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he DeKalb County branch of the NAACP
hosted its annual Juneteenth celebration on
June 15 at the Mall of Stonecrest.
Juneteenth is a festival held annually on or
near June 19 to commemorate emancipation from
slavery in Texas.
The event encourages and inspires Black
people to know their history and build wealth
within their communities, according to event
The Juneteenth celebration included vendors,
live entertainment and workshops geared toward
improving health, starting businesses, healthcare,
veterans’ affairs, economic development and civic
involvement among Black residents.
Stella Jones, DeKalb NAACP chair of
economic development and Juneteenth event
coordinator, said the 2019 celebration is the
organization’s third time hosting a Juneteenth
“We focus on entrepreneurship and wealth
building,” Jones said. “Our goal is to acknowledge
our Black businesses and help support them.
That’s what Juneteenth is about. We’re celebrating
our freedom and our financial freedom. We just
want everyone to support our own.”
Jones said NAACP also provided HIV testing
and prevention resources during the event. She
said she wanted the vendors and workshops to
focus on issues that matter to Black people.
“We had workshops about insurance,
healthcare and investing,” Jones said. “We want to
leave a legacy behind.”
Teresa Hardy, president of DeKalb NAACP,
said it is important to bring resources to the area
to help uplift the community.
“I believe in resources and empowerment.
Having the Juneteenth celebration goes back to a
Singing group Just Three performs at the Juneteenth celebration at the NAACP representatives pose for a photo during the Juneteenth celebration at the historical moment and Black Wall Street. We want
Mall of Stonecrest on June 15. Mall of Stonecrest.
to recreate Black Wall Street. It was significant
for us to come to the city of Stonecrest. It’s 99
percent Black people here and this mall is owned
by Blacks. So why not bring our resources here?”
Hardy said.
Hardy said the DeKalb NAACP will
continue to try to help Black people through
civic engagement and teaching residents about
healthcare and financial literacy.
NAACP officials said they hope the
Juneteenth celebration continues to grow.
“This is a celebration of freedom and it’s
about bringing knowledge. We wanted to bring
service and knowledge for our people. A lot of
our communities lack in service and knowledge,”
Hardy said.
Vendors were popular at the annual DeKalb County NAACP Juneteenth celebration on June 15. Photos by Horace Holloman

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Operation clean sweep

now in third year
BY HORACE HOLLOMAN paper shredding event on June
horace@dekalbchamp.com 15.
According to DeKalb
For the third year, DeKalb County Government
County’s Sanitation Division Public Works Department
is holding its Operation spokesperson Pauline
Clean Sweep to address road Andrea, Operation Clean
enhancement and litter issues Sweep has helped address
throughout the county. environmental concerns for
According to county residents.
officials, Operation Clean “All components of
Sweep is a multi-departmental this program have been
initiative focused on instrumental in promoting
roadside enhancement, litter environmental stewardship County workers will collect debris from DeKalb residents during the third Operation Clean Sweep initiative.
collection, illegal dumping, [and] encouraging residents
and removing debris, trash to be good stewards of between Candler Road and
and grass from streets, their communities. This
neighborhoods, sidewalks, initiative also emphasizes the
Beach Drive. County crews
completed six miles of
roadway drains and county importance of maintaining
rights of way. this important and necessary
streetscaping and 4.5 miles of
curb bumping.
Crews and workers began partnership between our According to county The Governing Authority of the City of
picking up litter and discarded county government and officials, three illegal dumping Avondale Estates has tentatively adopted
items on June 7. The initiative the DeKalb residents we sites were addressed along
includes free residential serve,” Andrea said. “Since a 2019 millage rate which will require an
with collecting 124 bags of
curbside collection, paper the Operation Clean Sweep trash and removing 29 illegal increase in property taxes by 5.81 percent.
shredding, litter collection initiative was introduced street signs.
and roadside enhancement in 2017, we have received “This program was
activities throughout the countless messages from All concerned citizens are invited to the
introduced under CEO
month of June. county residents, expressing [Michael] Thurmond’s public hearing on this tax increase to be
Bulky items are collected their gratitude and administration to advance the held at City Hall, 21 North Avondale Plaza,
curbside on Fridays and appreciation for our continued county’s goals for creating
Saturdays from until focus on maintaining clean Avondale Estates, Ga. 30002 on Thursday,
a cleaner, safer and more
June 29. From June 7-8, and aesthetically pleasing aesthetically pleasing DeKalb June 13, 2019, at 6:01 p.m.
county workers collected communities throughout communities,” Andrea said.
approximately 541 tons of DeKalb.” Andrea said the program
items and serviced more than DeKalb workers also Times and places of additional public
has been a “resounding
1,200 DeKalb residents. The made roadside enhancements success” and that she expects hearings on this tax increase are at City
county also hosted a free along Memorial Drive the initiative to continue. Hall, 21 North Avondale Plaza, Avondale
Estates, Ga. 30002 on Thursday, June 20,
NOTICE 2019, at 6:01 p.m. and Monday, July 1,
The Board of Mayor and Commissioners of the City of Avondale Estates does hereby announce that the millage 2019, at 6:01 p.m.
rate will be set at a meeting to be held at Avondale Estates City Hall on July 1, 2019 at 6:01 p.m. and pursuant to
O.C.G.A. § 48-5-32 does hereby publish the following presentation of the current year's tax digest and levy, along with
a history of the tax digest and levy for the past five years.
This tentative increase will result in a
CURRENT 2019 TAX DIGEST AND 5 YEAR HISTORY OF LEVY millage rate of 9.8 mills, an increase of
CITY 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
Real & Personal 148,072,403 178,050,508 191,456,685 202,952,052 221,127,298 240,613,935
0.538 mills. Without this tentative tax
Motor Vehicles 7,456,190 5,564,760 4,306,900 3,998,710 2,436,450 1,802,460 increase, the mill rate will be no more than
Mobile Homes
9.262 mills. The proposed tax increase for
Timber - 100%
Heavy Duty Equipment a home with a fair market value of $375,000
Gross Digest 155,528,593 183,615,268 195,763,585 206,950,762 223,563,748 242,416,395 is approximately $81. The proposed tax
Less M& O Exemptions
Net M & O Digest
increase on non-homestead property
State Forest Land Assistance with a fair market value of $525,000 is
Grant Value
Adjusted Net M&O Digest 155,260,282 183,243,778 195,296,783
206,438,013 223,013,478 230,695,062
approximately $113.
Gross M&O Millage 10.957 9.957 9.957 9.957 9.800 9.800
Less Rollback (LOST) The reason for the tax increase is
Net M&O Millage
Total City Taxes Levied
as follows: from 2014 to 2018, City
Net Taxes $ Increase $63,558 $123,371 $120,012 $110,933 $130,029 $75,280 expenditures have increased by an average
Net Taxes % Increase 3.88%! 7.25% 6.58% 5.70% 6.33% 3.44% of 6.53 percent, so a similar increase in the
dollar amount collected from property tax is
VISIT US ONLINE @ likely necessary to maintain the same level
of service to City residents and businesses


