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August 14, 2018 Wealth Research

Q1FY19 Result Update

AIA Engineering Ltd
Volume growth – key positive, margins to recover gradually Hold
AIA Engineering (AIAE), for Q1FY19 on a consolidated basis, reported good Key Data
numbers. Revenue grew ~26% YoY to ₹715 crore, on the back of 13% increase in Current Market Price (₹) 1,793
sales volume to 64,211 tonne. EBITDA grew 20% to ₹156 crore. Higher other Target Price (₹) 1,939
expenses (up 170bps to 33.9% of sales) led to EBITDA margin contraction of Potential upside 8.1%
103bps to 21.8%. Net profit grew 19% to ₹105 crore. Realisations stood at Sector Relative to Market In-line
₹1,07,605/tonne (up 10% YoY and flat QoQ) on the back of better product mix. Stock Relative to Sector In-line
Management Guidance: Maintained guidance of incremental volumes of 40,000- Stock Information
50,000 tonne from FY19 onwards, largely from mining segment. BSE Code 532683
Recommendation: Post our Q4FY18 result update (23 May’18 @ ₹1,559, Rating: NSE Code AIAENG
Hold), AIAE touched its 52 week high of ₹1,844 (on 8 Aug’18) surpassing our then Face Value (₹/Share) 2.0
target price of ₹1,681. The current pace of volume suggests the company’s change No. of shares (Cr.) 9.4
in pricing strategy to acquire new customers is yielding results. AIAE is globally the Market Cap (₹ Cr.) 16,914
2 largest producer of high chrome mill internals (HCMI). To tap the opportunity Free float (₹ Cr.) 7,019
offered by the mining replacement market, AIAE is looking at a 1,00,000 tonne 52 Week H / L (₹) 1,844/1,276
capacity addition over FY19/20 and 50,000 tonne for mill liners. In addition, with Avg. Daily turnover (12M, ₹ Cr.) 9.4
the Barrick volumes coming in from this quarter, we expect better volume traction
going ahead. We anticipate EBITDA margins to start witnessing gradual recovery, Shareholding Pattern (%)
given the stability in raw material prices and INR depreciation. We maintain our Jun-18 Jun-17
Hold rating with a target price of ₹1,939, valuing it at 30x its FY20E EPS (in-line with Promoters 58.5 61.6
2-year average forward P/E). Mutual Funds 12.7 6.2
Q1FY19 Consolidated Result Summary FPIs 23.0 26.5
Y/E Mar (₹ Cr.) Q1FY19 Q1FY18 YoY (%) Q4FY18 QoQ (%) Others including Public 5.8 5.7
Revenue 715 570 25.5 744 (3.8) Promoter sold 0.3 crore shares on 6 Apr’18.
EBITDA 156 130 19.8 167 (6.6) 1 year Indexed Price Performance
Margin (%) 21.8 22.8 -103bps 22.4 -64bps 140
PAT 105 88 18.7 152 (31.0)
EPS (₹) 11.14 9.38 16.14
Source: Company, Centrum Wealth Research
Focused marketing strategy resulting in better volume growth: Volatility in ferro
chrome prices, INR appreciation and change in pricing strategy have been impacting 100
EBITDA margins (21.9% in FY18 vs 27.5% in FY17). This situation seems to be
reversing with better volume offtake (13% up), stability in raw material prices and
INR depreciation. With the Barrick Group orders coming in from this quarter 80
Aug-17 Nov-17 Feb-18 May-18 Aug-18
(18,000 tonne/annum), along with better traction in the copper and gold space, we AIA Engineering S&P BSE 200 S&P BSE Cap Goods

anticipate volume CAGR of 18% over FY18-20E. We believe although the company
would continue its pricing strategy, with the reasons mentioned above along with
AIAE’s investment in wind turbine generators (WTG), we expect gradual recovery in Price Performance (%)
EBITDA margins 23.1%/24.2% in FY19E/20E (vs earlier estimate of 22.5%/23.5%). 1M 3M 6M 1YR
Capex expansion to restrict free cash generation in FY19E: AIAE has planned a AIA Engineering 11.6 22.5 22.1 27.5
capex of ₹800 crore over the next 2 years (₹500 crore in FY19 and ₹300 crore in S&P BSE 200 4.2 4.7 6.4 15.0
FY20). The company plans to fund the capex via internal accruals. As of 30 Jun’18, S&P BSE Cap Goods 0.8 (5.9) (8.6) 3.8
AIAE has cash & equivalents to the tune of ₹1,200 crore. Given the current capex
Source: Bloomberg, Centrum Wealth Research
announced by the company, we expect the free cash generation to be restricted.
With new capacities in place, along with the company’s efforts to convert new
clients and build up in long term contracts, we believe improvement in capacity
utilization would be a key monitorable which could aid better future profitability. Mrinalini Chetty, Research Analyst
Over FY18-20E, we estimate revenue and PAT CAGR of 21% each.
Risk factors: 1) Prolonged duration in conversion of clients; 2) Currency risk as 70-
75% of revenue is from exports, 3) Volatility in raw material prices.
Financial Summary - Consolidated
Y/E Mar (₹ Cr.) Revenue YoY (%) EBITDA EBITDA (%) Adj.PAT YoY (%) EPS (₹) P/E (x) EV/EBITDA (x) RoE (%)
FY16A 2,098 (3.9) 609 29.0 457 6.0 48.44 37.0 26.2 20.7
FY17A 2,224 6.0 612 27.5 397 (13.0) 42.14 42.6 25.8 15.8
FY18A 2,445 10.0 536 21.9 417 4.8 44.18 40.6 29.3 14.6
FY19E 2,958 21.0 684 23.1 501 20.1 53.08 33.8 23.2 15.6
FY20E 3,596 21.5 868 24.2 610 21.8 64.64 27.7 18.2 16.6
Source: Company, Centrum Wealth Research

