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Work contract between ANDRES MAURICIO and her wife NATALIA (who will be called employers) with
YUDY, (hereinafter referred to as an employee), who will serve as a domestic employee during the stay
with employers in the United States (USA).

In the event that the employee stops working while in the US, employers will be responsible for ensuring
that she leaves the US, or contacting the US Citizenship and Immigration Service and the Embassy's
Consular Section and report the facts. Likewise, employers will be responsible for providing assistance
and information so that the employee leaves the US.

The following employment conditions will apply to employees and the employee during the period of
employment in the US:

1. Employers will be responsible for the employee's stay in the US.

2. The main responsibility of the employee is to take care of and supervise the children of employers.

3. The employee will also carry out secondary cleaning and cooking tasks

4. The employee will be paid the current salary or the minimum wage required by law, whichever is
better. The hourly wage to be paid in the US will be $ 10 and if the minimum wage changes during the
period of service, the employee's salary should also be adjusted.

5. The employee is expected to work 40 hours and 5 days a week, according to the general rule of the
week of work in the US. Likewise, according to the law, the employee must receive the payment of $
11.5 for overtime, if he performs work beyond 40 hours a week.

6. Employers will pay for the travel expenses of the employee from Bogota, Colombia to the US and from
the US to Bogota, Colombia as well as lodging and food expenses.

7. The employee will enter the United States with assistance card # XXXXXXXXXXXC, which expires on
August 18 of this year, covering eventualities of Medical Care, Hospital Care, Drugs, Dental Care and

8. During her time working with employers, the employee will not accept any other employment.

9.Employers agree not to retain the employee's passport and any other personal property of the
10. The employee is not required to remain on the premises after working hours unless adequately

11. The employee agrees that under no circumstances will she leave her job to remain in the US. without
legal authorization. Instead, the employee will return to her country of origin immediately after leaving

12. The stay in the US will be from July 5, 2018 to August 13, 2018

____________________ ____________________________
Natalia Andres Mauricio
Passport # XXXXXXXX Passport # XXXXX
(Employer) (Employer)

Passport # XXXXXX