Fifth nondiscrimination ordinance passes in DeKalb

BY TAYLOR ROBINS with the city, if he or she
believes discrimination has
Taylor@dekalbchamp.com occurred. After a complaint
is filed, Dunwoody will SAVE
investigate the claim.
Dunwoody is the latest city Dunwoody also includes YOUR HOME
to adopt a non-discrimination
ordinance (NDO), as the city
a process that instructs and FROM
passed its version June 10.
trains the police department on
dealing with and identifying
NDOs are designed to hate crimes. The police and avoid bad credit!
protect residents and customers
against discrimination from
department will report such For free information
businesses. The ordinance
crimes to the FBI.
Five cities in Georgia
go to
was passed unanimously by have now adopted similar
Dunwoody passes the fifth nondiscrimination ordinance in the state. Foreclosurepreventionsolution.com
Dunwoody’s city council. ordinances against April 2 and Chamblee on April treatment by upholding values or call
According to the city the discrimination.
“amendment is to ensure that Although the city of
During the public
of equality, inclusion and
diversity within the city.
(678) -662-5096
all persons have equal access Atlanta passed Georgia’s first Foreclosurepreventionsolution.com
comment session of the
to employment, housing and NDO 20 years ago, DeKalb meeting Bona Allen stated
public accommodation no
matter their classification.”
County leads the state among the importance to make sure WE WILL BUY YOUR CAR!
other counties with Doraville,
The ordinance details which passed its NDO
everyone is treated equally.
Joe Seconder stated that
Fair market value.
the process for a resident or
customer to file a complaint
November 2018, Clarkston on the ordinance fosters equal Hassle free.
No dealing with buyers, auctions, or car dealerships
*Foreign or Domestic vehicles

Restaurant staff remembers beloved cook (404) 491-1243

BY HORACE HOLLOMAN hand. He was our numero for Noodle, said the restaurant Call today!
horace@dekalbchamp.com uno,” the gofundme page said. doesn’t feel the same since
“While this is a shocking and Mateo’s death. Hilley said Fast, reliable plumbing solutions
heartbreaking loss for the Mateo’s body will be sent to
restaurant and his coworkers his home in Guatemala to be
longtime Noodle employee who loved him dearly, it is laid to rest in a family plot.
Parker Hilley reflected on the even more devastating for Hilley said she’s happy
impact of her former coworker Oscar’s family in Guatemala, Mateo’s “Noodle family”
Oscar Mateo. whom he supported.” could step in and help.
Mateo worked at Noodle Hilley, a general manager “Coming to work and
in Decatur as a cook for
nearly a decade. According AC PLUMBING SOLUTIONS, LLC
to an incident report, Mateo SEE COOK ON PAGE 14 404.483.1216
was killed in a double murder ACPlumbingSolution@gmail.com Licensed & Insured
June 9. Police responded to
Mountain and found two men AND NOTICE TO SET MILLAGE RATE
shot in the chest.  A white
Honda Accord was parked
inside a nearby carport with The Mayor and Council of the City of Clarkston announce that all concerned citizens are invited to the Public Hearings on this tax 
the engine running and the increase to be held Tuesday, June 25, 2019 at 10:00am, City Hall Council Rm, 3921 Church Street, Clarkston, GA 30021.  A second Public 
driver’s door open. Several Hearing will be held on June 25, 2019 at 6:30pm at the City Hall Council Rm, 3921 Church Street, Clarkston, GA 30021.
shell casings and blood were A final Public Hearing will be held on July 2 at 7:00PM at the City Hall Council Rm, 3921 Church Street, Clarkston, GA 30021. The City 
found around the vehicle. Council will adopt the 2019 Millage rate at the July 2, 2019 meeting following the conclusion of the Public Hearing. 
Mateo leaves behind a wife
and five children. This tentative increase will result in a millage rate of 15.89 mils, an increase of 2.607 mills.  Without this tentative tax increase, the 
In the wake of the tragedy, millage rate will be no more than 13.283.  The proposed tax increase for a home with a fair market value of $ 100,000 is approximately 
Hilley said the restaurant and $ 104.28.  The proposed increase on non‐homestead property with a fair market value of $ 525,000 is approximately $ 547.47.  
local community are stepping
up to the plate to help provide City Tax 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
for the Mateo family. Hilley
set up a gofundme page for Real & Personal $ 64,881,851.00 $ 107,610,419.00 $ 146,214,537.00 $163,338,661.00 $167,835,046.00 $ 212,634,751.00
Motor Vehicles 5,266,300 3,300,880 2,257,250 1,939,920.00 1,068,940.00 $ 791,010.00
Mateo and his family. As of
Mobile Homes 0 0 0 0 0 0
June 17, the page raised more Timber - 100% 0 0 0 0 0 0
than $2,700. Heavy Duty Equipment 0 0 0 0 0 0
“The servers are the face Gross Digest 70,148,151 110,911,299 148,471,787 $165,278,581.00 $168,903,986.00 $ 213,425,761.00
of the restaurant, but Oscar Less M & O Exemptions 1,798,483 1,945,711 1,991,501 2,067,595.00 1,991,219.00 $ 4,320,465.00
was truly the heart. You didn’t Net M & O Digest 68,349,668 108,965,588 146,480,286 $163,210,986.00 $166,912,767.00 $ 209,105,296.00
see him out in the dining room,
but you could taste the love Gross M & O Millage 17.950 17.110 17.110 15.89 15.89 15.89
Less Rollbacks 3.200 0.000 0.000 0.000 1.610 0.000
and care he put into every dish
Net M & O Millage 21.150 17.110 17.110 15.89 17.50 15.89
that he cooked. Seriously, he
made the best fried rice you’ve Total County Taxes Levied $1,445,595 $1,864,401 $2,506,278 $2,593,423 $2,920,973 $3,322,683
ever had. Oscar was always
ready with a smile, a joke, a Net Taxes $ Increase $311,977 $418,806 $641,876 $87,145 $327,551 $401,710
delicious meal and a helping Net Taxes % Increase 27.52% 28.97% 34.43% 3.48% 12.63% 13.75%

Who is training the job trainers?

WorkSource Atlanta has recently those individuals had never heard If what has happened in
been required to pay back more of WSD, received no services from Fulton and DeKalb counties'
than $1 million in federal funding WSD and did not qualify for the workforce training offices is the
because the funds were not used OJT program.” norm for similar subsidized job
as directed by the established John Hewitt Sheryl Chapman-Stone was training organizations nationally,
deadlines. The organization is again johnh@dekalbchamp.com
director of WSD from 2013-2016, it would seem that those federal
facing a similar situation that would the period during which monies dollars meant for training should
require it to return millions more in meant to provide job training first be used to train WorkSource
funding if not spent on training by for “dislocated workers, the management in how to properly
the end of June. According to records provided unemployed, low-income adults and manage and distribute those funds.
DeKalb County has also had by the DeKalb County Law youth,” was rerouted to individuals We will likely never know
administrative problems with Department in response to an and county departments that did the individual DeKalb County
WorkSource DeKalb (WSD) and open records request filed by The not qualify for OJT funding at an employees and departments that
in May accepted a settlement Champion, “The United States average of $100,000-plus annually. illegally received these funds, but it
agreement to pay $750,000 back contends that WSD knowingly According to DeKalbcountyga. is certainly obvious that whomever
to the US Department of Labor disbursed OJT funds to county gov, the purpose of WSD is is running these departments needs
because of funds meant to subsidize agencies, to subsidize the wages of “to provide a collaboration of to be trained on honesty, integrity,
job training being routed to county employees who were not eligible service organizations providing accountability, funding allocation
employees who had not undergone for the OJT program. Specifically, unified education, training and and developing job training
on-the-job-training (OJT) by the United States contends that employment programs for job programs that benefit those for
WorkSource DeKalb and in some between Jan. 1, 2013, and Dec. 18, seekers, and workforce development whom the funding is intended, rather
cases were not familiar with the 2016, WSD had individuals sign services to businesses. WSD is a than rerouting those funds to other
program. Of the $750,000 settlement OJT paperwork after they were comprehensive one-stop center with departments and current county
amount, $350,632 is restitution. hired on the open job market, when a host of partnering agencies.” employees.