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Centrum Wealth Research AIA Engineering Ltd.

Q1FY19 Concall Highlights

 Production for the quarter grew 23% YoY to 69,843 tonne.
 Mining volume grew 15% to 39,726 tonne and non-mining volume grew by 11% to 24,485 tonne.
 The company expects fair EBITDA margins from the Mill Liners segment. Asset turnover 2.5-3x at full capacity.
 Brazil anti-dumping duty came in at 9.8% significantly lower than 32% earlier. AIAE is not witnessing any significant impact
on the business in the region.
 Tax Rate for FY19 could be 31-32%.
 Price difference between HCMI and forged balls varies in the range of 20-40% depending on the composition of alloys.
 Capex:
o GIDC Kerala, Phase-II Greenfield capex to be commissioned in two phases. First phase will add 50,000 tonne
capacity in FY19 while second phase will add another 50,000 tonne capacity in FY20; taking installed capacity to
4,40,000 tonne per annum (TPA).
o AIAE plans to set up a manufacturing plant of mining liner with an estimated investment of ₹250 crore which will
add liner capacity of 50,000 tonne per year. This is scheduled to be commissioned in FY20.
o To hedge power cost, AIAE has ordered 2 WTGs of 2.1 MW each at cost of ₹26 crore. It intends to buy additional 6
WTGs of 2.1 MW each amounting to ₹78 crore, depending on the working review of the 2 acquired WTGs.
o Capex incurred till Q1FY19 stood at ₹40 crore.
o Total capital outlay for Grinding Media, Mill Liners and Wind Turbine will be ₹800 crore in which ₹500 crore would
be incurred during FY19 and ₹300 crore during FY20.
 Order book as at 1 Jul’18 stood at ₹835 crore.
 AIAE has maintained guidance of incremental volumes of 40,000 – 50,000 tonne each over the next 2 years. The major
contribution for incremental volumes is expected to come from the gold and copper segments, followed by the iron
segment. However, as the market in the platinum segment is saturated, the growth from the segment could be muted.

Exhibit 1: Consolidated Quarterly Performance

Y/E Mar (₹ Cr.) Q1FY18 Q2FY18 Q3FY18 Q4FY18 Q1FY19
Revenue 570 559 572 744 715
YoY Growth % 19.0 5.6 (3.0) 18.5 25.5
Raw Materials 229 215 206 314 287
% of sales 40.2 38.5 36.0 42.1 40.1
Personnel Expenses 27 28 29 28 31
% of sales 4.8 5.1 5.0 3.8 4.3
Other Expenses 183 203 210 235 242
% of sales 32.2 36.3 36.8 31.6 33.9
EBIDTA 130 112 127 167 156
EBIDTA margin % 22.8 20.1 22.2 22.4 21.8
Depreciation 18 16 18 14 17
Interest 1.4 1.6 1.1 2.9 1.8
Other Income 18 22 32 50 20
PBT 129 117 140 199 157
Provision for tax 40 30 23 47 53
Effective tax rate % 31.3 25.7 16.8 23.8 33.4
Net Profit 89 87 117 152 105
Minority Interest (MI) 0.21 0.14 0.37 (0.45) (0.23)
Net Profit after MI 88 87 116 152 105
YoY Growth % (18.8) (23.0) (3.5) 50.8 18.7
PAT margin % 15.5 15.5 20.3 20.5 14.7
Source: Company, Centrum Wealth Research,

Centrum Broking Ltd. 2

Centrum Wealth Research AIA Engineering Ltd.

From the Technical & Derivative Desk

 The stock is moving in a strong uptrend and recently gave a range breakout on weekly chart and rallied sharply.
 However, the stock formed a bearish candlestick pattern on daily chart at recent top and seen some correction.
 But, the stock has again started moving higher post the corrective move of last three trading sessions.
 Considering the positive placement of a set of moving averages, we are maintaining our positive stance on the stock till the
time it sustains above ₹1,575 – ₹1,600 level.
 Thus, any correction towards ₹1,680 – ₹1,700 would be a buying opportunity for target of ₹1,900 – ₹1,950 levels

Exhibit 2: Technical Chart

Source: Centrum Wealth Research

Centrum Broking Ltd. 3

Centrum Wealth Research AIA Engineering Ltd.

