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Role call

By filling various nursing and management roles, an

emergency nurse helps promote optimum health, prevent
illness, and aid coping with illness or death. Here are
various capacities in which an emergency nurse may
Staff nurse
• Makes independent assessments
• Plans and implements patient care
• Provides direct nursing care
• Makes clinical observations and executes interventions
• Administers medications and treatments
• Promotes activities of daily living
Nurse educator
• Assesses patients’ and families’ learning needs; plans
and implements teaching strategies to meet those
• Evaluates effectiveness of teaching
• Educates peers and colleagues
• Possesses excellent interpersonal skills
Nurse manager
• Acts as an administrative representative of the unit
• Ensures that effective and quality nursing care is provided in a timely and fiscally sound environment
Clinical nurse specialist
• Participates in education and direct patient care
• Consults with patients and family members
• Collaborates with other nurses and health care team
members to deliver high-quality care
Nurse practitioner
• Provides primary health care to patients and families;
can function independently
• May obtain histories and conduct physical examinations
• Orders laboratory and diagnostic tests and interprets
• Diagnoses disorders
• Treats patients
• Counsels and educates patients and families
Nurse researcher
• Reads current nursing literature
• Applies information in practice
• Collects data
• Conducts research studies
• Serves as a consultant during research study
Flight nurse
• Performs advanced procedures in the field, such as intubation, central line placement, and chest tube
Sexual assault nurse examiner
• Examines patients and collects evidence in cases of
known or suspected sexual assault
• May testify at trials regarding their findings
Trauma care specialist
• May function in trauma centers as staff nurse or trauma
• Maintains records related to an ED’s trauma level