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Notices of Incorporation
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How did we let medicine get so sick?

“By now, corporate medicine require HB1 Visas and U.S. health From 1975 to 2010, the number
has milked about all the efficiency it
can out of the system. With mergers
‘One Man’s care employers to recruit and
import medical professionals from
of health care administrators within
both the for profit and nonprofit
and streamlining, it has pushed the Opinion’ other nations domestic medical and medical sectors, has increased by
productivity numbers about as far nursing school slots remain in tight 3,200 percent. If we considered
as they can go. But one resource Bill Crane supply while a significant number converting less than half that
that seems endless and free is bill.csicrane@gmail.com of baby boomer era providers are personnel hike toward clinical care
the professional ethic of medical fast approaching retirement.  and more direct patient support, we
staff members,” said Dr. Danielle In addition to the higher might be well on our way to closing
but not to the long-term detriment error levels one might associate the provider service gap, as well as
Ofri, an author and physician at
of the practitioners. with long-term fatigue, clinical better recognizing that the priority
Bellevue Hospital and New York
 Patients, particularly in an in- depression and suicide rates among should remain getting and keeping
University, from a New York Times
patient setting, are generally sicker physicians and nurses are now also patients well, versus processing
guest editorial June 9, 2019, “Is
these days. Greater severity and significantly surpassing those of the piles and piles of electronic records
Exploiting Doctors the Business
complexity of chronic conditions, general population they care for.  and yes, still more paperwork. 
more overlapping illnesses or I am no fan of a single-payer, Hospitals, heal thyself.
infections to treat, as well as more government-based health care
We are fortunate within my
medications to handle, manage and system. I don’t have to look any
immediate and extended family to
assess for side effects or treating at further than our troubled Veterans
have the benefit of several medical Bill Crane also serves as a
cross purposes add to the workloads Administration system to see
professionals. My sister Tanya is a political analyst and commentator
of these professionals. And yet, what happens when a bureaucracy
nurse practitioner; my goddaughter for Channel 2’s Action News, WSB-
the average length of treatment manages all the keys to the
Dr. Martha Cohen-Slade is an AM News/Talk 750 and now 95.5
time spent with each patient is kingdom, but with all the great
ObGyn; and a close cousin has not FM, as well as a columnist for The
expected to be shrinking, or remain minds and innovations present
only been a career-long operating Champion, DeKalb Free Press and
the same, aided by technology and in American health care—still
room nurse, but also served as Georgia Trend. Crane is a DeKalb
that particularly vexing plus/minus considered the world leader in
chair of its global professional native and business owner, living
of the Electronic Medical Record numerous arenas—there simply has
association, the Association of in Scottdale. You can reach him
(EMR).  to be a better way.  
peri-Operative Registered Nurses or comment on a column at bill.
The EMR is now omni-present  
(AORN). Their career experiences csicrane@gmail.com. 
and “tunneled-in” to nearly every
and insights have helped form
aspect of the medical system, and
my opinions on the status of the
though few would wish a return to
the pounds heavy paper charts and
My goddaughter, herself also
copies, the EMR is now remotely
recently a new mother, delivered
accessible 24/7, awaiting updates,
five babies the same day her own
notes and provider input. Many
labor was later induced before
providers are now doing just that—
giving birth to her first son. My
using evening, weekend and sleep-
sister who has worked all over the
hours, off the clock, to update and
country while continuing her own
recheck EMR charts. 
medical studies, as well as serving
The average provider/physician
as an educator and nursing faculty
spends roughly two-hours of
member, routinely works through
EMR maintenance/updates per
holiday weekends and continuous
one hour of actual face-to-face
30-hour shifts in both private and
patient care. Hospitals and provider
hospital-based practices, always
employers also know this, and in
delivering beyond the call and
effect consider this a benefit of
assigned hours of her paycheck.    
employing well-paid and ethically
As I have also often seen these
driven professionals. But all of
behaviors in many of my own
this “no-down time” doesn’t add
medical advisors and professionals,
up to everything remaining just
I can only assume it to be part of the
fine. Health care burnout is an
work ethic and “patient needs first”
increasingly real threat to the
ingrained during years of study and
providers own health as well as
preparation for a career in health
ongoing performance. And despite
care. Hopefully, this aspect of the
doctor and nursing shortages
profession will continue forward,
nationwide, which increasingly

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Children with
Down syndrome
pose for camera
BY TAYLOR ROBINS United States have Down
taylor@dekalbchamp.com syndrome.
During the photo shoot,
Tolleson described the
Down syndrome was event, “Everyone is very
the center of attention as excited and happy. Having
a photo shoot took place babies around and young
June 13, in Chamblee, to people to play with is
include children with Down awesome so I think there’s
syndrome in a national a lot of excitement in
marketing campaign providing opportunities for
for personal care brand people with Down syndrome
packaging. to be seen and recognized
The National Down because that’s half the
Syndrome Congress battle.”
(NDSC) and Comfees─a Samir Hill, a 10-year-
personal care product old model stole the show
line─picked five infants portraying Tom Cruise from
and young children to Risky Business.
be included in print and “He likes cameras,” said
online advertisements. The Deanaa Hill, Samir Hill’s
children were photographed mother. “He likes selfies. He Samir Hill models for a national ad campaign for disposable diapers. Photos by Taylor Robins.
in Comfees’ disposable takes a lot of selfies. I have
diapers. The campaign will to go in his iPad and trash at
launch early 2020. least 400 selfies every day.
“In our mind this will He has a cell phone full of
help get [people with Down selfies too.”
syndrome] out there so Samir─a fifth
that they’re recognized grader─does not wear
in the community,” said disposable diapers.
David Tolleson, executive However, Deanaa wanted to
director of National Down help represent other children
Syndrome Commerce. his age who may require
“If you want a place at a diaper system due to
the table, people need to developmental delays.
recognize that you’re part “He’s also a cute kid,”
of the community. We have Deanaa said.
determined through laws When asked about
that people with disabilities current representation
should be included in for children with Down
schools and included in the syndrome, Tolleson said,
community and included in “It’s getting better. Media
the work force, but society representation helps
as in all cases of human and with social media
and civil rights, takes a more stories get around
few years to catch up. So about people with Down
it’s important to make sure syndrome following careers
that people recognize that or doing different things.
everyone has value.” It’s important in terms of
Comfees manufactures normalizing.”
diapers, training pants and “I think this will
youth pants for children with educate and let people
special needs up to age 10. know what [people with
According to Tolleson, Down syndrome] go
20 percent of United States through,” Deanaa Hill said.
residents have a form of [Samir] just has an extra
disability and an estimated chromosome, but he’s just Comfees will feature infants and older children with Down syndrome during a national ad campaign to launch in 2020.
300,000 people in the like me and you.”



The DeKalb County Governing Authority has tentatively

adopted a 2019 millage rate which will require an increase in
property taxes by 4.22 percent.

All concerned citizens are invited to the public hearing on this

tax increase to be held at the Manuel J. Maloof Auditorium,
1300 Commerce Drive, Decatur GA 30030 on Tuesday, June
Overdue library fines to be waived during summer. File photo. 25, 2019 at 10 a.m. and 6 p.m.

