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Name: Joel Nicser P. Ysmael Date:06/09/19

Section:BA-MM 23
Directions: For essays, write your own title for your own composition. Answers should be written in this file and
should be uploaded before the deadline. You may use in internet information but make sure to add citations
from the article to avoid plagiarism. STRICTLY NO COPY-PASTE ANSWERS.

Paper 1:
I am a Filipino

Direction: Write an essay about how you as a Filipino can contribute to the development of Philippine
Literature. Your composition should have a minimum of 150 words. Incorporate proper introduction, body, and
conclusion in your output.

Paper 2:
Literary Theories behind a Tale

Direction: Read the summary of the novel entitled ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ by Margaret Atwood and identify
what Literary Theories can be extracted from the story and explain how it was used in the story. Click the link
to redirect you to the summary of the novel.
Link: https://www.aresearchguide.com/the-handmaids-tale-summary.html

Paper 3:
Riddle Tu Agusan

Direction: Compose your own riddles using the language of your mother tongue. (Minimum of 3)

Paper 4:
Time Lapse

Direction: Research about the development of Philippine Literature and make a creative timeline from the
gathered data. Your work should be presentable and creative.

Ysmael 1
Joel Nicser P. Ysmael

Ian Paul Daug

Bachelor of Science Business Administration in Marketing Management

9 July, 2019

My Contribution of the Development of Philippine Literature

In the current state of the Philippines, filipinos became asserted in writing. But How did filipino
individuals developed themselves to express in the form of literature? Filipinos first exposure to the english
language was in (1762-1764) when the british envaded manila. English assmilated when the United States took
over the Philippines. The Americans established a system of public education in English, with simultaneously
establishing Filipino as its national language. The Study of American Filipino literature became a frame of
postcolonial discourse and literary efforts "hyphenated" or "ethnic" american to converge. Because of these
practices, till the day the Philippines gained the indepence, Filipinos became more expressive because of the
issues of colonization that the philippines experienced for decades. To the point where Filipinos starts to
question the effects of colonialism, neocolonianilism.

Questions became an inspiration for the early filipino writers and wrote poems and did plays that evokes
nationalistic sentiments. With this, publication of books, poems, writing in general became significant. Despite
the lack of proffesional writer’s market back in the days many filipinos still published many poetry, fictions,
books to provide insight of people’s perspective in their current condition. But in my present situation as a
student of Father Saturnino Urios university, we still practice the same thing. We analyze, we express, reflect,
and evaluate. With the help of this enactment, students acquire wider perspective on how things should be and
actualize what we collect.

So what is my contribution of the Development of Philippine Literature? My contribution in philippine

literature is being an expressive filipino, because with the help of all the readings, writings, plays, & art, I tend
to contribute ideas and widen the perspective of filipinos. Grandly, literature is about the passion and the
amount of thought we put into it and I undoubtly quialified to have contribution in the Literature of the

Ysmael 2

Joel Nicser P. Ysmael

Ian Paul Daug

Bachelor of Science Business Administration in Marketing Management

9 July, 2019

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