tips for attempting Section C:

Literature Section
TIP 1 Read all chapters at least once. (Do not leave any chapter)

TIP 2 Attempt long answers first.

TIP 3 For novel, focus more on plot, theme and character sketch.

Let us see tips for Time management in the exam –

Devote 50 minutes to each section

Keep 15 minutes for revision

Presentation Tips for the paper are as follows -

Tip 1. Underline key words.

Tip 2. Maintain proper spacing.

Tip 3. Write headings with black pen and underline subheadings.

Social Science

Tips for preparation for the Social Science Paper are as follows -
Tip 1 – Divide the chapters with your friends. Whoever studies a chapter, will share
the knowledge with the rest. This makes the boring topics seem interesting and the
learning process becomes easier.

Tip 2 – Memorize the headings by making a trick sequence which will enable you to
recall all the headings during the exam time. For example – a trick to remember the
sequence of the planets of the solar system is – “My Valuable Earnings Make Job
Seem Useful & Nice”. The first letter of each word indicates the name of the planets
in the correct order i.e. Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus,

Tip 3 – Map work is very important

Tip 4 – Practice Previous year question papers in an exam like


Tip 5 – For revising the lessons on History, notes are useful. So,
prepare notes on the History topics and go through them before the
Tips for a nice presentation of the Social science paper are as follows –

1. Write the answer in points wherever possible.

2. Make block diagram especially in Geography. These look crisp and make a
positive impression on the examiner.

3. Make subheadings for long answers especially in History.

Use pencil for underlining the important points.

Let us discuss the sequence in which the Social science paper should be
attempted –

Firstly, attempt the very short answer questions which carry 1 mark each.

Then attempt the Long answer questions which carry 5 marks each. As they take
up more time, they should be attempted first.

Follow up with the short answer questions carrying 3 marks each and then, the Map
work question should be attempted.

Tips to prepare for the Mathematics paper are as follows:

Tip 1 – Before revising and solving questions, collect the study material like
solutions, formulae, additional books for practice sums.

Tip 2 – Formulas are very important in Mathematics. Learn 10 Formulae every day.
Keep a handy list of the formulae pasted at various places around you – in the
cupboard, on the study desk, etc. so that you can visualize and memorize them.
Remember that writing the correct formula fetches marks in the paper.

Tip 3 – Solve previous year question papers to get familiar with the type of questions
asked in the exam.

Tip 4 – Solve questions regularly. Mathematics cannot be mastered in a

day, it has to be practiced regularly.

Tip 5 – Allocate time to a topic according to the weightage of marks given

to it. Give more time to those topics which carry more marks.
Tips for an effective presentation of the Mathematics paper are as follows -

1. Solve the questions step-wise as marks are allotted for each step.

2. Draw a box around the final answer with a pencil to make it more visible.

Let us discuss the sequence in which the Mathematics paper should be

attempted –

First, attempt section A with 1 marker questions. Then go to section D of 4

markers, followed by Section B i.e. 2 marker questions and then Section C of
questions carrying 3 marks each.

Tips to prepare for the Science paper are as follows –

Tip 1 – In questions on definitions, give examples by way of equations to make
the explanation better.

Tip 2 – Give Extra revision time to derivations, formulas, diagrams, chemical

equations , nomenclature and chemical names.

Tip 3 - Go through previous year question papers specially for those sections in which
you are weak.

Tip 4 – Make notes which you can revise easily before the exam.

Tips for an effective presentation of the Science paper are as follows –

1. Write the answer in points.

2. Make completely labelled diagrams. Labelling of diagrams is very
important to get full marks in diagrams.
Highlight important points with pencil

ह िं दी पेपर चार भाग िं में बटा हुआ ै।

१ सबसे पहले भाग क का पठन कौशल हल करें ।

२ फिर भाग घ लेखन फिधा के प्रश्न हल करें ।

३ उसके बाद भाग ख के व्याकरण के सिाल हल करें ।

४ अं त में भाग ग साफहत्य के प्रश्न हल करें ।

पठन कौशल के प्रश्न करते समय इन बात िं का ख़याल रखें

१ अपहठत गद्ािं श पढ़ने से पहले फदए गए प्रश्ननं कन पढ़ लें।

२ अपहठत काव्ािं श पढ़ने से पहले फदए गए प्रश्ननं कन न पढ़ें । प ले काव्ािं श क समझें हिर
प्रश्न पढ़ें ।

३ लेखन फिधा के फिधयनं की शुरुिात और अं त के िाक्य याद करें ।

४ लेखन फिषयनं के प्रारूप या िॉमे ट अच्छे से याद करें ।

५ शब्द सीमा पर ध्यान रखें नही ं तन अं क कट सकते हैं ।

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