Libraries go fine Times and places of additional public hearings on this tax
increase are at the Manuel J. Maloof Auditorium, 1300
Commerce Drive, Decatur GA 30030 on Tuesday, July 9,

free for summer

2019, at 10 a.m.
This tentative increase will result in a millage rate of 10.495
mills, an increase of 0.425 mills. Without this tentative tax
BY TAYLOR ROBINS encouraged to renew items or increase, the millage rate will be no more than 10.070 mills.
Taylor@dekalbchamp.com return items upon completion. The proposed tax increase for a home with a fair market value
Fees will still be assessed
Children and teens who on lost or damaged items and of $250,000 is approximately $42.50 and the proposed tax
would like to keep library normal checkout periods will increase for non-homestead property with a fair market value
reading materials longer than
the scheduled return date don’t
still apply. of $400,000 is approximately $68.00.
have to worry about overdue
fines, according to the DeKalb
County Public Library website.
“We know children lose
ground in academics over Notice of Property NOTICE OF PROPERTY
the summer break. We want Tax Increase TAX INCREASE
to take away any barrier to
children and teens having
books to read and enjoy over Notice is hereby given that the Governing
the summer,” said DeKalb Authority of the City of Clarkston has The City of Chamblee has tentatively ad-
County Public Library Director tentatively adopted a 2019 millage rate opted a millage rate of 6.25 mills for the
Alison Weissinger. “We just which will require an increase in the
ask that items are returned to General Fund which will require an in-
property taxes of 19.63 percent.
the library in a timely manner, crease in property taxes by 7.89% over
so others may enjoy them.”
Until Aug. 31, DeKalb All concerned citizens are invited to the the rollback millage rate.
libraries will waive overdue Public Hearings on this tax increase to be
fines for materials in
held Tuesday, June 25, 2019 at 10:00am, All concerned citizens are invited to the
the children’s and teen’s
collections during “Fine-Free City Hall Council Rm, 3921 Church Street, public hearings on this tax increase to
Summer.” Materials that are Clarkston, GA 30021. be held at the Chamblee Civic Center
included in Fine-Free Summer located at 3540 Broad St, Chamblee
are books, audiobooks, music
CDs and DVDs. A second Public Hearing will be held on Georgia on June 13, 2019 at 6:00 PM.
The second year initiative June 25, 2019 at 6:30pm at the City Hall
is designed to encourage Council Rm, 3921 Church Street, Clarkston, Two additional public hearings on this
reading and remove barriers GA 30021.
so children and teens tax increase will be held at the Cham-
will read more during the blee Civic Center on June 27, 2019.
summer months. According A final Public Hearing will be held on July There will be one hearing at 11:30 AM
to the DCPL Board of 2 at 7:00PM at the City Hall Council Rm, and a final hearing at 6:00 PM. After the
Trustees, the same initiative 3921 Church Street, Clarkston, GA 30021.
during summer 2018 was final public hearing, the millage rate will
The City Council will adopt the 2019 Millage
rate at the July 2, 2019 meeting following be formally adopted.
approval for the second year.
“The primary purpose the conclusion of the Public Hearing.
of the library is to get books This tentative millage rate of 6.25 mills
in the hands of children,”
This tentative increase will result in a will result in an increase of .457 mills.
Weissinger said. “We want
to provide easy access to millage rate of 15.89 mils, an increase Without this tentative tax increase, the
our materials at a time when of 2.607 mills. Without this tentative tax millage rate will be 5.793 mills. The
children and teens need them increase, the millage rate will be no more proposed tax increase for a home with
the most. We know families
are busy in the summer and than 13.283. The proposed tax increase a fair market value of $293,965 is ap-
this is one more way we can for a home with a fair market value of $ proximately $53.71 and the proposed
help kids read while school is 100,000 is approximately $ 104.28. The tax increase for non-homestead property
out.” proposed increase on non-homestead
Although fees are waived with a fair market value of $923,009 is
for select items during the property with a fair market value of $ approximately $168.48.
summer, children and teens are 525,000 is approximately $ 547.47.


‘Respect the penny

that we’ve already paid’
Citizen coalition wants rail
expansion in southeast DeKalb
BY CARLA PARKER to the promises they’ve already
carla@dekalbchamp.com made,” Mangham said. “We’ve
been paying [MARTA] for 47-
Southeast DeKalb County plus years and we still have
residents are asking MARTA seen nothing from MARTA
to include funding for a rail and the existing penny that MARTA will soon vote on its fiscal year 2020 capital budget.
line from downtown Atlanta we’re paying to extend rail out
to Stonecrest in the transit to southeast DeKalb.”
authority’s budget. DeKalb County residents
The Coalition of South have paid a one-cent sales
DeKalb Residents held a press tax to fund MARTA since its
conference June 13 outside inception. The coalition said
of MARTA headquarters to south DeKalb has received
advocate for accessible and an unfair return on that
effective mass transit solutions, investment as residents have
specify MARTA’s commitment
including an extension of limited access to MARTA rail.
to the extension of rail from
MARTA’s heavy rail line along MARTA officials disagree
the Indian Creek MARTA
the 1-20 corridor. MARTA that south DeKalb has been
station to the Stonecrest Mall
will soon vote on its fiscal treated unfairly. “There has
area as a priority.
year 2020 capital budget, been no expansion of rail
In April 2012, the MARTA
and representatives from by MARTA in any of the
board of directors approved
the coalition said they want jurisdictions in the last 20
a rail extension from the
funding for a rail line extension years because the existing
Indian Creek station to run
included in the budget. MARTA sales tax is enough
parallel along I-285 South,
The coalition’s request to cover only operations
continuing east along I-20 to
comes as MARTA is working and maintenance,” MARTA
the Stonecrest Mall area as a
with DeKalb County, DeKalb spokeswoman Stephany
locally preferred alternative
cities and the Atlanta Regional Fisher said. “Expansion plans Members of the Coalition of South DeKalb Residents held a press conference outside
(LPA), according to the
Commission on the county’s require additional sales tax of MARTA headquarters to advocate for heavy rail along I-20 and other transit needs
transit master plan—a revenue.” in south and east DeKalb County. Photos by Carla Parker
“We really need to deal
30-year vision for future Fisher said DeKalb and
with how the current MARTA
transit investments in the Fulton counties are considering
budget is being spent before paid.” many of MARTA’s highest
county, including new transit referenda now for an additional
we even talk about additional Fisher said MARTA’s ridership rail stations and bus
investments and enhancements sales tax, “given the authority
dollars,” Mangham said. commitment to DeKalb routes, we remain committed
to exiting transit services. they were granted in House
“The alternatives are great, residents and its partnership to improving and enhancing
Included in the transit master Bill 930, but that requires
but what we need is heavy with the leadership of the service with the existing
plan is the possibility of a the counties to have adopted
rail,” said coalition member county remains strong. MARTA sales tax,” Fisher
heavy rail line along I-20 to comprehensive transit master
Joscelyn O’Neil. “Respect “As DeKalb is home to said.
Stonecrest. plans.”
the penny that we’ve already
Coalition member Gina The coalition is requesting
Mangham said the transit that MARTA, county leaders
master plan is a separate issue and other parties involved
and the coalition’s focus is on in the comprehensive transit Amendment to Notice of Proposed Precinct Boundary Changes
having south and east DeKalb planning and funding process
included in MARTA’s budget. follow through on previous Based upon a change in the law, notice is hereby given to the voters of DeKalb
“Once again, for south and commitments to provide rail County of proposed precinct boundary changes that will be considered for approval at
east DeKalb, there is no money service along the I-20 corridor. the regular monthly meeting of the DeKalb County Board of Commissioners previously
for expansion of rail. So, They claim the 9th and 13th scheduled to be held on June 25, 2019, will now be held on July 23, 2019. The
before we start talking about amendments to the Rapid proposed changes are summarized as follows:
future plans, they need to hold Transit Contract Agreement
•Replace the Renfroe Middle Precinct with the Decatur Precinct located at
Evergreen Baptist Church and adjust those boundary lines as well as the
Oakhurst Precinct boundary lines to evenly distribute the voters.
•Adjust Clarkston Precinct boundary lines and create the new Clarkston


Community Center Precinct to reduce overcrowding.
•Adjust the McNair High, Piney Grove and Burgess Precinct boundary lines to
move Atlanta annexed voters to the Burgess Precinct.
•Adjust the Margaret Harris Ed and Woodward Elem Precinct boundary to
move Brookhaven annexed voters to the Woodward Elem Precinct.


