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incredible, brand-new,italian
STRUCTURE d. incredible,italian, brand-new
9. They ___ a few crisis in the past, so they
1. Accounting practice _____ by distinct
accounting standards, rules, methods and were able to handle this situation fairly well.
procedures. A. have managed
A. guide B. had managed
B. guides C. had been managed
C. is guided D. have been managed
D. was guided 10. Over the years economic growth __ of
2. Our bodies expect a constant supply of greater concern than environmental
sleep ____ they function best when provided preservation.
a full night’s sleep every 24hours. A. has been
A. and B. have been
B. but C. had been
C. or D. will have been
D. yet 11. The opening ceremony ___ by top
3. ___ and rapid economic growth in recent officials and national officials if big
years have put a large and increasing stress companies last year.
on the water resources and environment in A. is graced
Ho Chi Mint City Vietnam. B. was graced
A. Inrease population C. has graced
B. Inreased population D. had graced
C. Increasing population 12. A history of depression, denial, injustice
D. Having inreased population and abuse ___ the greatest detriment to
4. The term “medical reversal” refers to the people of color.
replacement ___ that was widely believed to A. Has been
be beneficial. B. Had been
A. of a medical practice C. Have been
B. to a medical practice D. Having been
C. by a medical practice 13.________should help you be better
D. with a medical practice informed about potential risks, but it should
5. Tardigrades also known as water bears, not be a source of alarm.
are microscopic animals that live ___watery A. Know your family history
environments and feed on juices from plant B. Knowing your family history
C. To have your family history known
A. in
D. Having your family history known
B. on
C. for 14. We become nervous, doubtful, even
D. over fearful _____ we don’t see our good coming
6. History, it is often said __ by the winners as quickly as we think it should.
a saying that suggests base in historical A. while
records. B. when
A. is written C. because
B. was written D. Therefore
C. has been written 15. The child was advised to stay away
D. have been written ________ because of trauma.
7. Foods reach in folate, a form of vitamin A. completed from his father
B, ___ reduce the risk of stroke and heart B. completely from his father
disease. C. completed with his father
A. help D. completely with his father
B. helps
C. helped
D. is helping
8. The family went for a two-week cruise on
a ___, ___, ___ ocean liner.
a. brand-new, incredible, italian
b. italian,incredible,brand-new