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Singular One Duck

Ducks More than One

W.A.L.T. change singular words into plurals by adding es, s and


A. Rewrite these sentences changing the underlined words Need some help?
into plurals.
If a word ends
with ch, sh, ss,
1 The cow stood in the field watching the farmer. x, z or o then
add es.
2 The lady told a story about the gipsy .
Box Boxes
3 The calf ate the leaf and the berry from the bush.
If a word ends
with y then lose
4 The coach blew the whistles at the end of the match. the y and add
5 The gipsy put the dish on the shelf.
Baby Babies
6 The fox and the wolf ran after the pony.
If a word end
with f then lose
7 The cook cut the loaf with the knife. the f and add
8 The bunch of flowers were given to the teacher.
Wolf Wolves

For each letter write three words where you add

a) s
b) es
c) Change y to i and add es
d) Change f to v and add es

Early Finishers Task! Only start this task once you have double checked all your answers for the
previous tasks. 

1. Draw five pictures showing the change from singular to plural. E.g. leaf leaves