404.373.7779 This 18th day of June, 2019

Erica D. Hamilton
Director, Registration & Elections


Lt. D.G. Schoeppner from DeKalb County Police Department Tucker Precinct addresses the crowd at a
community celebration at 13Ten Apartments. Photo from city of Tucker’s Facebook page

The DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office hosted a community roll call at Gresham Park
Recreation Center.

Seaman Jocelyn Ramey of Decatur stands watch aboard the Arleigh Burke-class
guided-missile destroyer USS Mason. The ship is deployed to the United States
5th Fleet areas of operations in support of naval operations to ensure stability and
Mike Glenn, left, and Harlem Globetrotters' Chris “Animal” Hyche chat with campers in sign language. See story on page 15. Photo security. Photo provided by U.S. Navy Mass Communication.
by Carla Parker

Have you created programming you’d like to air on TV?

Do you have an interest in Public Access TV in DeKalb County?
Submit your show to DeKalb County’s Public Access channel, DeKalb 25.
Drop off DVD or USB copies to the Manuel J. Maloof Center at
1300 Commerce Drive, Decatur, GA 30030, or upload your content via the internet.

(404) 371-2325 DeKalb25@outlook.com DeKalb25.com



More than 100 shoppers lined up outside the new Goodwill store on South Hairston Road before it’s 9 a.m. Shoppers purchased bargain-priced items at the new Goodwill store on South Hairston Road.
grand opening. Photos by Carla Parker

New Goodwill store opens in south DeKalb

BY CARLA PARKER Parker said Goodwill of it and enjoy it.”
carla@dekalbchamp.com North Georgia prides itself Mickens, who has
in repurposing buildings to a grandson on the way,
A shopping plaza on help communities that are purchased a baby rocker
South Hairston Road that struggling environmentally. and a bicycle for her
once housed Publix is now “We know that, granddaughter. She said she
the new home of a Goodwill particularly for came to the grand opening
store. neighborhoods that because she wanted to be a
Goodwill of North sometimes might be part of the grand opening
Georgia held a grand struggling, empty stores experience and she likes the
opening June 13 of its new can set a neighborhood into store’s prices.
store on South Hairston a real downward motion,” “I hope that the prices
Road in Decatur. More Parker said. “So, we try stay the same,” she said.
Goodwill of North Georgia president and CEO Keith Parker chats with shoppers during to come and repurpose “I hope they don’t go up
than 100 shoppers lined up the grand opening of the new Goodwill store on South Hairston Road in Decatur.
outside the store’s doors places and make them look because they are donated
before its 9 a.m. opening the area. Construction for store closed. spectacular. This store looks items and [they should]
hoping to get first dibs on the store began March 8. “But now that the as good as any Marshalls make it affordable for
bargain-priced clothing, Resident Juanita Mickens Goodwill store [is here] I or Stein Mart or any one people with low incomes
cell phone chargers and said she had hoped a new can deal with it,” Mickens of those other retailers that that can afford the items.”
other items. Keith Parker, supermarket would replace said. “It will actually keep we compete against. I think Parker said the store will
president and CEO of the old Publix store because me from going to yard sales. the citizens around this have a massive effect on the
Goodwill of North Georgia, she was not happy when the I’m happy with it.” community will really love community, from the new
compared the grand SEE GOODWILL ON PAGE 14
openings of Goodwill stores
to Black Friday.
“[There is] the energy NOTICE
of a Black Friday but
people know that with a The City of Chamblee City Council does hereby announce that the millage rate will be set at a meeting to be held at the Chamblee Civic 
fraction of the money that Center located at 3540 Broad Street, Chamblee, Georgia on June 27, 2019 at 6:00 PM and pursuant to the requirements of Ga. Code 
they would typically spend 48‐5‐32 does herby publish the following presentation of the current year's tax digest and levy, along with the history of the tax digest
on a Black Friday, they’re and levy for the past five years.
going to leave here with
Parker said. “Somebody
has donated a suit that 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
no longer fits them very Real & Personal 991,264,465 1,123,309,202 1,259,585,995 1,370,128,444 1,561,856,033 1,764,893,730
Motor Vehicles & Heavy Equipment 23,809,872 20,050,020 15,799,866 13,893,880 8,355,600 6,635,960
well and that’s going to
Public Utilities 10,289,198 15,151,224 13,476,415 15,092,786 14,634,923 15,637,406
be the interview [suit] for
Gross Digest 1,025,363,535 1,158,510,446 1,288,862,276 1,399,115,110 1,584,846,556 1,787,167,096
someone else. There are just Less Exemptions 136,343,322 147,895,254 152,246,821 154,458,202 165,696,847 171,853,667
thousands of stories that Adjusted Net Digest 889,020,213 1,010,615,192 1,136,615,455 1,244,656,908 1,419,149,709 1,615,313,429
will be created just like that
throughout the rest of the Gross Millage Rage 6.4 6.4 6.4 6.4 6.25 6.25
The South Hairston Net Taxes Levied 5,689,729 6,467,937 7,274,339 7,965,804 8,869,686 10,095,709
store is the 63rd Goodwill
store in north Georgia and Net Taxes $ Increase 1,616,061 778,208 806,402 691,465 903,881 1,226,023
brought 50 new jobs to Net Taxes % increase 39.67% 13.68% 12.47% 9.51% 11.35% 13.82%


