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The acronym SAMPLE is a mnemonic that will help you remember the types of information you’ll need

to obtain for the patient’s history.

Subjective: What does the patient say? How did the accident occur? Does he remember? What
symptoms does he report?

Allergies: Does the patient have allergies and, if so, what’s he allergic to? Is he wearing a medical
identification bracelet?

Medications: Does the patient take medications on a regular basis and, if so, what medications? What
medications has he taken in the past 24 hours?

Past medical history: Has the patient been treated for medical conditions and, if so, which ones? Has he
had surgery and, if so, what type of surgery?

Last meal eaten, Last tetanus shot, Last menses: When was the last time the patient had anything to eat
or drink? When did he have his most recent tetanus shot? (If unknown, administer one in the
emergency department.) If the patient is a female of childbearing age, when was her last menses? Could
she be pregnant?

Events leading to injury: How did the accident occur? Inquire about precipitating factors, if any. For
instance, the patient being seen for injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident may have had the
accident because he experienced a myocardial infarction while driving. Likewise, the patient who
sustained a fall might have fallen because he tripped or became dizzy