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Pravin Jagad, $12.00

Astrology made easy
The theory of longevity
Relation between man & planets
The theory of creation
The theory of creation of solar system
Sign exaltation test
The concept of enmity amongst planets
An evidence for verification
Halving radius theory of creation
Time of one solar revolution
Stages of contraction of solar cloud
Some more examples of longevity

The book is divided into two sections. From the back cover:
1. The theory of longevity: This theory is a kind of new discovery in the sphere of astrology. It outlines a
new method of determining the length of life from the natal horoscope. It reveals Nature's mechanism
& shows how it operates. It clearly establishes a relationship between Man & the Planets and also
proves that zodiac is not an imaginary concept but it is real.

2. The theory of creation of solar system: The Rule of 10, 8, 4, 2 or we can say the Rule of house
exaltation of the Ruler of the Ascendant as discovered in the Theory of Longevity has been used in
constructing the Theory of Creation of Solar System. The basic principles of astrology are like axioms
or postulates. The Theory of Creation of Solar System shows that the origin of these basic principles
lies in the process of Creation of Solar System.

James Astro Publication, 179 pages.



James H. Holden, FAFA, Research Director for AFA writes in their Bulletin, 1998:
"We have received news that AFA research member Pravin L. Jagad died unexpectedly of a heart attack at
his home in Rajkot, India on January 8. Mr. Jagad was born in Bombay on January 14, 1936. He was a
long-time employee of the Indian Life Insurance Corporation, from which he had retired a few years
before his death. In addition, he was a professional astrologer who had achieved the recognized rank of
Master Astrologer. He had opened an astrological office in Rajkot after his retirement. Those who
attended the 1988 AFA Convention in Las Vegas may remember him from that occasion, and from the
articles he wrote for Today's Astrologer."

"He was also the author of the paper, "The Theory of Longevity" that was published in the AFA Journal
of Research, Vol. 7, No. 1 (1991). His theory was later expanded into a book, Astrology and the Cosmic
Computer (Rajkot: James Astro Pub., 1996), which presents his theory of how to determine the length of
a person's life-span from his natal horoscope. Numerous examples are given. The present writer had
corresponded with Mr. Jagad for more than fifteen years and will miss his interesting letters."