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Denpasar, April 28, 2017

Ref : ...../PMdN/Ptas/..../2017

Dr. Louis Sutton

Director of World Evangelization for Christ

Subject: Invitation as speaker in South East Asia Medical Mission Conference

We praise and thanks God for His faithfulness in leading us to plan and prepare the first
regional medical mission conference. This inaugural South East Asia Medical Mission
Conference (SEAMMC) is a gathering for students and graduates involved in and
interested to discover, be equipped, and collaborate with one another in Christian medical
ministries. Our theme for this conference is Healing for the Nations, based on Matthew
9:35-38, with the tagline “Discovery, Inspiration, Friendship.” This conference will be
held on:
Time : Thursday-Sunday, August 31 – September 3, 2017
Venue : Quest San Hotel
Jalan Mahendradata Selatan Nomor 93, Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia

With regard to that, we kindly request you as a speaker in this conference to deliver
several topics:
1. Bible Exposition 1 - Theology of Jesus’ holistic healing (you can modify the
Date : Friday, September 1, 2017
Time : 08.00-09.00 (Speaking time duration 30 minutes)
Suggested healing stories to choose:
woman with 12 years of bleeding / 10 leprosy only 1 come back and give thanks
Goals : To explain the concept of holistic restoration/healing done by Jesus Christ

2. Bible Exposition 2 – Healed to be a healer (you can modify the theme)

Date : Saturday, September 2, 2017
Time : 08.00-09.00 (Speaking time duration 30 minutes)
Suggested healing stories: demon-possessed man from Gerasa
Goals : Underline the importance of multiplication.
We are healed/restored to heal/restore others.

3. Plenary 3 - Reach the least reached, eliminate poverty, restore dignity

(you can modify the theme)
Date : Saturday, September 2, 2017
Time : 10.30-11.00 (Speaking time duration 30 minutes)
Goals : Eye-opener regarding the condition of marginalized people. Build the right
concept in reaching the marginalized people (not with instant ways that not
educate them). Development, not relief.
After each session of Exposition and Plenary, we kindly ask that you may prepare a set of
questions to help the participants to think about and applicate the material you just
given. It will help them to be more realistic and applicative in their life and ministry, also
it will be discussed in their table discussion.
We would also like to ask your most recent Curriculum Vitae that consists of your current
address, telephone contact, email address, history of Education, Occupation, Ministry and
also family members. Please send it to seammc2017@gmail.com

Enclosed with this letter we have attached topics and rundown of this conference. If there
any inquiries, questions or prayer requests please do not hesitate to tell us. We thank you
in advance for your attention and kind support.

In His Name that we serve,

With kind regards,
Dr. Susanna Erika Dr. Bagus Prakasa
Representative of SEAMMC Head of Organizing Committee
Steering Committee