Financials - Consolidated
Income Statement Cash Flow
Y/E Mar (₹ Cr) FY16 FY17 FY18 FY19E FY20E Y/E Mar (₹ Cr) FY16 FY17 FY18 FY19E FY20E
Revenue 2,098 2,224 2,445 2,958 3,596 Net Profit Before Tax 641 662 585 726 884
Growth % (3.9) 6.0 10.0 21.0 21.5 Depreciation 66 72 66 75 101
Raw Materials 715 742 964 1,082 1,307 Others (18) (99) (90) (117) (117)
% of sales 34.1 33.4 39.4 36.6 36.3 Change in working capital 81 (243) (105) (171) (228)
Personnel Expenses 102 107 113 145 176 Tax expenses (174) (162) (161) (225) (274)
% of sales 4.9 4.8 4.6 4.9 4.9 Cash flow from Ops 595 231 294 289 367
Other Expenses 672 762 832 1,047 1,244 Capex (177) (80) (137) (500) (300)
% of sales 32.0 34.3 34.0 35.4 34.6 Other investing activities (272) 64 (68) 122 122
EBIDTA 609 612 536 684 868 Cash flow from Invest (449) (16) (205) (378) (178)
EBIDTA margin % 29.0 27.5 21.9 23.1 24.2 Borrowings/(Repayments) 85 (42) (18) - -
Depreciation 66 72 66 75 101 Dividend paid (289) (44) (133) (88) (88)
Interest 4.9 4.5 6.9 5.3 5.3 Interest paid (5) (5) (7) (5) (5)
Other Income 102 104 122 122 122 Cash flow from financing (208) (91) (158) (93) (93)
Exceptional Gain/(Loss) - 22 - - - Net Cash Flow (63) 123 (69) (182) 96
PBT 641 662 585 726 884
Source: Company, Centrum Wealth Research
Provision for tax 184 205 141 225 274
Effective tax rate % 28.7 30.9 24.2 31.0 31.0
Net Profit (Reported) 457 457 444 501 610 Key Ratios
Adj. Net Profit 457 397 417 501 610 Y/E Mar FY16 FY17 FY18 FY19E FY20E
Growth % 6.0 (13.0) 4.8 20.1 21.8 Return ratios (%)
PAT margin % 21.8 17.9 17.0 16.9 17.0 RoE 20.7 15.8 14.6 15.6 16.6
Source: Company, Centrum Wealth Research RoCE 27.4 23.7 19.3 21.4 22.9
RoIC 39.9 35.7 27.6 29.4 29.7
Turnover Ratios (days)
Balance Sheet Inventory 74 76 81 74 72
Y/E Mar (₹ Cr) FY16 FY17 FY18 FY19E FY20E Debtors 72 76 82 77 71
Share capital 19 19 19 19 19 Creditors 19 19 22 22 22
Reserves & surplus 2,304 2,698 2,990 3,403 3,925 Fixed asset turnover (x) 2.2 2.4 2.8 2.6 2.3
Shareholder's fund 2,323 2,717 3,009 3,422 3,944
Solvency Ratio (x)
Loan fund 151 116 123 123 123
Debt-Equity 0.06 0.04 0.04 0.04 0.03
Deferred Tax Liab 50 71 73 73 73
Interest coverage 132.5 143.4 85.4 138.0 167.9
Minority Interest. 8 8 9 9 9
Per share (₹)
Total cap. employed 2,530 2,912 3,215 3,628 4,150
Adj. EPS 48.4 42.1 44.2 53.1 64.6
Net fixed assets 710 713 768 1,193 1,391
Investments 946 960 1,092 1,092 1,092 BVPS 246.3 288.1 319.1 362.8 418.2
Cash and bank 126 248 265 83 178 CEPS 55.4 49.8 51.1 61.1 75.4
Inventories 389 534 553 648 778 Dividend Ratios
Debtors 431 496 601 648 749 DPS (₹) 18.0 8.0 8.0 8.0 8.0
Loans & adv and OCA 182 240 279 325 396 Dividend Yield (%) 1.0 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.4
Total current assets 1,128 1,518 1,699 1,705 2,101 Dividend Payout (%) 43.3 22.1 21.0 17.5 14.4
Current lia. and prov. 254 278 344 362 434 Valuation (x)
Net current assets 874 1,240 1,355 1,343 1,667 P/E 37.0 42.6 40.6 33.8 27.7
Total assets 2,530 2,912 3,215 3,628 4,150 P/BV 7.3 6.2 5.6 4.9 4.3
Source: Company, Centrum Wealth Research. OCA – Other Current Assets EV/EBIDTA 26.2 25.8 29.3 23.2 18.2
EV/Sales 7.6 7.1 6.4 5.4 4.4
Source: Company, Centrum Wealth Research

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Centrum Wealth Research AIA Engineering Ltd.

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