Caiola resignation leaves Seeley awarded journalism scholarship

two BOE vacancies BY TAYLOR ROBINS

BY TAYLOR ROBINS Khara Seely, journalism

major at Clayton State
Taylor@dekalbchamp.com University, was presented
with the first Steen Miles
City Schools of Decatur Journalism and Communication
(CSD) announced June 10 that Scholarship June 8.
school board member Annie The Atlanta Association
Caiola will resign from her of Black Journalist (AABJ) The Champion Newspaper publisher Carolyn Glenn, left, scholarship recipient Khara
position effective Aug. 1. facilitated the ceremonial Seeley, and Miles' daughters Heather Bailey and Kellie Walker, right, celebrate the
“Since my election in 2013 presentation of the $1,000 first scholarship awarded in Miles’ name June 8. Photo provided by Taylor Robins.
and my re-election in 2017, Steen Miles Journalism/
my personal and professional Communication Scholarship,
obligations and demands have held at WSB TV headquarters. officer for the Metro Atlanta The scholarship was
increased significantly,” Caiola The scholarship was Rapid Transit Authority and a sponsored by The Earl and
said. “Balancing the time and established in honor of columnist for The Champion Carolyn Glenn Foundation and
energy required to manage Annie Caiola recently resigned from her Ollisteen “Steen” Miles, Newspaper. The Champion Newspaper.
the growing demands of my CSD position. Photo provided by City who died March 29, 2017. Miles’ daughters Heather Earl and Carolyn Glenn were
law firm and the personal Schools of Decatur. Miles─resident of DeKalb Bailey and Kellie Walker were in attendance to co-present the
needs of my family, while County─ was a journalist and also in attendance. scholarship to Seeley.
simultaneously serving the Nov. 5 election. In addition to public servant; working as
school board at the level Caiola’s at-large seat, Garrett managing editor and reporter-
it deserves, has become Goebel’s District 1 seat and anchor for WXIA-TV. She was
Vice Chair Tasha White’s
impossible without making
sacrifices that I simply can no District 2 seat-- will appear on
also the chief media relations
longer make. For someone who ballots. Goebel is not seeking
has only leaned in, leaning
back does not come easily.”
reelection however, White is
seeking reelection. Talwar awarded Dean’s
Caiola is a trial attorney The board will accept
letters of interest from qualified
Graduate Student The Mayor and City Council of the City
with Slotkin & Caiola, LLC,
on the board of directors for individuals seeking to serve Award of Lithonia have tentatively adopted
DeKalb Bar Association, on the board from August until a millage rate which will require an
a member of Leadership an election is held to replace Amani Talwar of Decatur
is one of two recipients of
increase in property taxes by 8.15%.
DeKalb Class of 2013 and is a Caiola.
parishioner at St. Thomas More “We are deeply indebted the Dean’s Graduate Student
Church in Decatur. to Annie for her service Award for Commitment to All concerned citizens are invited to the
Caiola has been a member on the board,” CSD Board the Discipline from Georgia
State University’s College
public hearings on this tax increase to
Chair Lewis Jones. “She has
of the CSD board since 2014.
been an extremely effective of Education & Human be held at City Hall, 6920 Main Street,
She served as chair from 2016
to 2017. Caiola’s term would board member and leader─a Development. Lithonia 30058.
have expired in 2021. passionate advocate for This $500 award, given
teachers and students, a gifted at the college’s spring May
“It has been wonderful
communicator, a team player 7 graduate commencement, The final public hearing will be held
working with Annie Caiola,”
CSD Superintendent David whose judgment commands recognizes the activities at City Hall on July 1, 2019 at 6:00
Dude said. “She has devoted respect, and a good friend. of graduate students who
demonstrate a commitment to
p.m. The proposed millage rate will be
It is no wonder her law
so much time and energy to
practice is booming. We’ve their academic disciplines. adopted at the July 1, 2019 meeting at
this position and has been a
tremendous support to me all marveled at Annie’s ability 7:00 pm.
as I transitioned to Decatur. to juggle her personal and
Annie is always focused on private responsibilities with
the demands of the school
UNG cadet honored at This tentative increase results from
what is best for kids and she
is a tremendous champion for board for as long as she has, awards ceremony maintaining the current millage rate of
public education. She will be and therefore we understand 11.116, an increase of 0.838 mills over
and respect her decision to step More than 75 military
missed but I am happy that she
down at this time. We wish awards and scholarships were the millage rollback rate of 10.278.
will have more time to focus
on her family and career.” Annie continued success and presented to members of the Without this tentative tax increase, the
Caiola’s resignation three thank her for giving so much University of North Georgia’s millage rate will be no more than 10.278
for so long.” Corps of Cadets at the annual
board seats available for the
Boar’s Head Brigade Military mills.
Awards Review, held March
26 at the convocation center This proposed tax increase for a home
Berry College announces Dean’s List on the UNG Dahlonega
with an assessed value of $32,200 is
Berry College’s Dean’s List honors students who posted an Cadets were presented approximately $27.00. The proposed
academic average of 3.5 or better on a 4.0 scale while carrying with awards and scholarships increase on non-homestead property
a class load of at least 12 hours during the semester were for academic achievement,
announced. potential for leadership, and
with an assessed value of $58,800 is
Students named to the spring 2019 Dean’s List include: Jack high moral character. approximately $49.00.
Boyette of Decatur, Miranda Vega of Decatur, David Driskell Cadet Sgt. 1st Class
of Decatur, Elizabeth Barnett of Lithonia, Ei Noe of Stone Jahfel Jones of Stone
Mountain, Stahr Stembel of Tucker, Orlin Gomez-Aceituno Mountain received the
The proposed tax increase will enable
of Tucker, Caroline Stiles of Stone Mountain, Will Kenworthy Frankie Stringer Scholarship. the City to meet anticipated obligations
of Stone Mountain, Rachael Meyer of Brookhaven and Mary Jones is studying biology/pre- and to establish a reserve fund.
Grace Gaskin of Brookhaven. medicine at UNG.


Active shooter course scheduled Library to host writer’s support City to host music event Group to host information session
group on dementia
The Dunwoody Police Department Charlie Wooton with Arsene
will be offer a Civilian Response to Writers of any literary form or Delay will perform June 28 at Stone Amanda James of Tucker La Vista
Active Shooter Events (CRASE) course genre may attend a writer’s support Mountain’s Tunes by the Tracks in Stone Lions Club will present a Dementia
June 25 from 6:30-8:30 p.m. group June 25 from 6:30 to 8 p.m. at Mountain Village. Attendees may bring Friends Information Session at Tucker
This course is designed to provide Stonecrest Library. Writers may bring lawn chairs. The free two-hour concert Christian Church on June 25 from 6:30 to
preparation and a plan for individuals their work, whether completed or in- begins at 7 p.m. Beer, wine and soft 7:30 p.m. The church is located at 4291
and organizations on how to more progress, to read, discuss and receive drinks will be available for purchase. Lynburn Drive. The event is free. To RSVP,
proactively handle the threat of an group feedback. The library is located For more information, visit www. email ugamanda@gmail.com.
aggressive intruder or active shooter. at 3123 Klondike Road. For more stonemountaincity.org.
This event is open to the public and information, call (770) 482-3828.
registration is free.

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Experts offer tips on entrepreneurship

she observed. “You don’t need grocery delivery services, learn conversational English,” up. “You can buy an existing
FREELANCE REPORTER a college degree; 32 percent pet walking, ride sharing and she said, adding that such a business,” he said. “Eventually
of business owners have only tutoring, according to Foulkes. business can not only provide every business will be sold. It
a high school diploma or an “Many people are too busy experience in operating a might be sold to an investor;
Within the constantly associate degree. You don’t to go to the grocery store or business, but also can help it might be sold to another
changing financial landscape have to have great credit and walk their dogs. They would pay off debt and provide seed business. It might be sold to
of the United States and the you don’t need a lot of start- be happy to pay someone to do money for another business. your children or it might go
world there are pitfalls and up money. Approximately 65 these things. And, if you don’t Sharing the stage with into liquidation and be sold on
opportunities, according to percent of businesses start mind being up at 2 o’clock Foulkes was Antonio Barnes, the courthouse steps.”
Emma Foulkes, a certified with an investment of less than in the morning, you can tutor CEO of FMX Logistics, who Buying a business that’s
financial planner who was one $50,000.” people in other countries in explained that becoming in default or in bankruptcy can
of the speakers June 15 at the Examples of 21st century English. You don’t need a a business owner doesn’t be a positive step for both the
third workshop in the Building businesses that can be started high level of knowledge of necessarily mean building buyer and the seller, Barnes
Your Economic Legacy series with little capital include grammar; they just want to a business from the ground said. “The seller will and you
held at the Scott Candler
Library on Candler Road. SEE TIPS ON PAGE 14
Among the changes
Foulkes cited is what
she called “the gutting of NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING
unions.” A generation ago,
many American workers The Mayor and City Council of the City of Chamblee, Georgia will hold a public hearing on Thursday, July 11, 2019
who belonged to unions at the Chamblee Civic Center, 3540 Broad Street, Chamblee, GA 30341 at 6:00 p.m. to receive public comments
could depend on an annual regarding the following matters:
pay increase and a growing • PZ2019-469 Applicant: J. Alexander Brock, Warden Capital and Owners: Bryant K. Trane, Meskerem
Belachew, and Yohannes Belachew, requests approval of a Development of Community Impact with variances for the
benefits package, she said. construction of a mixed-use building and parking garage, from the City of Chamblee Code of Ordinances, Appendix
“I’m not particularly a fan A, Unified Development Ordinance, Sec. 230-1 for the development to have more than 80% of impervious surface;
of unions—there are some Sec. 230-27(a)(3) for cementitious fiberboard lap siding to be used on building over 3 stories; Sec. 230-27(g) to allow
negatives there, too—but when accessory mechanical units between the building and street; Sec. 230-27(a)(12)(c) for a building with more than four
they went away or lost much residential units at street level to not provide front-facing entrances directly connected to a public sidewalk; Sec. 230-
of their power many families 28 for a building greater than 3 stories to not be constructed with non-combustible materials; Sec. 240-13(b)(3)(b) to
lost security. reduce the minimum size of multi-family dwelling units; Sec. 240-13(b)(3)(c) to allow multi-family residential dwelling
“At the same time, many units on the ground floor within 100 feet of a public street; Sec. 240-13(b)(40)(b) for an above ground parking deck to
companies shifted from a face a public street and not be screened by liner buildings;
pension-based retirement Sec. 240-13(b)(40)(c) to not screen external openings of a parking structure; Sec. 240-13(b)(40)(d) for automobiles in
plan to a 401(k) plan. The a parking garage to be visible from a public right-of-way; Sec. 240-13(b)(40)(e) to allow facades of a multi-story parking
structure to not have the appearance of a horizontal-storied building; Sec. 240-13(b)(40)(h) for a parking structure to
401(k) was never supposed not have a level base with flat floor plates on above-ground levels; Sec. 240-13(b)(40)(i) for above-ground levels of a
to be for the average worker. parking structure to not have minimum floor-to-ceiling heights of 15 feet; Sec. 230-6(d) for a retaining wall in the front,
It was designed for highly side, or rear yard to exceed the maximum allowed height; Sec. 230-26(a) to reduce the min. width of the required
compensated executives. landscape zone; Sec. 230-26(g) to vary the dimensions and requirements of the supplemental zone; Sec. 250-7(a)
Many average workers find (8) to not provide inter-parcel access to the adjacent property; Sec. 230-26(f)(2) to allow a bus shelter to encroach the
themselves unable to manage 10-foot-wide sidewalk clear zone. The property is located at 3284, 3296, 3300, 3308 Burke Dr, and 3279, 3289, 3295,
a 401(k) so that it meets their 3301, and 3307 Hood Ave, being DeKalb County tax parcel 18 299 06 014, 015, 016, 017, 018, 010, 011, 012, 013 and
retirement needs.” Foulkes zoned Village Commercial.
continued. • PZ2019-490 Applicant: Vince Riggio, Trinity Development Group, INC and Owner: Decide DeKalb
“I believe that every good Development Authority and Trinity Development requests approval of a major modification to a previously approved
Development of Community Impact to modify an existing condition of approval. The property is located at 5544
thing has some bad in it and Peachtree Blvd, being DeKalb County tax parcel 18 303 05 008, and zoned Village Commercial.
every bad thing has some good • PZ2019-492 Applicant and Owner: John D. Revell, The Society of St. Vincent de Paul Georgia requests
in it,” she said. Recession approval of a Development of Community Impact and associated variances for interior and exterior renovations to
periods, she added, bring many an existing building and site improvements, from the City of Chamblee Code of Ordinances, Appendix A, Unified
negatives, but they also mean Development Ordinance, Sec.230-6(d)(2) to allow an existing timber retaining wall visible from the right-of-way to
that stock prices drop. The remain; Sec. 230-7 for a monument sign to be located within the corner visibility triangle; Sec. 230-9(f) to not achieve
time to buy stock is when it’s any sustainability measures points; Sec. 230-26(e) to not meet the landscape zone requirements; Sec. 230-26(f) to not
selling at half price.” meet the sidewalk zone requirements; Sec. 230-26(g) to not meet the supplemental zone requirements; Sec. 230-27(a)
Speaking to a largely (6) for the east and south façades to not meet fenestration requirements; Sec. 230-27(a)(7) to not treat each street-
Black audience, Foulkes facing façade as a primary façade; Sec. 230-27(a)(10) to not meet the minimum façade height; Sec. 230-27(g) for
noted that there is a great roof-mounted mechanical equipment to not be screened from view from right-of-way; Sec. 230-1 to not meet the open
space requirements; Sec. 230-31 to allow non-conforming outdoor lighting; Sec. 250-7(a) to allow parking to be located
deal of consumer spending between the building and the street; Sec. 250-7(a)(8) to not provide inter-parcel connectivity; Sec. 230-1(a) to exceed
power within the Black the maximum impervious surface ratio; Sec. 230-27(a)(12) for a primary entrance to not be directly accessible from the
community. Black hair adjacent sidewalk; Sec. 260-9(a) to allow a wall sign to be larger than the maximum allowed sign size. The property is
products alone represent a located at 2050 Chamblee Tucker Rd, being DeKalb County tax parcel 18 299 04 003 and zoned Village Commercial.
$2.5 billion industry “and • PZ2019-493 Applicant and Owner: Taylor Smith, 5370 Eugenia’s LLC requests approval of multiple variances
that doesn’t include wigs and for the installation of a standalone overhang, from the City of Chamblee Code of Ordinances, Appendix A, Unified
such accoutrements as curling Development Ordinance, Sec.230-27(a)(9) to allow a façade that is less than 18 feet in height; Sec. 230-27(a)(5) to
irons,” she said. allow a metal building; Sec. 230-27(a)(6) to allow less than 65% fenestration on the front façade; Sec. 230-27(a)(8)
Foulkes said from 2017 to allow a service entrance door to face a public street. The property is located at 5368 Peachtree Rd, being DeKalb
to 2018, the number of Black- County tax parcel 18 299 16 011 and zoned Village Commercial.
owned businesses in the • PZ2019-498 Applicant: Jeff Hardy, Major League Renovations and Owner: Benjamin Clarke requests approval
of multiple variances for the construction of an addition to an existing single-family structure, from the City of Chamblee
United States grew by 400 Code of Ordinances, Appendix A, Unified Development Ordinance, Sec.230-3(b)(1) to allow a new addition to encroach
percent and the number is into the front yard setback; and Sec. 230-27(b)(2) to allow garage doors to face a feeder street. The property is located
growing as people realize that at 3984 Longview Dr, being DeKalb County tax parcel 18 324 08 025 and zoned Neighborhood Commercial 1.
owning a business is a way to • TA2019-003 The City of Chamblee proposes to amend the Official City Code of Ordinances, Appendix
control income. “There are a A, Unified Development Ordinance, Title 1 Administration, Chapter 110 to amend the definitions of Development
lot of misconceptions out there of Community Impact and Redevelopment Threshold; and Title 2 Land Use and Zoning, Chapter 270 to revise
about business ownership,” the applicability of Redevelopment Thresholds, and Chapter 280 to amend the applicability of a Development of
Community Impact.

GOODWILL Continued From Page 10

jobs to the shopping experience.
“We are now stabilizing this retail area because when
Goodwill comes in people know that good things are about
to happen,” he said. “I’m pretty sure that there will be
other stores and vendors that will move in because they
now see us here [and] we’re vibrant, we’re an excellent
tenant wherever we land and just bring a lot of stability to
the area.”

TIPS Continued From Page 13

will acquire a business for trustworthy and share your
less than it’s potentially worth level of commitment. You need
if you have the expertise and a good team. If you open a
resources to turn it into a restaurant, you aren’t going to
thriving concern.” know everything from cooking
Barnes acknowledged that to hosting to food acquisition
any investment carries risk. and bookkeeping. You may be
“Don’t put $10,000 into a an expert in one of those areas,
business unless you can afford but you need team members
to lose $10,000,” he advised. who are experts in the other
Forming relationships with areas.”
the right people is essential to
business success, according
to Barnes. “You may have
heard people say, ‘never go
into business with friends’
well friends are the best people
to go into business with if
they are knowledgeable,

Continued From Page 3
trying to perform this job
is hard because everything
reminds you of the person you
lost,” Hilley said. “We’re all
feeling it in different ways.
The [monetary donations] are
just like a gift from his work
family to his family back
Hilley said she’s working
to secure a matching grant
from the Giving Kitchen,
which will match donations up
to $2,500.
“I’ve had people come
in and say they weren’t
there to eat but to offer their
condolences. It’s everyone’s
loss to anyone who has ever
eaten here,” Hilley said. “He
was such a constant presence.
He worked so hard to be able
to provide for his family back
home. It just worries me about
what his family will do now.”
Hilley said anyone
wanting to donate can visit
for-oscars-family and offer
financial support. Police are
still investigating the incident.
DeKalb County Police officers
detained two men near the
scene, but they were later
released. Hilley said she hopes
someone with information
regarding the case will come


Miguel Patrick ready

to lead Cedar Grove’s
football program
program win its two state
BY CARLA PARKER titles in 2016 and 2018. He
Carla@dekalbchamp.com has coached several of the
state’s best defensive players
from Antwuan Jackson to
When former Cedar Grove
Rashad Cheney and Jadon
High School football coach
Jermaine Smith resigned
A graduate of Paul
from his position in March,
Laurence Dunbar High School
defensive coordinator Miguel
in Dayton, Ohio, Patrick
Patrick was immediately
played college football at
named interim coach.
Alabama State University. He
Two months later, the
played in the Arena Football
“interim” title was removed
league and tried out for other
and Patrick was officially
professional football leagues
named head coach of the two- Cedar Grove defensive coordinator was promoted to head coach of Cedar Grove High School football program. File photo
before beginning his teaching
time state champions Cedar
and coaching career.
Grove Saints. for the entire program. “I’m an aggressive not feel any pressure as he tries
Patrick teaches physical
“It’s been a long time “Because we didn’t have coach,” he said. “The game to continue the winning legacy
education at Cedar Grove. He
coming,” he said. “It feels any turnover in the coaching management [of basketball] at Cedar Grove.
said he learned many lessons
really good. I really never staff, I retained all of my helped me get prepared for “I think it’s a great
under Bonner and Smith.
expected it, to be honest, but coaches from the previous staff [this new position].” opportunity for me and the rest
“The biggest thing
I’m ready for the challenge.” and just added another coach,” Patrick said he isn’t sure of the coaching staff to show
coach Bonner [taught me
This is Patrick’s first head he said. “Our student athletes if he will coach basketball that we’re great coaches as
in] my coaching career was
football coaching job. He know the expectations that we next season. “I’m focused on well,” he said. “Coach Smith
building relations. Building
began his coaching career 12 set. The biggest thing is when football right now,” he said. was a fantastic head coach, but
relationships with parents,
years ago at Cedar Grove after coach Smith was there, we “I’m trying to make sure we I think we have a lot to offer as
with the community and with
former Cedar Grove coach created an atmosphere and a get that organized, but I’m still a coaching staff. It wasn’t just
the student athletes,” he said.
Ray Bonner asked him to join climate for those guys to thrive heavily involved in basketball him, and it won’t be just me.
“Coach Smith is more of an
his staff. in. It wasn’t just [Smith]; the at this time. That will be up to “I think we have a great
organized person, so he taught
“I met coach Bonner atmosphere and climate that the new principal.” coaching staff, a great group
me how to be organized as far
[while] out one time and he we created is still there.” Under Smith, Cedar Grove of guys,” Patrick continued.
as practice schedules, game
told me to come over and help Patrick also has been the had a record of 67-14-1 in six “So, I don’t feel any pressure.
planning, things of that nature;
him out,” Patrick said. “He head boys’ basketball coach seasons and won three region I just think it’s a fantastic
and how to maximize the
never let me leave after that.” for the last two seasons and led championships and two state opportunity for our student
potential of every player.”
Patrick started as the them to the playoffs. He said championships. The program athletes to continue the legacy
Patrick said the transition
linebacker coach before he his coaching style in basketball also produced 32 all-state that was built.”
from defense coordinator to
was promoted to defensive and football is similar. players. Patrick said he does
head coach has been smooth
coordinator, helping the


Harlem Globetrotters entertain Mike Glenn campers

BY CARLA PARKER showed off their ball handling
Carla@dekalbchamp.com skills and Hyche put on a small
dunk show for students.
Hyche, whose parents are
Campers at the Mike Glenn deaf, also answered questions
All-Star Basketball Camp for from campers.
the Deaf and Hard of Hearing The Mike Glenn All-Star
learned a few tricks from past Basketball Camp for the Deaf
and present members of the and Hard of Hearing, which is
Harlem Globetrotters on June in its 40th year, is the nation’s
17 at Clairmont Presbyterian first basketball camp for deaf
Church. and hard of hearing athletes
The Harlem Legends and ages 14 to 18. During the week-
Chris “Animal” Hyche of the long camp, students go through
Harlem Globetrotters were basketball drills to enhance
special guest speakers at the their skills.
camp. The Harlem Legends Chris “Animal” Hyche put on a small A Harlem Legends teaches a camper to spin a ball on his finger. Photos by
dunk show for students. Carla Parker


City branding efforts to attract more residents, businesses

BY CARLA PARKER moving to Tucker or businesses considering
moving or expanding,” Holmes added. “We
carla@dekalbchamp.com want to make sure that we’re projecting an
image that is in one voice as opposed to all
Tucker’s mayor and city council saw these other great ideas. It boils down to ‘What
preliminary designs of the city’s branding is Tucker?’ That’s what we’re looking to
project. answer with this.”
The council heard a presentation from Tucker issued a request for proposals to
sky design, an Atlanta-based firm that is find a firm to assist with the branding project
directing the city’s first-ever branding process, and budgeted $25,000 to fund the project. The
during the council’s June 10 regular meeting. city selected sky design in March to lead the
C.J. Wilson, left, Tiffany Chen and Shaina Patel of sky design led a community input The branding project will promote the city’s process and put together a stakeholder group
meeting on May 7. shared vision for what Tucker is and what it to guide the process and help the firm better
hopes to become in the future. understand Tucker.
Tucker Communications Director Matt Holmes said the city is halfway through
Holmes said the branding project is something the process and hopes to finish in the fall.
that new cities go through. “Sky design updated the city council
“What we see in Tucker—because and the mayor on what has happened so far,
it’s such a new city but a long-standing what steps they’ve taken to get a really good
community—is that everybody has their own understanding of what Tucker is all about and
idea of what Tucker is and what makes Tucker showed them some preliminary draft designs
iconic. And everybody is right about those of logos and tag lines,” Holmes said. “[Sky
opinions, whether it’s the people, or the trains design] wanted to walk the mayor and council
or Main Street,” Holmes said. “But what through the process of how they’ve gotten
we’re looking to do is find a vision or brand to public input and working with the stakeholder
promote to our residents as a source of civic group to get a better idea of what Tucker is
Tiffany Chen of sky design presented preliminary designs to the mayor and city council pride, as well as to share to the outside world. and what Tucker is all about.”
on June 10. “Whether that’s to people considering